May 2007 - Dramatic Life Change & Going Panty Exclusive ...
After years and years of selling and being one of the most popular panty girls on the web, I have decided to slow my site and sale right down.  I have been presented with a lot of exciting and new opportunities in my life recently, which means that I won't have the time to sell my intimates as much as before.

I am, however, still happy to sell privately to those of you who have become regular buyers and also my friends. I could never give you up.  I am also willing to take on new buyers but not at the prices stated on my site.

Thank you all for being so wonderful, for looking after me and appreciating what I do and have done for the community. There are more and more new sellers coming into the scene now and I hope that many of them will enjoy what they do as much as I did.

I launched Panty Paradise in 2002 after selling privately for a few years and I have to say that during these past 5 years, I had some of the most fun I have ever had in my life. Thank you all for being a part of it - other sellers included

I will still be around for my regular gents, but I won't be moderating on Panty Hog any longer, nor taking on any orders for new buyers for under 50.00.

Love Cindy

March 2007 - HAPPY OSTARA!
Curvy hips, succulent breasts
I seem to blog now almost every day, so this little diary is obsolete here. 

Shall I keep this little diary area or let it go - what do you think?

All my news, views and gossip is all in my blog, it's easier to update and I love reading all your comments too.

Keep visiting peeps and stay horny!  Love Cinds xxx



December 2006 - New Era!!

Well it's coming to the end of the year and into a new era for me.  This will probably be my last diary entry on this page but I will be updating my blogger on a regular basis.
Keep up-to-date with what's going on in my life and visit my blog/diary below:

See you there! Love to read your comments too! :P
Hugs, Cinders xxx


2nd November - Bloody hell its COLD!!!!!
So, I decided to show you something that I thought would warm you up ;)

You know I'm not into openly displaying explicit images on my site where it can be accessed by everyone, but I thought this one didn't cross the line - although it is sitting right on it :) hehe

I had a lovely Samhain by the way, drank too much though and felt a bit woozy the next day, but today I'm full of beans and bouncing about.

I honestly cannot believe how COLD it is. Thankfully I am not experiencing any freak snow storms like yesterday, its sunny and blue skies but damn it if you go outside in a t-shirt your nipples are guaranteed to instantly freeze and would probably fall off should  they brush against anything!?!

So it seems like Thermals all round eh? LOL How was that for a passion killer?  HA, kidding - I'm still wearing my sexy undies but opting for lacy bodies too, which are just ideal for keeping out chillies.

Hope that you all had a wonderful week this week and well, I guess it's roll on Yule (Christmas to non-Pagans).  This year has flown by so fast it is kinda freaky.

Bye for now and kisses to you all, from both lips :P
Cinders xxxxxxx


26th October - I'm Back!!
There, there it wasn't too bad without me was it?

I had to pop to Munich for a few days and then Luxembourg!  What a week!

But I am now back and horny as hell and raring to go.

I still have a few days off 'til the end of the month as I wish to celebrate Samhain (Halloween to most people).  Samhain is a very important time of year for me and I feel this year will be the best.

I shall be dressing up in my robes, and will be scaring all the kids that ding on my bell for trick or treats - I shall then dare them to delve into my cauldron and grab some eyeball choccies and gangly balloons.  My other half reckons they will shit themselves so bad I'll have the police at my door  LOL.  Bless em. 

Can't wait, I really cant wait.  I shall be sure to post a piccy of me as I intend to make my face green, black lipstick and blue or green nails.  I just hope I can get all the stuff off before I start taking photos for orders hehee :)

Bye for now, take care my hunnies and catch up again in a few.

Love Cinds xxxxxxx

30th August - TICK TICK TICK!
SOOOON ....the doors to my site will be open for business after my wonderful break.  I have to admit I am eager to get back into it now - the time away did me the power of good.

I will say though that due to family commitments I am not able to be around on the net as much as I would like to be and I shall not be working at weekends any longer.  I shall log in to check my emails morning and evening, but not every hour like I was previously doing.

