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Competition Results


The winning entry for this competition is:


An ironing board - if you don't have kitchen then you got ta do some work woman!


That was the most chauvinistic entry I got and after I got angry I laughed my tits off!  So for giving me a double whammy of emotions you win!

Thank you to everyone that entered, that one was a tough one and all the entries were excellent! 

This Competition

New Year 2005


A free lycra thong worn by me for 24 hours.


Well done to the winner of this competition!


A pair of silk sheets for you to slip between (naked of course ;) after a hard day. Only one condition though - could you let me wash them for you? :)
Cindy says:  Sure, but you must wash them by hand, not too hot and no dribbling please!!!!
Expresso/cappuccino coffee maker
Cindy says: Ooooooo yeah!  Cappuccino here I come!!! (with chocolate sprinkles dont forget!!!)
a tree to plant in the front yard, and a big kiss on the cheek =)
Cindy says: Oh My God .... You know, I never knew that trees had cheeks!!!
A big, giant mallet to keep the spronging men at bay. Don't hurt me! *scurries off*
Cindy says:  Give me the mallet and then tell me what the hell spronging is or I will catch u, tie you up and hurt you real bad. Scurry that! (you wet lettuce!) *wink*
A giant plush cuddly toy animal of your choice.
Cindy says:  Can I sit on it?
well, in a new house you my feel a little lonly and miss some of the things that meant something to you, so i'd give back the panties i'll win and buy from you and you'll make more money
A shrine so we can all come and worship the panty godess ;) would make a nice garden orniment as well hehe! beats a garden gnome anyway!
Cindy says:  that is SUCH a cool idea :-) ...  I wonder what the neighbours will think HAHAA.  The more shocking, the better!
well with all these men hee, i'd have to bring a Port-A-Potty so no one floods, cloges, or smells up your new bathrooms, men get your ass's outsite!!!!!
Cindy says:  Well my upstairs bathroom is actually arriving and being fitted TOMORROW!!! And I was going to phone the portaloo people up to take the disgusting outside bright blue, plastic, shit-house away - maybe you could bring a nice clean one ... perhaps one that flushes too would be nice .. but then again, who cares coz Im certainly not using it! HAHAHAA   :-) LOL
A postage paid envelope so you can send me some of your yummy panties !
Cindy says:  LMAO! I dont charge postage for sending stuff within Europe! .. how about an envelope containing the price of the panties :-)
A huge framed picture of myself :-)
Cindy says:  ... to keep the vampires at bay or what?
would buy you A New Electric Toaster, so if you have nothing else in the house, at least you can cook toast for brekky ! haha
Cindy says:  ... Ok cool, so I can cook toast with nothing in the house .. Um don't I need bread either?  Is a magic toaster?
I would Love to give you a Free Trip to Australia so you can escort me back home after Ive been holidaying over there in the UK ! Oh , and of course your trip would be return fare as well to get back
Cindy says: Cool .. I can visit my brother :-) .. can you drop me off in the Adelaide Hills please hahaha
A Brand New Mobile Phone with a simcard which has unlimited credit on it ( and a free call number to my own cell phone )
Cindy says: Darn it! I just forked out 250 for a new phone!  The unlimited credit sounds tempting though hehehe
My Phone number so that you can call me anytime , whenever you need help with anything !
Cindy says:  How sweet - but I have to get a phone line yet and that will only come when everything is finished !!!
a dozen very large vibrating dildos with a lifetime supply of batteries
Cindy says: What is it with you guys and dildos, what the hell should I do with them all??? Do you really think that I could fit a dozen in my tiny box all at once? haha
A box of tissues....your male guests may have need of
Cindy says:  Brilliant idea!! HAHAHAHAA AAA .. Actually lets go one better - everyone must bring a whole pack of kitchen rolls ROFLMAO .. I dont want to get ANY stains on my nice new shag pile eh, do I now!
A dildo so you can masterbate in those panties
Cindy says: What a great idea ... I can sell it afterwards too (my used sex toys will actually be available for sale soon!) lol
