Free panty advice and articles for buyers and sellers
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GOOD LUCK ... your new venture if you are starting up a site of your own - always have fun!

THANK YOU ... PK & Amy at Panty Hog.

PK and Amy have provided a place where a real community can thrive and interact with other used panty lovers around the whole world.

Panty Hog truly is the place to be on the internet and is filled to the brim with gorgeous panty sellers, wonderful buyers and is stacked with helpful information and excellent advice.

The rip offs and fakes are slowly but surely being pushed out and exposed and this is exactly what was needed to encourage and promote an honest and fun used panty community.

May Panty Hog's success continue!


Hi! I hope that you will find my articles interesting :-)

I seem to have become quite an icon in the used panty community over the last couple of years because of my strong passion for the business, coupled with years of experience, dedication, and unbiased opinions about both, buyer and seller.

Almost all new girls starting up come to me for help and advice at some point, and I am more than happy to share my knowledge. ;-)

However, it has reached a point in which I am spending many hours giving out the same advice and thought it would be easier to write articles for everyone.

My articles have been published at Panty Hog in the Panty University Section, along with a few other articles submitted by others.  The links to my articles and the Panty University main page are below.

Happy reading!  And if you have any questions, please do just ask me :-)

Panty Community Hints & Tips Below


Accepted & Liked in the Community

Honest sellers who are able to easily prove who they are! You don't need to show your face but, for example, to take a pic of yourself holding up a note to the buyer should be no problem.
To always be helpful and true to yourself, don't do something you don't want to do and be honest about it.

Treat your fellow panty seller, webmaster and client with utmost respect at all times, unless it is truly justified not to do so.

Giving sensible advice to other sellers and being non judgemental towards some requests (if you don't want to do something, just politely say no.)

Join and get yourself verified!

Enjoy what you do and do it passionately!

Not Accepted At ALL

Men selling panties posing as women! Need I comment further?

Sellers slamming other sellers directly or indirectly - if you have a problem then sort it out privately.  Open feuds are silly and make you appear immature and very unprofessional!

Underhanded ways to get business (e.g. emailing potential  clients from other girls' guest books or undercutting live auctions!)

Cloning or copying other panty sites just because you cannot be bothered to think or design something yourself!
ASK for help if you need it, there is no need to steal!

Pretending to be an honest seller when you are just out to rip off buyers!
Don't spout off silly advice. Telling buyers that girls who advertise using Google Adwords or run their sites full time are all fakes is just ridiculous! Get some proper knowledge and provide decent information or don't bother - buyers are not stupid so don't treat them as such!



Did I miss something?

Then ask away, and if it is relevant to the community as a whole I shall publish it.

The articles I have written are my own personal views and opinions.  You don't have to agree with what I write, but it has worked for me :-)

Remember that we are all different! So, the only real main advice I can offer is to stay true to yourself; only do what you are happy doing and never, ever show any disrespect for your fellow seller unless they truly deserve it.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of girls who have no respect for anyone else and love to try and openly slam other sellers in forums and on their websites for no apparent reason other than pure spitefulness!

That is not the way to go about business and will only do more harm than good for their own reputation!

If these individuals cannot respect other sellers, then how the hell can they respect their buyers or themselves for that matter?

Keep the community friendly and you will see for yourself what a lovely helpful place it is!

Lets keep it that way!


Want a Website?

OK, so you have decided you really want to sell your panties & intimates but do not wish to or cannot have your own website.

     ** NO PROBLEM!!! **

Join PANTY MALL!  Its the next best thing to having your own site!  You just rent an online "shop" (for a very small amount) and away you go :-)

Have a look! Buyers as well - you might find your dream seller there too!




Unfortunately, there is a male seller in the community who sells under about 9 different profiles on Ebare and Ebanned. He openly boasts about it on Panty Hog and in his Blogger about his home-made concoctions that he uses to try and make the panties he sells smell like pussy, which include fish oil and flax oil - he is also selling this formula to other guys to sell on!!!

This is a disgusting act and I hope with all my heart that you don't get caught out by him if what he claims is true.

If you receive a pair of panties from a seller and they do not seem 100% genuine, try putting some COLD water on the gusset area.  If the stain dissolves then it is most likely pussy juice, however, if the stain is oily and the light refracts then this means the stain contains oil and you have been had.

A girls pussy juice is NEVER oily!

If you have been ripped off by this man and you wish to take action, then inform Panty Trust and warn others in the Panty Hog forum!


"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"