There are two reasons for this, the main reason is because I do not want to burn myself out.  Even after a long break to suddenly start back 24/7 is not OK and, secondly, I have realised I have been neglecting my family.  Sitting at my PC for hours on end and endlessly worrying about my site and orders, just isn't healthy. 

Please do not misunderstand me, the extra time I am allowing myself will enable me to enjoy what I do even more so.  My waiting time may increase but as I have always had a 2-3 month waiting list for the last couple of years now I guess you are all used to it and know that the quality and service you receive from me is well worth the wait.

So keep checking back - lots of things going on for September :)

See you soon!
Love Cindy xxxxxxxx


1st August - HOLIDAY TIME and Happy Lammas (if you are celebrating it today)!!
That's right folks I am now officially on my break. I have one or two orders still left to do but I am not taking on board any new orders now until September.

I will try to upload all the erotic stories during my time off  that have been coming in and of course throwing my thoughts into my
My Personal Panty Blogger!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding and I look forward to returning with my batteries fully charged and raring to go in a few weeks.

Thank you also to all those who are sending me gift certificates for my Birthday on the 22nd. Huge big hugs to you and as soon as I have enough I shall be indulging in a TomTom Nav system for my new car :) - I thought my Birthday last year was good but I feel this one will be the best ever.

All my love Cindy xxx

24th July - Cindy Sleepy Cat and Yahoo! has lost it's "oo"!
WOW what a week I had. Don't get me wrong - the pic of me here (taken this morning) isn't sad its more of a "nostalgic" look.  I really did have a wonderful time with my friend last week and saying goodbye at the Airport yesterday was a tough one.

I hired a car and we went everywhere, including boating, swimming and wandering through forests.  I hardly logged on and I have to admit I really enjoyed the time away from the net, which made me realise just how important my August holiday is.

I haven't had any time off from my site in about 4 years.  Sure I managed to have the odd day here and there, but overall, I haven't had any "me" time whatsoever - not even at weekends.  I am pretty sure that after my break I will be full of life and sparkly again :)

As for Yahoo! ... Well seems I haven't gotten ANY emails since Saturday.  I have been testing it and nothing is getting through.  My forms on my site get redirected to my Yahoo! Inbox too, so if you have emailed me or sent a form from my site since Saturday then it is probably still somewhere rolling around in cyberspace, or it has gotten lost.

Evidently Yahoo! have been doing a lot of updates over the weekend, which is fine, but bloody annoying to log into an empty inbox, especially when I am usually greeted with well over 100 emails each morning.

So, I shall be regularly checking my message box on my contact page for those with important questions or alternatively you can message me on Yahoo! or log into Panty Hog and send me a Private Message in there. :-)

I will be announcing the winner of my competition later too :) ... thank you to all those wonderful peeps who entered!

Huge big hugs and I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s.   I contacted Yahoo! this morning and I am now slowly starting to get one or two emails in, some from Saturday, but nothing compared to my usual amount. If you have emailed me or sent me a message via a form lately and I have not replied to you yet then I haven't got your message.  Please try again xxx

12th July - Full Moon Strikes Again...
Every single full-moon it brings out the weird and wonderful folk of the world.  I have had a few choice emails over the last few days from asking if I fuck dogs, to telling me that I am a fake seller, or asking for *and I quote* "a croch hair bra" ... what the hell IS that???? HAHAHAAA!

The "dog" email, I have to admit did offend me.  I am extremely open minded about everything and anything but when it involves animals, then that crosses my own personal boundaries.  Why anyone would think I might enjoy such things is totally beyond me!

The email accusing me of a fake actually made me laugh at first, because I am so genuine I would go to any lengths to prove that fact, so shrugged it off as a joke.

However, after a few hours I got angry, then upset about it. I think mainly because I put my heart and soul into every single order - this is my only job and I love doing it. There is no reason for me to send out unworn panties or panties just sprayed with perfume!  Doesn't my feedback, my Golden Panty Award, my involvement in the community say enough about just how genuine and honest I am?

