October 22, 2007

Happy Monday

FINALLY I have some peace and quiet this morning and so to celebrate I just couldn’t help myself LOL. Hope you enjoy it, I really had ALOT of fun making it - I feel like I am ME AGAIN … arrr bliss !! HAHAHAAAAA

October 18, 2007

pLUg PluG plUg PLug …

A very good friend of mine has recently launched a FANTASTIC new ebook called 201 Free-Internet-Goodies and its TOTALLY FREE TO DOWNLOAD!!

Seriously, it is REALLY good hence I am blogging about it and have already popped up some banners around my site.  Everyone loves to get free deals off the net these days but most turn out to be full of spammers or worse still viruses.  This book has been put together over many months and has taken a very long time to get to the high standard it is currently at.

Go have a peek - go on, download it and come back and tell me what you think  .. :P

I really wouldn't endorse it if I thought it was dodgy - you know me by now - you don't even need to give out your email address - its a totally free download :).  I've already downloaded it and its fine, no spam, no viruses, no catches and nothing even blew up … this is definitely a gem to tell your friends about :)
Love Cinds xxx

October 15, 2007

Light Relief

As most of you know I have had a houseful most of last week and I wont have some privacy back until Wednesday.  This is, to be frank, doing my head in and a friend of mine sent me this video to cheer me up *THANK YOU*. 

Guys I am sorry it is chauvinistic towards men, but it is the truth, you have to admit it now!


October 11, 2007

My current pets (zoo more like)

:D Well after that dreary last post I went round my house taking photos of my pets - its been a while since you all had an update. Each pic is really big so just click the thumbnail and it should take you to the full size pic.

Heres a run down:

Gumbert - my water dragon
Momo & Crew - my parrots that are always freeflying in their own room, now 9 (3 of which are in the nest hole - mom & 2 babies)
Snakey - the snake I rescued who finally ate his first fish yesterday *YAYY*
Fish - I love my Giant Whiptail Catfish - the only thing is they dont stop breeding, nice pic of male with eggs and a baby with a female.

I also have lots of stick insects, locusts, sun beetle lavae and goldfish, but those are, um, food for my reptiles *eek* hopefully no animal activists are reading LOL

Cindy and Mr Gumbert Cindy’s Parrots - Currently 9 Cindy’s Rescued Snake, settled in and eating fine :)

Cindy’s Giant Whiptail Catfish guarding eggs Cindy’s Giant Whiptail Catfish - adult female with newly hatched baby of one week (on right)

She’s gone goddamn it ..

Who else is fucking fed up to the back teeth of hearing about little Madeline?  I'm sorry but whatever happened to that kid is a tragedy and I couldnt even imagine what it must be like if I ever lost one of my kids, but WHAT is so different about this kid that her disappearence has turned into a world wide circus? 

I have my own theries of what happened, which I think are similar to the majority of people out there - but I just cannot understand why the donations are still coming in for those parents, which currently totals well over a million quid (Donations of £1,091,108.67 so far) and For WHAT exactly?

Anyway, I found this today and it pretty much sums everything up what most people are thinking:


I don't mean to be a cold hearted bitch, but think about it, it is highly unlikely that kid is still alive after all the hype … you have the media and her parents to thank for that one by turning this terrible tragedy into a worldwide sitcom!

Thoughts please …

October 9, 2007

Straight or Curly?


Oh I can't decide. I bought some hair straighteners recently but never used them til this this morning.  I can't decide what I like best, curly or straight hair?  My natural hair is wavy curly but it has made a nice change going dead straight - you decide, what do you like??


October 5, 2007

2 weeks of terrors

My boobs just to keep u going!

Just to let you all know that the next two weeks I wont be online as much as we have school holidays over here :).  Ill email when I can but please be patient :)

I will also be preparing for Samhain as well - I am SO excited I just LOVE this time of the year - it is the only time can really be myself outside of home and get into witchy mode without being persecuted woo hooooo

Take care my hunnies and chat again soooooOOOoooooon *that was supposed to be howl but just looked like my finger got stuck on the "o" key LOL

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