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Competition Results


The winning entry for this competition is:

A bag of frozen peas - l'd attach them to two halves of a coconut and pretend they were nipples


Close Winners:
Shark bait - to keep the sods away from me while I fish elsewhere!

Sam Elliott because I know that you would come looking for us on that desert island!!

A beautiful, mute, nymphomaniac chef who can cook from scratch & make pineapple homebrew as I need a substitute for my mad magazine subscription thats run out

A pair of your Big Mama Panties Cos after I'd finished enjoying them, I could use them as a flag to signal any passing ships


Thank you, the entries are all so brilliant!       

This Competition

Summer 2005


A pair of my gusher panties with a free online photo collection.


Well done to the winner of this competition!


A never ending supply of kitchen tin foil - just think what I can use it for.. oven/grill, cool house, reflector ...
*Cindy says:  Just dont eat it ... not very nice on your fillings ...ewww has anyone else gone goosy now lol - but very intelligent entry!
Nuclear Reactor for Shelter, warmth (glowing lol), experimentation of the wildlife, swift death if suicidal, US invasion
*Cindy says:  Not that your paranoid or anything eh?
American Flag and burn it (fire=sticks+knowhow), attracting the USMC to steal supplies from, and hitch a lift out.
*Cindy says:  God what a pussy!
A Dairy Cow So I won't starve/dehydrate and if Im really desperate I can screw the cow...
*Cindy says:  HAHAH Any moooooore like that and Ill be having my site banned for referencing to illegal beasty sex!!!
pot because it help pass the time and could plant to plesh the supply
*Cindy says:  Just make sure you get a female plant/seeds then because the males plants just go to seed *typical*
A magic lamp - I'd rub it - then the lamp and make 3 wishes cum true - *banned word*, *banned word*, *banned word*!
*Cindy says:  Oh do we have a winner ??? .... Excellent entry!        
A spade to dig a hurricane shelter as hurricanes are like women... wet 'n' wild when they come but they leave with everything you've got!
*Cindy says:  Easy cum, Easy go!             *FYI - us women are not all gold digging bitches you know - find yourself a whirlwind next time!*
Tin of baked beans because "A bean a day, helps you work rest and play"
*Cindy says:  Wasn't that for Mars? Just think of the methane gas you can provide - at least you can start a good fire easily :-)
the "HOTTEST" picture of you in a frame as it would be a nice picture to have hanging on a wall inside my hut
*Cindy says:  You and your bloody hut - I think you should consider having a picture of your hut hanging inside your hut!
A latex body suit - It is going to be Wet 'n' Wild isn't it?
*Cindy says:  Certainly will be for you if you run into a big horny sea lion
not a thing as hopefully, I would run into u, but if not, I would find a way to leave after a few days damn quick!
*Cindy says:  Sure you will - Ill probably bump into you at the shopping mall behind the palm tree - and you can leave anytime you wish - just hop on a bus.  *sigh*
a potato as u you can live longer off a potato then any food in the half...plant half..
*Cindy says: Good luck - really, good luck to you!
My sense of imagination (fantasies) as it has no limits (well almost no limits) and I would be able to fantasize till my heart's content
*Cindy says:  So your happy to just sit and fantasize for a whole year with no other stimulation? Ill come and visit you when you get back in your nice white padded cell :-)
one of your vibrators you used because I would know where its been and that would keep me entertained some until my time was served!
*Cindy says:  Well just dont expect it to continue vibrating for a year hunni - those batteries aren't solar powered you know!
a pic of you because I would need it from time to time
*Cindy says:  For what?  If your gonna jack all over it, its not going to last very long is it!
one of your pussy pens so I would remember what a beautiful woman smells like, and afterwards I can write to keep my sanity
*Cindy says:  Just dont suck too hard on it or you may get a mouthful of ink - and what do you propose to write on? a leaf?? :-)
my laptop so i could order online all of your fabulous products and still have fun all alone.
*Cindy says:  Phone Line? Electricity? Postman? Just don't drink or eat for a while, the hallucinations could bring you just as much fun!
YOU so i could fuck you all night so hard because your so sexy n make me horny xxx
*Cindy says:  Read the rules Sir >>>        Banned Words: "you" "cindy" "panties"
a blow up doll coz id be all alone
*Cindy says: Just dont leave it in the sun or it will be like fucking a jelly mold
