Order info about how to order my used intimates
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How to Order & Pay for your Items

If this is your first time to order with me, then let me explain how to pay ...

Before you continue reading you must know that the following payment processors no longer accept adult sites: Nochex, PayPal, PPPay & iKobo.
I can only currently accept cash, cheques or bank transfers or gifts from my Amazon Wish List as almost all adult payment processors no longer allow adult sites to use them - the rest that do allow are either too expensive in fees or I personally don't fully trust them!

I do not want to jeopardise your safety or security in any way and I would never ask you to sign up with some dodgy payment processor, which may not be safe, just for my own selfishness to make a sale!

Until I find a suitable option then you keep your credit card safely in your wallet!

Just follow the purchase link and my order form will open in another window; just fill out the form with as much info as possible and send it.  I shall personally get back to you to confirm everything.

I am not a fake, con or a "panty farm" so you must remember that I am human and although I wear all orders for the full amount of time ordered, my scent and wetness does vary on a day to day basis.  No pair of panties that I send out will be exactly the same - but isn't that the authenticity that proves you are getting the genuine article!

I run my site because I enjoy it.  The money is secondary to me - my pleasure in preparing your items for you is paramount, your enjoyment when you receive my items is paramount and your feedback to me is very important.

If, however, you order from me and are in any way disappointed or dissatisfied, please let me know immediately and I will do my utmost to
correct whatever the problem was. I want your buying experience with me to be something special and I want the panties you receive to be the best you have ever had!

My Promise To You!

"I take utmost care and attention in making sure your needs and desires are met.
You will only get the highest degree of quality, discretion and personal service from me... And I love to make you feel special, because you are!"

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Special Requests
If you have any unusual special requests, please mention it during ordering.  Don't be shy - I'm not easily shocked! ;-)
Most asked for requests are pee scented and scat stains - which these I do at no extra cost :-)
...It just adds to the excitement!
Buyer Beware!
Payment Processors that do NOT accept adult transactions:

PayPal, NoChex, PPPay, iKobo

If you see an adult site using any of the above mentioned payment options for selling adult items, just be careful.

The account and funds of the seller could get frozen or shut down at any time and you may not get your order!


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