"Dr Grey"

Karen was reading the magazine a little too intently as she waited 
outside his office. She was not alone in the waiting area, sharing it as 
she was with an older lady who looked like she was about to cry at any 
moment and a teenage boy who kept up a constant rambling conversation 
with himself.

If it was simply their presence that made her nervous she would not 
have felt so churned up inside but, truth be told, she was far more 
concerned that things had reached this stage at all. She'd always been a 
little prone to black moods, her mother had called it "artistic 
temperament" even though she had never created anything in her life, but in the 
last year they had become more regular and distressing. This therapist 
was not cheap but he'd been recommended by her doctor as being highly 
regarded, albeit that he was new in Lexington and therefore was actively 
searching for clients. One short phone call to his very pleasant 
receptionist was all it had taken to arrange this appointment and Karen hoped 
that it would be one of the very few she'd need.

A few minutes passed before the receptionist approached her and flashed 
a trade mark smile.

"Mrs Edwards? Doctor Grey will see you now. Through that door please."

Karen entered the room and was greeted by the sight of a very 
distinguished, if surprisingly young, man writing notes at his desk. As she 
approached him he looked up, smiled and indicated that she should take a 
seat in a very lavish chair that would have graced any dentist's surgery.

"It's nice to see you Mrs Edwards. Your doctor has sent me some 
preliminary paperwork but I'd like to start, if I may, by getting you to tell 
me what you think your problem is. We can chat around things as they 
arise, I'll feedback where appropriate and generally we can get a good 
grasp of the situation by the end of the session. I'll make 
recommendations at the end for a plan of action we can follow, which again will be 
amended as the sessions progress. Sound fair?"

Karen was disarmed by his friendly, confident and straightforward 
manner and she smiled with relief. She had only just met him, of course, but 
she really felt this man could get to the root of the problem without 
too much trouble. She settled into the comfortable chair and began to 
tell him her life-story.

Doctor Grey began to make notes as she talked, maintaining every air of 
the polished professional even as his eyes began to subtly wander over 
his patient. She was 40, married to her childhood sweetheart and with 
two daughters aged 18 and 20. The scenario did not sound promising to 
him because it should have presented him with a middle-aged, frumpy 
housewife who would have been of nothing but professional interest to him at 
all. As his eyes continued to subtly evaluate her, however, it was 
clear that this was a very beautiful lady who had the figure of a sweet 
teenager. A gym regime and a healthy independent spirit had made the years 
wash over her with very little erosion to show for it. She would be a 
highly rewarding challenge.

Doctor Grey diagnosed her within the first 15 minutes. She was 
basically sound but, like a lot of intelligent people, tended to over-think 
life and spiral into depression as a result. His main challenge was to try 
to keep her interested in a return session, for she had no need for one 
and unless he was subtle he knew she'd reach that conclusion fairly 
quickly herself.

"I'm happy with your account so far Karen."

The use of her first name made her jolt for a second but then she 
realised he was simply trying to make the situation more friendly.

"I think we might benefit from going over a few points now in more 
depth. I have often found that aroma-therapy can help in relaxing patients 
as we go into more painful areas of their experience and, with your 
permission, I'd like to ask you to lie back in the chair whilst I fetch 
some oils we can use."

It seemed like a perfectly fair request and Karen looked around the 
chair for the recline button. Once located, it allowed her to recline the 
chair all the way back into a couch and she settled in as she listened 
to Dr Grey moving around.

Grey was over at an ornate storage locker as he spoke. With a practised 
hand he quickly mixed some aroma oils with a special concoction he had 
developed. With the oils masking the ingredient it was undetectable to 
any patient and the effects had never yet failed him.

"I'm going to give you a handkerchief with some of this oil on it, 
Karen, and from time to time I would like you place it over your nose and 
take 5 breaths, inhaling deeply and slowly each time. It will help you 
to relax more if you also close your eyes as we talk."

The doctor had moved over to the couch by the time he had finished 
speaking and he handed Karen a white, silken handkerchief, which she 
cradled in her hands. She was beginning to regret wearing a skirt today 
because it was hard to keep her legs together whilst on the couch but, with 
the skill that every woman learns from puberty, she was able to become 
comfortable without any fear of accidental exposure. She closed her 
eyes and inhaled from the handkerchief, instantly feeling a very mild 
calming sensation enter her body that made her pleased she had not 

Doctor Grey began talking over her youth again as he slowly paced the 
office. Another few minutes passed as the professional exchange 
continued, with Grey making a mental note of how many times Karen had inhaled 
from the handkerchief. His ingredient had two main effects that he was 
watching for. It worked primarily on seratonin, producing enhanced 
levels, which created sensations very similar to afterglow if inhaled for 
enough time. The second effect was on the thrill-seeking part of the 
brain, making it as instantly addictive as crack-cocaine. 

Grey watched with satisfaction as Karen began to inhale more and more 
often as the conversation continued. He watched her complexion redden 
and knew that she was as relaxed as if she'd just slept with her 
favourite film star.

Karen was completely alert to her surroundings but was feeling more 
relaxed than she could ever remember. Every time she felt the sensation 
begin to wear off she knew she simply needed to inhale again and a new 
wave of calm would descend. Grey's voice was soothing, the chair was more 
comfortable than her bed and she just wanted this session to go on 

Doctor Grey kept talking as he quietly moved towards a hidden MP3 
player. He brought the conversation to a place where the MP3 could take over 
and then hit play, seamlessly substituting his pre-recorded speaking 
with his own. To Karen, in a half-world of daze, it seemed that he had 
simply moved to the back of the office behind her.

The pre-recorded speaking began.

"I want you to listen for a while now as I've come to some preliminary 
conclusions that I want to tell you about. Please hold any questions 
until I am finished and then I'll be happy to answer them." 

Karen was more than happy to just lie down, inhale from time to time 
and listen to that oh-so soothing voice. It talked at great length about 
many things but always arrived back to the same points, that she needed 
a few more therapy sessions and that she needed to trust Doctor Grey 
implicitly if the therapy was to work.

Doctor Grey moved silently towards the couch and stood, admiring his 
patient as his voice convinced her that he was a good distance away. She 
was a beauty all right and definitely someone who would attract many 
envious looks from other women. He thrilled at the danger of being caught 
whilst knowing that she was never going to open her eyes, for she was 
too caught up in her need to listen to him.

Now he had time to stare and he enjoyed the view. Her white blouse did 
not conceal her firm breasts well as she lay reclined on the chair and 
Grey moved his head around to facilitate a better view in between her 
buttons. She was wearing a lacy white bra from what he could see but it 
did little to hide the flesh beneath, heaving slowly as Karen took yet 
another inhale from the handkerchief.

The MP3 lasted exactly 14 minutes and 12 seconds, giving him plenty of 
time to enjoy himself here without having to hurry unduly. As he had 
hoped, she had relaxed well, a combination of the inhaling and the fact 
that she thought he was well behind her. Her shoulders had opened but 
more importantly to Grey was that her legs had loosened a little. She was 
too practised to allow the habit to leave her, even in this state, but 
her attempts at keeping her legs tightly together were being hampered 
by the drug and the thought that no-one was in front of her anyway.

Grey couldn't touch her, this session anyway, for fear of dispelling 
his carefully woven illusion. He simply knelt in front of the couch and 
attempted to peer up Karen's skirt, using the garment as a shield for 
the light he shone onto her legs with a pen-torch. He was rewarded with a 
view of pure eroticism, the most perfect of pussies shaping a thin pair 
of lacy panties. Grey felt himself become instantly aroused and his 
penis began to strain at the inside his trousers.

He was going to go all the way with this one, he swiftly concluded, for 
he must possess her mind, body and spirit if he was to find the true 
definition of spiritual intimacy. Patience was not only a virtue, 
however, but as much a tool of the trade as the clipboard or the blind trust 
he needed in order to win.

Grey stood up and checked his watch. He only had 6 minutes left and 
needed to work quickly now. From his jacket he produced a digital 
camcorder which was no bigger than the size of a cigarette packet. Placing the 
camera next to the light he set it recording up Karen's skirt whilst he 
stood and revelled in the power he was beginning to have over her. He 
softly unzipped himself and allowed his aching cock to escape before 
taking it into his right hand and moving it to within 2 feet of Karen's 
face. Any closer and he may trigger a sixth-sense reaction that could 
ruin everything, but it was close enough to allow him to fantasise about 
those soft, luscious lips suckling on him.

As Grey was building he was thinking to himself. "Come on, I'm giving 
you a chance here. Open your eyes and defend your honour. Come on...open 
them before I am finished or everything you ever had will be mine 
forever. Come on, or has that seratonin made you fantasise about someone?" 
He enjoyed the irony of that last thought almost as much as the 
knowledge that she would one day beg to tell him. 

Grey was careful to come silently and to collect his semen with his 
other hand. He wiped his hands on the inside of his jacket pockets before 
collecting the camera and the light. He quickly filmed Karen's breasts 
through her blouse before returning to the MP3 player. He made it with 
13 seconds to spare and cursed himself for almost getting 

Settling his voice down he timed the ending of the MP3 with an enquiry

"So now, Karen, any thoughts on what I have just been saying?"

Karen began to feedback as he returned to his professional mannerisms.

"By the way Karen, would you like a coffee?"

She gratefully accepted the invitation and Grey contacted his 
receptionist, who duly returned with two coffees which Grey placed on his 
cabinet. As Karen resumed talking Grey used the pretext of adding sweetener 
to retrieve some of his semen from his jacket. With his back turned to 
Karen he coated his finger with his cum and then stirred it into the 
coffee, before adding sweetener to both and handing her the drink. 

"Best sit up for this," he said with a smile.

Karen rearranged the chair into the sitting position once more, a real 
sense of calm and achievement making her grateful that she'd chosen to 
talk to this wonderful man. They exchanged general banter as they drank 
before Grey produced the camera and plugged it into his desktop 

"You don't mind if I upload some footage for my parents do you? I'm new 
to town and they insisted I showed them some of what Lexington has to 

"Not at all."

He ensured the screen was facing only him as he uploaded the footage 
from earlier. He settled down to enjoy the movie as he continued to talk 
to Karen, thrilling in the knowledge that he was looking at her almost 
naked pussy whilst seeing her drink down his cum, all the while looking 
at him with a respectful innocence and paying him a fortune.

"OK Karen, I've completed my first session here now. I've got a good 
idea of how we can proceed and I will have the receptionist type you up a 
plan of action before you leave today. I'd suggest that you keep the 
handkerchief and use it in case you feel that you are becoming stressed. 
The oils will wear off after 48 hours and so I would like to make a new 
appointment to see you in two days. Is that convenient?"

It wasn't but then this HAD been an excellent session and, she thought, 
he had been right earlier. She did need a good therapist and this man 
seemed to know his stuff.

"OK Doctor Grey, I'll arrange time off from work and will make the new 
appointment when I collect my action plan."

The session ended with Grey checking out her arse as she left the 
office. He made plans for the next session before calling for another 
patient. The old lady walked in and he smiled to himself. This one was safe 
as houses...

Karen was an hour early for her next appointment and in quite an 
emotional state, although she hid it well from the others in the waiting 
area. Her body was softly shaking and it was all she could do to prevent 
herself from storming into Grey's office and demanding help.

The oils on the handkerchief had faded around midnight the previous 
evening and she had awoken at 5 am in a cold sweat. She had been using 
those oils more and more since Doctor Grey had seen her last, as he knew 
she would, and all she could think of as she laid in bed was that this 
appointment was imminent. She was shocked at just how emotionally she 
needed to feel the soft, warm cuddle that the oils never failed to give 
her. She needed them and she was going to ensure the good doctor gave 
her some more, as well as an explanation as to what had happened to her 
these past 48 hours.

Eventually time passed and she leapt to her feet as her name was 

"Doctor Grey will see you now, Mrs Edwards"

She composed herself as a wave of new hope began to swell inside her 
aching body. Doctor Grey would make this better, she knew, for he was a 
good man and an excellent psychotherapist. 

Karen entered the room to see Grey sitting behind his desk, making 
notes and looking every inch the professional man of honour. He smiled as 
she approached him and stopped his writing, inviting her to sit in the 
chair as he relaxed in his own.

"How have thing been in the last few days Karen?"

Karen fell soothed by his voice and opened her heart to him once more.

"They have been fine, more than fine actually, right up to last night"

Grey feigned concern.

"What happened last night?"

"The oils on the handkerchief faded and I woke up feeling awful. I've 
really enjoyed the sensations it has been giving me, the calming affect 
is glorious, but ever since I awoke I have felt the intense need to 
smell them again. It scares me, to be honest" 

"Don't be too concerned Karen. The oils themselves are simply helping 
you to cope with your underlying fears and, of course, you will mourn 
them when they are absent. I would recommend that you keep using them 
until we can sort out the underlying causes of your problem. In fact, I'll 
get another handkerchief prepared now if you like"

Grey noted with quiet satisfaction that Karen's face flashed her 
delight at the suggestion. She was trying to hide it, mainly from herself, 
but Grey knew she was addicted. This session would help to see how 
addicted she was of course but the principle had been established. He was her 
drug-dealer and the price of each and every fix was going to get 

As Grey moved to his cabinet and prepared the handkerchief he engaged 
her in general conversation, all the while taking chances to look over 
her again. She'd come prepared for the couch today and was wearing jeans 
and a sweater, although both were too tight to completely hide the 
luscious form that lay beneath. He smiled to himself as he mocked her 
pathetic attempts to protect her dignity and revelled in the conquest that 
lay ahead.

Moving back behind his desk he was careful to allow Karen to see that 
he had placed the handkerchief in his trouser pocket. When she knew he 
had not given it to her straight away she almost panicked but then 
steadied herself. He was the Doctor and he would give it to her if she was 
just patient and allowed him to help her. She relaxed into the chair as 
best she could considering how her body was beginning to ache.

Grey sat back and began his next line of attack.

"I've been thinking about your case over the past two days, Karen, and 
I wonder if your anxiety may be caused by your sexual life. It's common 
enough for both sexes to internalise sexual worries and, as your 
anxiety this morning was when you were in bed with your husband, I'd like to 
examine that area a bit more. It will require you to be completely 
honest about very intimate things, for I will need to ask you about every 
part of your sexual history in great detail. If this is a problem for 
you then I would be happy to release you as a patient, of course"

It seemed a logical, therapy-type approach to Karen but she was a 
reserved woman and the idea made her feel uncomfortable as he spoke. As soon 
as she heard that he was threatening to release her, however, she felt 
the panic come over her again. She needed those oils badly and besides 
this man was a therapist after all. He probably heard sexual histories 
all the time. She chided herself for being silly.

"No, that's fine Doctor Grey. If it will help then it's fine"

Grey knew that he must tailor his questions well. Some must be general 
and not overtly sexual, to reassure her, whilst he could throw in the 
fun ones around them.

"What is your husband's name?"


"Do you orgasm often Karen, either with Simon or on your own?"

"I find it hard to orgasm with him but he's a good man, a patient lover 
and a good faithful husband. I love him dearly"

Doctor Grey knew that the ringing-endorsement of Simon meant that Karen 
was feeling defensive about him. She was stating that she had no 
problems with her husband. Grey smiled at the certain knowledge that he would 
change all that.

Grey continued to probe her life-story as he planned his next moves. 
She was clearly in a desperate way for the oils but not, he thought, 
desperate enough to do anything just yet. The addiction would intensify 
with each inhalation, so he had no fear of his little birdie flying away 
as long as he did not scare her. Mind you, it was still time to test how 
far she would go.

"As you sit in that chair right now, Karen, is your vagina wet or dry?"

The question shocked her.

"I am sorry?"

"Karen, remember that I am only asking in order to help you. We've been 
talking about sexual things and, given that I am a near stranger to 
you, I expect that your body has made your vagina very dry. You are 
completely un-aroused, right?"

"Of course I am but why is that relevant?"

"It documented that patients who feel intimidated by a therapy session 
are often impossible to reach successfully. You simply cannot talk in 
sufficient depth about your sexual life if your body is feeling 
uncomfortable about it all."

Karen thought that at least sounded like a scientific explanation for 
his enquiry and she again chided herself for taking offence. If she were 
not co-operative Grey could release her in a heart-beat. She reasoned 
that her aching body must be making her defensive.

"I understand, forgive me if I seemed a little shocked at the question"

"That's ok Karen, its going to be worthwhile but increasingly tougher 
as we get to the cause of your problem. Anyway, I have a solution that 
will help you."

She was unsure.


Grey decided to reinforce he next move with his ace-card.

"I'm going to set out the rest of today's session Karen. I will arrange 
for a screen to be brought in and I want you to go behind it and use 
some KY gel that I will give you. Ensure that your vagina is well 
lubricated before putting your jeans back and then make the chair into a couch 
again. I'll give you the handkerchief then before we resume our 

The mention of the handkerchief was the clincher for her. She believed 
in Grey as a doctor, trusted his integrity and could at least see some 
logic in the odd suggestion. She was also going to feel the oils soothe 
her very soon now.

Grey called his receptionist and a screen was placed at the far end of 
the office. The screen was large and offered no chance of accidental 
exposure, a sight that reassured Karen so much that she did not notice 
that it did not touch the floor. The ankles of anyone behind it would be 
clearly visible.

Grey went to his cabinet and brought out a clear container. Inside was 
another of his recipes, which mixed KY with extracts from Zestra, 
Orexia and Harmony cream. The resulting gel lubricated, of course, but it 
also tightened the vagina a little and made it around 3 times more 
sensitive to sexual stimulation. The whole thing took about 45 minutes to 
take effect once applied. Grey handed the tube to Karen with a soft smile 
and watched her go behind the screen.

He silently moved to the other side of the screen and enjoyed the sound 
of her zipper being slowly undone. He watched as the jeans appeared 
under the screen, discarded, before she dropped her panties to the floor. 
As he heard the container being opened, Grey studied the lacy black 
panties and decided to press this a little further in a moment. Meanwhile 
he listened to the soft, silken sounds of Karen lubricating her pussy 
for him and he felt his erection building.

"When you are done, Karen, just put your jeans back on but do not 
replace your panties just yet. They will rub against your vagina too closely 
and that will reduce the lubrication. You can put them back on when we 
finish, of course, so just leave them behind the screen for now" 

Karen was surprised but did not want to argue over what seemed a 
trivial point.

"Ok Doctor Grey. Almost done here now"

Grey saw the jeans being reclaimed and noted with pleasure that the 
panties were left in situ. Karen reappeared from behind the screen and 
offered the container back to Grey, who took it and then dropped it on the 
floor. The container was weak and the lid flew open, spilling gel all 
over the carpet.

"I'm sorry Karen, darn my fingers! I'll get it"

Grey knelt down and scooped what he could of the gel back into the 
container. Standing up once more he feigned irritation as he said.

