"Dirty Girl"

One day I got invited to my friend Tom's place for his sisters birthday.

I loved his sister but she doesn't know because she doesn't know me. I went to the party and all. I met Tom's sister she had one hell of a ass. She was wearing a short miniskirt. Every time she bent over I got a glimpse of her panties which were pink and tight. Later my other friends headed for Tom's room 'except me. I was going to talk to Katie Tom's hot sister. I asked her if my present was any good and she said, no but I know what I can have as a present. And she told me to go to her room. She closed the door and she hugged me. I put my arms around her. She told me that looking at her ass was o.k. I got to a new level of horny. She said that she was going to have to use the restroom . And she went into the bedrooms bathroom. I went into her panty drawer and took out a white pair.

I sniffed them and saw a brown spot on them. She flushed, I stuffed the panties in my pants. The door opened and she said, ohhh I peed myself a little. She was now wearing a long shirt, with no pants. She got me to the bed. I started to hump her. I pulled her shirt up and saw her white panties. They were kind of wet. It made me want to fuck her even more.

I started to tickle her and she was giggling violently. And she yelled out stop tickling ha ha hahahahaha me hahahaha I've gotta hahahaha use the hahahah bath hahahahaha room hahahahaha before I hahahaha poop myself!!! She ended up gushering it out on her now brown panties. She said, now look what you hahahahahahah did to me!! You made me mess up my good clean panties hahahahahah panties. I stopped tickling her. She said, oh oh you made me have an accident and you ruined my good panties. I love you but you gotta learn when to tickle a lady.

I'm going to have a rash soon thanks to you. And I don't like the mushy feeling. I feel asleep. The End.