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Some Comments and Reviews received from my Clients & Visitors

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A Selection of Comments & Feedback Received for 2007

October 2007 - P
Rate: Excellent
Thanks very much for yet another brilliant thong Cindy.I absolutely love sniffing them - they make me feel soooo good he he. Whenever I get them out of their little baggies..........I just never want to put them back again.
October 2007 - HD
Rate: Excellent
WOOOOF hehehe :) Got a package from you today Cindy. WOW Mind Blowing as ever! Thanks Cindy I'm barely able to write this after a good play ;-) WOOF xxxxxx
October 2007 - JG
Rate: Excellent
Simply the Best. Cindy you are CINsational many thanks.  xxx
September 2007 - PB
Rate: Excellent
I have been buying panties from Cindy for 1 year now. Her thongs are extremely exciting and her great aroma always remains on them for a long time. Cindy is also a lovely person to deal with.
September 2007 - AJ
Rate: Excellent
Been stung twice so far by other sellers. Cindy came thru for me when nobody else did. You got yourself a loyal buyer Cindy. Thankyou for everything (and putting up with me at the start!).  This girl is amazing! 
September 2007 - GP
Cheers Cinds. The first one you sent took too long to arrive and the smell had gone. You sent me another pair and they came within 2 days and they were knockout. Thank you Cindy, you really know how to look after your customers!
August 2007 - HD
Cindy, got your package in the post today, STUNNING! Absolutely soaked in your heavenly nectar hehehe drove me wild, and I can tell I'll b playing again ;-) Thanks Cindy, one in a million you are xxxxx
August 2007 - BE
Perfect Panties, Perfect Service. What more can a man ask? Thank you as always! 
July 2007 - M
Rate: Excellent
As soon as i opened the package and got my hands on these knickers, i knew i was in for a wonderful experience, not only prepared the way i wanted them, but the scent was truly wonderful to smell and taste. The thought of Cindy wearing and playing in them drove me crazy with delight! A out of this world experience indeed. Thank you Cindy xoxo
June 2007 - BH
Rate: Excellent
Got a package in the mail from you today Cindy WOW! The panties were still damap and sticky with your lovely cum, your scent drove me wild, I've had two plays already with them and I know I'll be playing more WOOF! Thanks Cindy, 100% perfect as always, Thanks again Cindy, I'll be back asap :) xxxxx
June 2007 - JAG
Rate: Excellent
Everytime a package arrives from Cindy it reminds me of Christmas. The package is wrapped so beautifully but you know what is inside so there's no holding back. Cindy's scent,aroma call it what you will is so special and yet you know right away it is her. Always still damp to the touch but the aroma is mindblowing,every time. Also,Cindy is the lovliest ladies i have ever known and she is so sweet and kind but not only to me but everyone. This lady is a star and i am so proud to be one of her many friends. Thank You.
June 2007 - P
Rate: Excellent
One beautiful pkg. by one of the world's sexiest ladies!   Its a pleasure to not only know her but to be her friend as well! Luv ya dearly Cinders and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharin' a little bit of your beauty and lovely ways time after time with one guy that still falls for you each and everyday as well! ~~~Hugs Geogeous~~~ xxx
June 2007 - J
Rate: Excellent
Hi Cindy I got a package in the mail today, THANK YOU, as always simply the best babe. Beautifully wrapped, beautifully presented and 100% horny! Keeps me going, which reminds me, I better go and see to something that's just 'risen' again ;-) xxxx
June 2007 - PH
Rate: Excellent
I have been here for a couple of years now and I can tell most of ya that stop by,'this lady sure has it together!' I have not only made friends with Cindy,but have done some ordering as well. ( I've never/ever met such a sweet lady as her in all my years )   The day I first came across her amazing web site and saw a picture of her,I just had to get to know her someway/somehow! ( thanks for helping me girl :-) )   All in all,one beautiful lady and one loveable soul and if ya wish to ever place an order with her,you can rest easy in doing so,she's got the situation completely under control and when it arrives in your mail,its alittle piece of heaven and you will be amazed at what she does plus ya just might start to be one of her clients till the end of time! ( she's that good )  Thank You Cindy and I love ya bunches girl! xxx
June 2007 - BR
Rate: Excellent
Just got another perrect little package of delight today Cindy, THANK YOU :) xxxx How can a small package bring so much pleasure? I know I'll be playing again very soon, don't know what you do to me Cindy, but it's MAGICKAL hehehe :) xxxx
May 2007 - HD
Rate: Excellent
WOW Cindy, I got your package today and they blew my mind, STUNNING, SEXY and SOOOO GOOD. Thanks Cindy, A++++++++
May 2007 - BH
Rate: Excellent
I'm off work today and on checking mail, I found a package from you Cinds. WOW!! Perfect as ever, I've been having fun with the used thong for an hour now WOOF! I just know once I'm recovered, I'll be having more fun ;-) Thanks once again Cinds, perfect panties, perfect packaging and perfect service as always :) xxxxx
April 2007 - WV
Rate: Excellent
Many thanks Cindy. Will be back asap! A+++++++++++++++
April 2007 - B
Rate: Excellent
(review supplied via email with permission)
i just got them today. WOW:) you weren't joking about the scent being intense...i love it...and they are still soaking wet:) i also love all those stains from your juices... wanted to thank you so much. i'm so happy i ordered from you first. i didn't know what to expect and i never imagined in my wildest dreams that i would get a pair like this. you sure gave me my money's worth. more than 100% satisfied.
March 2007 - D
Rate: Excellent
(review supplied via email with permission)
Guess what came through the post this morning?!!! Thats Right!! My wonderful sex-filled Paradise Panties, And I must say I am totally head over heals in love with you now!!!. Thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooooo very much. You are plainly the best and so sexy with it.