Nothing - "If I can't have you, I don't want nobody baby, if I can't have you - ooh ooh ooooh"
*Cindy says:  YEAH, If I cant have you, I dont want nobody baby, if I cant have you ... Did I just pass the crazy at dawn test?
dominatrix so i can have a kinky year of fun
*Cindy says:  Well if she gets hungry, I wouldnt want to be in your shoes you dickless prick!
A monkey; To give it a damn good spanking
*Cindy says:  well depends on what monkey you mean - but if its a real one, then it will probably bite you, have rabies and you'll die!
one of your bath towels so I could dry myself off after a swim and maybe feel close to ya someway!
*Cindy says:  Im a shower girl - sorry
a metal detector in hopes that I might find something valuable and give it to you when I get home
*Cindy says:  What a sweet gesture - but Im not that materialistic and what do you expect to find? A filling from a dinosaur?
a large packet of condoms for carrying water, or food, a catapult. or their original purpose when you cum to collect me ;)
*Cindy says: OOh yeah ... gotta be strawberry flavoured tho or your food and water will taste like raw spermicide ewwww phwweeee
a thong that was yours - If I couldn't have fun with it, I could be able to try making it into a slingshot
*Cindy says:  Oh you will be having fun with it, I can guarantee you that!!!!
1 year subscription to dirtyist porn mag i can find as 1 year no sex no masterbation equals death
*Cindy says: Great idea - how do you think its going to get to you? In a bottle?
one of your pillowcases on your web site as I would not only have something to rest on, but I would have a security-like thing as well
*Cindy says:  an adult baby eh?  You could also use it as an adult size diaper too!!!
a solar fountain to have a way to keep cool inside my hut I make
*Cindy says:  hmmm nice ... a water logged cabin - shame about the mosquitoes!
the worlds biggest bra as I would use it as a slingshot, hammock, bed, fantasy toy, rope, and gas mask
*Cindy says: Well my titties arnt quite that big or I would have sent you one of mine - but WHY would you need a gas mask on a desert island?!
I would take My Pillow because This island It's on the the way to Amarillo. Yes?
*Cindy says: *lop sided smile*
I'd-a just-a take-a ewe! *appalling Italian accent and even worse pun* because seriously... I'd have milk, wool, meat... and some of them are so damned pretty...
*Cindy says: ewwwwwwww .. the "pretty" bit gets me concerned - and to get milk she has to be pregnant!!!! EEEEWWWWWWWWW again!!!!!!!... Then if you want meat how do you continue wanting milk? ... want me to continue?
A menacing looking gun to keep all of these wack jobs off of my island.
*Cindy says: what the fuck is a wack job??????
A block of rubber or silicone as it may be used as a seat, cushion, pillow, "pleasure raft" *WINK, or one dirty plate for food
*Cindy says: Pleasure raft????.....  are you thinking of bonking a dolphin or something??? ... oh and tip: if u want to use it as a plate, dont use it as a toilet seat!!!
my order i made from your fantastic site - well having my order with me i would be on the desert island named truly PARADISE .
*Cindy says:  Oh My God ... is that really cheesy or just damn corny .. cant decide - but very clever all the same!!!
Bottle of Diet Coke (Ice Cold) because one day I will see a goal so beautiful I will want to marry it and live on a small tropical island
*Cindy says: Is the joke in the "diet" bit or the "ice cold" bit? LOL
I would take a homing pigeon. Because i could send for a pair of your panties every week. doo or die.......just a flight of fancy.......
*Cindy says:  That poor "pucking figeon" (<- its a spoonerism) .. its still getting over wanking exhaustion from the last panty run!
One of my x girlfriends and leave her there after I left without ever wondering if I would ever see her again in my life!
*Cindy says:  WOW, must have been quite a bitch eh?  Nothing worse than a bitchy female you poor sod!
bungee cord for rappelling, rope, cliff diving, slingshot, and a whip
*Cindy says:  A whip eh?  OOooo do tell me more!
A calendar so I could mark off the days until I get free and if its any longer, someones in Big trouble!
*Cindy says:  Hmmmm I dont wish to know what you might use as a brown pencil  (dry it in the sun first it wont stink so bad) HAHA
Sam Elliott because I know that you would come looking for us on that desert island!!
*Cindy says: Honey if you were Sam Elliott you wouldn't even BE on the fucking island you would be in my BED super-glued to the sheets!!
whoopie cushon to entertain myself, and should there be natives to piss them off...
*Cindy says: Just dont let the rubber get too hot or it will melt in the heat and stick to ur ass - then you really will be entertained!
