"Summer Afternoon!"

Many years ago when we were much younger, we were walking in the country around the start of summer, my lover Cindy and I.  We loved to feel one with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the big city whenever we could. The day was glorious, bright blue skies and the smell of the earth and flowers in full bloom filling the air.  The time of year when nature is beginning to put out it's bounty and growth and new life seems to shimmer in the very air we breathe.

As we walked with our arms around one another, we realised we were quite alone, not another person was around; we might have been two souls in an undiscovered, uninhabited land.  Between the feeling of being the only two people around and the burgeoning life all around us, I began to feel very horny, and held Cindy closer as we walked.  Cindy giggled as I held her, she knew me so well and laid her head into my shoulder and said 'Yeah, I'm feeling a little horny too, maybe we can find a secluded spot and see what we can do?'

I smiled down at her and said 'Not afraid of being caught?' to which she replied 'Yes, sort of, but we're alone here and it would be wonderful just to be ourselves amongst nature don't you think'.  I nodded and we wandered towards a small copse of trees that offered us shelter from prying eyes, not that there were any other than birds and any small animals around.

Once there we checked around and to see that we were alone, once satisfied that we were secluded and safe we sat down on the soft grass and gazed into one another's eyes before kissing deeply.  Cindy's lips were soft, full and sweet, and her little flicking tongue always aroused me and still does these many years later.  As we kissed, I moved my hand to cup her breast through her summer dress and felt her nipple harden to my touch.  Her arousal was evident as she kissed me deeper and moaned slightly.  I continued to tease her nipple through her dress and her hand moved down to touch my stiff cock through my jeans.  Just her slightest touch made me want to ravish her right there and then, but I knew that Cindy liked to be teased and have her
arousal built up slowly.

We lay down side by side and continued kissing and fondling one another for ages.  Cindy's breathing was becoming heavier as I played with her nipples and I moved my hand slowly down her body, put it on her bum and pulled her against me letting her feel my erection against her.  She smiled and then laughed as my hand found it's way under the hem of her dress and cupped her bottom through her skimpy panties.  I reached a finger between her legs and felt the gusset of her panties was wet from her excitement.  My finger slowly and gently rubbed her through her panties drawing sighs from Cindy.

As she grew more excited, I broke away from kissing, rolled her onto her back and moved my head between her legs, pulling her dress up to her waist.  I eased her skimpy lilac panties aside and began licking her gently with just the tip of my tongue, tasting her sweet cream and licking the soft folds of her pussy lips before gently circling her perfect little clit. Cindy loves being licked, and I love building her to orgasm this way.

My gentle tonguing was getting her wetter and she said breathlessly 'This isn't fair, I need to give you pleasure too'. So I shifted position so that we were able to pleasure one another sixty nine, ou soixante-neuf en Francais.

She unbuckled my belt and drew down my jeans just enough to let her lick and suck my erect cock.  Cindy has always loved to give head, and loves the taste of my cum; she says it tastes yummy because of my diet which is balanced although with a tendency towards a lot of fruit and veg which affects the taste.

As she began to lick my swollen cock, I continued to lick her wet aroused pussy, playing along her lips and gently circling her by now swollen clit, this was bringing little tremors and twitches from Cindy each time I circled her swollen flesh and brought more wetness from within her.  My own reactions were exactly the same as I felt her lips encircle me and take me within her mouth, playing her tongue around the sensitive underside and head of my cock, each gentle teasing circling of her tongue made me twitch and moan in pleasure, and when she sucked on me I felt as if I would explode! but always she could sense this and went back to gentle teasing, building my orgasm just as I did to her.  We both lost ourselves in tasting one another, using our mouths and tongues to bring waves of pleasure to one another.

After what seemed like ages of this I knew her orgasm was close and began to probe her deeply with my tongue breathing in her sex scent and feeling my cock swell even more as she kept up the suction knowing we were both close to orgasm.  Her depths tasted sweet and clean, and I could feel the muscles in her pussy twitching as her orgasm built, the muscles around the base of my cock and thighs were twitching too as Cindy sucked on me and played with my balls in her small warm hands.

Cindy's legs wrapped around my head and I knew that I should continue working her clit gently with the tip of my tongue while pushing two fingers into her sopping wet pussy, seeking and finding her G-spot, pressing on it and stimulating it with my fingers.  I knew we wouldn't last much longer and with a sudden tightening of her legs around me, I felt Cindy's body tremble as she came hard around my fingers and tongue a sudden rush of cream from within her and her muffled cries confirming her orgasm.  This sent me over the edge, and I erupted, my cock tremoring and feeling as if it would burst as I released my cum into Cindy's mouth.  Cindy has never been one to spit out cum, and swallowed it all down with relish just as I swallowed and savoured her cream.

Once we were spent, I moved up and lay down beside her, kissing her and tasting my cum on her lips and letting her taste her own sex on mine. We put our arms around one another and we both laughed with the joy of being ourselves in nature. We rearranged our clothes and continued our walk for a while, then Cindy lent against me and whispered 'I'm still feeling horny, lets go home and have the afternoon to ourselves at home'.  With a laugh, I held her close and we walked back to our car to head home for another afternoon of pleasure!