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Competition Results



The winning entry for this competition is:


Micheal Jackson photo, 1 rubber glove, A children's department store mannequin


Close Winner was:
Pregnancy Test, Clothes hanger, 2 dark towels

My other favourites:
Birthday Card To A Special Friend, Bottle of Arsenic, Cake Mix

Ping Pong Paddle, 50 foot of Clothes Line and the Sluttiest Outfit they have

I know that these were slightly sick entries, however, I have to agree that these would most certainly do a great job in freaking out any cashier!

Thank you to everyone that entered, This competition has got to be the best one yet and was a scream and a half! 

This Competition

Summer 2004
Freak Out That Cashier!



A free sparkly thong worn by me for 24 hours and a pillowcase I have slept on.


Well done to the winner of this competition!



Econo-size "Icy Hot", Twister (The game), 3-D Pop-up version of "The Kamasutra"*Cindy says: OMG what a cool Walmart you have in your area - I wish mine sold 3D karmasutra popup books too!
I'll stick with the red bull, and the lube, but forget the bird/guy on checkout No.3. & Ill take a copy of Loaded and D.I.Y :-)
*Cindy says: I think you're safer that way - I just hope you still got your receipt - poor Veronika, he even bought a new lipstick to meet you!!!
Wet Wipes, dvd (with cameron diaz in), Stockings  *Cindy says: mmm Yeah she's one hotty - can I come round and watch it too?
Wieners, Alcohol, Tissues  *Cindy says: Hmmmmm me thinks you've been watching too much of me on webcam hehehee
Phone book, Ask for a  copy of restraining order, Rifle *Cindy says: I'm bloody glad I'm X-Directory and don't have you as an "X"
Home std treatment, blood test kit, book: How to live with an std *Cindy says: Oh Tish Tosh, get your booty down your local GUM clinic!!!
Huge Size Cucumber, KY Jelly, Chocolate Sauce  *Cindy says: Choco Sauce & cucumbers? YUK! Glad you're not my man - learn to cook and try Mayonnaise next time!
Bag of Clothes Pins, Package of Candles, First Aid Kit  *Cindy says: Make sure you have a wax scraper and Arnica cream in the first aid kit!
Case of Red Bull, Super Size Lubricant, Cindy's transvestite mate from Checkout No 3 *Cindy says: Hmmm slight problem ... if you are a guy - "Veronika" isn't gay - he just likes to dress up like a woman. Seems like you might be pulling your own twig tonight honey hehehe (at least you won't get calluses so the lube isn't wasted) :-)
Can of Red Bull, Lubricant, The fit bird on checkout No 3. *Cindy says:  The fit bird on Checkout No 3 is my transvestite mate - good luck! :-)
Vaseline, a big stuffed animal (sheep), a camera  *Cindy says: Why don't you just become a Furrie? Visit here and may all your dreams come true - just think someone could even hold the camera for you:
Kingsize tub of Vaseline, a cucumber, latest issue of big boys monthly *Cindy says:  Try peeling the cucumber (saves money on Vaseline!)
Size 2 thong, Size 44dd Bra, Vaseline  *Cindy says: You can use all the Vaseline you like, didnt anyone ever tell you that barbie dolls don't actually have a snatch?!
Extra virgin olive oil, Plastic sheeting, Tent  *Cindy says: So, you're going camping ... where's the bit about freaking out the cashier? Unless you want her to go with you?  Or have I missed the plot here? lol
The biggest sharpest knife in the shop, Rope, Balaclava *Cindy says: Bloodyhell that would freak me right out! Glad I don't work in your store!
Book (69 things to do with a Dead Princess; Stewart Home), Vaseline, Assorted Winter Veg Pack *Cindy says: hmmm if necrophilia is someone who shags dead people, I wonder what someone is called that uses food instead? Philadelphia? Or is that just on toast?
