Private and Personal and Discreet Packaging!
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How I package every single worn used panties and other intimate items

I take packaging every single item very seriously, whether its a pussy pen, a pair of panties or a nightdress.
The wet items are immediately placed into a ziplock bag, then wrapped in silk paper, then bagged and sealed once again.
The damp items are wrapped in silk paper first then enclosed and sealed in 1 or 2 ziplock bags to ensure that they remain as fresh as possible.
Every item I package I kiss for you with my favourite lipstick, so you know it is really from me.
For extra privacy every envelope is lined with a white or lavender coloured paper so if anyone got to your post before you did, they cannot hold it up to the light and see what is inside.
There is NOTHING on the outside of the envelope which points to me or my site.
When I ship outside Europe I do have to have a CN22 label on it for the customs.  Without this label your package could be subject to being opened!  I have to write on the outside to say what is inside, but I only write "Gloves", "T-shirt" or "Socks".
The address I provide for international packets is a dummy one so if you try to send me a letter or anything in return I am afraid that I will not receive it.
My Promise To You!

"I take utmost care and attention in making sure your needs and desires are met.
You will only get the highest degree of quality, discretion and personal service from me... And I love to make you feel special, because you are!"

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White Padded Envelope

I send every order out in an unmarked padded envelope and use different sized envelopes depending on the order.

You will NOT see any relation to this site or reference to what is inside on the outer packaging! ... Don't worry! ;-)

You will receive a white envelope - and I always secure the flap with tape for extra security.

I have sent many, many orders from Germany, France and the UK (I travel a lot) and I have not had any problems or issues with the envelope tearing or opening etc.

The particular envelope shown here was sent from Germany - that is why it has a LuftPost (Airmail) sticker on it.
Padded Envelope with Sealed Panties
More Packing with my Lipstick Kiss The average time for orders in Europe to be received after posting is 48 hours.
For outside Europe it takes anywhere between 4-10 days.

Every item is enclosed in a re-sealable press-lock plastic bag to retain its scent and freshness!

After wearing your chosen item and getting horny in it for you, I carefully wrap your item using white silk paper and seal it with a small Panty Paradise sticker and one or two little personal lipstick kisses from me!

I individually wrap and seal every item this way.

If you would prefer plain stickers and no lipstick kisses, please request this during ordering.
Wapped Items - Worn Panties & Used Thong & Panty Liner
Sexy Photos of me to Prove Im Genuine!!! Photos of me wearing your panties etc are either e-mailed to you or for an extra small fee printed off and enclosed to prove it's me wearing your item/s. You may decide how you prefer your pictures sent to you when you order. As you can see they are also discreetly wrapped in a pretty coloured wallet when enclosed with your item/s.

Normally you would receive 1 or 2 pictures of me, but sometimes I enclose more as a treat, especially for my regular clients - that is also the case when e-mailing pictures - just depends if I get carried away or not ;-).


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