"First Pee"

In 4th grade I had a teacher named Ms. Becker. She had a hot ass.

During school I would look at her ass every chance I had. One day we were going on a field trip to the zoo. And my dick got as big as it could be, because she was wearing a jean skirt. When we got to the zoo. The teacher told us to group up in 4s with the parents. I was lucky I got to walk around with the teacher.

It was just me and her. Since she wanted someone to give her company at the zoo while she walked around. I tried to get near her skirt so I could smell her ass to see if she pooped in her skirt. I smelled it but it didn't smell like poop. I was a little disappointed.

Then we were looking at a Zebra. When she said, Ms. Beckers got to use the potty. Then she took me to the girls bathroom, because I might get stolen or molested by a stranger.

Ms. Becker went into a stall and motioned with one hand for me to come in too. She wasn't taking any chances of me getting kidnapped. She pulled her zipper down. Then she pulled her skirt halfway down, showing half of her panties. Then she told me to turn around so she could get some privacy.

I heard her pee trickle for at least 20 seconds then she told me to turn around. I did as fast as I could she had her skirt on but her zipper was undone she didn't notice but I sure did. After she told me I could turn around she said, Look at me a grown women still wetting her pants.

She had a small wet patch on her waist. Then I being a man for the first said, Ms. Becker I got to peepee too. She put one of her hands on my zipper and undid my pants. My underwear was crappy. And she noticed and said, You want me to wipe you and give you a clean pair of underwear?

Then I nodded my head up and down. She pulled my underwear off. She then reached in her bag and pulled out a pair of panties. I have accidents a lot so I carry extra panties just in case. She took a baby wipe out of her bag and wiped me then she told me to put her spare panties on.

I did then she took my poopy underwear and threw it away. Then the sexy teacher, took me out of the girls bathroom. I smelled her ass this time she pooped her skirt. I had a smile on my face. That was the sexyest time of my life. Now I'm 25 and I still have the panties she gave me.