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Find Your Way Around My Used Worn Panty Site!

Below is a list of all the links on my site with a detailed explanation of what is where.

My site is very large and is filled with a lot of information.  I have tried to make all important information easily viewable on each page so I do ask that you make the most of the information available before contacting me.

On an average day I spend over an hour replying to emails and messages, which are purely answering questions that are easily visible on my pages.

Although, I have no problem in writing emails, you would be saving me and yourself a lot of time and effort to read what I offer for sale and other general info.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Enjoy yourself on my panty site - I really enjoy running it! *wink*

Cindy asks you to...
Please enjoy yourself on my site and take your time.

Please feel free to contact me about anything you cannot find the answer to on my site.

I shall be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Love Cindy xxx


Panty Paradise Site Map
The Pages Description
Home Here is the welcome page.
Regularly updated with news and information about what is new etc.
Gusher Panties Female Ejaculation My "Cindy's Elixir Gusher Panties".  Real potent female ejaculation filled panties by yours truly!  I finally figured out how to ejaculate and its the most intense feeling, let alone intense scent!
Cotton Panties/Socks Just pure cotton panties, thongs and socks! All new panties and socks just waiting for you to buy them and me to wear them for you.
Satin & Lace Panties This is the place to buy my freshly worn silky-feel sexy satiny panties and thongs. Regularly updated!
Lingerie & Tights You can find my negligees (satin sleep wear), bras, bodys, teddies and tights (Hose) and other lingerie items here! Regularly updated
Exotic & Erotic The naughty things are here including my used sexy toys and X-Rated exclusive online photo collections. This is the unusual and naughty place to buy those 'taboo' things, which we all enjoy but no-one ever speaks about ;-).
Fetish & Fun More naughty things which are more 'fetishly fun' related such as:  My slept on pillow cases and also includes my infamous Pussy Pens!!!!
Competitions Here you will find my fun competitions that are currently running. Various items of my worn underwear and other items from my site are always up for grabs here. Worth a visit - even just to read the competition entries!
Auction/Bids This is where I hold my personal auctions for selected items from my site.
Anyone can bid and its free!
Profile Just personal things about me that not many people know about. Also, find out what goes on inside a genuine sexy panty seller's mind!
Gallery A free selection of pictures of me for you to see and download if you wish.
Special Offers Lots of offers for my worn COTTON Panties and Thongs.
Sex Toys Quick access to my own Sex Toys Shop called Playtime-Paradise. Delivery to UK/Europe only.
Ordering Info Information regarding ordering and how to pay.
Order Form This is where you will find my alternative ordering and payment form (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Online Banking etc).
Hot Links Links to other quality interesting sites that you also might like to visit.
Feedback This is the place to see what other people have said about my site or an order etc.
You can also send me feedback from this page.
FAQs Frequently asked questions. Please read this if you have a question.
You might find the answer you need without having to e-mail me.
Gifts If you would like to send me a gift, you can do all that here on my Gifts page.
Erotic Stories This is the place to read erotic stories that have been written by me and others. You may even send me your own erotic story for others to read!
Contact You may send me an e-mail or send me a message via my contact form directly from this page with any special requests before ordering or for general enquiries, etc.
Webmasters This is a specific page I set up for Webmasters and Webmistresses who would like to exchange banners or links with me.
Packaging This page is all about exactly what you can expect to receive in the post.
Reservation Info Find out how to reserve a pair of panties or lingerie that you really want but cant afford yet!
Privacy Policy This is where you will find my Privacy Statement / Site Policy and other general information.
My Promise Page This is my dedicated promise & guarantee I make to you, as a buyer, from a top, first class seller
Panty Articles for Buyers & Sellers As many girls and buyers need far more information here is a great page filled with links and info on what to do and what not to do.  Specially created for both sellers and buyers!
Strip & Play with Cindy OOOO FUN!!!  Just visit and have a play - you can even make me gush if you are patient!
My Personal Panty Blogger My place - come on over, have a mull around and read what goes on in my life and in my head - scary! LOL
Cindy's Trusted Panty Girlfriends This says it all!  The good girls stick together and these are my fellow sellers who I know to be wonderful, genuine, kind and honest.  I am proud to have them as my friends.

"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"