sweetpantygirls.jpgThis is a special page for those special girlfriends of mine who sell their worn, used and abused panties and run adult sites.

The reason I am sharing them with you is because of all the cheap, skanky, rip-off panty sites that are popping up lately. For example, selling panties for £5.00 offering to piss and shit in them with a bit of spit and period thrown in for good measure, might get some guys off but that is not the kind of buyers myself or my girlfriends wish to encourage!  Plus not to mention some other so-called panty sites that take your money and run, or end up sending you something that is FAR away from a genuinely worn pair of panties!  Makes me shudder what goes on!

Going back a good few years there were only a handful of decent sellers on the web - panty selling was still very taboo back then and only the real panty connoisseur would visit your site and buy.  Now the industry has boomed somewhat, the quality of seller and buyer have both changed for the worst.  You should see the amount of disrespectful and abusive emails I get nowadays - its a far cry from what I used to receive I can tell you!

One buyer mentioned to me lately how much I have changed from my sweet little demure self.  "Sweetheart", I replied, "If I stayed my sweet little self to every asshat that expected me to fill my knickers with dog-cum then I would have left the industry years ago!".

I am not afraid to speak up or to stand up for myself anymore. I can only claim to be a damn good genuine seller and do what I do with all my heart.  I really do enjoy selling my panties and as I have always said, the day I get fed up with it will be the day I close my site down.  I feel I can say the same about my wonderful girlfriends on this page too.  Although I have now decided to go "exclusive" as I got too busy, I do feel that you can trust any of my girlfriends below to give you a top notch service!

I chat to these girls regularly online and almost all have my personal home telephone number and my mobile phone number.  I have known Karen, Anna and Cherie the longest and we know that quite a few of you lovely gents enjoy to sample us all, which I think is fabulous :).

The real respectful gents out there are becoming so few and far between that I want to try to encourage the real panty connoisseurs to shop with the real classy honest girls, so please do check out my girlfriends - they have my personal "Cindy's Class of Approval" :).  If no-one I mention here floats your boat, then that's fine, pop along to and have a browse through the many gorgeous girls who have gone that extra step to prove they are genuine and that they care about their buyers.  Keep checking back here though because I am sure that I will be adding one or two more "diamonds in the rough" as time goes by.

Love Cindy xx
P.S. All my friends here are Panty Trust Verified, which says alot in my book.

ANNA from
Wow, what a stunner. I have known Anna about a year now and we chat almost every day - sometimes all day LOL.  A real passionate one this one with a very seductive dark Domme streak.  She keeps the sites separate so don't feel threatened, she's an absolute sweetheart!
Anna is based in the UK.

I love this BBW - she's sexy, hot and loves to be naughty.  We e-mail on a personal level and is great trusted friend of mine. She has a weakness for sissy boys and so dedicates most of her time to playing with girly-boys rather than selling panties, but she enjoys to wear hosiery for those that wish to enjoy her intimates. Cherie is based in the U.S.A.

KAREN from
She sells mainly on eBanned as 'Alluras Closet' but runs her successful panty blogger for direct sales :).   I have known Karen for a very long time and we chat regularly. Due to work commitments she is not about as much as she used to be but she still very much enjoys wearing and preparing all kinds of panties to suit your desires.  Karen is based in Canada  :)

KEZ - - aka Fetish Kitten in the UK.  First thing you see is PINK!  Gorgeous pink hair.  I have only heard great positive things about Kez and she is rapidly becoming a good friend too!  She takes pride in her work and it shows - Now Panty Trust Verified too!  If you enjoy a bit of real pink in your panties - Kez is your girl!

KATE- www.panty-mall.com/KinkyKate - Gorgous Canadian Kate with a kinky twist!.  I have only heard positive things said about her and so how could I pass the opportunity of sharing her with all you guys out there :).  Kinky Kate is also a proud Panty Trust member so go check her out! :P

MIAMI - - This Canadian girl will woo you with her naughty streak! We chat online now and again and telephone each other occasionally. Not only does Mi sell panties but videos too and other really bad-girl items. You know what we say about Miami?  She's better when she's bad *wink*.

KERI - - Sweet, sexy and petite American Keri.  Although I haven't actually chatted to her personally on the phone yet, we have done quite a bit of emailing and I get a good feeling that she's a good girl (one of us). She has been in the biz about a year now, is Panty Trust Verified, and is a really popular seller. She also has a raunchy members area too.

SILVERCAT -  - Gorgeous European Czech Domme with a wickedly hilarious sense of humour.  She is Panty Trust Verified and enjoys selling her undies as much as spanking bottoms!  Her site is so well written and has me laughing my head off each time.  She tells it how it is - enjoy!

JOYCE Cosmic Sweetie -  - Very pretty spicy Asian Seller.  Been in the biz for a loooong time and knows how to please!  Panty Trust Verified too and is not shy with the camera!

STICKY VICKY -  - New 2007 seller - absolutely great honest girl and already Panty Trust Verified.  Runs a blog and a website and hangs out on panty hog frequently.  I have only ever heard really great things about Vicky and I have even arranged to meet up with her later this year in person :)