"This stuff will stay all over my hands all day, even when they are 
washed. I've forgotten to give you the handkerchief but even the smallest 
residue of the gel will cause the oils to break down. I am sorry to ask 
this of your Karen, but could you retrieve the handkerchief for me? 
Make sure you use the hand you did not use to lubricate your vagina"

Karen knew that in order to retrieve the handkerchief she would need to 
reach inside Grey's trouser pocket. The thought offended her code of 
behaviour but the need for the oils was overwhelming. The pockets were 
deep and backward-facing, meaning she would have to reach into them from 
behind him. She moved behind Grey and placed her left hand slowly into 
his pocket, desperately trying to avoid touching his cock through the 

Grey felt her breasts press against his back as she reached into the 
pocket. Her breath indicated that she was nervous and he enjoyed her 
fear. He felt her hand move inside the pocket, slowly stroking down his 
inner-thigh as he closed his eyes and savoured the sensations. He knew 
that the handkerchief was deep, nicely resting against his semi-errect 
cock, and he knew that the inevitable would happen soon enough.

He heard Karen gasp softly as her hand strayed against his cock. Even 
through his underwear and the pocket lining it was clear he was erect 
but her thoughts were mainly focused on the handkerchief. Grey thrilled 
as her hand softly stroked against him before feeling it quickly snatch 
the handkerchief and retreat.

Karen took deep, deep inhalations from the handkerchief and a sudden 
feeling of near euphoria overcame her. Her body not only thrilled because 
of the oils but also because it's withdrawal had been reversed. As she 
stood there she thought about Grey's erection and worried a little but, 
eventually, she concluded he was probably just as embarrassed about it 
as she was. It was just one of those things that may happen when a lady 
is in such close proximity. Karen went over the chair and made it 
recline all the way. She lay down on it, still thrilling as the oils set her 
mind at peace once more, whilst Grey wiped his hands and moved over to 

"Ok Karen it is the same as before please. Close your eyes and take 
deep breathes, inhaling as required, whilst we talk over a few things. I'd 
like to continue with questions about your sexual history now that you 
are lubricated and relaxed"

Karen closed her eyes and listened to that oh-so soothing voice. He 
could ask her anything just as long as he allowed her to stay here with 
the oils.

"When did you first give Simon head?"

"Two weeks after we met. We were at his mother's for dinner and I 
sucked on him on the living-room chair whilst his mother was washing up"

"Do you allow him to cum in your mouth?"

"No, it's not a problem in making him come that way though. I am very 
talented at oral sex, unlike a lot of women. I finish him off by hand 
just as he is about to climax"

"Ever had sex outdoors?"

"Not with Simon, he's too coy, but I used to enjoy making out in a 
local park when I was with another boyfriend. It's silly, of course, but it 
was just the thrill of doing something I was not supposed to. Do you 

Grey smiled. He knew all right.

"When Simon is making love to you, what is your favourite position?"

"Doggie-style, he's very good at that"

"Do you climax every time?"

Grey had begun to move towards the screen as he talked.

"No but he tries very hard. I do sometimes and sometimes I don't"

Grey reached behind the screen and retrieved the panties. He took a 
long, deep sniff at the crotch and was rewarded by the scent of Karen's 
fresh pussy. He licked at the crotch to enjoy the subtlest of tastes that 
remained, whilst eating the tiny pubic hairs that had been caught 
there. He pocketed his prize.

Grey engaged in more general chat for another 40 minutes. As they 
spoke, Karen felt her pussy come alive in a way she'd never felt before. It 
felt tighter and so sensitive that the crotch in her jeans was 
beginning to give her a thrill.

Grey noted the time and knew that the gel would now have taken affect. 
He kept talking as he walked over to his desk, retrieving an electronic 
mouthpiece and speaker, before he placed the speaker near the screen 
again. The mouthpiece took practice but it was robust enough to muffle 
the spoken word, except via the speaker to which it transmitted. It 
allowed Grey to speak softly and have his voice come from the end of the 
office, whilst his real location was masked.

"It's been around 50 minutes Karen and I would like to ensure that you 
are still lubricated enough to continue. We are making good progress 
today and I would like to extend the session for a little longer"


Grey moved towards Karen as his voice remained at a safe distance.

"I'm going to give you a small hand-towel, which will protect your 
modesty, and then ask you to insert a finger inside your vagina. You can do 
this through the zipper on your jeans whilst you remain prone. Test 
yourself by pushing it in and out, around 20 times, and then report to me 

Placing the mouthpiece inside his jacket, Grey took a small towel from 
his cabinet and then walked over to Karen.

"Sit up for a second and open your eyes please, Karen"

She opened her eyes and took the towel that he offered.

"Of course, just to ensure there is no accidental exposure, I will 
stand at the far end of the office whilst you do the test. Now, place the 
towel and lie down. I'll tell you when I am at the other end and then 
you can pull down your zipper and begin"

Karen obeyed and laid down, closing her eyes and enjoying the oils once 
more. Grey moved to the base of the chair to ensure he could look 
directly under the towel. To aid his view he knelt in front of her and fixed 
his eyes on the zipper.

"Ok Karen, I am in position now. Please begin"

The distance of the voice soothed Karen and Grey watched her left hand 
reach under the towel towards her zipper, which was only 2 inches from 
his face. He panted softly as her fingers unzipped her panty-less pussy 
in front of his eager eyes. He could only see her pubic hair directly 
but her pussy-lips were clearly marked by the tightness of her jeans. 
She was magnificent and he was on the way to owning her soul forever.

Grey saw one finger push down into the crotch and then move into 
Karen's pussy. Karen felt her finger enter her and was shocked by just how 
good it felt, how tight she was down there and how sensitive. She slowly 
began to move her finger in and out, in a soft fucking motion that made 
her wish Simon was here to give her release, and realised that she was 
becoming very aroused indeed. The oils, the gel and her own 
exhibitionist tendencies were combining to make this "secret masturbate" very 
exciting to her. Grey could see Karen squirm as she finger-fucked herself 
in front of his face. He knew she had lost count and decided to give her 
just long enough to get her juices flowing before ending it.

"How are things doing Karen?"

The voice from the other end of the office shocked her back into 
reality and she withdrew her hand quickly. She ached more than she ever had 
to release herself but she had to remember where she was. She'd be 
mortified if Doctor Grey had even the slightest clue that she had felt 
herself up on his chair.

"I'm ok and still lubricated, Doctor Grey"

"Ok. I need to get some more oils ready for you but they are not here, 
they are in a storeroom about 10 minutes away. Is it ok if I leave you 
hear for a while whilst I retrieve them? I'll lock the door and you can 
just rest with the oils and your own thoughts for a bit. Keep your eyes 
closed though, don't break your state of mental calm please"

"That's fine, thank you"

Grey stood up and silently moved towards the office door. He opens and 
closed it loudly, then locked it, before moving back without sound 
again. He took up his position between Karen's legs and waited. He made a 
bet with himself that he would not be disappointed because she was in a 
locked room and he'd told her she had plenty of time. The gel made 
sex-monsters of even the most timid of women, he knew, and this woman was 
not sexually timid at all. He took out a small camcorder and waited for 
the show.

Karen waited a minute to ensure that Grey had not forgotten something. 
Her hand began to wander to where her mind already was, her pussy. This 
time she put the towel under her and undid her jeans, wriggling them 
down just enough to allow easier access for herself. To compensate for 
their presence she left the handkerchief over her face, freeing her other 
hand to cradle her legs. Now her pussy was open and free but she could 
get dressed the second she heard the key in the lock.

Grey began to film as Karen masturbated, focusing closely on her pussy 
as juices and gel began to mix and flow around her fingers. The camera 
microphone picked up every sigh, ever slurp of juice and every soft 

Karen had never felt her pussy so alive in her entire life and, though 
her fingers were taking her higher than she'd ever been, she yearned 
for penetration. Her fingers did their best but she wanted a man, she 
wanted Simon. She attempted to placate herself by focusing on her 
favourite fantasy, where she had convinced Simon for the one and only time to 
screw her in a public place. They were still courting and were coming 
home from a bar on the 711 bus, sitting on the rear seat as the packed 
bus shuddered along. She was wearing a long flowing skirt and he was in 
slacks, so it was a simple matter for her to sit on his erect cock 
whilst appearing to be simply sitting on his lap.

Karen could feel her orgasm building as her mind took her to every 
sensation of that journey. She had rode him for almost as long as they rode 
the bus, feeling his cock thrust deeply as she thrilled at the danger 
of it all. He had not come that night and it was not the best sex they'd 
ever had, but it was the dirtiest and that thrilled her more than any 
orgasm could have.

She moaned loudly now, calling on him to intensify her fantasy.

"Oh God Simon, fuck me!"

Grey was thrilled to hear her moans but angry that Simon was yet again 
the centre of her mind. It was clearly the next order of business to 
take care of.

Having taken enough footage Grey placed the camera close to Karen's 
covered face. Its mission now was to record every sound with clarity and 
to record any facial expressions it could see. Grey had other things to 

As he knelt between her legs again he inhaled her sweet, musty perfume 
and noted that her fingers were simulating penetration. She clearly was 
desperate to have sex and that was something he needed to use against 
her. He knelt there and enjoyed another moment of victory. His patient, 
a faithful, private wife and mother of two who would never want a man 
to so much as look twice at her, was paying him to watch her masturbate. 
He knew the oils owned her and that the gel now owned her pussy. As 
master of both he was master of them all. Very soon he would claim his 
mistress on his way to supreme victory over Karen and her family.

Karen let out a scream as the intense orgasm overwhelmed her fear of 
being overheard. Her body shuddered as secondary waves of pleasure arose, 
whilst Grey removed the camera. As she bathed in afterglow, Grey 
replaced the panties behind the screen and stood by the door. He allowed 
Karen to dress before unlocking the door, opening and closing it loudly and 
then pocketing his mouthpiece.

Karen smiled to herself as she realised just how close she had come to 
being discovered. Another second and poor Doctor Grey would have had 
the shock of his life!

"Hello again Karen. I have the oils and am going to make you another 
handkerchief, this time to help you sleep a bit better tonight."

He engaged her in another 30 minutes of general therapy chat before 
telling her to put her panties back on behind the screen. She returned to 
the upright chair as Grey sat behind his desk, viewing a still from the 
footage on his computer that showed Karen's pussy spread wide. He 
looked at her clothed and naked form in the same view whilst talking to her 
about the next session.

"Karen, another 48 hours and then I think it's time we met again. I 
will give you my mobile in case you have any more problems in the interim, 
please feel free to call me anytime. I have one request though"


"I am unsure, despite how well you get on, if Simon is subconsciously 
triggering your anxiety. I must ask you to refrain from any sexual 
contact with him, any at all, until we can talk over that issue a little 
more. Ok?"

Karen was disappointed because she was desperate to screw Simon 
tonight, however she had faith in her doctor and reluctantly agreed. Anyhow, 
she could always masturbate in secret. She smiled at the chair incident 

As she left the office, Grey settled down to a shorter than usual 
working day. He needed an afternoon sleep as he knew Karen would call him 
tonight. He had, after all, weakened the oil considerably this time and 
it would send her into massive withdrawal again at around bedtime. This 
time she would be made to beg for her oil.

The call came as Grey was at home. It was half-past nine, which meant 
that she was clearly more addicted to the oils than he could have 
possibly hoped for. Karen was in a call box outside her home, in floods of 
tears. She told him that the oil had faded quickly and that she needed, 
really needed, to see him tonight to get some more. 

“My skin is crawling, Doctor Grey, and I am really scared. Simon is 
beside himself with worry and the kids are terrified!”

“It’s ok Karen, I’ve got your address and I will be over in 20 

She was pathetically grateful to him and he wallowed in it. Now was his 
chance to meet and evaluate the family scenario, probe for weaknesses 
and plan his attack.

Grey arrived at the house and was greeted by Simon. He was a well-built 
and good-looking man, clearly another who had aged with grace.

“Simon, where is Karen please?”

“Upstairs on the bed with the kids.”

Grey allowed Simon to show him the way and entered the bedroom. From 
two such handsome parents had come two really beautiful daughters who, 
clearly, followed their mother to the gym on a regular basis. Grey 
mentally undressed them both as he began to check on their mother.

“I think Karen and I need to talk alone for a second please. Could I 
ask you all to wait downstairs?”

The family left as Grey sat on the edge of the bed.

“Karen, I think you are suffering from an extreme mental reaction to 
something here in the house. You are fine when you are with me but this 
is twice in two days you have had these breakdowns when at home. What 
were you doing just before you began to feel like this?”

“I was with Simon, in here, watching TV. The kids were downstairs 
playing a video game.”

“I think we need to have a quick session tonight to see if we can 
figure out why. Here is a little more oil to help calm you a bit.”

He gave her a handkerchief and she swallowed down the scent like a soul 
that is gasping for air. The relief was incredible and she felt high, 
loved and at peace all at once. She rested back on the bed and closed 
her eyes.

“I presume it’s safe to say your vagina needs lubricating?”

Karen laughed despite herself. It was no longer a question she feared 
but it was still odd to hear it said in such a matter-of-fact manner.

“Yes, it’s not been the most erotic of evenings and I could do with a 
chance to talk to you properly.”

“I have some of the gel with me. I want you to go into the bathroom and 
lubricate yourself again, though it’s probably best if you bring your 
panties back here in case the kids found them on the floor.”

Karen got up took the handkerchief and the gel to the bathroom. Grey 
knew it would take at least 5 minutes for her to apply the gel and 
return, which gave him the chance to look around a little.

He looked in the drawers and found a stash of old love-letters from 
Karen to Simon. He sped read a few and thrilled at how he was about to 
destroy the inner-sense of innocence that filled each and every page. He 
also found, in Karen’s underwear drawer, an 8-inch dildo that instinct 
told him she kept a secret from Simon.

Simon had secrets too, unless Karen had approved of the collection of 
porn magazines he had hidden in his closet. Karen was not the spanking 
type, Grey concluded, yet every one of the magazines featured it 
exclusively. It had been a decent initial hunt.

Grey returned to the bed and waited for Karen to return. She had her 
panties bunched into her left hand and then slipped them under the covers 
of the bed when she thought she was unobserved. Grey had little 
interest to see what he already had today, at least in the clothing line.

“Karen, your family are going to be worried. I am going to go talk with 
them for about 40 minutes, just to give them a background and reassure 
them that all this is temporary. I want you to lie here, take 
inhalations as needed, and relax with your eyes closed. Ok?”

“Ok Doctor Grey and thank you so much for coming here tonight.”

I haven’t cum yet, he thought, but the night is early.

Grey went downstairs and talked to the family. By the time he was 
finished he had made them believe she was suffering from mental collapse, 
due to some trauma that he was going to help eliminate. He came over as 
every-inch the professional man and they held onto his every word as if 
it were sacred.

After 45 minutes Grey knew that the gel would be working. He excused 
himself and said that he was going to have a short session with Karen, 
laughing internally at the double entendre, and that they were not to be 

He entered the bedroom again and closed the door. Karen was lying on 
top of the covers, breathing her freedom away with every inhalation, 
looking like an angel.

Inside her mind, however, Karen was anything but peaceful. Yet again 
she had felt a massive arousal and tightening just a few minutes ago, it 
surely could not be in anticipation of the therapy session could it? 
That was absurd as she only had eyes for Simon, even if Doctor Grey was a 
distinguished man. Her thoughts calmed as Grey sat on the edge of the 

“I am more and more convinced, Karen, that this problem is of a sexual 
nature. I want to talk over your sexual life a bit more.”

“Ok, ask me anything”

“Is this your side of the bed?”


“Do you ever use a dildo or vibrator to pleasure yourself when Simon is 

Karen hesitated to share her secret but then relented.

“Yes, I have a dildo in the drawer over there. Simon does not know 
about it because he would feel hurt, you know with me getting pleasure out 
of anything but him. It’s a white lie but a necessary one, Doctor Grey, 
because he is away on business so often.”

“Bring it to show me please.”

Karen got up, fetched the dildo and gave it to Grey. She then lay back 
and closed her eyes anew.

“Does Simon have an 8-inch penis?”

She was going to ask why it was relevant but, of course, if Doctor Grey 
thought it was then it clearly was.

“Yes, I got that to exactly match his thickness and length. As I say I 
wanted it to help me be with him, not to replace him in even the 
slightest way.”

Grey knew now that he held Simon’s cock in his hands and the imagery 
appealed. He had this guy by the balls, if he only knew it, and he was 
going to crush them slowly and painfully. Grey placed the dildo beside 
him on the bed.

“I want to talk about body-image now Karen. How attractive do you find 
your physical appearance?”

Karen replied that she thought, overall, she was attractive and that 
she was pleased with how she looked. As she replied, the short-living oil 
that Grey had given her began to wear off. She could feel the panic 
beginning to rise.

Grey knew that the oil would be wearing off about now and it presented 
him with an opportunity.

“You never get a chance to study yourself from all angles in a mirror 
though, Karen, and rarely can you study yourself naked. I am wondering 
if your body-image may have a deep-down flaw?”

“I am feeling panicky again , Doctor Grey. What’s happening?”

“Don’t worry Karen, it’s a reaction to us talking over a 
sub-consciously painful thing. I want to try an experiment that will help us reveal 
your true self-image, after which you should have calmed enough to allow 
the oil to help you again.”

“Ok, anything, just be quick please. I am so scared.”

“With your permission I want to take digital photographs of you from 
every angle. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to have faith in 
my integrity, for these shots would have to be naked, however I assure 
you they are important for your therapy. If you decide not to then it’ll 
mean we have taken this session as far as we can for tonight and, I 
fear, the oil may not help you until we can talk again.”

Every instinct within her decent soul screamed against this suggestion 
but even that crescendo was insufficient to drown the fear, physical 
pain and cold sweats that withdrawal from the oil was inflicting. All she 
could focus on was that she needed the oil to work. She tried to 

“Couldn’t Simon take them for you?”

“I’d still need to see them, to discuss them with you. Simon may also 
object and that would again end the session tonight. Should I ask him 

Karen could not take the risk of Simon saying no and Grey knew it. She 
looked ashamed but had to agree.

“Karen, I want you to take your time when you are undressing. Give your 
mind a chance to embrace your self-image and try to bring out the 
sub-conscious thoughts. Just listen to me and I will guide you.”

As Karen got up off the bed, Grey deftly substituted the old 
handkerchief for a duplicate new one. This one had enough oil for another hour. 
He gave it to her.

“As soon as your sub-conscious begins to open up, you will feel the 
soothing oils help to calm you down. They cannot make you calm, of course, 
but they are acting as a focus for your mind. Only breathe from the 
handkerchief when I tell you. Stand in front of me please, about 3 ft 
away, facing in my direction.”

