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PLAYTIME-PARADISE Sex Toys and Adult Fun for Everyone!

Right then ... What's all this about?  Well, frankly I couldn't run my panty site without playing with myself on a very regular basis, which brought me to the conclusion that if I enjoy using sex toys, then so must many other people.

I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE my toys and they bring me many great climaxes each and every day; plus the fact that I can pick and choose which one to use at any given time is even better!!!!

So ... instead of trailing around the 1000s of online adult toy shops trying to decide where to buy and what to buy I thought, what the hell - I'll set up my own franchise with an independent supplier who can take care of all the shipping, handling and payments and I will just do what I'm most best at, yep, you guessed it - keeping myself hot 'n' horny!

PLUS!  I have made sure that my prices are the same or LOWER than all the other leading online companies - in fact I even use the SAME supplier and my terms and satisfaction guarantee are also equally matched!

The reason I stand out from the other 1000s of Adult Toy sites out there is because my Toy Shop gives you the personal touch you all know and love - it's familiar - it's me!

There is a huge selection of goodies to choose from - well in excess of 1500 items and growing by the day.
The latest lines are erotic DVDs, Books and Lingerie.             
Go on ... go treat yourself or a horny friend :-)

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My Adult Store!

At Playtime Paradise I sell NEW toys & garments - these have not been used or abused by me in any way and come direct from my supplier in the UK.

I do not see who buys or know any of your details.  It is all handled professionally by Secure Trading via Net1on1, the largest UK distributor and supplier of Sex Toys in the UK

Playtime Paradise has an integrated secure server set up on the the suppliers secure website. The order process and all your details are highly encrypted so each order is safe, secure & fast!

Playtime Paradise currently only supports orders from the UK and European Countries.

International orders cannot be taken at this time.

Cindy asks you to...
Please enjoy yourself on my site and take your time.  Please feel free to contact me about anything.

I shall be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Love Cindy xxx


Playtime Offers...
Best Prices, Best Selection and Best Choice on the Internet.  Discreet Fast Delivery Guaranteed and even next day delivery option available!


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