"A True Foot Worship!"

My true story started on a train journey I do not usually take, as I usually drive to football matches, I follow a recently promoted first division team, promoted to the premiership; I will not mention the team.

It started in Cheltenham where I caught the train to London, it was around mid-day as the football started in the evening, I was quite relaxed looking forward to the match, when in Gloucester a young 30 year old blond, curvy, sexy secretary boarded the train, dressed in a suit with a very short skirt, stockings and high-heels. The train still had the old style carriages where you board the train and then open a compartment.

The train was pretty full and there were a couple of people in our carriage, the lady (now my wife Rachel) sat opposite me and crossed her legs and looked quite tired. I was very awake as I was a postman so I could work my shift in the early morning and then I would normally have a short nap in the afternoon so I was still quite alert. Rachel the secretary was quite restless on the train and I could see this! Her sexy stockings and high-heels gave me an instant erection, as I have a very strong foot fetish. I continued to gaze at her feet hoping she would not notice she then began to dangle her shoe on the end of her left foot, this sent me into near orgasm, but I controlled it very well and gazed perplexed at her lovely feet.

Luckily as we passed a few stations the other people got off the train, but Rachel remained, much too my delight. By this time she was wide awake and reading a newspaper, it was in the summer months towards the end of August, and it was pretty hot on the train. I continued to watch her dangle her shoe on the end of her foot and I thought this is heaven for me - by this time I was holding out for a climax, I was so hard.

Rachel, I think noticed that I was turned on by her feet, as I could hardly avert my gaze of her feet, she continued to tease me rubbing her now shoeless foot over her shoe. As it was a quite compact carriage I could smell her slightly sweaty foot, this was absolute heaven for me I kept thinking she was going to get off the train pretty soon but she remained what felt like an hour or so. She then put her foot back into her shoe; all I wanted to kiss her feet I was so excited!

She knew that I was watching her, and then began to rub her foot in my groin! I was gobsmacked! We were two strangers but she must have sensed my fetish for feet. We didn’t speak to each other at all, which was very strange; but then she put both her feet in my groin, by this time I was nearly ready to climax. She slipped her left foot out of her shoe, and started to wank me off using her foot - the smell of her slightly smelly stocking-covered foot, gave me a multiple orgasm. She had helped me relieve a dream, and one I will never forget. One is for the boldness of both of us to actually meet as total strangers; another is to share a truly magical moment for me.

I got up and reluctantly went to the toilet, to clear myself of any more ejaculated sperm, luckily most of it was controlled and dispensed into the toilet, although I had a slight stain. I arrived back and Rachel was still gazing at me, I gazed at her, and then we finally got talking and got on like we knew each other all the time. We talked about the sexual foot play and was very open, she admitted to enjoying trampling, which is a form of foot worship, I said that I have had a foot fetish for many years, she said she knew that, by the way I was gazing at her feet. I was in dreamland. A girl who knew my fetish in little more than an hour and a half and to this day only Rachel knows of my fetish.

The next best thing was that she had slipped both feet out of her shoes and sat with both stockinged feet next to me, there was a quite aroma smell to her stockings, not totally unpleasant but a little bit sweaty, together with a small hint of perfume, as we were chatting I asked a very bold question if I possibly sniff her shoes, without hesitation she said of course. I then went back to the toilet and put both shoes under my nose, luckily nobody had seen me go into the toilet with her shoes. The smell was absolute heaven, a slight perfume smell, laced with a sweaty aroma.

I orgasmed once again while sniffing both shoes, I just could not believe these were a pair of stranger’s shoes. I returned red-faced and she knew exactly what I had been doing! We then got near to London and we exchanged numbers, it turned out we were both single, and just fell for each other! We are now married. Rachel is a nurse and I am currently a student, although we hope to start a website for fetishes in the New Year. Rachel now says that foreplay and sex is great as I love her sexy feet, and really like it when she does not wash them for a day or two, the build up to sex is really good. She continues to wank me off with her feet, and I suck her toes. I also have a pair of black mules Rachel wears barefoot and she only wears them with “wiffy” feet. I place these over my nose and the smell is awesome, leading to penetrating sex.

But she does not always enjoy sweaty feet, her passion is trampling, we are searching for a scenario to be made onto a video. She has a pair of wrestling boots that she bought in America, which are black with white laces. She enjoys stamping me with them on, while she wears a short skirt. I have to wear trousers when she tramples me and I always beg to her boots.

If anyone can film this scenario for us please get in touch. I hope this story is published as it is a true one, and it just goes to show that what some people find a turnoff can ultimately be bliss for others!

Cindy says: If anyone would like to contact Richard with regards to making his dream of a video come true, please contact me and I will pass on your message and email address. Thanks x

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