"Panty Sniffing Addiction!"

My panty sniffing began way back in the late sixties when I house sat for my sexy aunt Carla on a Saturday afternoon.

I was about 15 years old and thinking of pussy all the time like most horny boys my age that have not yet had pussy.

Being that I was alone in my aunts home for a good eight hours to feed her cat and dog, my nasty little mind began to wander off into pussy land.

Now, my aunt Carla was a very sexy 29 year old single woman, and I was always trying to throw "guarded" glances between her shapely legs when she wore her snug short miniskirts, I had often fantasized about fucking her.

Here I was alone in her nice clean house, and I began to look around her bedroom. Her closet door was slightly open, and I opened it more and found her hamper. I was curious as to what I would find in there. I opened her hamper, and found a white sheer nylon pair of very sexy panties with delicate lace trim on the waist band, and leg openings.

I was fascinated by the soft smooth fabric, and a faint feminine scent came to me. I inspected the panties very carefully, and found the crotch rather stiff, I looked at it and found some white cheese like stuff along the crotch with some slight yellowish stains. I brought the crotch up to my face, I flared my nostrils, and took a whiff.......Gosh! what a sexy smell! smelled like sweaty dirty pussy. A very intoxicating erotic smell that I have never smelled before. Very musky with a smell of dried pee.

My cock was hard before I even went into my aunts room, but now it was hard as a baseball bat. I was rather confused and somewhat scared at what I was doing, but proceeded in sniffing the panties.

I pulled my pants down along with my underwear, and my hard-on popped out like a jack-in-the-box.

I sat on the edge of my aunts bed and began to jack off. I was shaky and excited by what I was doing.

The more I sniffed the smelly panty crotch, the hornier I got. I was in jack off heaven while sniffing aunties stinky panties. I felt my orgasm coming. I bucked hard, gasped, and my whole body stiffened while I shot a massive load of cum. The cum went flying high and onto her floor.

I was breathing heavy as my orgasm subsided.

That was my first panty sniffing, and my first panty theft. I took those sexy smelly panties home for jacking off for the next six months.

Later in the years, I became addicted to sniffing dirty panties from all my girlfriends, and any panties I could come across as long as they were nylon bikinis, or any smooth lycra type material panties.