"Doctors Office Sex"

I was scheduled for my yearly check up with my doctor back in 1990. I had arrived at the doctor's office a half hr early, for blood work etc. Then they told me that Dr.Baker would not be in this mth,that she was out of town on vacation for a mth. Would I be willing to see Dr.Jones? I said I would. {NOT KNOWING WHAT I WAS IN FOR, I MEAN SOME REAL FUN WITH THIS DOCTOR.] So the intern came out for me and sent me into the examination rm. I was told to disrob myself and put the gown on, and waite for the doctor come in to examine me.

With in 20 minutes this very very very sexy looking blue eyes, long red hair,nice ass, and nice boobs, of a young girl came into the examination rm. I took one look at her and my manly cock exploded on the floor. She noticed this and said did I turn you on that good mr a a? Robert ..........., Oh yes I see on your chart. Im sorry that I made you go Sir, I didn't mean to have that happened.I was spellbound at her looks I said. The first question I asked her was she married or single? She responded,who is giving the exame here you or me? I said oh Im sorry, you are. By the way my stage name is bigboy/panty lover of panties to you Dr Jones. Oh I see you must be in show business? No I am a stripper in a go go club here in town. Ah a stripper, you don't say? Yes would you like to come and watch me perform some night? I hope you don't do what you just did a few minutes ago? Oh no that won't happen again, i a sure you.

So the examination went on, she checked my blood pressurer and said that it was a little high, then she checked my heart, it was going a 180 miles an hr, looking at her sexy ass and boobs, what do you expect it to do? I asked her what she could do about it, she told me to take my gown off and set there in the nude with my cock showing. So I did. She said good, I'll be back in 15 minutes after I close the office up, can I hold that long,[ LOOKING AT MY 12"COCK] I said ok but hurry, I can't hold for ever. Ok BIGBOY/PANTYLOVER, HERE ARE MY PANTIES, PLAY WITH THEM AND I WILL RETURN SWEETY PIE, LOVER, YOU LITTLE DEVIL YOU, YOU TURN ME ON BABBY.!!!! YOU ARE SO CUTE, I'LL BE BACK. So when she left the rm I took her silk red panties and did what any guy would do, that is I masterbated in them. Oh it felt great in doing it, the cum going all over her panties, that i did it again.

AS I was cumming the third time in them, she came back in and saw what I was doing with her red panties. "OH MY PANTYLOVER, I SEE YOU CAN'T HOLD IT." I guess I was right, Right? Right about what i said. Oh I see you have a passion for lots of pussey from girls and that you love to cum in their pussyholes. Is that correct mr .......? I said yes that's correct. Is that bad dr? No not at all mr............ See I like a guy who is manly enough to say he loves pussy.And you fit perfect for me. Oh I do do I? Yes you see my name is not Dr jones. Oh it isn't i said. No its not. Then what is it. My real name is mandy, thesexy SEX DOCTOR THERPEST TO YOU MR. ............ OH I see. See I am going to improve your sex life for you. Ok? Ok I could always use some help in that department. Ok PANTYLOVER, ARE YOU READY FOR ME? As she took of her dr's coat she had no clothes on. Oh boy was I ever ready for her sweet body. In her sexy voice she said touch my boobs and then touch her pussy. Oh she was very easy to work with, that I was starting to fall in love with her. My eyes were glued onto her.She told me that it was ok for me to let my load out onto her body.I want to see what you can really do to me, pantylover.

So bring it on,LOVERBOY,IM READY.So we got started. I placed my fingers into her sweet cunt and moved it all the way up into her private part, the penis, she started moaning and moving up and down while I was masterbating her cunt, she let one yep out of her, that she cummed on my fingers and the pee juices were cumming out of her, that I moved down to her pussyhole and started licking the sweet pee juices from her pussyhole. She took a hold of my manly cock and started sucking on it, as she did I cummed into her mouth.She swalloed the pee juices and said that I performed real good for her. Now I was to go into her sweet pussyhole and give her a real man's blow job on her. So I did.As I moved my manly cock up and down inside her shaft, she was really giving me the sexy eye look as I was performing for her.My cock was getting real stiff for her that I would be able to explode any minute in her.

So I kepted watching her tittys go up and down on her that I started to cum insde her.I told her that she better have a pair of her panties to catch all of my juices, so she could rub the soaked panties on her tittys and body,from all my pee juices. So she gave me a pair, and I placed them next to my cock and I at once exploded inside her sexy pussyhole. She at once did the same on me. Then we both continued to fondale each other for the rest of the evening. When we got through, she told me that I was the best client she ever had. I said that's good, that I did that good. Oh you were more that good mr.............. You were supper.I love your manly cock, it is so hard and firm, how do you do it? I said that I work out a lot.

So after 4hrs on the examination table, Dr Jones said I had what she was looking for in a man. A good cock and a good lover. I fit all of them for her. So we met every wk for a mth and a half, then I asked her to marry me. She said yes and ever sence we have had a happy marriage. and she even buys my panties for me. Talk about love? Well she was it all the way around for me. To this day we still make love and I still wear her panties all the time. As for the go go club? well she went with me and she liked what she saw, that she joined in. Now we both perform there every Friday and Saturday nights.
So guys you never know when miss right is going to come along. Be ready for her. As she may be able to satisfy all of your deisres for you.