"Stranger on a Train"

I was travelling by train to a meeting in London; an important but boring meeting that I had to attend, and that had meant me rising early to catch the first train and I had left my partner sleeping soundly, just the thing to set a man up for the day a boring meeting and a partner soundly asleep. I tried to catnap on the train, but truth to tell I had a major case of the horn and could not settle properly; too many images caused by no nookie kept making me stiff! I guess you might call my partner and I highly sexed, well let's just say that we are both addicted to orgasms and normally can't keep our hands off one another.

I was glad the train was near empty, at least I didn't have to worry about other passengers noticing the bulge in my trousers. I thought about relieving myself in the toilet, but decided just to try ignoring it and hoping the horn would subside. Have you ever tried that? and of course, the more you try to ignore it the worse it gets! Trust me counting to 100, or trying to put names to your all star football, cricket or rugby team just doesn't work! Who gives a damn about some bunch of blokes when you have a case of the horn lol

The train stopped at one of the innumerable stations en route, and just my luck a gorgeous young woman entered and sat in the seat across from me. She was in her late twenties I would think, longish auburn hair, cute as hell, and wearing a short skirt showing off her lovely legs. Just what a man needs to be glancing at while nurturing a sever stiffy! As the train pulled away again, she glanced over and smiled at me and I noticed her glance at my obvious stiffness and blush slightly; I smiled back and crossed my legs with an apologetic look and slight shrug of my shoulders, hoping that she would have the good grace not to run from the carriage.

I tried reading some papers for the meeting, but every so often glanced across to check out her legs as discreetly as I could. On about the third time I glanced across, I noticed she was getting somewhat fidgety and looked up to see her smiling and blushing slightly. Oh dear! She then rose and I thought 'Damn, just what I need, being accused of intimidation on a train!'.
But rather than storming off she came over and sat opposite me and said 'I'm sorry to bother you, but I saw you had a slight problem and you were checking out my legs and that seemed to be making it worse'. I tensed waiting for her to start shouting, and started to apologise profusely, but she laughed and said 'No I'm not angry, far from it! I think you are kinda sexy and I'm feeling a little horny too, do you think we should ermm help one another out?' She delivered that last part with a sexy little smile, that had my horn threatening to burst out of my trousers!

I smiled and nodded, not trusting myself to speak as I would probably have made a complete idiot of myself. She then rose and held out her hand to me and said 'care to walk me to the toilet, I think it will be more discreet there even though there is nobody else in the carriage'. I rose like a meek lamb, took her hand and followed her to the loo, I couldn't believe my luck!

Once in there we locked the door and faced one another. She smiled and stood on tip toes, put her hands on my shoulders and we melted into a kiss that started slow and tender but quickly became deep and passionate; our tongues darting out to tease one another and our hands roaming over one another.

As her hand reached the bulge in my trousers, she smiled sexily and said 'mmmm, just what I need, a nice hard something to lick on' and with that she knelt down, unzipped me and fished out my erect manhood and gently ran her tongue along it from tip to base. I shuddered in delight and she simply looked up at me and said 'hmmm something needs milking! Want me to be your
milkmaid?' as I was about to shout YES she laughed and then took me slowly into her mouth, running her tongue around me and fondling my balls with her soft fingers. RAWWRR, what a feeling! I could feel her mouth sucking and taking me in slowly teasing the sensitive underside of my head with her little tongue.

Breaking away for a gulp of air she said 'mmmm yummy just what I need; don't worry, you can repay me later hehe' and then continued to milk me with her mouth, tongue and fondling fingers. She worked me slowly, the way I like, and I leaned back with my hands on the washbasin. What a way to enjoy a train journey. After slowly working on me for a while and sensing that 
I was near exploding she broke off and squeezed my nuts to stop me from cumming. Standing she kissed me and again our tongues teased one another. I knew I had to do something in return and my hands were up her short skirt inside her panties pulling her against me; I suggested that she sit down on the loo and I would return the favour, but she simply shook her head 
and said 'no, I'm too wet and need to feel you inside me right now'. My fingers found that she was indeed very wet and just ready some passionate sex. Turning around she placed her hands on the washbasin and poked her bum into my groin, grinding her bottom into me.

I didn't need another invitation and lifted her little skirt, eased her tiny panties aside and gently entered her. Oh gods, she felt wonderful as my length slowly opened her and filled her. 'Mmmmm, just what I like, big enough to satisfy but not too big that it hurts' she moaned. I love that kind of feedback! As we slowly made love doggy style, I held her hair in one hand and playfully slapped her quivering bottom with the other hand. She giggled and pushed back on me saying 'Yes, do that! I love having my hair pulled and being slapped, and keep that lovely horn inside me, Don't you dare stop!'

With no further encouragement needed I held her hair tighter and pulled her head back as we made love, playfully spanking her reddening bottom as the love making grew more rushed and frenzied. I felt her tensing and knew she was nearly cumming her breath coming in little gasps of pleasure, her wetness seeming to bathe me as I continued to make love to her. And then she shouted out and pushed back into me and shuddered as she came hard against me, her wetness oozing out to coat me and her muscles contracting rapidly around me. With that I gave one last push and started emptying my cum into her warmth, my body shuddering in time with hers and and pulling her hips hard against me as I came with her.

After a few moments, we untangled ourselves and I took her in my arms and kissed her. We rearranged our dishevelled clothing and as we left the toilet, I noticed that we had arrived at Kings Cross. We collected our things and left the carriage.

A chance meeting with a lovely stranger on the train? Well not quite, as we left the station she turned to me and said 'that was so wicked darling, I hope you enjoyed that little game as much as I did?. I'll meet you for lunch after your meeting, oh and can I have your credit card as I want to do some shopping?' Laughing, I kissed her tenderly gave her the credit card and promised to meet her at noon when my meeting was over. Well why not, she was my partner and we both love adding a little spice to our love making, who wants vanilla when you can have vanilla and spice!