"Work it Out!"

Just into the new year an old friend Clair phoned me and asked me if I could put up some lights she got in the sale.

I agreed and when I got round to her house it was raining.  When I walked in I noticed that on the radiators there were lots of different panties drying.  As we walked through the house there were more on the arm of the chair!

Clair said "excuse the mess im just having a Laundry day" I said no problems and any way at this point Clair showed me the lights and where she wanted them so I began to work.  However, whilst working my gaze slipped to various panties on show everywhere!

By now I was feeling quite horny and an hour or so had past when Clair said "Im Just off shopping - will you be ok for a couple of hours?" .  of course I replied "Yeah sure", so off she went.  After about 10 minutes I popped to the toilet and in the bathroom was a wicker laundry basket with the lid slightly open and hanging out was a pair of purple lace thongs!!!

Still feeling horny I reached out to feel them and in a quick moment I found myself smelling the gusset, enjoying the faint smell of Clair's pussy.  At this point I opened my jeans and sat on the edge of the bath and started to masturbate in the thongs - they felt great!!

Just then I thought I heard a noise downstairs so I put back the panties as I found them and went to see there was no one there so I went back upstairs and started looking through Clair's room.

In the cupboard I found some bodys and some chemises and a teddy.  There laying on the floor I saw a black shiny pair of worn panties so I picked them up and sat on the bed to smell them.  I fell back on the bed and again started to use the panties on my hard cock. Oh God, they felt so great I started to fantasies about Clair.  After some time I was about to come in the panties when I heard "Enjoying yourself are we?"

I sat bolt upright, bright red faced, cock and panties in hand and Clair stood there staring straight at me!

I fumbled to put my hard cock away and Clair said you might as well finish what you started she pushed me back on the bed and started to wank me in her panties after a moment she stopped and said go on then; so I carried on in front of her.  I watched her and her hands slipped into her jeans as she started to play with her self.  I said what knickers are you wearing she said nothing but removed her jeans to reveal a blue pair of lace and satin knickers.

She asked if I could I use them as she went to take them off but I said leave them on and come and sit on the bed with your legs around me.

As she did I managed to slip my cock into the panties and pulled the top over my cock and gently started to wank.  I said to Clair go on - you too and I felt Clair's fingers slip past my balls into her pussy it was amazing!

After only minutes we both came and as we came we were staring into each others eyes.  It was totally mind blowing - we started kissing and rolled over and spent the rest of the afternoon making mad passionate love.

Clair now lets me use her knickers when I like and when she feels horny we get together for sex and mutual masturbation!

Life has started great this year!