"Volleyball game!"

I'm a true panty stealer.I have over 200 pairs of pantes from women I know or from women that I've never met before.

This story is about stealing panties from a girl at school.I was a junior in highschool and I did not really know the girl but I had a crush on her older sister.It was a thursday night and the volleyball team at a game against our biggest rivals.

Everyone was at the game except me I was in search for these two girls house.Their names were jennel and kendell.Kendell was the one I had a crush on.

When I got to their house from alot of searching and stalking them.The house was dark from what I could see.I tried the front door but it was locked so I went back to the garge door.It was open (dumb bitches)I went in and started looking around the house.I did not see anyone so I went up the stairs the one of the bedrooms.It was the younger sisters bedroom (jennell) I took a pair of silk bikini panties from the floor and I wanted more.I was sweating so bad with excitement and fear.I searched more for panties and maybe a vibrator or something.I remember one of the guys at school talking about a blue thong she was wearing on day so I looked all over for them.I found them in a pair of blue jeans.I picked them up the other other pairs and noticed that they had a aroma to them that made my cock hard as a rock and I needed release some of its tention.

So I pulled down my paints and boxers and found a pillow of hers.I put a pair of panties on them and started to hump the pillow until I exploited all over the floor.I wiped it up with a pair of her panties and then put them back in her draw.

When I was down I went over to her sisters room and started to look.I was in heaven again.she had panties all over the floor and every kind you could think of.I grabbed as much as i could.I had silk panties, silk thongs and bras.I noticed that there was a pair of tight volleyball spandex on the floor with a little stain of poop in them.I wanted to take them but decided not to.

The next spot I went to was the basement wear the dirty landry was.I found a couple of pairs and took them.

When I was finished I had abour 22 pairs of panties and bras.I got back in my car and decided to go home.I had to be very careful not to get caught by my mom because she would have killed me.

This is just one time I broke in.I went back to the house 2 more times and did the same thing.I dont know if they ever found out were their panties were going put I had to find different was to get into the house.

This is just one of my many journeys.