Having reached my mid-40s without ever having flown I was totally stunned when I received a letter from Private Movies to say that I had won a dirty weekend in Prague! All my friends were green with envy, as you can imagine!

Here is a short description of my trip to the Czech Republic.

Prague - Friday July 26 2005 I was picked up from the airport in Prague by John Willow, producer for “Playhouse Platinum”.

He welcomed me and we had a cup of tea at the airport bar. John told me about the project he was working on and that I was the first winner of the price draw. After 15 minutes he suggested to take me to the Hotel, He had his truck parked in front of the airport. After a short drive we arrived at a big Hotel, John arranged a room for me and said he would pick me up at ten. I was in the lobby waiting for him as he arrived with a beautiful cheeky looking blond babe, WAUW. We drove for about 20 minutes when we arrived at a big white Villa. The Villa has a big living room, walls covered in Renaissance art, a little alcove to the side, a crew is set up and shooting but I can’t see what. I look around.

There’s a monitor set up, a guy watching it, others walking around, I look at the monitor. Is THAT what’s going on in the other room? How come I didn’t notice? I move closer and my suspicions are confirmed. What is going on in the monitor is precisely what is going on in the other side of the room.

They are both pretty good looking, both totally naked, both women, both all over each other doing dialogue. Turns out they do all the dialogue first, saving the actual sex for the end of the day.

The actors just want to get it over with and get it on, but the director wants them to do little things like remember their lines while constantly flashing each other and the camera. If one of them were doing to me what they’re doing to each other, I wouldn’t be able to remember my lines either.

The guy next to the monitor keeps calling out to the director how much time there is left on the tape. Apparently not enough so the director never cuts just keeps saying “keep it rolling, do it again.”

When the tape runs out, he takes a break, John invites me to watch the playback. I follow him, and so do the two actresses, who stand on either side of me watching the screen, giggling, totally naked, smoking cigarettes. They’re glistening with perspiration. I can feel their heat. One of them starts spraying herself with perfume, her belly just inches away.

After viewing the tape, giving it his blessing, and giving instructions for the next set-up, John introduces me around. The crew members are all professionals who don’t give a hoot or amateurs who are doing their damnedest. Just as I’m wondering what it’s like to be on such a crew, one veteran explains to me that the crew never gets laid. I suppose that answers my question.

The next shot calls for the male star to enter the scene. In between takes, he tries to liven things up by telling jokes to his two co-stars, who are very much not amused. He wants to make friends. They just want to screw him and get it over with. After this scene John invited me to join the crew for diner. That evening we went to a very nice restaurant. We were all there and had a most splendid evening. Great food, sexy company, and a most splendid Czech wine. After dinner we went back to the hotel and met with some of the crew at the bar. I had a wee nightcap and made me way to bed (alone). The next morning John took me back to the airport, I thanked him for his great hospitality.

It was a great experience that I never will forget! There was a lot of fun on the set. I hope it shows through in the final product.

If you are interested, the video is called " The VILLA 02 " and is available from www.privatemovies.co.uk I want to thank John, his “Playhouse Platinum” Crew and PrivateMovies for this great experience!

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