"Foster Sisters Panties"

She was two years older than me, and she loved to tease and show off. I was in foster care, and living at her house. She always had music on in her room and had the door open or at least cracked. I could watch her from the living room. She talked on the phone a lot. She was often on her bed and I spent a good deal of my time infatuated with her panties. Some times they would be peeking from the top of her jeans, or they would be pulled way up above them so they were unmistakable. I think she liked to turn on her father as much as tease me. She also wore dresses and would lie on the floor with her legs up on the bed with her dress and petticoats in a bunch around her waist. I would come in to ask her questions, my voice cracking in my excitement and she would usually yell I'm on the phone, but I learned that I could use this ploy and just watch from the doorway. I was so captivated by watching her that I'd get an erection and it would tingle like crazy and I'd begin to touch myself down there and imagine I was wearing her panties.

She'd throw her panties in the closet. The door had a mirror on it. Some times when she was out I'd sneak into her room and look at them, fondle them, smell them, put them on my head and look in the mirror, then hold them up and imagine having them on. Some times when she was bored she'd let me come in her room and I would look in her closet at her panties. She'd ask me if I had been in her panties, and I'd say no, but I knew I wasn't a good liar. I was terrified that she'd tell her father, then who knows what would happen to me. One night she asked me that and after denying my obsession she told me to get on the bed and pull my pants down. I was horrified be the sternness in her voice and I began to do what she said. I was lying on my back and I was watching her eyes as I pulled them down. She was looking right at my peter very authoritatively. I was both scared and excited. I loved to see her look at me and I felt like a girl who was helpless yet aware that her authority was exciting for me and I wanted her to know that I liked it so I tried to do it as seductively as possible. I was fashioning my appearance to look like a little girl who wanted to be seduced as she was punished.

She told me to turn over and she began to spank me. At first she spanked me hard but then she began to do it softer and I began to whimper. When she stopped she told me to turn over as she gently helped turn me. I was beside myself . She told me to lay still while she went her drawers. I could hear her rummaging through them. She returned with a silky pink nylon nightie of hers that was beautiful. She fashioned it around me like a diaper and fastened it with safety pins. "If you want to act like a little sissy you might as well look like one" she said. She ran her hand gently around my penis "you like that don't you " she said. I was still scared but sad yes. "Next time I catch you in my panties, I'm going to dress you up like a little girl and make you play outside in the back yard all day" she looked down at me sternly fondling me and I weakly said O.K.