"The Concert"

Jane and I had been married long enough to have produced three smiling happy children, but something lately had disturbed this vision of domestic peace and tranquillity, Jane had been diagnosed with an incurable illness, not a life threatening illness but certainly a life changing one.

But not for now, Jane was still in her prime and determined to fight this to her last. I tell you this because it had forced a rethink of what s important in life and what's not, the experiences to enjoy and those to ignore. I wasn't the only man she had ever known; she had told me of her past, warts and all. Before me, she had two lovers, one a steady boyfriend the other a one-night-stand.

The steady boyfriend, Steve had been her first to make love to her, though many other young lads, both before and after him, had been allowed to finger her pussy. She met me, her husband, when she was just 16 and had our first child when she was 17. It might not have been love at first sight, but it hadn't taken many looks before we were deeply smitten.

Honesty with each other was a given and as I said she had told me about her previous experiences. I on the other hand, was virginal but that had soon been taken care of and now we enjoyed a passionate and highly sexual relationship and marriage. Of late I had confessed that I often fantasised about her having sex with another man and she confessed a similar fantasy about seeing me with other women.

One day, out of the blue, she had a call from ex-boyfriend Steve, The Band was doing a gig nearby would she like to go. Jane had worshipped The Band first time round, but now they were resurgent. She arranged to meet Steve for a coffee and discuss it with him. She told me about it, but I wasn't happy in fact I was deeply suspicious. This was her first love/ex-boyfriend, what was it he wanted? Eventually I accepted her going with Steve to the concert and the evening approached.

I was fantasising about her with him and trying to get my head round a fantasy that excited me but also somehow worried me. My wife with another man bought both a hard-on and pangs of jealousy. Given that Jane had recently been diagnosed with her illness I decided this was one of those experiences we could both enjoy and gave her carte-blanche to do what she wanted that evening, though it had to be that evening alone and she was to tell me everything that happened, she agreed.

Getting ready to go and I suggested she put on her sexy black dress that fastened up the front with press-studs, the bottom four being left unfastened to permit the occasional sighting of her lacy knickers that hid very little though covered most. She wasn't wearing a bra and left enough of the top studs undone to permit a careful observer a peek at her nipples, so with her jewellery in place she was ready to go. In her car and round to Steve's house took but a few minutes and soon they were off.

The concert was about an hours drive and Steve explained to Jane that he would not take advantage; anything that happened would be down to her to start. He had previously explained to Jane that he was now gay, although he did tell her that he had been living with a girl for a year or two but she had become fed-up with him and thrown him out.

The Band had the usual effect on Jane or more correctly on her pussy, which was soon wet and ready for some serious action. Squirming in her seat and trying to appease the throbbing and pulsing between her legs just increased the sensations she was feeling and made her even wetter and ever hotter. As the concert finished Steve asked her to wait whilst he went to the toilets, standing outside on the balcony her attention was drawn to a man below who was staring up towards her. She knew he could probably see her knickers and stockings. An involuntary movement in her hands eased the dress away so that he could see more clearly, though secretly cursing that she had her knickers on.

Exhibiting herself had been one of the joys I had introduced to our sex-play and she had taken to it with gusto, often going off on her own expeditions, though saying she enjoyed them so much more when I was there to see the other men looking at her exposed pussy. Her knickers were now so sodden she desperately needed to get them off. Steve had reappeared and they headed back to the car. He had opened her door and asked her to wait a moment whilst he paid the ticket; hastily whilst he was away she reached down and quickly slid her knickers off and hid them in her hand bag. Steve was back and they were underway and off back homewards. He offered to put a tape of The Band on in the car and this set her off squirming again.

Before too long she had slumped into her seat and was running her hands up the insides of her legs and up to her pussy. Joe just loves watching me play with myself and he did suggest I showed Steve some of what we've learned now, not only do I touch pricks, I wank and suck them and swallow their delicious come, so she began fingering herself in earnest. Finding and rubbing the rosebud of her clit meant she was soon ready to come and she made sure that Steve could see her pussy fully open and ready, Do you remember this she asked shuddering from her climax. How could I forget he replied.

Jane twisted in her seat and reached her hand over to rub the front of his trousers, waiting for an erection to start. I'm gay, sorry but it s not doing much! Good grief! She thought, I'm turning into one of those slut wives from the stories that Joe likes reading to me, but at this moment I just don't care, I'm hot and horny and need to fuck.

Undeterred Jane twisted around and began undoing his fly; soon she had his semi-tumescent member out. Her tongue lapped around the head before moving her mouth over and sinking its length inside. Working with her lips and tongue she urgently feasted on his prick, trying to coax it into life, but all in vain. She had managed to get him semi-hard, but even her now expert manipulations could not get the full, desired response and again he apologised, excusing his lack of hardness with his homosexuality.

Jane was not prepared for this, but needed her release and soon returned to her own ministrations, enjoying the silky wetness that enclosed her fingers. Her stroking hardened and soon she was fucking into herself with three fingers. Several orgasms later, with Steve watching on and still not getting any harder they reached his house. She accepted a coffee and used his bathroom to freshen up and replace her now slightly less damp knickers.

She didn't wait around, knowing or perhaps just hoping that I would be waiting and ready to give her the fucking she so much needed. Jumping into her car, she once again cursed wearing her knickers and quickly removed them, setting her fingers to work, though with driving, this was not going to be easy but she needed something and it was a trade-off, speed getting home against the need and urgings of her pussy. With luck and a little care both could be satisfied, shortly.

Arriving home, I greeted her and offered coffee, which she accepted, before telling me about the concert. Sitting herself down in front of me on a low stool she parted her legs to reveal her hot wet slit to my gaze. Her fingers found the target and started stroking. After watching a while and getting ever harder with desire, I moved my hand to take over and immediately noticed her total wetness Who else has been up here tonight? I asked. She assured me, no-one, hoping that I didn't spotted her frustration, but I was unsure of her answer, given the wetness that slicked and oozed over my fingers.

Bending down I moved my mouth toward her, I expected to pick up the scent of sperm or maybe condoms but all I could detect was her wetness. She was obviously devoid of anything else, though whether that was because she had cleaned up before coming home or alternatively was telling the truth didn't matter, I was hard and well ready to fuck her, sloppy seconds or first one tonight, I wanted her.

My tongue snaked into her slit and soon found her clit, rubbing it hard over the bud it didn't take long before I had Jane coming, again and again. Now she needed to feel my hardness in her and grabbing at my prick she guided it into her greedy, wet hole.

Fuck me, but don't come in me she demanded of me. After coming several more times herself, she could feel me getting closer to my climax and slipped me out, replacing her cunt with her mouth. Sucking deeply on me and running her tongue around my glans, I couldn't hold out and soon filled her mouth with my warm spunk.

She kept sucking and pumping my prick, draining every drop and some more. God I needed that she said. x