"Underwear That's Fun to Wear"

One day as I was doing some work at my neighbors place. Her name was Aleshia, she had blonde hair with some brown. She had a hot ass and usually wears jean skirts a lot. Anyways I had to fix a hole in the wall. She left in her car. I ran into the laundry room and started trying on her bras they felt so damn good. When I was done I looked threw her dirty thongs, granny panties, regular ones, and of course the bikini ones. My favorite one was white they were granny panties. For some reason I love granny panties. I examined it closely and they were damp in the she peed in them I keept on examining and sall a skid mark in the back. I jacked off in with them. Then I putted them on. And then I began going through a bikini it too was peed in. Then I heard a knock at the door. I quickly put the stuff away. And aswered the door it was Aleshia, I casually opened the door. How's the hole coming along? she said. Coming along fine. I said.

When I was really jacking off. She came in and told me that she needs it fixed by today. And I said, instead of money can I have...well um your used panties. You want my dirty panties, why?she said. Well because... I like the worn granny panties and bikinis a lot, I said.

This is what you do when I'm around you look at my granny panties, she said. But how can soiled panties turn you on? she said. Well I love the smell and looking and seeing what you did in them when you wore them, like if you have skid marks or crotch stains on them it tells a story, I said. Well o.k. I'll pay you with the panties I'm wearing now, if you fix that god damn hole I put you in here to fix!! So I fixed it and she pulled her panties off and gave them to me.

They were pink and embossed granny panties. They had a yellow crotch stain and a brown skid mark in the back. Then she said, now I won't poop in them but at the maximum I'll just wipe with it. I left her house. I never stoped working for Aleshia my sexy neighbor.