Karen was nervous, ashamed, in withdrawal and yet hopeful that this 
might yet make her terror go away. She stood in front of Grey, wearing the 
same outfit she had done at his office.

Grey stood up and took a shot of Karen from the front, sides and the 
rear. He took his time and gave her a chance to become used to his 

“Ok Karen, try the handkerchief again. Let’s see if we have got your 
sub-conscious attention.”

Karen inhaled from the handkerchief and suddenly the oils were working. 
Her fear melted, her aching was gone and instead she was on a complete, 
dreamy high once more.

“How’s that Karen?”

She sighed contentedly.

“It feels wonderful. You were right, Doctor Grey, as soon as we started 
doing something to make my sub-conscious focus, the oils worked.”

“You are at peace with yourself because of this Karen, so please try to 
look past the obvious embarrassment for us both. Please remove your 

Karen removed her sweater as Grey went around to her front again. He 
had set the principle and now it was time to enhance the fun of the 
practical. Her bra was lacy and black, just like her panties had been, and 
she looked like a model from a Parisian catwalk.

“I think you fear how people see you Karen, as well as how you see 
yourself. Simon may be the trigger in this house, or he may not, however 
you may be afraid of what he is seeing when he is with you sexually. Does 
that make sense?”

As the premise had been accepted then it made sense to Karen. She 

“I am going to ask you to allow me to take shots from the positions 
that Simon is in when you are being intimate, as well as those general 
naked shots we talked of. I will, of course, not touch you.”

“Ok, I’m not happy about it of course but, at the end of the day, it’s 
clearly something I need to address inside my mind.”

“Take off your bra please”

Grey took shots of her incredible, firm breasts from every angle. He 
did not forget to take pictures of her naked back as well, just to 
maintain the charade.

As she stood there the gel inside her pussy made her feel an 
exhibitionist thrill. She was shamed to admit it to herself but this was not as 
bad as she thought it might be.

“Karen, please take off your jeans and allow me to take pictures of 
your vagina.”

The decent, faithful woman in her made her hesitate but it was already 
too late to go back now. This is what she needed to do in order to be 
healthy again.

Grey maintained his professional air even as Karen took off her jeans, 
exposing her complete nakedness for the first time. He had done it, he 
had won the first battle. Now it was time to make his puppet dance a 
little and to revel in the control he had over her.

Grey could hear Simon coming up the stairs but he had no fear. Simon 
trusted him too much just to barge in and the worst he’d do was knock. 
Grey, in fact, wanted him to knock.

“Karen, does Simon like to see you standing up but bent over? Does it 
excite him?”

“Yes, it does”

“Then we need a shot or two. Please come over here and stand in front 
of me, face the door and bend over.”

As Karen did as she was asked, Simon knocked on the door.

“Is everything ok?”

Karen froze with fear. Please do not let him come in…

Grey continued to silently take shots of Karen, placing his face an 
inch from her buttocks before replying. It was nice of Simon’s wife to 
bend for him, he thought, especially when her husband was only on the 
other side of an unlocked door. He fixed his gaze on her bent-over pussy.

“Everything is fine Simon. We should be done in about 90 minutes but 
already Karen is feeling a lot more relaxed.”

“Making progress Doctor Grey?”

“I’m looking at an opening as we speak which I hope Karen and I shall 
explore tonight. As I say, 90 minutes or so, but we need peace and quiet 

“Ok, sorry.”

Simon sounded genuinely apologetic and it was all Grey could do not to 

“Karen, does Simon perform oral sex on you?”

Karen was still trying to get over her shock at the knocking but 
another inhalation helped calm her.

“Yes, he often does on the bed.”

“Lie on the bed please, spread your legs and I will take some more 

Grey smiled as he saw how wet her open pussy was. The gel was working 
wonders, despite her own nature, and it was only a matter of working the 
situation well now. A few more shots for the trophy cabinet and he was 
ready to move on.

It was important to Grey now that Karen get within 4 inches of him. His 
cologne was odourless but it was also a special combination of his own, 
working with the oils to heighten their affect but also over-ridding 
them within the brain. In short, with his cologne, he could make Karen 
feel safe when near him but have withdrawal symptoms the moment she could 
not smell it. It also had one other useful ingredient, namely that it 
worked to enhance the gel inside Karen’s vagina to new levels.

“I need a shot of you as you are embracing , Karen. Please come here 
and embrace me, whilst I set the camera to timer.”

As Grey was fully clothed , Karen did not feel too uncomfortable 
granting his request. She put her arms around him and felt a sudden surge in 
both her pleasant mood and her aching pussy. Instinctively she held him 
tighter, crushing her breasts to his suit as he placed his hands on her 
naked back. The camera flashed as she felt him hold her so gently, 
respectfully and almost with reverence. She was suddenly aware of how much 
gratitude she had to this man and she had to stop herself from enjoying 
the embrace too much.

As she pulled away she instantly began to feel nervous again.

“I am feeling nervy again Doctor Grey.”

Grey looked saddened, as if he had been hoping that something that was 
true had not been.

“I think we need to talk more Karen. Sit on the bed please.”

Karen sat down.

“I think you have developed a sexual crush on me, which is why you are 
happy and content in my office or around me but not when you are with 
your husband.”

Karen looked shocked but, as she moved closer to Grey, she felt that 
overwhelming sexual urge mix with her elation once more. Maybe he was 
right? How could that have happened to her? It made sense, for she was so 
sexually charged in his office today as well.

“I don’t know, I cannot say no because I have to admit I feel 
incredibly turned on right now, despite myself, but I simply do not know.”

“It’s not a major problem, Karen, and it has a simple, if somewhat 
direct, cure. You have seen me as this father figure and have translated 
that into wanting me as your protector. If you were to have sex with me 
then you would see I am just a man, same as Simon, and your infatuation 
would be broken.”

There, it was said. Grey knew this was the point at which she either 
rejected him forever or sold her soul to him. Karen was vulnerable, 
confused and in need of an answer to her hellish decent into terror.

“I love my husband Doctor Grey.”

“I know you do Karen. This is therapy only, to allow you to go back and 
love him for the rest of your life.”

Karen moved back to think and the fear hit her again. She needed to be 
close to him that was all to plain to miss. How could she bring an end 
to this nightmare?

“When?” Karen asked

There, it was agreed. Not if, but when.

“Now is as good a time as any Karen. Have faith in me, let me guide you 
and we can get this over as swiftly as possible.”

Grey stood up, taking the cologne out of range to ensure she was 
nervous. He needed her to feel unstable in order to exert maximum control.

“Let’s get you used to me first, Karen. Come here and slowly undress 

Grey watched breathlessly as Karen removed his jacket, then his shirt. 
The cologne calmed her but even so her hands shook. As she reached for 
his belt he took her hand away.

“No Karen, maybe we do not need to go this far. Let’s try an 
experiment. Kneel down before me and look at my crotch whilst it is still 
clothed. If you do not feel the deep desire to undress it, then it’s safe to 
conclude that our theory is wrong.”

Karen knelt before Grey, her face a few inches front his clothed 
crotch. Grey had put a special dose of the cologne all over his penis, which 
intensified the gel in her vagina even more than the cologne. It acted 
best when in contact with the vagina or mouth but this should be good 
enough for now, he thought.

As Karen stared at his crotch she felt her pussy moan. There was no 
doubt in her mind that she wanted to see his cock, with an intensity that 
convinced her that he must be right. She was obsessed and needed to end 
that obsession.

“I need to see you,” Karen said.

“Ok, Karen, then I shall allow myself to become aroused to aid in our 
therapy. In order to break the obsession we need to keep Simon in view 
as well. We are looking to compare and contrast him with me, so you must 
give me everything you give to Simon. In short, you must attempt to 
give me the best sexual experience you are capable of, as if I were your 
husband and not just your therapist.”

Karen nodded. Grey checked the clock and saw they had 40 minutes left. 
It was plenty of time to enjoy his victory.

“Karen, undress me and then take me to the bed. In order to keep the 
link I want you to place me on Simon’s side.”

Karen removed his trousers and the affect of the cologne on his penis 
became stronger. Grey looked down in triumph at her arousal, for she was 
just as much an animal in heat now as an intelligent woman.

With his boxer shorts removed, Karen was able to see his erection 
clearly for the first time. It was about an inch longer than Simon’s but 
thinner, however the cologne made her consider it the most exciting sexual 
site she had ever witnessed. With a great effort she tore herself away 
from it by standing up before leading Grey to Simon’s side of the bed.

Grey lay down as Karen looked at him.

“Karen, I want you to perform oral sex on me now. At all times try to 
do it as well as you can and keep focusing on Simon, if possible.”

She needed no second invitation. As a starving man to the feast, so 
Karen went down on Grey with intense enthusiasm. His cock tasted fantastic 
as she began to rhythmically suck and stroke it. All she could think of 
with regards to Simon is how it had never felt this arousing to blow 

Grey looked down on Karen’s bobbing head and enjoyed the situation even 
more than the sex itself, although she had not been boasting when she 
had said she was great at giving head. He was on Simon’s side, in 
Simon’s bed, with Simon’s oh-so-proper wife giving him oral as Simon sat 
downstairs, giving them space. The double joy was that they were going to 
pay him extra for a house call.

After a few minutes of the most delicious suckling, Grey was ready to 
cum. He remembered what Karen had told him in the office.

“Karen, I am right in saying you do not allow Simon to climax in your 

Karen broke off for a second.

“No, the thought disgusts me.”

“Then it would be good aversion therapy with regards to your obsession 
with me. A really negative memory to help offset the positive ones. 
Blow me all the way to completion and, no matter how bad it is, swallow 
down every drop of my cum.”

Karen resumed as Grey sat back. That was a good enough excuse to get 
more from Simon’s wife than Simon ever had. He looked at the walls of the 
bedroom and waited for them to celebrate a unique event, namely Karen 
sucking the sperm out of a man and into her stomach.

Grey moaned as he came, sending the sperm into Karen’s mouth in a great 
gush. The cologne that had washed into her mouth as she blew him, 
however, made it taste good to Karen and she could only reflect again on how 
better it had felt to blow Grey than Simon. Like it or not, and she was 
not sure, it remained the plain truth.

“Karen, does Simon eat your pussy well?” Grey said

“Yes, he’s by far the best at it that I have ever encountered.”

“Excellent, then I cannot hope to compete. Let me go down on you now 
and focus on Simon. That should help to redirect your sexual attention 
away from me.”

Grey knew, in fact, that he could eat pussy better than most men. Even 
if he could not, the gel in Karen’s vagina would make this a fantastic 
experience for her. Grey had always enjoyed eating pussy for, to him at 
least, it represented one of the most intimate acts. Intercourse was 
all very well but it did not surround one’s face with pussy in every 

He lay Karen on her side of the bed and spread her legs wide. He began 
by admiring the target of his earlier tricks, the camera and the towel 
were mere side-games now and this was another prize to claim. As soon 
as his soft tongue licked her vaginal lips Karen felt a surge of 
electrical desire rush through her system. His tongue flicked against her 
clitoris for a while, making orgasms build as Simon never could, before 
unleashing them one after another over several minutes. Karen buried her 
face in a pillow to muffle her screams of pleasure from the family.

Grey finally allowed her to go after he had sensed she was nearly 
collapsing under the pleasure. He said nothing as he decided to claim his 
mistress once and for all. He entered her, doggie-style to allow her to 
muffle her face easily, and gloried as her tight pussy yield to his 
shaft. He owned her and he took his time collecting, slowly building as the 
gel made her orgasm anew. Eventually he came and his sperm washed away 
any of Simon’s residue in her pussy. Simon’s wife was under new 

Karen lay next to Grey as they recovered. She admitted that she could 
only compare Simon in a negative way to him as a lover, to which Grey 
suggested that more direct aversion therapy might work. He arranged to 
see her in the office tomorrow and that Simon must attend an hour later. 
She agreed as they dressed and Grey gave her a shot to calm her for the 
night. It was, in fact, a drug that fought the withdrawal and should 
allow her to find peace until he saw her next.

As they were leaving the bedroom, Grey warned her not to have sex with 
Simon until the situation was resolved. Grey enjoyed his secret as he 
said goodbye to the family, safe in the knowledge that Karen would 
deliver them all to him by the end.

At 9 am the following morning Karen was again in the waiting area. The 
shot that Grey had given her the night before had helped a great deal 
but she had again woken this morning with withdrawal, convincing her 
further that she had indeed become obsessed with, and therefore lost 
without, Doctor Grey.

Inside the office Grey worked at his computer, composing himself whilst 
remembering the fantastic sex Karen had given him the previous night. 
If sex were his prime motivator, however, Grey would have settled for 
last night and have let Karen go. Up to this point there was scant 
evidence against him and even scantier reason for Karen to consider him as 
anything other than a saviour. The fact that she was here again showed 
that power was the primary motivation, sex the secondary bonus, and that 
he would take it to where he wanted to go no matter the risks.

The receptionist told Karen to enter and she almost ran into the 
office. She needed to talk, badly, and she knew she needed his soothing 
presence almost as much. She could not repress a sense of delight as she saw 
him again and part of her, a part that made her ashamed as soon as it 
appeared, flashed back to the incredible orgasms of the previous night. 
She chided herself for being so obsessed and placed her faith in Doctor 
Grey to provide some answers soon.

Grey smiled and invited her to sit in the chair. She'd come dressed as 
non-sexually as she could, with a long flowing skirt and matronly 
cotton shirt, and it amused him to see she was desperately trying not to 
arouse him. It was clear she had accepted her supposed obsession 
completely backed up, no doubt, with an insatiable desire to smell his cologne 

"Hello Karen, how are you today?"

"Feeling shaky again." "That's to be expected as, of course, you are 
still obsessing with me it seems. Today we are going to focus on aversion 
therapy, are you familiar with it?"

"Not really."

"It's where a patient is given the object of their obsession to such a 
point that they become bored with it. It is also where making the 
target seem less attractive sours that obsession. Take last night for 
example, you enjoyed the sex but now will have awoken feeling intensely 
guilty for being unfaithful to Simon, yes?"

"Yes I am, though I still feel shaky because I was not close to you."

"It will take a more intense dose of aversion, Karen, but already you 
have begun to associate sex with your obsession and myself with guilt. 
We have attached a negative emotion to the positive elation of achieving 
your obsessive goals and today we are going to enhance it further."

Karen relaxed in the chair, reassured that Doctor Grey would take her 
from her pain soon. She felt so lucky to have found such a patient man 
as a therapist, she thought, for it must have been so embarrassing for 
him last night.

"By the time we have finished you will feel relaxed with Simon as a 
lover and me as a therapist once more. I'd like to test how you feel at 
the moment by coming towards you, to see how it feels when I approach. 

"Ok Doctor Grey."

Grey moved slowly towards Karen as she sat in the chair. She felt nervy 
right up the point he was 4 inches away, when the cologne triggered her 
addictive responses. The familiar wave of calm and loving washed over 
her and she sighed with the relief.

"How does that feel Karen?"

"It feel very soothing, Doctor Grey. Is that bad?"

"It's to be expected as your obsession is now within reach again. We 
need to talk over your sexual history again, Karen, so sit here and I 
will fetch the lubricant."

As soon as Grey went away from her she began to feel uneasy again. It 
was clear to her that she must be besotted with him, for not even in her 
most passionate days with Simon was she ever this needy for his 
presence. She longed for Grey to return to the chair, a fact which Grey knew 
and used to tease her as he leisurely returned with the gel. The cologne 
did its work anew and she felt calm once more.

"Now Karen, if you remember yesterday we used a screen whilst you 
applied this gel. In this manner you were able to expose yourself without 
feeling any guilt. Well, this time I want you to apply it whilst still in 
the chair. I will place my head on your chest and look directly at your 
crotch whilst you do, ensuring I have a clear view of your vagina. You 
will feel the guilt of exposing yourself to a man other than your 
husband and that is what we are aiming at, understand?"

Karen hoped she would feel guilt for, at the moment, the presence of 
Grey had in fact soothed all her guilt from the previous evening. She 
sighed with contentmant as Grey placed his head on her chest, before she 
raised her skirt to her hips and exposed her light-blue panties. A small 
wriggle and the panties dropped to her ankles, leaving her pussy 
exposed as she began to apply the gel.

Grey smiled at the view as he enjoyed his newly found power over Karen. 
Just a few days ago she was keeping her legs tightly closed to him and 
now, here she was, openly lubricating her naked pussy for his 
entertainment. All in the name of therapy.

Karen did indeed feel a twinge of guilt as she completed her 
lubrication, thinking that Simon was the only man who had ever seen her pussy for 
20 years before Doctor Grey. Many men had tried, some had made their 
intentions plain, but with this man it was different. He was reluctantly 
sacrificing his own dignity in order to restore her own.

When Karen had finished Grey stood up and placed the gel on his desk 
and, unseen to his patient, added a dash of cologne from within his suit 
onto the chair. The aroma would ensure she felt relaxed and continued 
to associate those sensations with him.

"I want you to keep yourself exposed during this initial session so 
that I can view your vagina easily, Karen, in the hope that it will 
maximise the guilt feelings. Now, I'd like to talk a little more about your 
sexual history, starting with your youth."

Grey sat back down in his chair and began to ask questions. Each 
question was addressed directly to her eyes, whilst each answer was heard 
with him enjoying the view from between her legs. Karen felt his gaze but 
just could not get past the sensations of calm to feel much guilt at 
all, no matter how hard she tried.

"What was your first ever sexual experience?"

"I gave a hand-job to a classmate during a science lesson. I was 14."

"When did you first give a hand-job to Simon?"

"When we got our first house about 18 months after we met."

"With your exhibitionist tendencies and love of daring, why wait for 
the house?"

"He's very reserved when it comes to any sort of sexual contact out of 
the house."

We are going to change that today, Grey thought. It was time to change 
targets. "What are your daughters called?"

"Mary is 18, Susan is 20."

Grey began to ask general questions about the girls. They had 
boyfriends in the past but had never had any form of sexual contact with them, 
because they had signed the pledge to save themselves before marriage.

"Does Mary confide in you Karen?"

"A little."

"I'm worried that part of your problem, Karen, may be to do with fear 
of the sexuality of your daughters. I'm going to ask a couple of 
questions about Mary to test my theory, if that is ok?"

"Ok, Doctor Grey"

"Has Mary ever had an orgasm?" 

"No, in fact it really gets her down that her friends are sleeping with 
their boyfriends and she has never been able to make herself climax. 
She blames it on a lack of fantasy, for how can she fantasise about 
something she has never known?"

"What kind of panties does Mary wear, Karen? Do you think she is 
secretly trying to attract a guy who will oblige her?"

Karen thought for a while.

"No, she wears the same type she did when she was thirteen."