Condoms, Latex Gloves, Whipped Cream *Cindy says: YAWN, Did somebody buy condoms again? The whipped cream in interesting though!
Sharp kitchen knives, Bottle of Chianti, Fava beans   *Cindy says: Is Hannibal entertaining again? lol
Vodka, Rohypnal, Condoms *Cindy says: OOooo planning a wicked week without any comebacks are we? VERY naughty and VERY illegal!
Duct Tape, Lubricant, Bag of Pick-n-Mix *Cindy says: hmmm are you going to fill your prisoner's ass with pick-n-mix or just watch the show?
Micheal Jackson photo, 1 rubber glove, A children's department store mannequin *Cindy says: I cant talk, I'm pissing myself, You're BAD!
Batteries, Lubricant, Kleenex  *Cindy says:  Sounds like you want to be a human vibrator lol
Shaving Foam, Disposable Razors, FemFresh *Cindy says: Rather you than me using FemFresh after shaving; I imagine that would burn like hell!
American Pie on DVD, An Apple Pie, Box of Kleenex *Cindy says: ROFLMAO! Kleenex for wiping away apple bits hanging off your knob I guess?
Case of Vodka, Case of Whisky, Cheap Nappies.  *Cindy says:  I so don't get this one, are you gonna puke in the nappies or what?
Butter for lubricant, 1 roll heavy duty rope, 1 jumbo size pineapple. *Cindy says: 1st word comes to mind "OUCH" Wonder what rope is for?
Viagra, Big box of Condoms, Energy Sports Drink *Cindy says: wouldn't a blow up doll be better than condoms, you'll give your gf a heartattack!
A pair of rubber gloves, A jar of Vaseline, the Cashier's wife/husband   *Cindy says: You sure you can purchase people in your store?
An issue of glamour magazine, A butchers knife, A pack of ice    *Cindy says: Glamour mag should get commission on knives sold!
Cucumber, Condoms, Vaseline     *Cindy says:  Cucumber? Bloody Hell .. get a courgette or you'll rip your butt in half!
Big Banana, KY Jelly, Disposable Camera    *Cindy says:  Where does the camera go?
Baseball Bat, 10 metres of Ribbon, Feather Duster    *Cindy says:  Hmmm BDSM Fan are we?
Pot of Greek Yoghurt, Table Tennis Bat, A LARGE carrot   *Cindy says:  R U thinking of rescuing on of those Donkeys on Kos Island?
Ducolax Laxatives 20 PACK, 500G Good 4 You olive gold spread, 1 large organic cucumber  *Cindy says: Does it have to be that spread?
Oranges (with teeth marks), black bin liners, 5m electrical flex   *Cindy says:  Enlighten me or are you just going to fry yourself?
A fresh Chicken, Tube of KY Jelly, Pack of condoms  *Cindy says: NOT another one of those answers PLEEEEASE!
Hand lotion, Tissues, A picture of the cashier  *Cindy says: Man, I hope she's cute for your sakes or you'll be having nightmares for a week!
Condoms, flour, dye   *Cindy says:  Dye? Flour? Condoms?  I have NO idea why that would freak someone out!
Condom, large banana, crotchless knickers  *Cindy says:  Any time, Any place Any where, eh?
Tampons, a baby meal to eat in their cafeteria, the knickers the cashier is wearing.  *Cindy says:  Ummm OOOOOkay??
Duct Tape, Bin Liners, Kitchen Knife  *Cindy says: Obvious answer, just hope your freezer is big enough!
Pinto Beans, Pack of Lighters, Aloe Vera  *Cindy says: You'll go bang!!!
Pregnancy Test, Clothes hanger, 2 dark towels  *Cindy says: YUK .. !
Birthday Card To A Special Friend, Bottle of Arsenic, Cake Mix   *Cindy says:  Nice One!
Ping Pong Paddle, 50 foot of Clothes Line and the Sluttiest Outfit they have  *Cindy says:  Make sure you get paid for doing it!
Large tub of Yoghurt, Bag of Live Goldfish, Spoon   *Cindy says:  Anyone for Sushi???
Book On Greys Anatomy, Tube of Super Glue, Butchers Knife  *Cindy says:   Hey you could frame your loved ones heart!
Gerbil, Birthday Card, Bottle of Olive Oil  *Cindy says:  Hmmmmm ... if anyone gets this one, let me know lol ;-)


"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"