My boyfriend, so I could say, "now we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to talk about our FEELINGS!"
*Cindy says: Each to their own .... I'd personally rather use my other half as shark bait, but there you go! *wink*
biggest tube of lube I can nothing beats the feeling of rolling it back in the hot sun, thinking about all your nice pics
*Cindy says:  Oh how nice and when ur done, you can have a munch on your cock as it will be fried like a chicken drumstick!
I would take a Nebuchadnezzar bottle (15 liters) of Champagne and drink the 15 liters of champagne & then fill & send you the bottle with all my cumm/DNA message ;-)
*Cindy says:  Well you must have a pair of damn big balls then? Why dont u just use them as floats and deliver your message personally!
A box filled with some wood carving tools so I could make myself a raft and escape before my time is over
*Cindy says:  Well what do you want? A Box or a A Tool?  Tough decisions when youre only allowed ONE item!
Your used panties because you are my whole world
*Cindy says: ! *rolls eyes* .. ANYMORE of these sort of entries and they will go in the trash! .. Bitch? No! ... Bored? Yes!
You so I would have many choices as to how I would prop my head upon during the nightime hours resting !
*Cindy says: Hmmm is that why breasts are sometimes called love pillows? However, as Im NOT going to be on the island Ill send u a padded bra instead
Several of your worn panties as I would use them as drapes in the hut I make
*Cindy says: ONE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE! ONE! ONE! ONE! ONE! ONE! Several is not ONE! LMAO ... Join the others in the corner!
a beautiful, mute, nymphomaniac chef who can cook from scratch and make pineapple homebrew because I need a substitute for my mad magazine subscription that has run out
*Cindy says: A nymphomaniac chef eh?  Well if you like cock Im sure you'll find some well hung gorillas - Im told they dont speak much so at least you have your "mute" dream come true .. not sure about the pineapple homebrew tho - maybe feed it lots of pineapples and when you suck it off, at least you have another substitute :-)    ... that sucks about your MAD mag tho - you poor bastard!
g-string to stay cool on the desert
*Cindy says: mmmm mmmmm would i just LURVE to see you in one of those, tightly encasing your package :-)
A Sharp Pocket Knife so I could make myself a pair of drumsticks that would look like you!
*Cindy says: Well your nonsense entry made me laugh if nothing else!  Why drumsticks? - you turning cannibal?
i would take a pc with solar power supply and a credit card so i can buy ur nice used underwear and so i could see all of ur new stock and see all of ur pics
*Cindy says: ...Obviously another individual who is mathematically challenged!! LOL
*Cindy says:  aha ... okay .. um ...keep taking the tablets hun! (YOURE the one on the Island, NOT ME! HAHAHA)
You, so had someone to spend the time with
*Cindy says:  Oh yeah sure! NOT!! LMAO .. not in this lifetime buddy - Im not shutting down my panty site for as long as I live! LMAO
An open bar, complete with Caribbean bartender with free frosty fruity drinks- plus i could make my own party island!
*Cindy says:  Obviously you can't count ..... correct me if I'm wrong but Im sure I said ONE thing, not four!
you handcuffed to me because neither one of us would be able to escape from each other
*Cindy says:  Christ what a torture ... then my one item would have to be the key for the handcuffs or if that's not possible then a gun!
toilet roll .....well what can i say, we all need it and not just for number 2's
*Cindy says: Altogether now "pick a leaf and wipe your underneath, in an English Country..."Island"! *LMAO? WTF* (its a parody of a SONG!)
the thong i was wearing when i lost my virginity because i love the feel of it between my ass cheeks and it still has my cum all over it
*Cindy says: eeeewwwwwwww all crispy and crunchy??? Well I guess you could pretend its potato crisps if you get sick of fish!
a box with some hand tools so I could make you some fascinating gifts in my spare time
*Cindy says: awww thank you!  You know there is no greater gift than something hand made!
a change of underwear as I thank my reasoning pretty obvious :)
*Cindy says: Well A) You wont win because you never bothered to give me your email address and B) Who needs underwear on a desert island?  Cant you run around naked or use a dock leaf like most other normal castaways??
a pirate's ship so i could use the island as a base for my rag-tag crew, as we go on raids pillaging pungent panties
*Cindy says:  Ayyyeeee arrr me hearties LOL ... can I come?  Ill gladly give you all my knickers free if you're "Captain Jack Sparrow"