a big cuddly puppy just in case you ever want to play with anything but yourself
Cindy says: Hmmmm ..... not in the same way Ill have you know!!!!
My tongue so that i may taste ur natural juices and do not have to buy them, i could pleasure u deep inside, way better then any finger or dildo could
Cindy says: With a tongue that long, are you a lizard or something?
I'd probably get you a toaster..... everyone gets at least 4 toasters at a house warming party
Cindy says: Gee thanks!  Anyone want some toast?
600 of my hard earned wages to plz you and give you the money so you can treat yourself on .
Cindy says: I couldn't take your hard earned money, maybe give it to a charity to help after the Tsunami disaster instead.
Jewellery Box
Cindy says: Perfect Choice!  I need one of those for all my diamonds *not* hehehe! :-)
2 -15" subwoofers, id hook up a PA system and have you sit on it as i blow into the mic, just like howard stren to get u wet
Cindy says: Um Righty then ... lets try it (I think)... fuck the new neighbours HAHAHA
I'm going to throw a housewarming party, everyone must bring a gift for the house and a gift for you. My gift bubble bath candles and 3 outfits for you to wear
Cindy says: COOL .. but what are bubble bath candles LOL and do I wear the outfits in the bath?
a stable full of unicorns
Cindy says: How cute .. you can come and be my stable lad then and make some hay when the sun shines!
I'd get in touch with a few friends of yours, get a few important pics of family/friends/things you love, and create a collage for you out of it, putting a lil of everythin u love for u to hang
Cindy says: ... You know some of the best things in life do not need to be expensive and that is one gift I would certainly treasure!
Anything you want, and i will do my best to get it for you!
Cindy says: Um ... at the moment I would say paint remover as my hands are covered in paint and I cant get it off hahaha
My dick for you to play with!
Cindy says: HAHAHA ...  Is it detachable? Permanently hard? And have batteries? .... no????     ...darn it!
I would buy you a monthly flower delivery, so your first year in the new house will be in full plume, and help brighten your days.
Cindy says: What an absolutely beautiful idea! ... Nobody come if you have Hay Fever! :-)
I would buy you a hot tub and bring along some pink champagne. We could spend a warm evening soaking in the tub, drinking the bubbly and gazing at the stars.
Cindy says: Pink champers gives me a right headache! But a nice bottle of Moet under the stars whilst going crinkly in the tub sounds great!
a bra and thong from agent provocatur, so you can have some lingerie for yourself!
Cindy says: That is SO sweet ... but the problem is I haven't worn any of "my" own lingerie since March 2004!  I wonder if I will ever again! lol
My tongue dancing over your pussy. More juices equals more panties for sale
Cindy says:  Not if you're gonna lap it all up it wont! haha
me and some viagra so we could have fun all night!
Cindy says:  You and viagra having fun all night?  Well why not - each to their own they say (maybe it molds into a pussy or something?)
But what about my housewarming gift?
I'll fit all your carpets for you
Cindy says: Actually I have managed to lay my own carpets upstairs and downstairs I'm not having any ;-) .. but thanks for the offer ;-)
Id buy you a washing line so us naughty sissys can sit and look at your gorgeous panties on display - just hope they're not washed!
Cindy says: All you sissys can lick them clean then!  Stop looking and get to work ... NOW!
as you are the apple of my eye, i think we'd make a lovely pair, give me a date and i'll bring myself, just tell me when and i'll be there.
Cindy says: ok ... just dont forget the 50p and a bunch of grapes hehee
well i just turned 21 i would give you a 10 year old bottle of whiskey and hopefully a really good time
Cindy says: aww Happy Birthday Babe ... you will soon be 31 and then we can drink our sorrows together lmao
i would get you a cleaner for the morning
Cindy says: Now that's what I call a present !!! hehehe
a vibrating chair, to really get your juices flowing!
Cindy says: I have always wanted one of those ... does it do massages as well? hehe
i would give u a heater, cause without it u'll have a house cooling party, could be fun to but it's colder then
