"Obsession With Panties"

When I was in high school I enjoyed watching girls show their panties off. They would spread their legs so I could look up their skirts to see their panties.

I loved what I saw and I wanted more. They new what I wanted. So I had this one girl I liked, she wanted to have sex with me. So I said ok lets do it. So we did, at her house in her bed room. boy was I ready, cock and all. She told to help her get undressed, so I did. First I took off her sweater, then her skirt. After that she had just left her bra and panties on. My cock got real hard and long.

When she saw how hard my cock was she put her hands on it and started rubbing it very slowly, all of a sudden I let out a squirt of pee, it hit her boobs, she liked it and she wanted more. So I let my load on her. Right then I needed a pair of panties and fast. She opened her panty drawer and gave five pairs of panties.

I WAS IN PANTY HEAVEN when she gave me her own panties to me. She told to keep two pairs for myself, which I did, and the other three I masturbated in with her help. She would take the one pair of panties and rubbed my cock with them, boy did that ever felt good, I don't know what did. She then took my cock and started to put it into her pink pussy hole. It opened up wide for my cock, once inside it got longer and harder by the minute, she kept moving it up and down, as she did her pussy juices came out all over my hard penis, I loved it.

Soon I was down licking her pussy and drinking her juices. As I was doing that I ejaculated on her. She liked it and she wanted more so I gave her more. Now her pussy was soaking wet with my cum. Then I put my finger up her pussy hole and rubbed her clit, as I did she had an accident me, pee went all over me. I liked that part very much. She asked me to make love to her all night so we did. we both went through 15 pairs of panties in eight hrs. BOY WHAT A HOT HOT HOT SEXY NIGHT WE BOTH HAD.

I'll never forget as long as I live. As for her panties. I would wear them every night to bed and think of that beautiful night we had together. I even masturbated in them. I was glade we made together. To this day I still wear panties.

As I said when I was 13 I often wondered what girls had under their panties, and why my penis would get so big and hard.

It wasn't until I became 18 when I began exploring girls and I was on my own. One day this girl I got to know invited me over to her apartment so I went with her. She had blue eyes sweet smile and lot of love. It was the love she had most of, as I soon found out. As we entered her apartment, the first thing I was laying the chair were a pair of her see through panties red and black, they were silk. She saw me looking at them and she was looking at my cock as it got big in my pants. She asked me if I wanted a pair of her panties, what could I say but yes I would. She told me where her bed room was and I went in there to undress and but her panties on me. As I put the panties on my cock got 8" long when I pulled the panties up the cock went out side the crotch of the panties. When she came into the bed room totally nude I had an erection real bad.

My sperm shot right in to her big beautiful boobs, she looked at and said can't wait big boy? I said no I can't hold it, not when your totally naked you turned me. She said imp glade I do turn you on, now lets see when you can do big boy. Are you ready to ride me. I said with boobs and a pussy like yours, who wouldn't be ready. Lets go baby I said. So we did. She first got a hold of my huge cock, then 20" long, and started to masturbate, that part she enjoyed, she even put it in her mouth and sucked on for 2-3 minutes.

As she sucked on it I cummed in her mouth, she moved the penis out of her mouth and the sperm juices flowed out of her mouth, I then took the juices and rubbed it on her sexy pussy. As I did her pussy hole opened up, I put my fingers up her pussy hole and masturbated real good, she was crowning for a while then she cummed real hard on. {I HAD IT CUMMING TO ME, AFTER WHAT I DID EARLIER ON HER, WE WERE EVEN NOW BUT I ENJOYED ANYWAY AND SO DID SHE.]

It was time for her panties. As I touched her panties on her she peed on me. I told her to keep doing it that I liked it very much and that I needed her soft pee on my body. As she peed, I would rub the pee onto my penis, then I would rub it into her pink pussy hole. Then very gently I moved my penis into her pink pussy hole, as I did she took hold of my huge cock and started to move it up and down inside her, moaning groaning at the same time. Then I heard her say fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

The more she said the harder I cummmed in her. Then the juices really came fast and steady for both of us. Her panties and my panties were soaked. After half hr we both changed panties. This time I had on a pair of yellow panties and she had on a pair of white panties. We both went back on the bed and did it again. We had sex 7 days a wk for a month and then a year. She knew how to have sex the right way with the right moves, and I MEAN THE RIGHT MOVES!!! .HER BOOBS TURNED ME ON.

Every time she moved up and down her boobs moved at the same time, as I watch them, I would ejaculate a 100 times in her passim cock never lost it size with her tits. Talk about a sex night, this was worth it all the way. Every time Id see her she would let me see her panties.

To this day I still think about her. By the way she gave me 3 pairs of her sexy panties to keep. Glad she did. You can't imagine what I did with them besides wear them. You guess. Having sex is wonderful and wearing panties is even better.

Always a panty man.