"2 Short Stories"

My First Time

I was in high school when I met this very attractive girl, she was 6' tall brown eyes and long black hair. As for her body, it was a perfect build, nice ass and perfect boobs.

This particular day she was wearing a mini skirt. As she bent over I could see her panties, they were red with black lace trim on them. My penis got very hard when I saw them. As I got up to leave I went by her desk, and I asked her if she wanted to go out with me. She said yes she would. So that night we went out together to have a few drinks. She then asked me if I wanted her as a girlfriend? I said yes I would very like to have you as my girlfriend. So we really started dating for a year or two.

As we were going together she asked me if I had ever had sex with a girl. I said no I never did, you would be the first one ever. With in a month of our dating we started heavy petting and then we both got down to serious sex together. TALK ABOUT HOT SEX SHE HAD IT ALL. The first thing we did was to get undress in front of each other, that turned me on really fast seeing her sexy body totally nude. She told me to touch her boobs,I did, then she put her hands on my privates, that I liked, my cock was getting hard and very long. As she was rubbing my cock, she asked me if I liked it. I said of course I do. Then we both got very naughty, we masturbated each other, boy that got me going. But there was one thing missing, and she knew it.

I asked her for a pair of her panties. She said you wear my panties? I said yes I would. This I've got to see she said. I told her I love panties, they turn me on. OK I GET A PAIR FOR YOU HONEY, SWEETHEART, one minute, if you can hold your pee, I told her to hurry, I can't hold for ever. She came back with eight pairs of her panties. She told me to pick out a pair for myself and put them on in front of her. So I did. They were a black lace pair. As I put them on she was watching my cock grow bigger by the minute.

She said to me does your cock always get that large with panties on? I said yes. OK my love here let me help you she said. As she did my cock started to get hard, I was starting to cum on her. She rubbed the penis for ten minutes or more, then she told me to let my load into her pussy, as she wanted the warm juices from me. So I did. Just then she started to moan very hard and all of a sudden she let out a loud scream, I had broken her from being a virgin. Now she was really cumming faster and faster, as she was, she kept saying fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me harder, I want that 12" cock all the way up my wet pussy hole.

It was the best sex I ever had in my entire life. We made love the rest of the night and next day as well. We both went through all her panties, it was great, smelling her wet panties with cum juice on them, I even licked her pussy for her, it tasted great. She said to me that I was a HOT LOVER AND THAT I HAD A CUTE COCK AS WELL. I told her she was VERY SEXY INDEED AND THAT I WOULD ENJOY HAVING SEX WITH HER ANYTIME, DAY OR NIGHT.

I told her that looking at her big boobs turned me on, as well as her sexy panties. She said that's great, I'll give you four pairs of my panties to keep for ever as long as you think of me, ok? I told her ok, especially when I masturbate in them, I will be thinking of her always. She was my favourite girl. This girl knew how to have real sex and enjoy it as well. She was my true love in high school, and very hot girl she was.


Nude Girls Hard Cock

My two girlfriends that I had in high school enjoyed looking at boys penises, as well as I enjoyed looking at their sweet innocent sexy hot panties they wore. One day they wanted to play with me, so we did. I asked where do you want to go, they said their place, so off we went. When I got to their apartment,  they couldn't wait to get their hands on my big cock. They took had my shirt off then they told me to undress them one at a time, which I did with great pleasure. As I was undressing them my cock started to get get hard and very long in underpants as i was doing this, they noticed how big my penis was, they said that they wanted to fuck my balls and hard cock. I said go for it. As they did with great Pleasure. I had an erection on them, all over their faces and body.

They screamed at first but soon their sweet little pussy's started to open up for me. Then i was ready for them, I peed into their sweet pussy holes, and then i went to town on them both. I asked if they liked it they both said fuck them longer and harder, so i did. I rode them both like a cowboy, my rode was enjoying them alot. As i was doing all of this, my other girlfriend gave me a pair of her sweet innocent sexy black and red see through panties for me to go in.

[ BOY I LIKED THAT VERY MUCH THEY FELT GREAT NEXT TO MY HEAVY COCK ] As she rubbed her panties on my big cock, i ejaculated on them, she liked it very much as she wanted more, I was more then happy to help her out with a full stream of my sweet pee juices on her panties and pussy. As i was cumming into her pussy hole she took another pair of her panties and masturbated my penis, which made me go even faster and much longer for her.

As she was doing this my other girlfriend was masturbating herself as she watched what we were doing. I said can i lick your pussy for you? She said O please do so now big boy, so i did, she too masturbated my penis with her sexy red panties and a pair of blue panties, I was really turn on by both of these girls. My cock remained big the whole night for both girls. (I WENT THROUGH ALL OF THEIR PANTIES THAT THEY HAD) I enjoyed having sex with both of them and they like wise.

My penis was never the same again. I recommend that if you can do it then have sex with to girls at the same time, it is fun to do and your penis will remain hard and long all the time you do it. I now mine did. Plus they will love it, it turns them on. SEX IS GREAT ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN. LOOKING AT NUDE GIRLS NEVER HURTS, IT HELPS THE SEX DRIVE MORE. I should know, I love having sex and nude girls turn me on, as well as panties. So to all girls out there, SHOW YOUR NUDE BODIES, SEXY PANTIES, WE LOVE IT.