Cindy says: Its ok ... I have all the heating and gas now installed - besides, hotter is better! ;-)
i would give u a big box of Belgian chocolats of cours, cause every women likes them !
Cindy says: hmmmm - don't take too much for granted - women are all different you know and like different things - in sex and chocolates!
For My man and I to visit and after Everything was put away we could tie him up an make him watch us play...
Cindy says: That sounds like great fun to me!  But he cant join in - just watch and lets put a sheath on him too - just to torture that hard on!
I would give you a nice big dildo so you can play in the panties that I smell....and a 12 roses Because you are soo pretty :-) But the roses never would compare to you sexy
Cindy says: Well actually big isn't always better ... as they say "its not the size of your pencil its how you write your name that counts" .. and believe me that is VERY true.  Roses would be nice though - thank you xx hehe
the sexiest lingerie in all of the world!
Cindy says: To sell?
as the house is warm how about two of your favourites. cold pizza washed down with baileys over ice
Cindy says:  Together? urrrrggghhh hahaa
a massive double ended dildo for you and your lady lover
Cindy says: Who needs toys for girl play - us girls already know what to do and how to do it ... very well!!!
what about if i turned up in my army uniform which is a kilt with a red ribbon around my dick
Cindy says: Why the fuck do you want a red ribbon around your dick? ... I thought surrender was white?
Cindy says:  ?  Motorway ? Male ? Milkshake ? Mousebrain ? ...
A present that will be so big that it can only be ME with a pair of your panties on my face as a mask
Cindy says: That is great!  Fancy dress or not, you cum well prepared! HAHAHA
to swim in the pacific ocean with dolphins, or to go on a luxury cruise around the world
Cindy says: For a house warming present? um ok
visiting a health spa for the weekend and getting pampered and over indulge in champagne and chocolate
Cindy says: Hmmm I can tell you never visited a Health Spa ... there is NO WAY on earth you would get chocolate lmao
a brand new white 3 piece leather sofa, for you and ya husband, you deserve it!
Cindy says: White?
a shopping spree, and i pay for everything
Cindy says: Careful with that one ... I have expensive taste honey!
a jacuzzi, with roses in the water, and candles around the edge, and romantic music playing
Cindy says: Jacuzzi ... hmm .. where to put the darn thing is a problem .. Hallway maybe? Plus I think the roses might got slimy!
it would be me dressed in a santa costume stripping for you and the giving you a lap dance!.
Cindy says: LMAO ... this is one for all the girls - not just me, lets see you shake your booty santa-boy lol
all of the stuff you have on your wish list would be yours =)
Cindy says: That is actually a lovely thought - but I'm not materialistic in the slightest, plus I can NEVER be bought!
A Money Tree - The road 2 prosperity is paved with hard work, determination and one of these--at least according to Feng Shui. And a personalised thong you can get wet just for me!
Cindy says: Im a Yin Yang fan so I like that idea!  A "personalised" thong? ... hmm interesting - I wonder what you have in mind! is a house warming party, so......i'd bring you some electric heaters to heat your house
Cindy says: Thats really sweet thank you, but thankfully I have radiators already! Besides, Im sure it will be hot enough with all the hot people there hehehe
i will bring my tool chest so I can fix anything that needs fixing, if you know what I mean
Cindy says: Not sure I do know what you mean .... What sort of tools do you have in there??? Anything battery operated by any chance?
Me and my man would visit you, HE help move the heavy stuff and I would help you drink beer!
Cindy says: Now that's the best idea I have ever heard girlfriend - cheers !!!
I would get you a new Web Server and "Toy" So you could then Double "Production
Cindy says: Thank you so much ... but Im not sure how a computer and a toy can double my production - I still only have one pussy!!!
Id bring you a chia pet because what home is really complete without a potted plant shaped like an animal
Cindy says: awww thank you but to be honest with you I don't think I've ever seen anything so hideous in my entire life.  But its the thought that counts and I will make sure I will put it out on display whenever you visit! lol