Grey noted the information for future use before widening the 
conversation again. He was simply waiting for the gel to take effect and, thanks 
to the nakedness of the pussy in question, it was easy to see how wet 
it was becoming.

Karen looked at Grey as she answered and kept feeling his gaze return 
to her pussy. As time went by she not only lost any residual guilt but 
she felt that incredible sense of arousal again. Grey must affect her on 
the subconscious level, she concluded, for even over there he was 
turning her on. She thought this might be relevant to the therapy and raised 

"Doctor Grey, for the last few minutes I have been finding myself 
becoming incredibly aroused. I think it is because you are looking at my 

Grey feigned disappointment.

"I had hoped for a guilt response of course, Karen, but maybe we can 
still generate one. It's about time we checked to see if the gel needs 
replacing anyhow, so I will do the test this time instead of you. Again, 
with a man other than Simon touching your vagina, it should cause some 
guilt to be associated with your desire for me."

Grey moved slowly around behind the chair and reclined it into the 
couch again. Ok Mrs Edwards, he thought, as you are so insistent, I will 
feel you up a little. 

"Karen, whilst I am doing this I would further like to test if other 
parts of our therapy from last night were effective. I am going to remain 
clothed and go into the sixty-nine position with you, however under no 
circumstances are you to touch my crotch. I want you to stare at it and 
see if you feel as aroused as you did in your bedroom, meanwhile I 
shall check the lubricant."

Grey assumed the sixty-nine position and placed his cock, doused as it 
was in double-strength cologne, an inch from Karen's face. Even through 
his trousers the undetectable scent sent a shock wave of new arousal 
through her system, which Grey noted with satisfaction as it made her 
pussy twitch before his eyes. He softly smelt her pussy juices and gently 
blew his warm breath over her clitoris, all the while apparently 
studying the state of the lubrication. His objective here was to tantalise, 
to maximise her arousal and switch on the latent animal in her even 
further. He would not let her climax until he was ready.

Grey looked between his legs to see Karen panting, her tongue just 
barely out of contact with his crotch and a look of wild passion in her 
eyes. He allowed it to last 30 seconds before moving off the couch, 
declaring that her lubrication looked fine. It was all Karen could do to 
restrain herself from shouting that she needed his cock and her passion 
stunned even her.

Karen regained some of her composure as Grey returned the chair to the 
upright position. By the time he had moved behind his desk again she 
was ok, if flushed and very breathless.

Grey noted that time and realised that Simon was due in five minutes. 
It was time to prepare for a session again but first he had to brief 
Karen for some of her role in it.

"Karen, Simon is due to have his appointment in five minutes. I think 
it may help if you were to observe the interview, albeit clandestinely."

"Why, Doctor Grey?"

"He would feel intimidated to talk frankly in front of you but, as this 
is the man we are hoping for you to focus on, I hope that a frank 
exposure of his good qualities will help in that progress. You are suffering 
from a sexual obsession about me and that is obviously going to blind 
you to some of the good points in Simon. This will help us create a 
counter-attack in your psyche."

It made sense and Karen agreed.

"Ok, the best place to hear both sides of the conversation would be 
between us. He'd see you, of course, unless you hid under my desk. It will 
be comfortable, it's large and will conceal you well and it will give 
you a clear line of hearing. If I need to say anything to you I shall 
pass you a note but, whatever you do, do not make a noise or indicate in 
any way that you are there. If Simon feels we are being less than 
honest it could ruin your future therapy, for he is a vital part of it."

Karen agreed and moved under the desk. Grey was right, it was large, 
open and comfortable as well as being discreet.

Simon came in and Grey smiled at him as he invited him into the chair.

"Thank you for coming in at such short notice Simon. I am afraid the 
prognosis is not good and time is very short, for I fear Karen is on the 
edge on an irretrievable breakdown, however I have some idea for direct 
therapy that may help."

"I am all ears, Doctor Grey"

"I will not say to whom she has developed an involuntary sexual 
obsession, merely that she has become overwhelmingly fixated on this man and 
that we need to break her of that fixation quickly. There are two ways 
in which I intend to do this. The first is to attach as much guilt onto 
her obsession as possible, sour the milk if you like, for I think we 
both know Karen has a very strong sense of marital duty to you. The 
second is to get her to refocus her sexual energy where it belongs, with 

Simon looked shocked at the news, yet comforted that this professional 
man seemed to have the solution.

"How do you think that can be achieved?" he asked.

"Basic sexual-therapy counselling involving you both, here in my 
office. I warn you it will involve you having to open up all areas of your 
sexual life with me now and also, when Karen come back in an hour or so, 
discussing your sex-lives together with me. You must hold nothing back 
Simon, especially when she returns, or I fear we may not be able to 
intervene in time to save her and your marriage. The stakes are that high 
and the therapy is that blunt but can Karen count on your support?"

Grey pitched it as an appeal to Simon's protective nature, his loyalty 
to the wife he clearly loved and also to his sense of sexual threat at 
the mention of another man who had turned Karen's head. Grey knew how 
to make a man agree to something and it worked.

"Of course, I would do anything for my wife Doctor Grey," he said.

Underneath the table Karen could barely keep her eyes off of Grey's 
crotch as the scent of the cologne beckoned to her. Grey had sat tightly 
underneath his desk, partly to ensure Simon had no chance of seeing 
beneath but mainly because it meant Karen could do little but stare at his 
belt-line. He knew especially in the super-aroused state he had left 
her after the sixty-nine, that she would be panting down there.

"Ok Simon. What is your favourite sexual position with Karen?"

"Doggie-style, Doctor Grey, I like to see her ass."

That exchange opened a twenty-minute conversation in which Grey 
skilfully probed Simon for his sexual history, noting when Karen looked 
quizzically at new revelations. It is clear that Simon had kept secrets from 
her and that was going to help Grey's cause considerably, as he 
prompted Simon to expose his deepest skeletons.

"Have you ever spanked Karen, Simon?"

"No Doctor Grey, she would not like it and I would not dream of ever 
asking her."

"But earlier you said you liked to spank women. Who have you spanked to 
have come to that conclusion, Simon, a girlfriend?"

Simon looked coy for a moment but then seemed to accept that, for Karen 
and his marriage, this was no time for secrets to survive.

"Kinda'. When Karen was pregnant with our first child I had an affair 
with my secretary. She used to get spanked for making mistakes and, in 
return, she would blow me in the office and occasionally let me screw 
her on business trips. It was good fun but it fizzled out once Karen and 
me began to have sex again."

As Simon spoke, Grey looked at Karen's face. It had gone white with 
shock, despite the calming effects of the cologne, and she looked as if 
she had been shot through the heart. Grey pretended to be making notes on 
Simon as he slipped one to Karen under the desk.

I want to explore the guilt-association again Karen it read but you 
must do what I ask without question. Is that OK?

Karen nodded, her face recovering from the shock of Simon's revelation 
and showing that the cologne had not allowed her sexual arousal to 
dwindle. If anything, Grey noted, her face had a new edge. She may not be 
feeling guilt thanks to her addiction but there was a definite, if 
subtle, look of revenge there that only Simon's infidelity could have 

Grey handed her a new note.

Blow me to completion whilst I talk to Simon. Take your time and 
remember, in order for maximum aversion and guilt, swallow my cum completely.

As Grey felt Karen's hands caress his crotch, he timed his next 
question so that is would drown out the subtle sound of his zipper being 
slowly undone.

"You mentioned that your secretary blew you in the office sometimes, 
Simon. How did you manage to do that without being seen?"

Simon smiled at the memory as his wife prepared to make a new one for 
Doctor Grey. As Simon replied, Karen had pulled Grey's naked cock from 
inside his trousers and had begun to slowly lick the tip.

"She used to sit me down against the door, on the floor, and pull my 
trousers down. She knelt over me and that gave her good access."

Grey thrilled as he felt his cock being teased, before Karen's 
incredible mouth sucked him into her warmth. Her tongue was in all the right 
places, her motion soft yet determined and best of all, she was blowing 
him within feet of her unknowing husband. The next question just 
appealed to Grey's sense of the dramatic.

"Did you not ever consider getting your secretary to hide under your 
desk, blowing you as you met with a client?"

Simon laughed.

"The thought never occurred to me! Sounds like fun though."

It is you fool, thought Grey, especially when you can look her partner 
in the face whilst she is doing it.

"Did you ever come in your secretary's mouth, Simon?"

"No, I've never got a woman to swallow me. There is nothing in the 
world that would make Karen swallow a man's sperm, no matter how much she 
loved him."

Grey could not resist looking at Karen's bobbing head as he heard Simon 
reply. He could feel himself building into an incredible orgasm and had 
to move quickly to avoid losing his professional mannerism. He told 
Simon to recline the chair and sit in quiet contemplation for a few 
moments, whilst he made notes on their session. With Simon looking at nothing 
he silently sat back and awaited his reward from Karen.

Throughout the whole thing, Karen had been trying desperately hard to 
feel guilt at giving head to another man whilst her husband sat by 
oblivious. The cologne had made all negative feelings hard and the gel in 
her pussy compelled her to obey her animal side, but the clear difficulty 
was the knowledge that Simon had turned to another woman when she was 
carrying their child. He had seemed almost boastful to Doctor Grey if 
anything, something that made her rage inside and embrace the pleasure of 
this illicit moment all the more easily.

Her pussy melted once more as her eyes locked with Grey's, celebrating 
the impending release she was going to give to this most generous of 
men and looking forward to tasting his cum. She knew that swallowing 
Grey, an act of completion denied to her husband, was wrong but it seemed 
to help to even Simon's fun with that slut of a secretary. She hungrily 
consumed the warm stream as it finally burst forth into her mouth, 
feeling Grey shudder silently before he deftly re-zipped himself and turned 
back to back Simon.

"Ok Simon, I am completed here for the moment. Go grab some lunch and 
come back in an hour. You are not to call Karen in the interim, as I 
will be preparing her for the group session afterwards. You can meet her 
in here then."

As Simon was leaving, Grey added an aside, "Have no fear Simon. Having 
met you this morning I feel more sure than ever that Karen's therapy 
will proceed exactly according to plan."

Karen emerged from under the desk a few moments after she was sure that 
Simon had gone. Grey suggested that she eat with him, in order to avoid 
Simon during lunch, and he ordered some sandwiches for them both. They 
sat down and discussed the aversion therapy and Grey reassured her 
that, even though she may not consciously be feeling guilt yet, he was sure 
her sub-conscious was already loosening its obsession over him.

An hour later Simon returned to see that Grey had arranged for another 
chair to be placed in front of his desk, allowing both Karen and him to 
sit and face the Doctor. Grey smiled, as always, before launching his 
next velvet-gloved assault on their marriage. 

"This afternoon I am going to talk to you each in private for a few 
moments, then we can come back as a group. We are going to focus on your 
sexual life together, specifically how we can overcome any aspects that 
are hindering it, so that you can focus with crystal clarity on each 
other's needs. This is the second stage of Karen's therapy, in which we 
move mainly towards getting her to refocus her sexual energy back into 
the marriage."

Simon and Karen nodded. Grey left Karen alone for a few moments whilst 
he took Simon aside, noting with silent satisfaction that she was 
looking ungrounded once more. At a safe distance, Grey whispered into 
Simon's ear.

"Now Simon, this is going to be the same for both you and Karen. I am 
going to focus on one thing your sexuality wants to say to her, but has 
until now been afraid to, and one thing that it wants to share to rid 
it of guilt. In this way you gain a new understanding of each other's 
needs, whilst you also forgive one dark secret each that you feared to 
share. Ok?"

Simon was nervous but this sounded like a fair, therapeutic approach to 
the predicament his wife was in. He was also glad that the whole idea 
was to focus Karen back onto him, for his jealousy at this mysterious 
other man she "obsessed" about would not leave him alone. He agreed.

Grey directed Simon to send Karen over to him. Simon did so as he sat 
down and Karen hurried towards the man she now regarded as her rock of 
sanity. Upon a close approach to him she was rewarded with that familiar 
sense of being calm and loved. Every time it simply reconfirmed that 
his judgement was sound.

"Although I have told Simon that this is focusing away from aversion, 
Karen, it will also have elements of aversion mixed in with your part. I 
decided not to tell him for fear he may cease to co-operate in this 
vital aspect of your therapy. We are going to look at two things today, 
one of which is designed to show Simon a side of you that you have been 
afraid to show recently and the other is to tell him something he did 
not know."

"Ok, Doctor Grey."

"In your case I will prompt you to tell him about your exhibitionism 
and also to admit how nervous you have been feeling around him recently. 
It's going to hurt, Karen but it really will help to bring your focus 
back onto him. I know you are going to be nervous, so I will prepare a 
handkerchief to help you. Sit down again please."

Grey prepared some cologne on a handkerchief as Karen nervously sat 
back into the chair. He explained to Simon that Karen was going to be 
nervous, given her mental state at the moment, and that he was going to use 
some aroma-therapy oils to try and help soothe her a little. Handing 
the handkerchief to Karen he held her eye for just a second, to glory in 
the registration of gratitude that flashed towards him.

Grey called for a screen to be brought in and, whilst everyone stood, 
two assistants rearranged the two chairs around it. The result was that 
one chair was place, exposed, in the centre of the room whilst the 
other was fully covered by the solid screen. A tripod-mounted video camera 
was placed on the wall near the screen, though it was turned squarely 
to face the chair in the centre of the room. 

Grey faced Simon and Karen as the assistants left.

"Simon, please go and sit in the chair in the centre of the room. Karen 
is to sit on the chair behind the screen. You will see that the 
assistants have placed radio headsets alongside each chair. These will 
transmit only to each other and to a headset that I will wear, to protect your 
privacy. Use only these to communicate and please only communicate when 
prompted by me."

Karen looked worried.

"Where will you be Doctor Grey?"

Grey looked the picture of the professional as he spoke in a reassuring 
tone to her. 

"I will be outside, Karen, monitoring the session via the camera set up 
on that wall. I hope to allow you to feel the minimum intrusion into 
your bonding session. Simon will be fine getting his headset on but you 
look a little edgy, Karen, so I will help you before I leave."

Simon sat in his chair as Grey led Karen behind the screen. She sat, 
washed in his calming yet undetectable odour, as he helped her to put her 
headset on. As it was secured on her, he then secured his own and spoke 
into the mouthpiece.

"Karen, this is Doctor Grey. Only you can hear me for the moment so 
just listen please. I told Simon I was going to exit the room because I 
wanted him to relax fully with you, however I shall be here behind the 
screen to give you support. Just allow me to pretend to exit and then I 
shall return in silence."

Karen nodded gratefully. 

Grey told them both to close their eyes and meditate for a second 
whilst he exited. He loudly open and then closed the office door before 
locking it. Silently he moved past Simon and behind the screen to Karen, 
where he produced the video viewer for the camera. He placed the screen 
in clear view at the base of the chair and put the control on the arm. 
Then, as they watched Simon in the chair, he held Karen's her hand in a 
comforting manner. 

The headsets relayed the perfect, soothing clarity of Doctor Grey's 
voice into their ears.

"To get us relaxed and used to the equipment, I am going to ask you to 
perform a series of non-sexual role-plays and exercises. This will take 
about 45 minutes. Once that is complete I will then move onto the 
matters we discussed a few moments ago."

Grey set Simon off on a ten minute talk about what he did for a living 
whilst he produced a tub of the lubricant for Karen. He clicked into 
her channel alone.

"This is, of course, going to become a sexual discussion Karen. Please 
take this gel and lubricate yourself well whilst you listen to Simon. 
Give your panties to me."

Simon continued to tell his boring anecdotes as Grey watched Karen pull 
up her skirt and remove her panties. She gave them to him and began to 
finger herself with the lubricant, whilst Grey stood directly behind 
her and secretly drunk down her scent. It intoxicated him once more.

Once Karen had finished with the gel, Grey instructed her to talk about 
parents. He continued to smell the crotch of her panties and nibble the 
hairs within as he waited for the gel to begin to take affect.

It had been 20 minutes by the time Grey instructed Karen to stop. He 
dropped the panties and moved slowly towards her as he spoke to them 

"Now we are used to speaking alone into the microphones, I am going to 
set some exercises in which you hold a series of conversations. Whilst 
I prepare, just sit with your eyes closed and relax."

Grey changed the channel to Karen alone.

"Karen, I want to continue the aversion element whilst we do this. 
Whilst the oral this morning was a good start, I would like to take it back 
a level for the moment. I want you to imagine that we are not covered 
by a screen but instead that we are at your house. Your children are out 
but Simon is in the next room preparing dinner for us. He could come in 
at any moment, so we have to be as subtle as teenagers in their 
parents' house, but I want us to engage in foreplay as if we need to be able 
to spring apart at any second. In this manner I want to combine the 
guilt you used to feel as a teenager with the guilt you should feel about 
doing this with a man other than your husband."

The gel was tingling inside her vagina, in partial response to the 
presence of the cologne that Grey wore, but having failed to find guilt so 
far with Grey, Karen would have happily engaged in this 
lesser-deception anyway. She nodded.

"To help us maintain the deception needed I will change the microphone 
settings on our headsets. From now on, Karen, you will need to activate 
a button near the mouthpiece in order to make it live. Remember, 
however, that when one microphone is live it will pick up noises and so we 
must proceed with the same caution as if we feared being overheard in our 
hypothetical situation. With that proviso, you are to role-play as 
instructed by me."

Grey altered the microphone settings and began to fondle Karen's 
breasts as he addressed them both.

"Simon, I want you and Karen to imagine that you are preparing a meal 
for a guest. Karen is playing hostess whilst you are preparing the meal 
in the next room. I will play the guest. You can talk about any subject 
that you would in polite conversation but must maintain the 
conversation until I tell you to stop. You begin please."

Simon began to talk about the ingredients as Doctor Grey began to kiss 
Karen, tenderly at first but then building as lovers do to indicate 
their impending consent. Grey knew, better than most, the important 
bonding that kissing generates in a couple and he was pleased when Karen 
responded with full enthusiasm. He would make her anticipation build 
slowly, as the gel stimulated her vaginal nerves, until she would be more 
aroused than she had ever known.

As Karen began to stroke Grey's legs, she realised that Simon was 
expecting an answer.

"Yes, it's been lovely weather today love. Our guest is fine at the 
moment; they are just making themselves at home. How's work been today?" 

Simon replied as Karen stroked Grey's thighs and made her way up to the 
crotch of his trousers, cupping his balls and slowly rubbing them in a 
circular motion. Grey knew that Karen would never admit it to herself 
but that he had pushed her past a mental threshold. The thrill-seeking 
part of her brain, so over-stimulated already by the concoction of drugs 
he had got her addicted to, was now responding to the past-memories of 
the fantastic sex she had felt from him. Coupled with this was the 
natural female instinct to mate with a man she sees as a strong, protective 
figure, and he knew she had become the dream-lover that Simon could 
never be.

