I'm 52 years of age, good looking, physically fit, and love women's smelly panties. No, I don't wear them, but do indulge in sniffing the dirty panty crotch and jacking off to them, and stealing them when ever possible.

I work as a superintendent operations manager here in southern California at a large condominium complex, and I have access to homeowners condos when they ask for an inspection on a maintenance problem, or any other service they might call for. Best time is when they leave the keys in the office when they are at work, or away on vacation.

My favorite panties are the nylon, spandex, lycra, and any smooth type material of that kind.

The bikini variety such as bikini briefs, bikini high cuts, bikini brazilian style, string side bikini, and even some of the control type panty briefs that women wear for "shaping" when they dress up.

I grew up in the sixties when the "bikini panties" were the hottest thing a chick would wear. Great memories when they would wear their sexy short snug mini skirts and us guys would always drop our pencils in class, stoop down and catch a look between the chicks legs, and the panties that always looked so inviting. We would call that "beaver shots" although we could not see their pussies, the panties were so damn sexy and hot!

Back then most panties were made from all nylon including the crotch which made them even more sexy to the touch when you were out on a date with a hot babe and you would be feeling her out slowly rubbing her panty crotch that was all moist and slippery. Nothing comes close to sexiness than that.

I don't' care for the thong and "G" string panties since they don't leave nothing to the imagination, and there's not much crotch area. Sexy they are, but don't do much for me. I don't like the cotton ones either, they are way too unsexy for me.

One of my many stories about panties is my most recent one three days ago at this 34 year old women that left her keys at my desk before I arrived to work. She needed a "water damage inspection and report" from a leak upstairs.

She is a very sexy women with a nice body. Not fat, but well built with sexy round curves. Big tits, nice flat tummy, nice curvy hips, very sexy ass, fine full well shaped legs, pretty face with light brown shoulder length hair, and she's a professional dresser that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Once I went in her condo, I locked the front door behind me, set down my clipboard and flashlight, and went upstairs.

Nice place, well organized. I began looking around, and found her drawer chest. I opened the drawers till I found her "panty" drawer. Carefully I took each one out unfolding them to see what type of panties she wears. Very nice! she wears mostly bikini panties, with very few thongs here and there. Probably wears the thongs when she's feeling naughty with her boyfriend or whoever she dates.

Very expensive panties of the best brands, and all of them including the thongs are nylon and all the sexy smooth silky materials panties are made of.

After much inspection of her sexies, and placing them back in the same order, I began my real search of dirty panties. Finally found her laundry basket in her walk-in closet, I brought the basket out by her bed, and dumped the whole load of soiled clothes on her carpeted floor, and the female scent wafted to my nose.

Whew! found one, two, three, four, five! five pairs of dirty panties. One white thong, and four bikini brazilian style panties. One was black, another was beige, another was white, another was pink.

My cock was hard as a rock from the whole ordeal of checking her panties in her drawer just moments ago, and now my hard dick was begging to be released from it's confinements of my pants.

I pulled my pants down and boxer shorts down to my ankles, then spread the five panties on the bed.

I took the black ones and inspected them like a scientist would look at something so important.

Nice sexy fabric in smooth nylon, fine seam on the crotch arch, finely sewed leg elastics and waist band. I turned them inside out and did a very elaborate inspection of the crotch. There was faint whitish streaks from her pussy secretions along the crotch. The smell of pussy wafted to my nose, and very slowly as in teasing myself, I brought the crotch to my face and pushed the crotch to my nose.

I paused, then began to inhale slowly and very deeply. I pulled the panties away from my nose, released my breath, then placed the panty crotch back to my nose and inhaled oh so deep. I did this several times. The smell of her panty crotch was intoxicating, erotically delicious! smelled strong of her sweaty pussy, a sexy female smell with the ever present scent of women pee. My cock was waving all 9" in the air begging for a stroking.

I did the same thing with all the panties that seemed like a long time. Finally I chose the beige panties for sniffing, placed the black ones around my neck like a necklace, and the other three on my balls. I had plenty of pre-cum, and spit on my cock for extra lubrication. I began jacking off methodically while sniffing that smelly pussy crotch of the beige panties. Every now and again I would take a sniff of each panty as I beat my meat.

The smell of her pussy had me totally engulfed and hypnotized. I was jacking off slowly, then fast, tickling my balls with the other panties, and just enjoying my masturbatory activity without worrying about a time limit.

I was looking at her vacation photo album that she had by her bed on a night stand. Some of the photos showed her in a very sexy bikini, some full bathing suits and even some string bikinis that she was sun tanning in. It was almost like fucking her while I looked at her pictures, sniffing her intimacy on her dirty panties and jacking off. I was shaky from the excitement as I pumped my big cock. Then came the electrifying sensation through my whole body. My balls tightened up, I began trembling, my cock head swelled up, and the overwhelming sensation took over. I gasped aloud, took a very deep sniff of the smelly panty crotch, and the first shot of cum ejaculated out of my dick head hole a good 36" in the air. One, two, three, four, five, six powerful cum shots that left me shaking with the intensity of my orgasm. Man! was it super good.

Afterwards I just laid back on her bed to catch my breath. I put all the panties back in her laundry basket, put the laundry basket back in her closet, washed my well beaten cock, and did the water leak inspection.

It was quite a memorable experience. The lady is out on business trips on regular basis, so that will give me a chance to have at her dirty panties in the very near future.

Love the smell of dirty panties from a sexy woman. Cindy, I bet you have some very sexy smelly panties. I would love to spread your pretty sexy legs wide while you are wearing bikini nylon panties, and sniff your three day smelly panties....Ahhhhhh!