This is NOT the first email I have received in this nature either and what I don't understand is that these angry "buyers" are all coming from the USA, paid for an order by credit card in US Dollars and received their order from within the USA.  To top it all off I have never even heard of any of these so-called buyers before - I keep a record of every single order that comes in so I know exactly who has ordered what and when.  As you all know I don't take credit cards, don't take US Dollars and am in Europe! Something stinks here but what of, I don't know yet...

This brings me to the conclusion that these buyers are perhaps getting me confused with another new seller calling herself CindysPanties who started in February this year.  I cannot think of any other reason.  If you have had dealings with this Cindy in the USA, please let me know - I am very intrigued as to why or what she is doing to upset so many people - and WHY her pissed off buyers are evidently complaining to ME?

**UPDATE **  Just received an email from this upset "buyer" and I quote the following from his email:
"oh yea ur right i checked and it was a different site.   ill try and buy something from u later.  u look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!" ... still, at least he had the decency to reply to me, but something still has to be done to find out what the hell is going on.  Luckily I am very well known in the industry so nothing much can come from such an accusation, however, it still makes me feel shitty when things like this happen!

Anyway, nuff of all that bollocks.  I have a new fun thing going on in my blogger - you have to sum me up in one word only. The most unusual word to describe yours truly will be given free access to an online photo collection of their choice :-) .. Click here (plus see a pic of my boobs too!)

Have fun and have a great week peeps!

Loads of luv,
Your Cinds xxxxx (the one and ONLY from Panty Paradise)
...the REAL Cindy seller with REAL tits too!


6th June - SUMMER IS HERE .... Finally!! YAYYYYY!!

God Im being such a lazy moo in not updating my diary more often.  I can only say that I am sorry but as most of you know I live on the "edge" of life.  My life is a continuous manic chaos 24/7. I never get a break, time to chill out or even manage to slow down.

When I get to sit down I usually conk right out.  I fell asleep at my computer the other evening and ended up having "QWERTY" branded across my forehead, which seemed to last for hours! HAHA

OK so what is going on? Well Nina my parrot laid a couple more eggs a few weeks ago and one has now hatched.   The other egg wasn't fertilised but I'm kind of glad because now I have 5 Parrots!

That's not including my other menagerie of 2 lovebirds, 3 rats and my infamous
Water Dragon, Gumbert, who incidentally is acting more like a dog with each passing week - he has turned his tricks from attacking lace up shoes to coats.  He attacked one the other day - I still don't know if he is playing or if he really is trying to eat it!

What else ... Oh YES!  FINALLY! My dishwasher arrived so I spent all weekend gutting my makeshift kitchen, and built up a cupboard and shelves and put the kitchen all back together again, dishwasher too. No more dry hands or broken nails from washing up! YAY

I finally now have a cupboard to put my saucepans into instead of a large cardboard box. (For those of you who don't know, I built my own house about a year ago and well, I have to admit I have expensive taste, so its taking a while to get finished and furnished.  I'm not a snob by any means, but I think that good quality is worth waiting for, so I am in no hurry to wait for what I want.  I am not one to get something "to tide me over" as I will just hate it and then its a pain in the ass to get rid of it when I can finally afford what I want!

I decided to kit out my wardrobe for the summer.  All boho/gypsy gear - I like it a lot and I feel really at home wearing these types of clothes.  I remember when I put on a dress for the first time in years a few weeks ago - I couldn't believe just how nice it felt - after I got used to the draft hehehheee!  I also had my hair permed, I like to be different ....but wait, give it a few more weeks and everyone will want the long curly wild look ... straight hair is OUT OUT OUT!  LETS GET WILD !!!

Ok I have to run off again now.  Thanks to all those who are waiting patiently for their orders.  You know that I will never let you down but if you have any questions about your order or anything, please do just email me :-).

Have a beautiful day today!  I'm blaring out my Roxette CDs at the moment and feelin' damn good!