Grey had given her this time to allow her to make-out with him in a 
natural way, adding her own enthusiasm to the heady mixture of 
drug-fuelled euphoria. He was now about to experience her soul make love to him in 
a way and, in doing so, become his slave. The exhibitionist in her was 
about to explode making her, sub-consciously at least, embrace the 
deception of her husband.

Simon ended with another question.

"How about you, sir, are you ready for dinner soon?"

Grey smiled as he motioned for Karen to stand. He sat down and took her 
onto his lap, allowing his hand to move down the back of her dress.

"I am fine Simon. Yes, I can hardly wait to dine with you. Is it your 
own recipe?"

Grey knew every spot to touch on a woman's body and began to expertly 
stroke Karen's buttocks as she leant forwards. She moaned softly as 
those talented fingers touched with practised, expert skill.

"It's one of Karen's that she recommended," Simon replied.

Grey indicated to Karen to look at the video screen as he activated the 
controls on the chair arm. The video camera zoomed in on Simon, until 
his crotch filled the entire shot.

"The main problem is always the meat. Is your meat still tender, 

Karen stifled a small laugh. It was the first time Grey had ever heard 
her laugh and it meant she had bonded well with him.

"Yes, it's fine sir," Simon said.

Grey moved his hand around the waist of the skirt and positioned Karen 
so that she could feel his next comment as well as hear it.

"No matter what your wife shows me, Simon, I always find that my meat 
ends up hard. I remember recently, when she was trying to teach me 
cooking lessons again, we ended up having to soften it in a bowl of warm 

As Karen heard Grey say this she felt herself pressing hard against his 
erection. The gel was running a losing race with her natural instincts 
to warm her wetness anew. She was aching for this foreplay to end but 
thrilling in the naughtiness. She decided to add a little herself, much 
to Grey's delight.

"Simon, it's a little dark in here so I am going to open the shutters 
for a while. It will give our guest a chance to admire the view." Karen 
said as she cradled her legs to allow her naked pussy to rest just in 
front of Grey's eyes.

Simon warmed to the theme.

"It's just a pity you cannot see beyond the horizon because there are 
some beautiful places to go," he said.

Grey stroked around Karen's naked pussy lips, causing her to stretch in 
silent celebration.

"I'll go there after dinner, Simon, thanks for the recommendation. In 
the meantime, whilst you finish the cooking, I'll just stretch a little 
for now and see what I can from here."

Karen engaged Simon is general banter, skilfully keeping her voice 
level as Grey probed his gel-covered fingers first around the edges of her 
pussy and then deep into her asshole. He finger-fucked her ass for the 
next few minutes, something Karen had never felt before, before finally 
addressing them both.

"Ok everyone, thank you for that. We have had enough practice with the 
equipment and I hope it's made us feel relaxed. Now, in a few moments, 
we will move onto the main therapy."

Grey kissed Karen tenderly and then allowed her to sit in the chair 
again, whilst he stood over her in his professional manner once more. He 
opened a channel to Karen and spoke softly.

"Karen, that was good that you embraced the aversion therapy but I 
remind you to focus on Simon. Did you feel guilt at what we just did?"

"Yes" she said, even though they both knew it was a lie.

Grey knew that he would have to break her bond of affection for him 
when the fifth great experiment began, but that would be easy enough. For 
now he just enjoyed the power it gave him.

Grey opened his microphone to them both again.

"We are going to start with Karen, Simon. She is going to tell you 
firstly about one of her secret fears. Karen, proceed please"

Karen cleared her throat.

"Recently, I have felt nervous when I am at home with you and the kids. 
I think it is to do with the fact that I have lost some of my sexual 
focus on you and I am scared in case I lose it all."

It was a true admission and Simon admired her courage. 

"Karen, I know. I will support you through it and not think any the 
less of your love for me," Simons voice was charged with emotion as he 

Grey faked his admiration.

"Excellent, both of you. Secondly, Simon, Karen is going to tell you 
something about her sexuality that she has been afraid to. I want you to 
try to embrace it positively. I warn you both that I know all that is 
to be revealed today and, if you hold back, I will be forced to reveal 
the details myself. Ok Karen, tell him please."

Karen felt soothed by Grey's presence but she still trembled as she 
spoke. From the newly expanded video shot, Grey could see Simon was as 

"Simon, you know that time you entered me on the bus? Well, I really 
enjoyed it. I crave exhibitionist sex, sex outdoors, and it really hurts 
me that you will not even give it a try anymore." Karen was afraid as 
she finished, afraid of the pending response.

Both Karen and Grey could hear the relief in Simon's voice.

"It that all? Oh, babes, it's not something I fancy but I'd have always 
been happy to do it occasionally for you." 

Grey decided to have fun.

"Are you sure, Simon? Are you saying you would engage in exhibitionist 
activity to please your wife?" Grey asked.

"Absolutely Doctor Grey" Simon replied with a confidence he was about 
to regret.

Grey smiled.

"Ok, Simon. I know your wife cannot see you but I can, via the camera 
at the moment. Take off your clothes and lay them beside the chair, then 
sit with your legs spread in order that the camera may see your penis 
clearly." Grey said it with such an air of professional expectation, as 
one would hear a dentist tell a patient to spread their mouth wide, 
that Simon was trapped by his previous answer.

Simon stood up and began to nervously undress as Grey switched to 
Karen's headset only.

"You see how much he loves you Karen? He is prepared to humiliate 
himself in front of another man rather than endanger the therapy."

Karen felt her age-old love for Simon return and she did indeed feel a 
twinge of guilt for mocking him so just now. As Karen felt that Grey 
was teaching her a lesson she did not realise that he was, in fact, 
operating a double bluff. It would help her to not question the aversion 
therapy and it also set a precedent for her.

Simon sat naked in the chair, his flaccid penis a testament to his 

"I can tell you Karen" Grey said as he changed back to both headsets 
"that Simon is now naked in my office. That, Simon, is a good start and I 
commend you. Ok Simon, it is now your turn."

Simon sat up and prepared himself.

"Simon, during our initial chat you told me of a guilty secret you had. 
I think you are projecting it into your sex-life with Karen, especially 
as it relates to the time she was pregnant. Before you start, however, 
I want to try to turn this into a positive sexual experience in both of 
your minds. It will be a catharsis and also a new, open and honest 
start to your re-focused sexual future. Ok?"

Simon knew that Grey was referring to the secretary and he shrunk 
inside. However maybe this therapist was right, maybe it was time for a 
clean start. Both he and Karen agreed.

"The camera is focused on you Simon, so there is no fear that your 
wife's modesty will be compromised as long as she stays behind the screen. 
Give Karen 5 minutes to prepare and then begin to tell her, in complete 
detail, everything. I want you, Karen, to masturbate where appropriate 
and attempt to project that positive energy onto the negative image you 
will have. In addition Karen, you must attempt to act out what you are 
told, using your imagination, and that means Simon must give you 
complete instructions 5 minutes from now please, Simon."

As Simon waited, Grey switched to Karen's headset again.

"You know this is going to be about the secretary. It's a catharsis for 
him as well as you, added to additional aversion and guilt, in the hope 
he can admit his affair whilst strengthening your sexual bond. For this 
exercise, I am Simon and you are the secretary. Act out on me exactly 
what he describes and how he describes it, nothing more and nothing 
less," Grey said.

5 minutes later, Grey spoke to them both.

"Ok Simon, to help to make this easier I am going to allow you to 
depersonalise it a little. Refer to the male party in the third person, not 
as yourself. Begin."

Grey watched Simons's naked, limp cock in the viewer as he felt his own 
throb. This was going to be fun.

"His wife had been pregnant for six months and had gone off sex 
completely. He was horny as hell and his secretary, who he knew had always 
fancied him, was awake to her chance. Karen, stand in front of him and 
slowly undo your buttons." Simon was talking in a nervous manner, partly 
due to the confessional element and partly due to his lack of experience 
as a drama-director.

Grey sat in the chair as Karen stood in front of him, slowly undoing 
her buttons whilst fixing him with a look of pure sexual intent. Her bra 
became exposed and her breasts, now so familiar to Grey, regained their 
excitement to him because of the situation that was presenting them.

Simon continued.

"He was in his office with his co-workers outside but his secretary had 
obviously planned this moment for a while. Karen, beckon him to stand 
up and then kiss him passionately. As your kissing builds you should 
move your hands slowly down his back and then around to his crotch. Once 
you can feel his penis, I want you to stroke it with one finger."

Grey thrilled as her husband ordered Karen to make out with him. It was 
nice to have to do nothing but enjoy watching his puppets dance for his 
amusement. Karen embraced Grey with an eagerness that probably 
surpassed the original secretary, moving her hands as directed whilst allowing 
herself to build her arousal with every kiss. As her finger began to 
stroke Grey's crotch she felt a twinge of revenge against Simon. She was 
going to do nothing, absolutely nothing, with Grey that Simon had not 
done with that bitch all those years ago.

"Ok Karen, now slowly fall to your knees in front of him and unzip his 
trousers. Expose his cock and then push him firmly back into his chair, 
taking an aggressive sexual lead. As soon as he is sitting, you are to 
take his erection into your mouth and lock his startled eyes with your 
own." Simon was beginning to warm to his task, partly in excitement at 
the memory and partly in relief that he could finally unburden his 
guilty conscious.

Karen obeyed and soon a panting Grey was sitting in the chair, feeling 
her warm mouth welcome his pleasure almost as much as her smouldering 
eyes. It was time to enhance this by setting a new guideline for Simon.

Grey activated his mouthpiece.

"Sorry to interrupt but this is mainly for Simon. Simon, you cannot see 
Karen as she mimes sexual actions and of course she was not there in 
your office. I want Karen to make a firm tap on the chair every time she 
simulates a motion, with you indicating faster or slower as your memory 
recollects. In short, I want her to mime the actual sexual acts as 
closely as possible to the historical ones. Ok, proceed again please."

Simon resumed.

"Karen, suck on him slowly whilst stroking his balls."

Grey made the tapping, to allow Karen to concentrate all her energy on 
pleasuring him. He saw Simon listening in the viewer and waited.

"Suck him a little faster Karen but every now and again slow to that 
speed. You are teasing him on this occasion for he did not cum the first 
time. You are simply stating that you are claiming his cock from his 

It took a minute to get the rhythm correct but eventually Simon told 
Karen that she was perfectly recreating the blowjob. The secretary 
clearly knew her stuff, thought Grey as Karen worked, because this felt 
amazing without ever giving him the fear he was going to climax.

Karen imagined the penis in her mouth to be Simon's, giving into that 
bitch and moaning softly like Doctor Grey was now. Jealousy mixed with 
revenge as she repaid Simon exactly, not a suck more and not a suck 

Grey decided to have a little more added to the experience. He 
activated his microphone again, skilfully keeping his voice professional 
despite his arousal.

"Simon, linking into the exhibitionism and also into making this into a 
positive sexual experience for you both, I want you to masturbate to 
the rhythm of the oral sex. Close your eyes and try to imagine Karen in 
place of your secretary, as if she were sucking your penis right now in 
this office."

Grey watched with satisfaction on the viewer as he saw Simon make 
himself erect, acting out in fantasy every suck that his wife was giving to 
her therapist just a few feet away. Grey allowed them to continue in 
silence for a few minutes, knowing that Simon would end this before 
anyone came, and just savoured the moment.

As in the historical infidelity, Simon ended the blowjob just before 
climax. He was unsure as to what to do next, so he asked for guidance.

"Doctor Grey, should I move onto the next blow that caused me to 

Grey stoked Karen's face as he replied.

"No Simon, this is about revealing secrets, not repetition. Move onto 
any other sexual experience you had with your secretary, with the 
exception of that sexual area you are yet to admit to Karen. That comes in 
the next section."

Simon thought about his phrasing for a moment, then began.

"He decided he was going to have her and told her to arrange a 
double-room for them on his next business trip. Karen, imagine you are in the 
room and strip for him. He will strip himself and prepare the bed as you 

Grey watched Karen remove her clothes as he removed his own. He turned 
the chair into the flat couch once more and they waited for further 
instructions from Simon, each clothed in little more than lust and a silly 

"He decided to lay her down first and eat her pussy. Karen, lie down 
and spread your legs for him," Simon began.

Grey activated his microphone as Karen obeyed.

"For acts you performed on your secretary, Simon, Karen will have to 
masturbate and imagine. Describe in detail as usual, allowing her to make 
her finger into your tongue or penis as appropriate. For cunnilingus 
you are not to masturbate yourself, Simon, as you did not at the time. 
Please proceed."

Grey listened to every description and simulated them to perfection 
within Karen's pussy. He closed his eyes, combining Simon's description 
with the married pussy he was eating to taste the secretary in his 
imagination. This was the way to explore a patient's sexual history indeed.

Karen, on the other hand, could see nothing but Grey in her mind. Her 
anger at how Simon had pleasured that bitch was being mixed with the 
sensations of internal singing emanating from her pussy. She was feeling 
the joys of both infidelity and revenge combine in a delicious manner 
and she felt incredibly alive. She let her orgasmic screaming ring out 
with true abandon, thrilling Grey, shocking Simon and liberating her soul 
all at once.

Simon finished his tale as Karen came with an almighty shudder, her 
scream of release ringing around the office walls. Simon felt pleased that 
he had managed to turn this negative, guilty memory into a positive 
moment to share with his wife. He was truly grateful to Doctor Grey for 
his expertise, almost as much as Karen was behind the screen.

Simon continued with his recollection.

"As you lay there Karen I want you to pull him onto the bed, then guide 
his cock into your glistening pussy. Your legs are being held high by 
him, allowing for deeper penetration, whilst your hands grab his arse in 
preparation to regulate his thrusting."

As Grey entered Karen she smelled his cologne again, making her so high 
she almost came as soon as she felt his cock between her legs. Grey 
held her legs back and pushed deep inside Karen, an inch deeper than Simon 
ever could, and the extra depth added to her intense arousal.

Grey activated his microphone. He had a new idea.

"Ok Simon, for intercourse it is going to be a little different. Karen 
needs to concentrate fully on her re-creation and you will not feel 
sexual union with her through words alone. I want you to take your headset 
off and place the microphone next to your penis, allowing Karen to hear 
you as you pump. Each pump should correspond to each thrust of the 
sexual intercourse that you and your secretary engaged in, meaning that 
your climax must come at the same time in here as it did in that hotel 
room. The pumping will act as a guide for Karen's recreating. Once orgasm 
is achieved, replace your headset. Begin please."

Grey adjusted Karen's headset so that the microphone would pick up 
every sound. It was the thrill of his need for silence that was going to 
make this sweeter than anything else, coupled with the sight and sounds 
of Simon. There was something delightful in turning a loving husband 
into a mere wanker, especially as each pump of his abandoned cock would 
lead to his wife being fucked deeper by her new lover. Grey had turned 
Simon from master of his bedroom into a mere sex-toy and soon, with the 
fifth experiment, he was going to lose mastery of not only his wife but 
also his entire family. 

Simon began to masturbate very, very slowly. It was a pace which suited 
Grey for, like Simon had with his secretary, he wanted to savour his 
illicit conquest. Karen held onto Grey's ass and listened as her husband 
dictated the speed of each, wonderful thrust. This was sex of a kind 
that neither Grey not Karen had ever experienced, with the duration and 
point of climax completely at the hands of another. Karen hoped that 
Simon has screwed that bitch secretary for at least half an hour, the 
longest he had ever screwed Karen, for otherwise she would feel cheated as 
well as cheated on. 

In fact the sex lasted nearly an hour. All that broke the silence of 
the room was the ever-building moaning of Karen and the heavy breathing 
of Simon as he thrilled at sharing this encounter in the open. Maybe he 
did have an exhibitionist streak after all, he thought with a small 

Karen had never been screwed for so long or with such an overwhelming 
combination of the gel, the cologne, Grey's body and the sheer pleasure 
of illicit revenge. She cheated Simon of several of her orgasms, 
silently dedicating the gasping to the wonderful man inside her as he felt 
them tighten her pussy around him. Finally she heard Simon climax and she 
allowed the pent-up sexual energy to flow through her and out of her 
mouth in a breath-taking series of orgasmic screams, which Grey used as 
cover for his own, deep orgasm. His sperm began their journey into her 
womb, claiming every inch of her vagina as explorers and conquering 
heroes. Her citadel had not only been breached again but this time her king 
had been overthrown as well, soon to taste the life of a war-trophy 

Grey gave them all time to recover their breath as he withdrew from 
Karen. Eventually he assumed his professional manner again as he addressed 
them both.

"That was a positive experience, I am sure you will both agree, and one 
which has helped to strengthen your sexual union. I think, therefore, 
that it will now withstand the revelation of a part of Simon's sexuality 
that he has been afraid to reveal. First of all I will ask you to get 
dressed and then close your eyes in meditation for a few minutes. Then I 
am going to enter the room and supervise another role-play. Ok?"

They both agreed as they dressed. Grey stood and waited until he could 
see Simon had closed his eyes in the chair. He silently moved to the 
door before unlocking it, opening and closing it and then standing by his 

"Ok, open your eyes please and remove your headsets. We can talk 
normally from now on. Karen, please come and join myself and Simon in the 
middle of the room."

Karen moved from behind the screen and joined them. Simon looked into 
her eyes and could see clearly that this therapy session had been a 
great success so far, for she looked much more sexually charged than she 
had for years.

"Simon, tell Karen what you used to do with your secretary when she had 
made mistakes," Grey said in a matter-of-fact tone that concealed his 
malice perfectly.

Simon looked squarely at Karen as he spoke.

"I used to spank her naked ass across my knee."

Grey took an educated guess now. It was logical, given that Simon 
seemed to be the possessive type, that he would have had a problem with his 
secretary having sex with anyone else during his affair with her.

"Were those mistakes just office based or did she also get punished for 
having sex with her boyfriend?" Grey asked.

Grey knew he had struck gold as he saw the look flash across Simon's 

"Once, when I knew she had broken our agreement to stay loyal, I 
spanked her until she admitted what she and her boyfriend had done when I 
arranged for them to visit me once whilst Karen and the kids were out. I 
was hoping to cop a feel of her whilst he was out but instead she left 
me watching TV whilst they went upstairs for 20 minutes. She claimed 
they were talking but I could see the look on their faces," Simon 

Karen looked scared at how this conversation was turning out but 
knowing that this was all part of the therapy she needed, she did not object. 
She merely looked at Simon with cold eyes.

Grey just needed to hit the play button now. He wasted no time.

