Gusher Female Ejaculation panties
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Cindy's Experience
Myth No More!
After many, many months of trying to do it I was beginning to think that this really was a myth!!!  Until late one night, feeling incredibly horny I tiptoed into my bathroom and decided to just let myself go.  I experienced the most intense orgasm I have ever had, whilst totally soaking the bathroom tiles!

I have learnt to masturbate a totally different way and one that is so satisfying!
After having such deep and overpowering orgasms I end up feeling like the cat that not only ate the cream but the budgie, the rabbit and the cake too, and that feeling lasts the whole day!  Pure satisfaction to the highest degree!


Myth No More! Soaking Musky Panties sent right to your Door!

Make me cum so hard I squirt all over your panties!
You may have any pair of panties of your choice from my site!

That's Right! ANY pair of panties or thongs that you see for sale on my site can be yours and soaked with my own pure potent pussy ejaculate!


Panties are not worn, instead I will totally gush over them and soak them with my intoxicating sex scent!

Comes with or without my exclusive photo collection - you may choose your desire below.

No Waiting Time For These! Sent within 48 hrs of cleared payment!

Freshly Ejaculated in Panties/Thongs of your choice, PLUS special private online photo collection of 7 close up shots of me ejaculating using my special crystal dildo (each 680x1024). Also .zip file for quick download! Not worn
+ photos
Freshly Ejaculated in Panties or Thongs of your choice.
No Photos of me included!
Not worn
Worn for 24 hours first then freshly Ejaculated in Panties or Thongs of your choice.
No Photos of me included!
Worn first
no pics
Worn for 24 hours first then freshly Ejaculated in Panties or Thongs of your choice.
Plus Online Photo collection or 2 emailed photos of me wearing the panties. Please write your preference on the order form. Thank you :)
Worn first
+ photos
 Note: Potency and scent varies each time! It's nature! :-)
However, if you receive a pair which are not potent enough or too potent, please let me know - I really want you to enjoy these!
Love Cinds  ;-)

What Happens/How do I do it?

Many ask how long it takes before I start ejaculating... well to do this I have to be extremely turned on so that nothing else in the world matters apart from my own sexual passion.

To get myself into this state takes me anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and only after that stage I am able to lose myself in the pleasures of ejaculation.

It is not a "quicky" by all means and can take me even over 2 hours until I am totally satiated and satisfied. Once I start I cant seem to stop and can ejaculate 3 or 4 times in one session


My Promise To You!

"I take utmost care and attention in making sure your needs and desires are met.
You will only get the highest degree of quality, discretion and personal service from me... And I love to make you feel special, because you are!"

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Gusher Facts!

Its a fluid that builds up in an area where the female prostate gland is located and when aroused the pale yellow watery fluid can literally be ejaculated.

Female Ejaculation is NOT creamy!  Ejaculation fluid is entirely DIFFERENT from a woman's white natural lubricant which is thicker, whitish in colour and slippery.

Female Ejaculation is NOT pee, but it can be the most intoxicating, potent pussy smell you will ever experience and one that can last for days on end!

However the potency and scent varies considerably from day to day and its impossible to know in advance just how intoxicating it will be!

Sometimes the scent is faint, sometimes it can knock you over. Sometimes it can be flowery and other times ammonic.

It does not smell anything like days old dirty panties, or peed in panties either, so if those ultimately rock your world, maybe these won't be for you!

..."It is simply the pure essence of female sex!"


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