"Roommates Panties"

I used to live with two guy roomates and one of them had a live in girlfriend so she was like the third roomate.

She was very sexy, good looking blonde with a petite shape. Anyways you could always tell in the morning that she was walking around wearing G-Strings. I use to always think about what her pussy would smell like if I was ever able to get a pair of her panties.

The funny thing is I didn't just want any pair, but I always wanted the pair that I knew she had been wearing that day. So I would make sure I saw what color G's she was wearing that day, and then it was my goal to find an opportunity to get into her and his hamper so I could get my hands on her G-Strings panties to smell her pussy and get my dick rock hard. I started realizing that every now in the all my roomates would be gone at the sametime and I'd be left at home by myself.

One day I woke up and to find that my roomates hamper was sitting in the hallway next to his door with his and her dirty clothes in it. I rushed over to the hamper searching for any and all of her G-Strings that I could get my hands on.

Once I found a pair I got so excited my dick got hard before I was even able to smell them. Once I did get a whiff of them I was in heaven. Her pussy smelled so good, I even followed the G-String knowing that at some point I was going to reach the part that sits in between her ass cheeks. As I followed I did come across just that and the mixture scent of her pussy and ass was driving me crazy I would wear her panties on my head so, just for me to breath all I could smell would be the sweet scent of her pussy and ass; As I lay back in my room with my door locked jacking off thinking about her knowing that she had no idea what I was doing.

Sometimes I would have a pair of her panties in my room smelling them and she would come back home. Knowing that she was home, while I was smelling the scent of her pussy was a even bigger turn on, because I could come out of my room and talk to her and check her out, and then go back to the room and smell the scent of her pussy and jack off it was a match made in heaven until the day that me and my roomates all decided to move out and go our own ways.

Since the she is now married and I still see her, but she has no idea that I know exactly what her pussy smells like. I still have my little secret and fantasy without the panties.