"Linking into the exhibitionism, as well as your need to express this 
side of your sexuality to your wife, Simon, I want you and Karen to 
recreate the spanking you gave to your secretary on that occasion. I will, 
of course, be forced to observe Karen's naked buttocks but at least her 
genitalia will remain covered. In that manner I think we will have 
secured her privacy."

Simon became excited, despite his best efforts to conceal it. He'd 
always ached to spank Karen and even the cost of this opportunity now, 
having to allow another man to see her arse, was small. Doctor Grey, after 
all, was a man of integrity and Simon was sure he would gain no sexual 
thrill out of the sight at all.

Grey knew that Simon was placing the last nail in the coffin of his 
marriage as he called Karen over. The humiliation he was about to inflict 
on his wife, linked to his own infidelity, was going to make Karen hate 
Simon with all the intensity she had once loved him. He just wanted to 
ensure it became personalised to the maximum level possible.

"For this role-play, Simon, it's important that you and Karen bond as a 
couple. It may, after all, become part of your regular sexual routine 
in the future. Call Karen by name and refer to yourself as the injured 
party at all times."

Simon began the re-enactment as Grey sat on his desk to admire the 

"Come here Karen and bend over my knee."

Karen did as she was told and began to enter the role-play herself.

"What have I done, Simon?" she asked

Simon did not answer but merely pushed her waistband and panties down 
to just about her pussy. Grey could see that Simon was awed at the site 
of his wife in such a vulnerable position, her buttocks naked and her 
body under his complete control. Grey knew that, albeit to a much lesser 
extent, Simon was a sadist at heart and Grey thrilled to have beaten a 
kindred-spirit at his own game.

Simon became domineering as his voice became low and full of venom.

"You had sex with him upstairs didn't you? Whilst I was downstairs you 
dropped your panties for him."

Karen presumed she was meant to deny this and she did, with equal 
venom. She whimpered as Simon's hand crashed onto her naked ass, stinging 
worse than even her childhood days when her father had disciplined her. 
Her father had done it through love and Simon was doing it for the 
thrill of power. It was a distinction not lost on her and she boiled with 
silent rage at her husband. 

Simon crashed his hand down again and again, causing Karen to decide on 
a swift revenge. This may be his re-creation of what he did to his 
bitch secretary but it also gave her the chance to gloat in his face.

"Yes, ok" she screamed "We were in your bedroom to talk but he 
persuaded me to strip for him, whilst he took photographs."

Simon was delighted that Karen had decided to embellish the role-play. 
Perhaps she was secretly enjoying it after all and did not want it to 
end too quickly? It did not matter to him, as long as he played along he 
could go on spanking her.

"Did you suck on him?" Simon demanded. "Did you desecrate the bedroom 
of me and my wife by taking his cock into your mouth?"

Karen had calmed now and her soul was ice-cold fury. She had a mocking 
tone to her voice as she softly responded to the question.

"Yes, I sucked him on your bed and I sucked his seed into my mouth just 
inches from where you rest your head. He tasted so much better than you 
did, he is longer than you are and when he ate my pussy I came much 
deeper than you could ever manage for me. He's twice the man and twice the 
lover you could ever be."

Simon was delighted at the stubbornness of will that Karen was showing. 
She was putting in a really good performance for him and he appreciated 
it, for she was allowing him to break her in the same way his secretary 
had once done. He inflicted a series of blows on Karen's ass and Grey 
watched on, enjoying this very intense event in ways that neither 
participant could ever know.

Karen began to cry as the pain and humiliation overwhelmed her. She was 
hurt almost as much by the sadistic joy she sensed from Simon, 
contrasting sharply with the fatherly concern she knew was emanating from 
Doctor Grey. She decided to have one last emotional fight back.

"I'll tell you something else Simon. He screwed me and made your 
marital bed squeak. If you were not so impotent you would have gone into the 
next room and heard us, but instead you just sat there and gave us the 
time to do it whilst thinking we were just talking. He is a far better 
lover than you and I'm glad it was him in your bed with me as opposed 
to you." 

Simon eventually broke Karen with a series of stinging blows. Grey 
stopped the session as soon as Karen had lost all resistance, for the point 
had been proved to her and he did not want to give Simon any more 
pleasure than necessary.

Grey gave Karen time to recover and dress. He spoke with the cool and 
intoxicating authority of the psychopath.

"Ok, both of you. I know it was a mixed session but I really think we 
have made progress overall. The last stage is to move to intense 
therapy, by which I mean 24 hours. I need to see you interact at home and to 
be able to feedback as events occur. With your permission I would like 
to be a guest in your house from tonight and for a period of one week. 
By the end of that time I am sure we will have resolved Karen's 
obsession and your marriage will be stronger than ever." 

They agreed, for by now it was clear to both that Doctor Grey had the 
answers they sought. Grey asked to speak to Karen alone for a moment 
and, when Simon stood outside, he whispered to her.

"That spanking was, to say the least, a little sadistic. I am worried 
that Simon might have a side to him that is hidden. I am also worried 
that it may affect his relationship with his daughters especially with 
Mary, your youngest. It may be sub-consciously causing her to associate 
sadism with sex and maybe that is why she is having problems with 
climaxing. During this week it is imperative that you get Mary to see me 
alone, for I think I have a therapy that will help her."

Karen was reassured as always by his manner and his scent.

"Ok Doctor Grey."

As Grey locked up the office he allowed himself a moment of reflection. 
There had only been four times in his career when he had found subjects 
worthy of the great experiment, and never so quickly after a move. He'd 
have no use for this office again, for after Karen had provided entry 
for the fifth, he'd end up changing both identity and city.

Grey smiled, something he never did unless it was at the thought of 
hurting someone, as he looked into the abyss that beat within his chest. 
It was time for the group therapy to begin.

Grey had spent the last few hours preparing for the evening as the old 
women of Paris had once prepared to enjoy the performances of Madame 
Guillotine. The adrenaline that pumped through his veins had allowed him 
to feel every moment of preparation, rather than just experience it, 
and it was somewhat of an anti-climax that he was now approaching the 

Grey focused on the three souls inside as he rang the doorbell. He 
owned one but he needed two if this was going to be a true test of his 
thesis. He needed to work swiftly, directly and maintain subtlety for at 
least another day although the main target was already selected. Mary was 
a little lamb, her peace was white as snow and everywhere that Mary 
went, the shades of Grey would sow.

Simon answered the door with a face that showed a mixture of worry, 
fatigue and hope in equal measure. He was almost pathetically pleased to 
see Doctor Grey as Susan had been, if anything, even more distant and 
nervy around him since the session today.

Simon invited Grey into the house and showed him to the spare bedroom. 
The room was adequate for the moment, however Grey did not expect to be 
sleeping there for too long. The main advantage was that is was located 
across from Simon's bedroom, with the two girls having a room on either 
side. It placed Grey in the perfect position to isolate each part of 
the family unit without any of the other parts being aware.

As he was unpacking there was a knock at the bedroom door. Grey 
hurriedly concealed the special items before he called out.

"Come in please."

Karen opened the door. Her face showed her pain for it was pale, drawn 
and contained two desperate eyes. She was a mere shadow of the 
confident woman she had once been and Grey knew that his command would be her 
wish. He opened his arms to her without a word and she rushed to embrace 
him, bursting into tears despite the calming sensations from Grey's 
cologne that now enveloped her.

"I'm sorry, Doctor Grey, but I've been feeling so frightened since I 
left you today and I have no idea why. I need to be with you so much."

Grey held her in a soft embrace.

"It's ok Karen, it's just a part of your sexual-fixation on me and it's 
good that you are able to express it openly to me. For the next week I 
want you to face it without shame and together we will ensure that it 
is defeated. By the time we are finished you will only ever have eyes 
for your husband again, I promise you."

Karen felt her fears easing as she breathed in Grey's usual fix of 
compassion mixed with drugs. It was a highly intoxicating combination, 
especially to one so addicted, and Grey could feel her relax in his 
embrace. With the anaesthetic applied it was now time to begin operating on 
her again.

"Ok Karen I want to observe you in your family environment but I will 
also need to talk to you from time to time, either alone or quietly when 
others are present. It's clear that the conversations are going to have 
to move into the sexual realm given that your problems are rooted 
there, so I'm going to ask you to apply the gel and keep applying it every 
time you think you are losing lubrication. I will give you plenty for 
the week ahead."

Karen could not stop herself from looking Grey over as he spoke. She 
felt her pussy moisten as she remembered how incredible it had felt to 
make love to him and a tiny part of her mourned that soon she would no 
longer get the chance to. She became angry with herself for the thought 
and wrestled her libido back under her control.

"Ok Doctor Grey, I will." "The other thing," Grey continued, "is that I 
will need to co-operation of other members of your family. I know Simon 
will support our work but what about Mary and Susan?"

Karen thought for a second.

"Mary is very worried about me and has already said that she will help 
in any way she can. She's delighted you are here because she thinks it 
will end this nightmare for all of us. Susan is different, I'm afraid, 
because she's always been the more stubborn of the two. I don't know 
how willing she is to help, despite her love for me, because she seems to 
resent having a stranger in the house for a week."

Grey noted the group dynamics. Mary was going to be useful but Susan 
could yet undermine the whole experiment unless he was careful. He 
decided that Susan would need to be isolated, in order that the other three 
could form a unit that would succumb to group thinking. This would 
ensure they were less open to conflicting views as well as leading Susan to 
feel resentful, even hateful, of Grey for his presence in the family. 
Grey looked forward to breaking Susan intently and her hate would simply 
add spice to the situation. "Ok, well Susan should not present too much 
of a problem. What I want to create tonight is a situation where each 
member of the family focuses on their sexual side, with you as the 
central focus for everyone. If you and Simon can refocus on each other and 
you can look upon Mary's sexuality without any qualms, I think you will 
be on a good path that will allow us to guide you away from your 
fixation on me. Does that make sense to you?"

It did and Karen nodded.

"It will start with something basic. I want you and the family to go 
for an hour long walk and you, Simon and Mary are not to be wearing any 
underwear. Your normal clothes are fine but the rule is that the women 
must wear no bra or panties and Simon must wear no underpants. It may 
seem a little odd but it's designed to get you to feel comfortable around 
yourselves, maintaining modesty of course, as you see a few more curves 
than usual."

"Is Susan not to do it as well, Dr Grey?"

"No, I think she'd feel uncomfortable and that would poison the 
atmosphere for all of you. Don't tell her, just make sure she goes with you. 
As for Mary, I want to talk to her before you go out about her inability 
to climax. Go downstairs and talk with her please. She's going to be 
nervous, of course, so she will need her mother to reassure her about the 
methods I use. The oils and gel have helped you relax a lot haven't 

Karen agreed enthusiastically

"Then just get that over to her and she should be ok. Send her up when 
you are done. I will wait for her in her room."

Grey prepared himself and then went into Mary's room as Karen went 
downstairs. A quick search showed him that Mary was indeed a complete 
virgin. All her panties were matronly, there were no clandestine sex-toys or 
correspondence and the entire room had that unique look and feel of the 
adult nursery. Grey knew she was innocent, naive, open to suggestions 
and would trust her mother's ringing endorsement of him. He put on his 
best professional manner as he heard his prey ascend the staircase and 
approach the room.

Mary opened the door and smiled nervously at him as she entered. She 
was wearing a white tee shirt and tight, black jeans that showed off her 
magnificent body.

"Hello Doctor Grey. My mum told me that you would like to speak with me 
for a bit."

"Indeed, Mary. Close the door and sit on the bed please."

Mary closed the door and sat on the bed whilst Grey sat on a plain 
chair, maintaining a respectful distance whilst admiring Mary's ass as it 
went by.

"Your mum would have told you about the aides to therapy I use. They 
are just simple therapy oils and lubricant, which help to clear and focus 
the mind. I have a handkerchief here with the oils on, which I will 
give to you in a moment, and then I will give you some gel to apply. I 
will, of course, leave the room whilst you apply the gel. Is that ok?"

Mary looked relieved and Grey knew he had guessed correctly. She was 
worried about applying gel to her vagina whilst he was in the room and, 
having removed that threat, Grey knew she would now view him with a 
little more trust. He could wait for her knowing that Mary would do a lot 
more than just show him her pussy in the end.

As Mary inhaled the oils she felt the same incredible sensation of calm 
that Karen experienced. Grey watched with quiet satisfaction as she 
took long, deep inhalations from the handkerchief. She clearly had an 
addictive-personality and that meant she was probably a closet 
thrill-seeker by nature, possibly even having the same exhibitionist tendencies 
that her mother possessed. The oils and the gel would do their part but 
her own personality meant that Grey needed to simply show her something 
exciting, something new, and she would hang on his every word.

He left the room and placed his ear on the door. The tell tale zip 
sound thrilled him as he imagined Mary pulling down her jeans and panties 
before fingering herself as she applied the gel. 

"Ok Doctor Grey, I'm finished. You can come back in now."

Grey entered the room and saw that Mary had become so relaxed with the 
oils that she was now lying down on the bed. He snatched a quick look 
at the crotch of her jeans as he sat down, smiling as he knew his gel 
would slowly make this bitch go into heat.

Grey began with the usual professional questions. He wanted to get to 
know Mary a bit more, allow her to get used to his presence and also for 
the gel to kick in. All the while Mary inhaled more and more from the 
handkerchief and replied with a voice that sounded very relaxed in deep. 
She had crossed the mental line, Grey knew, in which she had decided 
that she not only trusted Grey but also was enjoying the session.

After 20 minutes Grey noticed that Mary's breathing had altered, 
becoming less rhythmical as her vagina began to awaken. It would be another 
25 minutes before the gel reached full effect but, to the mind of a 
virgin, Grey knew that even the initial tingling would feel exciting. She 
was already thinking with a mind more in her crotch than her head and so 
it was time to move the conversation towards her focus.

"Your mother told me, Mary, that you have never been able to climax and 
that you are still a virgin. I think that your situation is worrying 
Karen, to the point where it is part of her problems, and I would like to 
help you beat the problem for both of your sakes. It will however 
require me to ask deep and personal questions which you must answer fully, 
or else the therapy will not be effective. Are you happy to proceed and 
help your mother?"

Grey linked it with Karen in order to maximise Mary's co-operation. He 
knew she was worried about her mum and also about her lack of ability 
to climax. By giving her the chance to solve both with one course of 
action he had made it emotionally impossible for her to refuse.

"That's fine Doctor Grey. I just hope we can get it sorted."

Grey smiled. She had given him common-ownership of her problem and that 
was the first step to controlling her.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend, Mary?"

Mary inhaled anew.

"Yes, I have had two. Mark was 20 and Tony was 19. Neither lasted more 
than a couple of weeks though."

"Is that because they wanted sex and you were not prepared to give it 
to them?"

Mary thought for a moment.

"Yes, Doctor Grey. I was firm with both of them that all we could do 
was softly kiss and hold hands. They wanted more."

Grey looked at Mary as she answered, taking sadistic pleasure in the 
knowledge he was going to make her his own.

"Have you ever seen a naked penis, Mary?"

"No, in fact I think that is part of my problem when I masturbate. I 
have nothing to fantasise over, yet if I encourage a man to show me then 
he would insist we went further."

Grey moved the conversation onto more general things again, knowing 
that he could use her admission later to sow a seed. He waited until the 
gel was at full effect before he slowly moved over towards the bed.

"You know, Mary, it's not that hard to find something that you could 
focus on during masturbation. You already have a penis to look at, albeit 
not naked, around the house. Your father is a good-looking man and you 
could focus on his."

As Grey completed this sentence he moved to within 4 inches of Mary, to 
allow the cologne to enhance the gel in her vagina and the oils on the 
handkerchief. Mary's natural revulsion at his suggestion was swamped by 
a tidal wave of calm and passion that exploded over her. She was 
confused, aroused, revolted and stunned by the idea all at once.

"Surely that would be wrong, Doctor Grey? He is my father after all."

Grey lowered his voice seductively, as the serpent to his Eve.

"It's because he is your father that it is safe. He's not going to hit 
on you, he's always around you and you would simply be using what he 
puts on open display as an aide to your sexual imagination. He'd be 
helping his little girl with a problem that is causing both her and his wife 
pain, so how could that be wrong? Trust me."

Grey had again linked this to Karen, lessened the sin and made it 
appear to be an almost benevolent act. Mary wanted to help her mother and 
the gel had already made her wonder if the sexual charge she had just 
felt was triggered by the thought of her father.

"I cannot see much in his jeans anyway, Doctor Grey."

Grey knew she'd accepted the principle and now it was simply a matter 
of guiding her.

"Normally yes, Mary, but today as part of your mother's therapy you are 
all about to go for a walk."

Mary interrupted him.

"Yes, she told me. We are going to walk around with no underwear on 
which amused me to hear, I must admit."

"Well, Mary, that means that his jeans are going to be a little more 
revealing than normal. Go for the walk and look at him as a man, not a 
father. Come talk to me afterwards and we can go on from there."

The session ended and Grey left Mary to get ready for the walk. He went 
downstairs and saw Simon, Karen and Susan watching television. He sat 
down in front of them and proceeded to show them an intercom unit.

"I think it's important for the family to be able to talk as a group 
but also as individuals. It may be hard, especially late at night, for 
someone who wants to talk to me to do so. They may feel embarrassed or 
not wish to disturb me. I am going to put an intercom unit in every room 
and corridor of the house so that anyone, at any time, can talk to me 
in privacy when I am in my room. Ok?"

Susan looked unhappy but she reluctantly agreed. She certainly knew she 
was never going to use it because something about Grey gave her the 
creeps, although it was only a 6th sense that refused to identify the 
reasoning behind itself.

"Ok, you are going for your walk now. I need to calibrate these units 
to work together and I will have that all done when you return. Please 
leave the units where I place them as any movement of them could cause 
them to lose their frequency locks."

Grey remained seated whilst the family prepared for the walk. 10 
minutes later they had left with, Grey noted, Mary checking out her father's 
ass as he led the way. The gel inside Mary and Karen's pussies would 
help to make it a fun walk, he thought.

Grey went around the house and carefully placed each intercom unit. 
Each unit did indeed transmit sound but not at the whim of the operator. 
Each had a pinhole colour camera hidden inside it and also a powerful 
microphone. Grey set up the master unit in his bedroom, allowing him to 
switch from camera to camera with a simple push of a button. The unit 
contained a viewing screen and could also digital record anything he 
wanted as a trophy later. Nobody could be in the house now without his eyes 
being upon them.

As the family walked Karen felt a mixture of the usual anxiety, born 
from her withdrawal again, and elation as the gel made the rubbing of her 
jeans delightful. She was also happy that she was able to project her 
sexual arousal onto Simon, who looked magnificent today with his 
unfettered cock bulging at his zipper.