Love, Gypsy Cinders xxxxxxxx


29th May - Hmm and heheheee!!
A few things have been going on this month in general, which are related to my site but not important enough to really mention about.  Lets just say that it's amazing just how many people try and access areas of my site that they are not authorized to go in.  Not that I have anything that private anyway, it just surprises me just how dishonest many people can be and how superficial they really are.  Glad to say that is now taken care of in more ways than one LOL

My life?  Well it is still in an organised chaos state but I think that is the norm for me lol! Today I have been waiting since 8am for a new dishwasher to arrive and its still not here - in fact its 40 minutes late. Delivery should have been between 8-2 - and I thought Germans were usually prompt LOL!

And yes its STILL bloody raining cats and dogs outside - will it ever stop?  I am starting to wish instead of cutting the grass yesterday I should have dug a big hole - I would have had an instant swimming pool in no time!

I am still receiving orders every day for worn panties. Guys ... I really cant do anymore worn panty orders til September.  I am absolutely chocka-bloc full with orders until the end of July and then I'm having a well earned rest during August.  Please just bookmark my site and pop back in September or visit my two wonderful girlfriends who are based in the UK - links above.  I trust these girls so much that I have no problem in personally recommending them - I know they will give you the same personal professional service and high quality items that you have from me.

I can still wear socks, nighties, prepare my gusher panties, peed in panties (not worn) and other items like pussy pens and toys - so I am not saying "no" to everything - just worn panties and tights.  Please still feel free to email me and chat if you wish to - I am not going anywhere :-)

I do hope that everyone is having a wonderful start to their week - I need to find a hairdresser this week .... need I say more - if my hair gets much longer Ill be able to sit on it! hehee!

Bye for now, Love Cindy xxxx


15th May - Gypsy Girl!!!!!!!
Yes my hair has decided to grow and grow and grow and all I need is a floaty girlie dress and a few bangles and I will pass as a gypsy or even a hippie maybe - you decide!  Must be the sunshine or something, even my eyes are changing colour every day.  That's the beauty of having hazel coloured eyes, depending on the light they can be a rich chocolate brown or an emerald green - freaky, but then I'm sure you have come to expect nothing less from yours truly.

NOTE: If anyone is having a problem emailing me at the moment (bouncing back) please contact me via the form on my contact page - I have no idea why some of you seem to be having problems but if you use the form then I will get your message.

Sooo are you all maxed out with playing with my virtual Cindy? Have you had enough of making my eyes flutter and jiggling my boobies?  I didn't think so hehe!  I cant believe I haven't updated my diary in what seems to be like an eternity but I am totally snowed under at the moment, not just with orders but with things going on in my personal life too.  There really is never a dull moment but I seriously wouldn't have it any other way!

Nothing really to report apart from I may have another panty seller coming to visit me this summer during my time off - I am more than sure that we will put a few photos on here for you to enjoy during her visit *naughty grin*.

I am still awaiting the arrival of my new car.  Shouldn't be too long now, but the wait will be worth it - besides I am finding things when I go by foot, I took a new back road the other day to see where I ended up and I landed at a beauty salon!!  I couldn't believe my luck.  And she does permanent make up too, which is perfect as I need to get my eyeliner re-tattooed around my eyes (you have to get it done every 5 years or so as it eventually fades).  I have also booked in a 2 hour massage for next month!  I take back what I said about this village - I just found my special place of sanity :-)

Anyway I must get on as Mondays are always the busiest day of the week for me :)

Have yourselves a fabulous week and take care! Catch up soon!

Love Cindy xxxx

4th May - ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SQUEAK! SQUEAL! and more girly pathetic squealy squeals filling the internet air of madness!

IT HAS ARRIVED!!! The big, huge, massive, walloping surprise that I have been sitting on for a few months is actually NOW READY for you to tinker, play and have your wicked way with!

Its a virtual game, very simple but sometimes the simple things in life are the greatest!

CLICK HERE to go to the page and then Click the Play button :-)

Enjoy! hehee.

I have just uploaded a ton of new erotic stories soon too - please forgive me for not doing it sooner but these should keep you going for a while :-)

It's so hot here today Im wearing a DRESS! I cant even remember the last time I wore a summer dress!  I'm such a jeans-n-tshirt gal that it's quite a change, not a bad one, it's just a bit drafty "up there" LOL

Have a fabulous day today! Enjoy playing with me :-)

Love Cinds x