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Cindy's Wisdom
"I live life to the full and I don't have time for petty people or *vanilla* people - I tolerate them but that's as far as it goes. I am not a jealous or bitchy person either - I just like to have fun and enjoy myself!"

"Life is too damn short and I try anything at least once - I also make sure I have a my fingers in a lot of different pies... including my own!
hehehe .. well, why not! :-)"



All about me - The Good, The Bad and The Naughty!

I was born in Hemel Hempstead but lived in Surrey most of my life. My Mother is English and my Father is French, so with me you get an
English Rose with a Kinky French Twist but without the Thorns!  :-) 

I went to an all girls school in Surrey and I hated it!  To try to make my school days more interesting I used to do wild things and trouble always used to find me! I was labelled as the uncontrollable naughty wild child! haha!

I must admit that I had a lot of fun and the naughtier I became the more it got me off. Even just seeing peoples faces was enough, shaking their heads in disbelief!

After happily leaving school, I went on to further education and passed everything with flying colours - I may be well spoken and well educated but it most definitely doesn't stop me from being wickedly mischievous! 

I have had lots of jobs from being a top notch secretary to a project manager to breaking and training horses :-) ..  My pelvic floors muscles are so strong from years of horse riding that I can move pens and other items in my pussy in and out and up and down. Its great fun and sex is fabulous for all concerned! :-)

I do actually have a high respect for myself, hence my site is not a porn site - its a panty site.  However, I am very highly sexed and addicted to orgasms - it's no wonder I also run a Sex Toy Shop - you should see my collection of toys! hehe!

I enjoy to indulge myself in personal pleasure and I guess I must get myself off at least 3-6 times a day on average ... I really am horny morning, noon and night - what a hedonist I am!

My panty site is my only job and one that I find satisfying and most enjoyable to the highest degree - hence that is why I love my buyers so much.

"My pleasure is your pleasure - and you can tell by my items that this is very true :-)

Enjoy yourself on my site - I really enjoy running it! *wink*


Read My Story

How did I get into the Panty Selling Business? Click the link and read my story:
Read my personal erotic story!

Erotic or Porn?

I prefer sexy, classy and seductive rather than trashy, cheap and sleazy. There is enough sleaze and dick and fanny in your face on the web these days, its almost boring!

Whatever happened to good old fashioned naughty innocent temptation and element of mystery - "is she, isn't she", "will she, wont she" era?

 ... I personally get off better with fantasy, just imagining what that cock might look like in those bulging pants, or what her ass looks like under that little skimpy skirt really gets my juices flowing rather than seeing it up front; the mystery has gone - the moment is over ... quick jill off - next please ... 

Anytime, Anyplace?

I spend a lot of my time in Germany and visit my family and friends in Europe.  Its always nice to come home to the UK though. The beauty of what I do means I can do it anywhere - I have even masturbated in a Lufthansa plane and on the London to Sheffield train!


Secret ...

Guys wearing make-up pushes all the right buttons for me. When I was young I used to snog a poster of Adam Ant!!

A few personal facts about me!
Nationality British
Height 5.3"
Clothes Size 10/12 (UK) - 38/40 (EU)
Waist Size 25in
Hair Colour Naturally deep auburn
Birthday August 22nd
Sexuality Totally open minded ;-)
Favourite Food Chinese, Indian, Cold Pizza
Favourite Drink Red wine, Baileys, Cappuccino (must have choco sprinkles)
Favourite Sex Position Doggy style & on top - stairs is good too, kitchen table, washing machine, also ... 
Best Place I Have Had Sex Park in a wild thunderstorm & in a Churchyard - felt very naughty
Turn Ons Stockings, tight jeans, & being naughty & guys with big noses and nice sparkly eyes!
General Loves Travelling & fun open minded people. Tattoos, Dragons, Gargoyles & Spirituality.
Sexual Fetishes Love being spanked & my hair being pulled and having an all female gang-bang

Most exciting thing ever done

Lived abroad without speaking the language
Best Date Spent 72 hours in bed
Ideal Partner Rough & ready Sam Elliot, sexy Jean-Luc Picard or mysterious Keanu Reeves, or all 3 at once!
Favourite Possessions My Insatiable Pussy .. without that I wouldn't be here having all this fun!
Favourite Magazine Cosmopolitan
Favourite Online Hang Outs www.pagan-heart.co.uk and www.usedpantyportal.com
Favourite Film/TV Series Hannibal, The Horse Whisperer, Lost, Sex and the City, Little Britain, Desperate Housewives
Favourite Bands I love late 80s/early 90s bands. That was my Era! So looking back I loved: Whitesnake, Guns n Roses, Def Leopard, Eurythmics, Roxette & Madonna of course!
Race Half French
Weight circa 57 kg
Breast Size 34D
Shoe Size 4
Eye Colour Hazel Green
Star Sign Leo
Religion Pagan (very!)
Dislike Food Marzipan and anything offal (liver, kidneys, heart etc)
Dislike Drink Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper
Ever smoked I stopped over 10 years ago - so my items only smell & taste of my own pure sweetness!
Worst Place I Have Had Sex Down an alley & McDonalds car park (must have been a dodgy burger) lol
Turn Offs Bad breath, bad hygiene, black teeth, and chavs
General Hates Liars, bitchy women, and screaming kids ... oh and big black house spiders
Most boring thing ever done Job as a Security Officer at Pinewood Studios (but did get to work with Bruce Willis!)
Worst Date Giving head in a car and a policeman knocked on the window
Most Embarrassing Moment I actually pissed in my pants (loads!) at a party from laughing so much
Nightmare Partner Tom Cruise - met him once, hmmm ... no thanks!
Spoken Languages English and German and a very small amount of French and Spanish
Favourite Online Shop www.playtime-paradise.co.uk My own sex toy site - everything you will EVER need for guys & girls who like to play!
Most Charitable Thing Done I swam 3 miles for Cancer Research and raised over 1000. I also give my blood on a regular basis.
Favourite Latest Music Rock, Metal, R&B.  Rammstein, Madonna
What makes me grin Nasty people getting a well deserved Karma bashing! lol

"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"