Unknown to Karen, Mary was thinking exactly the same. Her mind was 
racing and her heart was pounding as she flashed quick looks at her 
father's crotch. His cock was hanging to the left, bunched up in jeans that 
silouetted each ball and could barely contain him. It was the first time 
in her life that she had ever seen a penis that was so near to naked. 
Mary had always avoided swimming baths and the like because, despite her 
beauty, she felt ugly. Part of her anger at being unable to climax was 
that it was yet another thing to make her feel freakish. Now she was 
able to get her mental image in the safety of the family and she felt 

Mary's mind raced as they reached a park. She felt she wanted more, 
that the image was not enough to allow her to focus on it when she was 
playing with herself, yet she also knew that this was her father. She had 
to not only be careful but also not to offend her own sense of 
morality, although that latter sense was very much the minority voice at the 

"Dad, can I have a hug please?" Mary asked as they had stopped for a 

Simon smiled at how his little girl still needed reassurance, even now 
she was a beautiful young woman. He held her closely, feeling her 
breasts mould to his chest as her arms held his.

Mary presented a fine façade to conceal her arousal but she managed to 
position them both so that her pussy could press against her father. 
The jeans deadened the sensation but it was the mental thrill she was 
seeking. She was not disappointed and quietly thanked Doctor Grey for his 

Grey meanwhile was searching the house and was especially enjoying 
violating Susan's privacy. He read her mail, felt the crotch of every pair 
of her jeans, sniffed around her pyjamas and generally revelled in his 
anticipation of breaking her. The day was coming soon when she would 
kneel before him.

He had just finished in Susan's room when he heard the family 
returning. He waited in his room for Mary to report to him and was not 
disappointed. She knocked shortly after arriving back.

"Doctor Grey?"

"Come in, Mary."

She came in and her face instantly told Grey that she had not let him 

"You father is magnificent, isn't he Mary?" Grey said

Mary blushed.

"Well, now you have some mental image I guess you would be in a hurry 
to try it out alone. I must caution you, though, that it will probably 
not work. Mary, I can promise you that by the end of the night you will 
have multiple orgasms but you must trust me if it is going to work. Do 
you trust me enough to free you of your condition and to help your 

"I do, Doctor Grey."

Grey smiled.

"Good, then you are not to play with yourself at all until I tell you. 
In the meantime I will give you some gel to ensure that you do not lose 
lubrication tonight, along with another handkerchief to relax you. What 
we are aiming for is to build on the mental image you now have and help 
to cement it inside your mind. After that you will be able to climax as 
often as you wish."

"How are we going to do that, Doctor Grey?"

"I am going to give you and your mother a small ear-peace, which we 
will tell the others are monitors that are feeding data to a computer in 
my room. They will in fact be simple speakers, linked to a tiny 
microphone I will conceal in my hand. In this way I will be able to advise you 
and your mother tonight on things that will help your respective 
conditions. All you have to do is simply follow my advice, no matter how odd 
it may seem, and I guarantee you will be cured." 

Grey handed the speaker to her and they left the room. 20 minutes later 
he had briefed Karen on the situation and the whole family were 
watching television with Grey. Susan pointedly sat alone whilst Karen and 
Simon sat on the couch. Grey sat next to Mary on a two-seat sofa, enjoying 
the thigh-pressure from time to time.

Grey deftly switched his microphone to Karen's wavelength and whispered 
into his hand, whilst pretending to be using it to support his head.

"Karen, we are going to really focus your sexual energy on Simon 
tonight and attempt to break your fixation on me. Simon is naked under his 
jeans, of course, so your touch is going to feel better. I want you to 
start trying to covertly turn him on, to see how far you can get without 
the girls noticing."

Karen began to cuddle with Simon as they watched. Grey turned his 
microphone over to Mary's frequency.

"Mary, your mother is going to try and focus on your father tonight. 
She is going to see how far they can make out without you or Susan 
becoming suspicious. Don't let on, just keep covertly watching them and your 
sexual imagery will be enhanced a little more."

Mary was shocked because her mother and father had never been 
demonstrative around the kids. Sex was strictly for the bedroom and yet now here 
her mum was, stroking her dad's arms softly. She felt a voyeuristic 
thrill as she wondered what they would do and also happy that her mother 
seemed to be getting more healthy.

Simon did not know what to do for the best. Karen was making out to him 
in front of the kids and a stranger, something they had agreed must 
never happen, and yet he did not want to discourage her from focusing back 
on him. He remembered how she had admitted be exhibitionist in therapy 
and concluded this was something she needed to do to help her to heal. 
It also felt nice, adventurous and a little naughty.

Mary watched as Simon began to stroke her mother on the back, firmly 
yet with that absent-minded manner which made it look like an unfocused 
happening. She thought it must be a nice sensation and mourned that she 
had not allowed her boyfriends to do it to her.

Minutes passed as the television played on. It was now the 
entertainment for Susan as the rest of the family watched the drama unfold. Karen 
had reached her limit, Grey surmised, because she was repeating what she 
was doing. It was time to suggest how to take this further.

Grey activated his microphone again.

"Karen, in a moment I am going to get Mary to go upstairs and change. 
When she does, ask her to get you a blanket as you are feeling cold. 
Mary is at a critical stage now and I think we can cure her tonight but 
you must help me without question or she will relapse. To show you agree, 
ruffle Simons hair now."

Karen ruffled Simon's hair as Grey talked into his microphone, this 
time to Mary.

"Mary, one of the main reasons you have problems in climaxing is that 
you do not feel attractive. You told me as much in the session earlier. 
Go upstairs and get changed into the lowest-cut top you have and the 
shortest skirt. Leave your underwear off. Then come and sit back down. I 
am going to show you that you are very attractive indeed."

Mary stood up to leave.

"Are you going upstairs love?" asked Karen "If so can you get me a 
blanket, I'm cold."

"Ok mum. I'm just off to get changed as these clothes are no longer 

Susan had become increasingly aware that her parents were making out 
next to her and it was annoying her greatly. Sex was not something for 
exhibition, especially in front of that doctor creep. A few minutes after 
Mary had gone, Susan stormed to bed in a silent fury.

Mary returned in an outfit that made Grey instantly hard. It had almost 
infinite upskirt and down-blouse opportunities and was, therefore, 
perfect. She handed the blanket to Karen, who placed it over her lap and 
Simon's lap, before she sat next to Grey again.

Grey spoke into his microphone again to Karen.

"Karen, you are covered now. I want you to get Simon really going now, 
maybe even see if you can perform a sex act or two without Mary 

Grey turned the frequency over to Mary's.

"Mary, whisper to me. Did you ever used to massage your dad's feet when 
you were younger?"

Mary leant over and whispered, "Yes, but I've not done it since I was 

"Offer to give him one now."

Mary looked puzzled. "Why?"

"Because it will put you at his feet and allow your eyes to rest on his 
crotch. I have a feeling your mother has created an erection under that 
blanket which will have indented, giving you a good chance to create 
another mental image. I also want you to notice just how your father 
looks at you, now that you are dressed so provocatively, because that will 
show you just how sexy you are to men."

Mary looked over at her parents. The blanket could not hide the fact 
that, from the movements, her father was fingering her mother deeply. She 
was unsure as to how to best proceed but Grey had been right so far, 
no-one had been embarrassed or hurt and the gel was making her pussy ache 
to see an erection.

"Dad, it's been ages since I gave you a foot massage. Would you like 
one now after that walk?"

The sound of Mary's voice seemed to shock Simon back from where he had 
been. His hand shot away from Karen and he sat upright.

"I'm not sure Mary..." he began.

"Oh, go on," said Karen "it will help ease your feet."

Karen leaned close to Simon.

"It's not going to stop our fun, love, because we are covered and 
she'll be looking down at your feet the whole time," she whispered.

Simon agreed and watched as Mary came over and knelt before him. Her 
top did little to conceal her breasts from his eyes and he felt ashamed 
that it was hard to look away. He felt Mary begin to massage his feet 
and was shocked at how aroused it made him feel.

Mary stole glances towards her father's crotch to try to see the 
indentation of his erection beneath the blanket, however each and every time 
her mother's hand was in the way. She finished her massaging feeling 
disappointed, despite her arousal at seeing her parents making out in 
front of her eyes.

Grey tuned into Mary's frequency.

"Mary, tell them that you have finished and are going to bed. Instead 
of actually going, just move back around 6 inches. Your mother is going 
to help you."

Mary was unsure about what that meant but she complied. As she did Grey 
yawned and announced he was off to bed. He left the room but kept watch 
through the door.

Grey tuned into Karen's earpiece.

"Karen, this is going to be distasteful for you but you have to trust 
me. Mary needs to see an erection in order to be able to climax via 
masturbation. You must help your daughter or you will never be well in 
yourself. Mary is still in the room and is watching you both silently. You 
must keep Simon distracted, keep his eyes closed and his head back, and 
then you must expose him to his daughter. It's the only way to help 
Mary and you become cured."

Grey had re-empathised the need for this so much because he knew that, 
despite the gel and her own reliance on him, Karen's morality would 
make her balk at his suggestion. She did indeed balk but, ultimately, her 
faith in Grey won through.

As she kept Simon distracted she slowly pulled the blanket higher. Mary 
was transfixed with emotions, with guilt and shame fighting her natural 
curiosity and the effects of the gel. Soon the conflict was pointless 
as she was staring at her father's cock in all its glory.

Grey could see she was wrestling with her conscience and it was 
important now to maintain control. He decided to intervene before she was able 
to make a decision for herself.

"Mary, I think that is enough now," Grey said into his microphone "I 
think you have enough images to allow you to climax tonight. Come and 
join me outside of the room and give your parents their privacy."

Mary left and joined Grey. He knew she needed grounding again and so he 
suggested a quick session in her room to discuss things. Mary had begun 
to feel the affects of withdrawal from the oils and was instantly 
soothed by Grey's cologne as she came near him. The calm she felt around him 
convinced her that she needed his help.

As they entered her room Mary lay on the bed. Grey sat on the chair 
again and resumed his professional mannerisms.

"How do you feel Mary?" he asked.

"I don't know. Guilty and yet I think it was important for me to see an 

Grey accentuated the positives.

"You are right, it was important. Your mother sacrificed so that you 
could get the image that you needed and your father will never know. Have 
you ever heard them making love?"

Mary thought for a moment.

"I have occasionally been passing and had heard the bed squeaking but 
they are always very careful not to be overheard."

"How did it make you feel then, Mary?" Grey asked

"It kinda made me feel excited, Doctor Grey, and I even stopped to 
listen once."

Grey excused himself for a moment. He returned from his room carrying 
something that was wrapped in paper.

Mary looked at the object with puzzled eyes. Grey allowed her to wonder 
for a moment before he spoke.

"Your mother asked me to give you this when you were at the stage where 
you were going to release your sexual tension. I think it's very loving 
and noble of her to want to share it but you must promise me that you 
will not spurn her gesture if I am to show it to you."

It was a complete lie but Grey knew that Mary had no way of verifying 
that. Her mother, after all, had just exposed her father to her gaze. It 
made sense that she wanted to help her find orgasm as well.

"Ok, Doctor Grey, I promise."

Grey unwrapped the object. It was Karen's dildo that he had taken from 
her room when he was setting up the intercom units. He handed it to a 
shocked-looking Mary, who took it meekly.

"Your mum uses this when your father is away. I agree with her when she 
says that you need to feel penetration but, of course, you have taken 
the pledge to remain a virgin before marriage. This seems to be the 
perfect solution." Grey said.

Mary's mind raced. It would not break the pledge and she did wonder 
what being penetrated felt like.

"How do I use it, Doctor Grey?"

Grey put on his best mannerisms.

"I have been a sexual-therapist for 5 years, Mary, and I know that you 
will not climax unless you are reassured during your use of the dildo. 
You can use it under the covers, to maintain your modesty of course, 
but I will need to be present when you do. I will guide you."

Grey moved back as he said this in order to allow the cologne to move 
away. Mary suddenly felt a rush of nervousness and an overwhelming need 
for Grey to be near her. Despite this emotional rush, however, she 
remained undecided. Her virginal modesty was holding her back.

Grey sensed her hesitation and closed the deal.

"Mary, I can give you multiple orgasms tonight and ensure you never 
have a problem again. If you just have a little more faith in me we can 
cure you right here, tonight, and forever."

Mary was scared to let this opportunity past almost as much as she was 
scared that Grey would leave her. The withdrawal from the oils was 
strong now, making her lose her self-reliance. She agreed.

Grey told her to remove her jeans and panties before getting into the 
bed. Whilst she was doing this he was in his room, collecting the master 
unit. He returned to find Mary under the covers.

Grey set up the unit so that the screen could clearly be seen from the 

"Your mother has agreed to this in order to help their own situation, 
however I am sure she would be happy to use it to help you as well." 
Grey said as he switched on the unit and took the remote control with him 
to the bed. 

Grey leant towards Mary to allow his cologne to make her trust him 

"We are going to simulate everything we can with the dildo, to ensure 
that you orgasm and that you feel comfortable on your wedding night. On 
that night you will have someone in bed with you, of course, so tonight 
I will lay fully clothed next to you under the covers." Grey spoke as 
he moved around Mary and under the covers with her. It was only a single 
bed and he felt the heat from her naked thighs burn into his own, 
despite the trousers in between.

Mary was too nervous to move as she felt Grey beside her yet she also 
felt energised by the gel and the thought of orgasm. Grey put his mouth 
next to her ear.

"Watch the screen," his whispered seductively.

He activated the screen and it showed Karen's empty bedroom.

"They will be up in a second almost certainly Mary, given how randy 
they were being downstairs. You know when you stopped to listen to the 
squeaks that time?" 

"Yes Doctor Grey."

"Well, this is just the high-tech solution to that very common fantasy. 
We are going to watch your parents make love, with every sight and 
sound to stimulate you as you use the dildo. Your orgasms are just a few 
minutes away, Mary."

Grey cuddled her to keep her nerve up as they waited. It was indeed 
only a few minutes before they heard Simon and Karen come upstairs before 
Mary saw them enter the bedroom. Both of her parents were clearly 
aroused and wasted no time stripping their clothes off in an ecstasy of 

Mary was transfixed and extremely aroused as she saw her parents 
becoming naked. Grey showed her how to use the remote to make the camera pan 
and zoom, which meant she could focus on her father's cock. Grey noted 
with quiet satisfaction that she had begun to pant.

Karen began to stroke Simons's erect cock as Mary watched. 

"Would you like to know what your dad's cock feels like, Mary?" he 

Mary had lost herself to the screaming sensations emanating from her 

"Uh-huh," she replied.

"You already do. Your mum chose that dildo because it is the exact same 
size and shape as your father," Grey said as he watched the thrill 
spread over Mary's face "so just do everything you see on screen and you 
will feel everything he gives to your mother."

Grey watched as Mary used the dildo to mimic every action she saw on 
the screen. She stroked it, she took it into her mouth and she pumped it 
as Karen did the same to Simon. Occasionally Mary would use the remote 
to change the view and Grey was happy for her to satisfy her own 
particular desires.

Finally Simon was about to enter his wife and Grey leant over again.

"Ok Mary let your father guide you. Use the dildo to thrust in time to 
him, let your father's cock claim you and take his little girl to 
orgasm," Grey whispered.

Simon entered his wife in their bedroom completely unaware that he had 
also just entered his daughter. He was determined to make this good for 
Karen and lasted a good 30 minutes, with both his wife and daughter 
enjoying every gelled-up moment of his attentions with orgasm after 
orgasm. Grey just enjoyed the power he had over this family and decided that 
tomorrow would mark the final stage.

Finally Simon came and rolled-off Karen. He was asleep before Karen 
could turn off the light, plunging the television viewer into darkness. 
Grey looked over at Mary, who seemed to be almost a trance of after-glow.

"You would like to sleep with your father for real, wouldn't you Mary?" 
Grey asked the question in a very matter-of-fact manner, given that the 
proceeding events had made the answer plain.

"I never considered it before you came along, Doctor Grey, but yes I 
really would. It's just a foolish fantasy of course," Mary replied.

Grey allowed that thought to hang for a moment.

"I can promise you that your father will sleep with you tomorrow Mary 
but, in return, I want something from you."

Mary was almost shocked out of her floating glow with this news. She 
had no doubt, however, that Grey could deliver and her vagina pulsed at 
the thought.

"Ok, it's a deal. What do you want from me in return?" she asked.

Grey looked her straight in the face as he spoke.

"Your virginity."

Mary felt cold despite the heat of the bed.

"No, anything but that. I made a pledge..." she began.

"You also told yourself that it was wrong to fancy your father but 
that's gone now. Forget the pledge, it's done nothing other than screw up 
your life up so far. Stick with me and I will show you how to get 
anything you every wanted from anyone." Grey had lost all pretence now and 
simply wanted to get over the value of the deal.

Mary thought long and hard. The pleasure of tonight had been incredible 
and Grey was offering her Simon as well as others. The part of her that 
felt ugly revelled at the sensation of empowerment and the part that 
had felt the injustice of the world felt it was about to get revenge. 
There was also the fact that Grey was not a bad-looking man and she 
wondered what he was like as a lover.

"Ok, what should I do?" She asked.

Grey got out of the bed and threw the covers back, exposing her vagina 
and making her gasp.

"You can start by taking your clothes off and then come here."

Mary removed her remaining clothing and stood in front of Grey. She was 
devastatingly attractive and had youth on her side as well. This was 
going to be sweeter to Grey than even defeating Karen.

Grey took off his clothes slowly as he savoured the moment. He took 
Mary by the hand and began to lead her out of the room in silence. They 
walked naked into his room before Grey took out a spray he had prepared. 
He then softly led Mary to her parent's bedroom before softly opening 
the door.

Mary was terrified that someone would wake up but also thrilled at her 
proximity to her father. This was so dangerous and yet so thrilling to 

Grey silently went over to the two beds and sprayed each of the 
sleeping figures twice. They almost roused but the drug in the spray did not 
allow them to wake, instead it sent them into a very deep sleep indeed. 
Grey went back to the door and switched on the light.

"Nothing to worry about now, Mary, they will be flat out for at least 
an hour. Help me take their covers down please."

Grey and Mary pulled down the bed covers to reveal the naked sleepers 
beneath. Mary took her time to study her father as Grey held her from 
behind, softly stroking her pubic hair and allowing her time to cross 
many mental dividing lines.

"I'll give you him awake tomorrow, Mary, I have not forgotten our deal. 
This is just a little bonus for us both as you get to feel him up and I 
get to fuck his little girl next to him. Power is a fine aphrodisiac, 
Mary, and it will make the sex a lot better for us," Grey said as his 
fingers slowly stroked her aching clitoris.