Firstly, I thought they were packaged wonderfully, it was like a second Christmas. Secondly, you really are extremely beautiful and photogenic. Thankyou for the fabulous photos. Thirdly, The knickers are SEX CITY. You smell like concentrated heaven!! They were still moist from you and this totally turned me on but the scent of you sent me through the ceiling. You smell like a sexy female sweetie. Actually, if you could manufacture boiled sweets made from your juices, men would die from malnutrition because that would be all we would eat. I resist the temptation to suck on them only because I don't want to waste the content. Instead I just press them against my mouth and lick my lips. Yuuuuummmmmy.

Without wishing to be too explicit, I have already had a fantasy sesh with them when they arrived. I am afraid of my knickers drying out so I have stored them back in the plastic envelopes and put them under my pillow until bed time. Ha I will probably not wait until bed time, I will get them out again after this e-mail probably!!!

I have been bitten by the panty fetish bug (yours were the first I have ever had) but I won't get them from anyone else because you're plainly the best!
March 2007 - Bub
Rate: Excellent
This Has Been the Best Used Panty Experience of My Life!!  Cindy is the Most caring person that looks after the customer's needs.  She is Great! no wonder she has won the Best two years running, I have heard her say she wants to retire, but as long as she is accepting orders from her return customers, I think she will stay in Business for the rest of her life, what is her repeat business?  95% or more and second repeat has to be above 80%!! Yes she is that good!
February 2007 - BH
Rate: Excellent
You did it again Cindy :P - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFF!!!!!!!!!!!
February 2007 - JAG
Rate: Excellent
Today i received a package from Cindy. She could teach Harrods how to pack gifts,it was superb.
Once inside they were still damp to the touch and that aroma you always get was there in abundance. Perfect pair of panties;
AS ALWAYS many thanks. xxx
January 2007 - YL
Rate: Excellent
First time buyer here, didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Cindy took much care in wrapping it up it properly and felt very exciting to get it and sniffing it and it arrrived quickly too.  A+++++++++++
January 2007 - PRH
Rate: Excellent
Thank You just doesn't seem like enough to say to one of the sweetest girls that ever put on a pair of panties for anyone! ( one mind blowing event worth experiencing and I know that I will be back for another 'fix of Cinders' ) Luv Ya always girl! xxx
January 2007 - HD
Rate: Excellent
OMG Cindy!!! What have you done to me?? hehhe got my package this evening, beautifully wrapped as ever, but what was inside blew my mind! The creamiest, horniest used panty I have had since, um well the last one I got from you hehhee, but this was mind blowing, I'm drained, but twitching just tasting your creamy essence, I am going to be a very, very drained guy over the next week hehehe THANK YOU Cindy for another mind blowing experience, you're one in a million Cindy, absolutely one in a million!!

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