(film: Pirates of Caribbean - Johnny Depp)
a box filled with your personal items! So I could build a shrine dedicated to you!
*Cindy says:  You really SURE you dont want to join my clan of slaves???
i would take the swiss army..... knife i got for christmas would i be here if i was gay !!!!!
*Cindy says:  I think I need some of what your on.....either you take the knife or the swiss army?
i would take with me condensed instant cindy powder, now let me just read the instructions on the back of the packet, just add water....Oh my God Water ....Water....Water....
*Cindy says:  Why would you want instant Cindy powder? Is it powdered pussy juice? ...use rain water you brainless twerp! lol  Its an island, not a desert!!! ROFLMAO
you because ı would sex with you drink your piss and eat your shit
*Cindy says:  Charmed I'm sure!  I'm guessing your single, right?
A pair of your Big Mama Panties Cos after I'd finished enjoying them, I could use them as a flag to signal any passing ships
*Cindy says: Jesus Christ, those big mama panties are big but they are not that damn big!!
a picture of you as it would be a reminder to know what's waiting for me back home again!
*Cindy says:  While your away I will stuff myself silly with chocolates and champagne, living the high life, and end up looking like Humpty Dumpty!  So keep that pic - you really might need it HAHA
A hand written letter from you! so I would have something to read plus it would be personalized!
*Cindy says: Well I guess you could always use it to start a fire when you see a ship approaching LOL
Mobile phone with solar charger so that i would be able to stay in touch with you and hear your sexy voice.
*Cindy says: Charge your phone up all you like -  I doubt there would be any network coverage LOL .. maybe you can charge it up and repeatedly test the vibrate feature to keep you going instead!!!
i would take you so i would have no more need for your nice and scented panties because i'll have the real thing.
*Cindy says: This is very true but how the hell would I continue to satisfy all my other clients when there's no postal service - AND no shops to go lingerie shopping .... bloody hell I'd literally DIE! ..... sod that! haha
i would take a whole bunch of your panties baby so i could jack off all day long thinking about your panties and you baby by the way i love to sniff p
*Cindy says: Well when the pee wears off I'm sure you can catch a few monkeys to wear my knickers and piss in them for you - and if you call them baby too, they might bite you!
a box filled with your worn panties so I would always feel close to you while I'm there
*Cindy says: Well it would probably take me a year to prepare a big box full to last you a year - why dont I send one a week in a bottle?
Just a hug from you! Because at least I would be able to feel ya close to me before I needed to shower & shave again!
*Cindy says: Well alrighty then but please hug me after you shower and not before ... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol
An encyclopaedia because one year alone? All the libido will fade away so lets try to keep smart at least
*Cindy says: Sod that for a laff ... Id rather take the Karma Sutra and find 101 new other ways to fuck yourself silly!
Well, a M-16, with ammo, because the way the President is ruining things he'd probably bomb my island!
*Cindy says:  Depends if you're gonna look like an Afghan Arab with a nappy on your head I guess. (No offence to Afghans)
a pair of your pantie's - just to be able to sniff and dream of what you taste like! that could last me a year, dream'n of you
*Cindy says:  Im damn good at what I do but not sure my panties will last a year - but hey... think of the weed you could grow and then anything is possible!! ROFLMAO
A camera - so when we get there we can record everything that we do;)
*Cindy says:  oh yeah sure, and what do you want to play it back on? Hey lets gather the monkeys as an audience instead!
A carrier pidgeon so it could deliver light loads (i.e. gushed in panties!)
*Cindy says: Gusher panties - light load?  Don't be toooo sure on that - besides the pigeon might die on the way from wanking exhaustion!
A pair of sharp sissors or a handsaw - In case I find a tree, I can shape it to look like you!
*Cindy says: Great Idea! Make sure its a big one so you can carve my ample buttocks and breasts properly, however I wouldn't like to see your blisters afterwards though ewwwwwww
Swiss Army Knife - to carve a hole in a large tropical fruit and use it as a homemade pussy
*Cindy says: And when u have finished abusing all the fruit - Id LOVE to see you eat it aftewards LOL


"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"