Id bring you a genie in a lamp. That way you could wish for the vital missing from your house.
Cindy says: That would be good but I'd actually wish for another pussy so I don't have to keep my clients waiting sometimes when I'm so busy!
An extremely comfortable king-sized bed shaped like a pair of fullback panties, with the "front" of the panties raised a bit, to give your bed some extra height.
Cindy says: ok but you sleep on the "bump" - worse than sleeping in a wet patch as far as Im concerned!
My house warming gift to you would be a rainbow, that way any time you feel down you have a rainbow to cheer you up.
Cindy says: Well after I picked myself up off the floor from laughing, its actually a really great answer - I like rainbows alot - just might keep me awake at night.... hmm is that a bad thing? LOL
A crystal ball and a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate after looking into it :o)
Cindy says:  Now your talking - but I'm interested to know why we need to celebrate after looking into it - did you see something I didnt? :o)
nothing but my throbbing cock
Cindy says:  ok ... but wouldn't you like a strong punch first?  Either sort its up to you!
A lifetime subscription to a any product (FREE) in a Lingerie Store of your choice!
Cindy says:  Lets hope I live a long life then because it sure will be a happy one!!!
A brand new car with ICE'd stereo system! With music to get the party started, and the vibrations from the subs helping to make those panties really moist! ;)
Cindy says: WOW! What a cool gift - gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Pimp My Ride" Eh?  I do love Xzibit and that MTV show lol!!!
A house slave to cook, clean, do yardwork, help you move in, and tend to any other "needs" one might have. >:)
Cindy says: ok thanks, but you sleep with the dogs and drink out of a bowl - is that ok sissy boy?
A very large, air-tight laundry basket
Cindy says: Aww thats handy if you ever have to wash dirty laundry - However, I don't actually need a laundry basket as after I wear something, it gets sent somewhere. But thanks anyway, I can use it upside down as a small coffee table perhaps?? lol
As many roses as I could find because nothing smells and looks as good as u
Cindy says: aww thats sooo sweet .... anyone got any vases???
i would bring a bottle of wine to christen the house and a huge bunch of flowers even though they wouldnt be as beautiful as you!
Cindy says: I hope you wont smash the bottle on my nice new exterior haha.  As for flowers, lovely, thank you so much.  I hope that my liquid floor has dried out by then or I might need the flowers sooner to mask the damp smell as its still drying out!
well, theres the choice of it being me just for you, or we could go out somewhere and buy something that takes your fancy.
Cindy says: Bloodyhell, that was a riveting entry lol - perhaps you can help the guy with the entry below and turn up in your overalls to decorate!!
Me in my overalls with my tools and an open credit card for the German equivalent of  B&Q .. to help you finish building and decorating ;-)
Cindy says: WOW what an offer!!! ... Um are you actually wearing anything UNDER those overalls by the way? Or do you expect sexual favours?
Bread so you'll never go hungry, Salt so you'll have good luck, and Wine so you'll never be thirsty
Cindy says: You saying I'm a skint alcoholic??? ...... Where did he say that damn bread and booze was?
I'd bring you glass candle holders filled with moonstones, also i'd put a candle in each one (your favorite scent) you can place them in your bathroom all around your newly remodelled bathroom, and around your bathtub where you'd relax in hot water with bubbles!
Cindy says: Well you obviously know I like Moonstone :-) but as for bathroom ... um can you help me tile it first, then maybe we can relax together  lol!
A huge bunch of wild flowers and some sugar (in case you run out and I'm not lucky enough to live next door!)
Cindy says: awww that's really sweet!
An ironing board - if you don't have kitchen then you got ta do some work woman!
Cindy says: Lick my asshole!
Some coal as its supposed to be good luck!
Cindy says: I don't have a real fire unfortunately but sweet gesture.
A big boat coz u rock my world
Cindy says: UM hmmm???


"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"