"I Love Wearing Panties"

My first time in wearing a pair of girls panties was when I was 13yrs of age. It felt wonderful. Every time I would see a pair of panties on a girl Id go nuts over them.

I would wonder what was under the crotch of the panties. I soon found out, one day a girl I knew invited me over to her house. I got to know her quite well, in fact I married her.

She had never been with a boy before so it was a adventure for both of us, boy was I ready. I would get next to her and my cock became large in my pants. She asked me if I was having a problem, I said not really, so I thought. She ask me do I want her pussy. I said what? She said you heard me!!. Im ready to have your big cock inside my pussy.

In 10 seconds I had my clothes of ready for her. She came into the bed room with just a pair of her sexy black lace see through panties on. When I saw her in them, my cock got real hard, long and very firm. She was ready to have sex with me.

Her eyes saw my large cock and she liked what she saw, she said I want it all 8" of it up my ass and into my pussy hole. So I did it. I first peed on her pussy to get it good and wet, then I would rub my pee into her hole, she started cumming real fast.

MY cock remained hard for her. She told me to keep masturbating her,so the more I did it the more she did it. I asked her if I could take a pair of her panties to masturbate my penis. She said please do it, I want to watch you do it in my panties. So I did, she was turned on by it.

She liked peeing on my penis, so I told her she could pee on me anytime she wanted to. The next night we both wore panties to bed. We had masturbated in our panties and made love the rest of the night. I asked her if I could wear her panties every night to bed ? She said I could as long as they were her panties and not anyone else's. To this day I still wear her panties they feel great on me. And my cock touches the crotch of the panties and I pee in them, I love it.

Panties are my favorite to wear. In fact wearing the panties helps me masturbate better. And I think of the private parts of wife it helps me go faster. I will never go without wearing a pair of panties to bed and panties to play in.

I am a panty lover as you can tell, I've always wore panties all my adult life. I can't stop wearing them, they feel so good on me.

When I was going with my girlfriend Id look up her skirt just to see her panties, I was aroused by them, they turned me on. When she was in the bathroom getting undressed, I watched take off her clothes, when it came to her panties I had a hard erection in my underpants [COULDN'T HOLD ANYMORE] I asked her if I could take a pair her panties out of her panty drawer, she said ok, so I did.

I took a pair red panties and rubbed them against my penis, it felt good then I ejaculated in them, after that I masturbated in them, in fact I masturbated in six pairs of her panties. When she came in to the bed room, I was still masturbating in her blue pair of panties. She liked what she saw, and wanted to do it with me. I was turned on by her. I taught her how to masturbate herself, she liked it, that she would do it every time we made love. when ever we made love I would wear her panties, she got turned by it and she liked it.

my cock still gets hard when ever I wear her panties. I still masturbate in her panties, I like watching my cum Cumming on her panties. I'm wearing a pair of her white cotton panties right now and I'm about to cum in them. I'll never stop wearing girls panties, it keeps me going.