Grey did not just want to persuade Mary, he wanted to pervert her. She 
was everything he took as a challenge, innocent and decent, and there 
was no greater thrill to Grey than to be responsible for twisting a soul 
such as hers. "Lie next to your father, Mary, and feel him up. I will 
of course not touch your mother for that would be indecent and it is not 
part of our deal." Grey said this to ensure Mary did not worry over her 
mother. He could wait to play with Karen again anyhow, given that his 
main thrill was mental torture and she was asleep.

Mary lay next to her father and began to cup his penis as he slept. Her 
hands moved all over his strong body and she thrilled as she gained 
intimate knowledge of him. Grey simply watched and encouraged her. Once he 
knew she had a real taste for Simon it was time to claim his prize and 
sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day.

"He will be your second lover Mary but today I claim you as mine. Lie 
back, spread your legs and give your pussy to me" Grey commanded and she 

Grey entered Mary's tight vagina and gained another sadistic thrill 
from his power. He had beaten Mark and Tony, Mary's two former boyfriends 
and he had beaten the wishes of Simon and Karen. He was screwing their 
daughter in their bed and, thanks to his technique and the gel, she was 
loving every moment of it. The pleasure that Mary felt was incredible 
and it branded Grey into her heart as she remembered all this man had 
given her. When it was over they redressed the bed and switched off the 
light. They went to their respective rooms and slept soundly, despite 
their anticipation of the morning.

The next morning Grey assembled the family in the front room. He had 
two syringes, which he claimed were vitamin shots for Karen and Mary, and 
he injected them both before standing in the middle of the room. As 
they waited for him to speak he handed each of them a set of plasticuffs, 
ignoring their wondering faces. 

"Ok, I want each of you to handcuff the person next to you with their 
arms behind their back. I will do Karen last. Please do not force me to 
use this," Grey spoke softly as he produced a handgun from his jacket 

Karen screamed but the rest of the family was too shocked to react. 
From his demeanour it was clear that Grey was not bluffing and Simon, 
protecting his family, ordered them to comply. Grey made Karen kneel before 
he cuffed her hands behind her back.

Grey lowered his weapon and opened his case. He produced some 
air-freshners that contained the oil and placed them around the room, causing 
Karen and Mary to relax somewhat despite their fear. He then produced the 
master-unit and pushed the play button. To everyone's horror the family 
saw that Grey had recorded Mary feeling up her father and him and her 
having sex on Simon's bed.

"Nobody is to speak without permission. Karen and Mary are addicted to 
the aroma oils I have used, with the result that they will go into very 
painful withdrawal if these air-fresheners are removed. I will remove 
them as a punishment if any of you break my rules." Grey began. "You 
will perform a series of sexual acts at my command. If you do not commit 
the act I require I will do worse than remove the air-fresheners."

As Grey finished he produced two more syringes. "These contain the 
antidote to the poison I have just injected into Karen and Mary. There are 
two and two alone. If anyone refuses my sexual request then I will 
break one of these syringes, condemning one of them to death in around 5 
hours. A second refusal will cause both to die. If you comply fully then 
both shall live and you will be released. 

This is an experiment to see how much the so-called bonds of family 
love extend. Simon and Susan cannot die unless they attempt to hurt me, in 
which case I will shoot them, but they must sacrifice themselves in 
order that Karen and Mary can live. As for Karen and Mary, I just want to 
thank you for allowing me to bring this pain into your family." Grey 
finished with a smile from his black soul. It was as manic as his mind 
and left no one in doubt that this man was completely insane.

Grey had performed this test on four other families in his life. The 
results were that two had passed and two had failed, resulting in the 
deaths of family members. He genuinely hoped they would live for that 
would allow him to continue to hurt them for the rest of their lives. Karen 
and Mary would be blamed, and would blame themselves, for something 
they had no power over. Simon would see his role as dominant male 
destroyed and Susan was about to discover just how much Grey had resented her 

Grey looked over them.

"Now I am going to nominate each of you, one at a time, to be stripped. 
Simon will do the stripping and I warn him that I expect him to stare 
at the genitalia of all the ladies present. I am going to release you 
now Simon but the gun is covering you. Don't be a dead hero, eh?"

Grey released Simon and then stood back. Simon looked to be a broken 
man and was not about to offer any resistance.

"Ok, Simon, bring me your daughter Susan. Present her to me and then 
strip her, slowly, in front of my eyes. As you undress her I want you to 
fondle her breasts and stroke her pussy, placing some of the gel you 
will find in this bag deep inside her vagina," Grey said.

Simon took Susan over to Grey and began to unbutton her shirt. He was 
scared, humiliated and ashamed yet a tiny part of his mind was curious 
to see how his little girl had developed. It was not sexual, just 
parental-curiosity, but nonetheless it was present.

As Susan's shirt was discarded she felt deep anger at Grey and at her 
mother for having brought this evil into her life. The very last thing 
she wanted was for that creep to see her naked, much less for her father 
to have to fondle her, but she knew that she must play along at least 
for now. Grey would make a mistake and she would free them all.

Simon fondled her naked breasts, as ordered, before moving onto her 
jeans. Her stroked her buttocks as the jeans were removed and now, for the 
first time, he was aware that her nakedness was beginning to appeal to 
the animal in him. He felt appalled that his cock was becoming firm. 
Finally Simon had to stare at Susan's naked pussy as Grey enjoyed the 
situation almost as much as casting his eyes over her.

"That was good Simon. Now place Susan in the doggie-style position, 
facing away from me. Then go over to Karen and strip her quickly and gel 
up her pussy well. We've both screwed her and there is nothing much to 
savour now," Grey said.

Simon was shocked but afraid to say anything. How could Grey have slept 
with his wife? He'd never been more than a few feet away most of the 
time! Simon concluded that Grey was lying, for he knew Karen would never 
be unfaithful to him.

Simon placed Susan in position for Grey and then went over to his wife. 
He quickly stripped Karen as Grey admired Susan, all bent over and 
humiliated, from behind.

"Right Simon. Come here and allow me to cuff you again and then go sit 

Simon allowed Grey to handcuff him before he sat down. He could only 
feel the pain of Susan, her humiliation and fear and he cursed himself 
for not being able to end it.

Grey lowered the gun and undressed. He was erect as he looked as Susan 
and everyone knew what was coming next. He knelt behind her and waited.

"Susan, if you had been more polite to me then I would have waited for 
that gel to work. It stimulates sexual response and would have allowed 
you to enjoy my presence, or at least tolerate it despite your lack of 
consent. Instead you have earned the right to feel pain." Grey entered 
her and Susan closed her mind to it as best as possible. She had to 
survive if she was going to live through this and, with a true survivor's 
mentality, Susan knew that Grey could only hurt her body and not her 

The gel helped at least to lubricate Grey's thrusting and, as she 
quickly identified, he was only going through with this to demonstrate 
power. He therefore made no attempt to slow down his climax and it was 
mercifully over in 90 seconds. Grey had claimed the pussies of every member 
of our family, Susan thought, but he would not have won if they were 
able to overpower him and get medical help for Karen and Mary. Susan 
hated Grey with complete intensity and her hate allowed her to survive the 
rape with her soul intact, at least for now.

As Susan was tied up again by Grey her mind was racing. Insane or not, 
Grey was still just a man and therefore his libido would wane. That 
meant that they were going to have periods when he would leave them alone, 
as well as the time he would need for the toilet and to eat and drink. 
Each natural pause would give her a chance to talk to the others and 
plan how they were going to break free. All they needed to do in the 
interim was survive.

Grey was in fact spent for the moment but he gained most of his 
pleasure from feeling control over others, a desire that had no such physical 
limitations. He dressed slowly to once more create a physiological 
barrier between the clothed captor and his naked, humiliated prisoners. 
Only Mary was clothed apart from Grey, a deliberate act to make her seem 
favoured over the rest. He expected that they would have formed a mental 
bond, identifying a common-cause and a common-enemy to unify against, 
and that was something he needed to undermine. Fortunately, he had the 
perfect method of attack.

Grey went into his bag and produced a series of electric sensors, which 
he silently attached to each family around the heart and on the top 
part of each eyelid. The sensors transmitted their data to the master 
unit, which Grey now adjusted so that all the readings could be seen on the 
screen. He entered the corresponding name to each reading, allowing all 
to see how the others were responding.

Grey stood back and addressed them.

"During sexual arousal the heart-rate will increase to a level which is 
about 10% higher than during simple physical exertion of similar 
magnitude. This is a crude guide, however, as each person differs. Another 
indication is the dilation of the pupil of the eye. These sensors are 
able to detect both and, as you can see, they are giving everyone present 
a combined overview of your levels of arousal.

Your heart rates will be a little higher than normal due to the stress 
you currently feel and your eye dilation will also be affected by the 
various lighting effects in this room. If both are at least 5% greater 
than they currently are then the subject is becoming aroused. In short, 
my friends, this will allow you to see inside each others minds."

Grey smiled softly as the sensors showed each family member with a 
newly accelerated heart rate. Clearly they were intimidated by this latest 
development and already, Grey thought, they would now be focusing on 
their own reactions and not on presenting a united-front. 

Grey checked his watch and saw it would be another 15 minutes before 
those gelled-up pussies began to ache. It was time for some light relief.

"The heart rate and eye dilation are also useful for telling if a 
person is lying. I am going to use the on-screen data to assess the 
truthfulness of answers to a series of questions. If I consider anyone to have 
lied then I will break one of the antidotes and the liar will have 
condemned either Mary or Karen to death," Grey said softly.

It was a lie in itself. Under such conditions, with such equipment, 
Grey had no way to detect a genuine lie from a mere fear-reaction. He knew 
that and he knew they also probably guessed it, but he doubted any of 
them would stake a life on what they thought to be the truth.

Grey began with Simon.

"Simon, you have had an affair with your secretary. Tell your children 
what felt best, the sex or the dirtiness of the secret."

Mary and Susan looked at their father with shock. He could feel their 
eyes burning into him but feared telling anything but the truth, despite 
what the revelation would do to their view of him.

"The dirtiness. It felt better to get away with it far more than the 
sex ever did." Simon said in a quiet voice.

Grey knew he had assaulted the father-daughter bond and now it was time 
to attack the husband-wife bond. Matter-of-factly he turned to Karen.

"Karen, when we made love in your bed upstairs you were a little 
hesitant at first. You warmed to it though and in the end you seemed to 
really enjoy yourself. Am I a much better lover than Simon?"

Karen did not want to answer but knew she must. She was terrified to 
say anything more than she needed to, for the truth was that the gel had 
made Grey into a much better lover than Simon, but she also knew she 
must not lie.

"Yes, you are," Karen said, coldly.

Grey smiled as he watched Simon tense during her answer. Nothing as 
reliable as male-ego, Grey thought.

Grey moved towards Susan and uncuffed her, keeping the gun visible as 

"You will all notice that Mary has been left clothed. Mary shares some 
of my beliefs, as her delight with the dildo showed last night, and I 
think it is only decent that such a far-sighted individual be granted 
some respect. I also think it is time that Mary was granted a few more 
experiences to compensate for her self-imposed lack of experimentation," 
Grey said this as he moved to Mary and stood her upright.

Grey looked over to Susan with a gleam in his eye. It was time to test 
the bounds of sisterly love.

"Susan, come over here and undress your sister from the waist down. As 
you do so you are to softly stroke and kiss her legs, feet and buttocks 
but you are not to touch her pubic hair or her vagina," Grey said.

Compared to having Grey inside her, this was not half as bad to Susan. 
She was happy that this was going to waste a little time, time that 
would eventually lead to Grey taking a break. She moved over to Mary and 
slowly removed her jeans as she kissed Mary's panties. Susan's long, 
slender fingers began to slowly stimulate every part of Mary's legs and 
Mary, despite herself, felt the gel and the stimulation make her wetter.

Susan removed Mary's panties and knelt down again, placing her face 
just inches from her sister's vagina as she stroked her thighs. Her 
curiosity noted that Mary looked tighter than she was and had slightly better 
muscle-tone. Mary felt Susan's hot breath just nudge her pubic hair and 
it felt odd and not in the least bit unpleasant.

Grey gave the two sisters 5 minutes whilst he watched. He wanted Mary 
to have time to relax into it and enjoy the feelings that another woman 
was giving to her, as well as the sense of power over her elder 
sibling. It was all part of the lasting legacy he wished to create whereby 
Mary would always carry a part of his twisted sexuality with her.

It was time to make his point and also to shame Mary again.

"You see the screen? Mary has increased her arousal by 6% and therefore 
we can know that she is enjoying the attentions of Susan," Grey said 

Grey's voiced made every family member look at the screen. None present 
could doubt what Mary already knew, that she had enjoyed what she had 
been given by Grey. Mary almost died with shame, sending her arousal 
ratings plummeting, but it was too late. The knowledge was known.

Grey looked at the kneeling Susan.

"Susan, you do not possess the foresight of your sister. You are to 
kiss her feet now as a sign of homage," Grey said, knowing she would not 
feel humbled.

Susan almost laughed at the idea. It was so quaint and not in the least 
degrading to her. She placed a mock-loving kiss on each of Mary's feet.

"Now, Susan, move to the back of your sister and kneel down again."

Susan was less sure about this but complied. As she knelt down she was 
at waist-height to Mary.

Grey was enjoying the anticipation.

"Susan, you are nothing but a dog in comparison to Mary. Kiss her 
ass-cheeks and bark like the dog you are," Grey said with a fixed expression 
which at once showed both his psychosis and hatred of women. 

Susan was scared where this was leading now but she knew that refusal 
meant death of either Mary or Karen, both of whom she loved deeply. 
Slowly, as slow as she could, she began to kiss Mary's ass and bark softly 
between kisses.

Grey waited a minute. Susan was scared, he could see from her sensor 
data, and he wanted to do everything he could in order to make her 
nervous. Grey eventually addressed Susan again.

"Right my little doggie, I want you to lick deep inside your sister's 
anus," Grey ordered.

The thought appalled Susan more than any she could comprehend. She 
began to move her mouth closer but something deep, deep within her just 
could not comply with this disgusting, humiliating request. The survivor 
within her fought through and she withdrew. 

"NO! Go fuck yourself you sick bastard!" she screamed.

Grey levelled the gun at her head as he spoke with the voice of the 

"That's fine Susan. You do not have to so anything here that you are 
not comfortable with. Come here and allow me to handcuff you again. You 
will only be hurt if you resist," Grey fixed her eyes. He knew he had to 
challenge her if he were to stop her from attempting to rush him.

Susan was shaking with her anger but, fearing her execution, she did 
not fight Grey as he cuffed her again. Grey took his time in dressing 
Mary again before he sat her down. He then went into his bag, producing 
the two syringes of antidote.

He held them up so that the family could see them clearly.

"I have to congratulate Susan on finding the courage to defend her 
honour. As a reward she will not be asked to perform the act she rejected 
again. She has saved part of her integrity, the most basic of human 
desires, and has decided instead to sacrifice either her mother or her 
sister," Grey spoke with ice-encrusted words.

He dropped one of the syringes and, with melodramatic zeal, he crushed 
it under his shoe. The life-saving antidote mixed with the broken glass 
and soaked into the carpet, as every member of the family watched in 

Grey's faced switched to normal again. He began to link their arms and 
legs together with wire from the bag as he spoke.

"Time for breakfast. I'm off to the kitchen for something to eat and so 
I am going to have to secure you more before I leave. You are, however, 
free to speak amongst yourselves whilst I am gone."

Grey left for the kitchen, leaving the family silenced by morbidity as 
they stared at the broken syringe.

Simon was the first to speak.

"My God, he did it. My God he actually did it. Susan you shouldn't 
have.." Simon began.

"Have what dad? I'm sorry, so very very sorry but I just couldn't. 
Listen, if we can get out of here then both mom and Mary will live. It's 
only if we let this sicko play with us that we are going to lose anyone," 
Susan whispered hoarsely.

She was right, of course, for the rules only applied whilst the game 
was on. The clock showed them to have four hours before the remaining 
antidote was needed.

Karen was crying softly. Inconsolable and unable to find words to 
express her deep pain at having allowed Grey into her family. She resolved 
that, if it came to it, she would not allow Mary to die. She had brought 
this man into their lives and she alone must pay for it.

Mary tried to move her mouth to her mother's ear. "Mom, don't cry. None 
of this was your fault. You had no way of knowing what he was doing. If 
it comes to it I want you to take the final antidote, for dad's sake. I 
feel I've disgraced him and with my desires," Mary began to cry herself 
as she tried to console Karen.

Susan looked at them all with anger.

"Wake up will you all! This is exactly what Grey wants, us broken and 
in self-recrimination. If he just wanted sex he could have broken into 
anyone's home with that gun and took it, why do you think he went 
through all the elaborate charade with mum just to get it?" she asked.

"Maybe he just was working himself up to it?" Simon offered.

"Dad, think. This whole thing is to well planned to be his debut. He's 
got us wired up to try to show each other that we get aroused, despite 
the horror of the situation. He's only raped me so far, with most of 
his commands being for family members to touch each other. This whole 
poison thing is to get you to hate me for condemning one of us to death 
and, in fact, I think you can bet he is going to make us vote for who 
gets the remaining chance at life. He's a power-freak pure and simple and 
all he wants is for this family to be torn apart, mentally scared for 
life and a sick-testament to his warped training." As Susan spoke she 
was already formulating how Grey's plan could be defeated.

"So what can we do, Susan?" Simon asked.

"I am going to rush him during the next session. If any of you get the 
chance whilst I am distracting him then try to knock him off-balance. 
We can kick that son-of-a-bitch to death between us if we remain as a 
team, or maybe get that gun off him. I will wait until he uncuffs me 
again, so be ready when he does," Susan said.

"He's armed, Susan, he might kill you. He's quite a strong man." Mary 

"I'm the one who made it vital we get to hospital, Sis. Thanks to me we 
can no longer play his game and have both you and mom live through 
this. He's a liar, he's a bully and he's a rapist. He's no man by any 
definition of the word. Just help me and we can all get out of here." Susan 
tried to flash a comforting smile to her sister but they both knew she 
would be lucky to see another dawn, no matter how well co-ordinated 
their actions.

Grey returned with a piece of toast.

"Ok campers, we have another four hours to go and then I'll be on my 
way. Simon and Karen, I've been neglecting you in our little game so far. 
I am going to uncuff you both and then I want you to lay in the centre 
of the room." Grey munched as he said this although the gun remained in 
his other hand. Susan began to study his mannerisms with it.

Grey released Simon and Karen and they lay in the middle of the floor.

"Simon, I realise that this is not the ideal situation for arousal but 
I have to insist that you allow Karen to make you hard. I will give you 
both 5 minutes maximum before I break the other syringe. Meanwhile your 
kids will get a chance to see how mom and dad fool around. No more 
distant squeaks for Susan and Mary. Proceed." Grey said.

Karen knew that one certain thing to arouse Simon, even when he was 
drunk, was for them to perform 69 together. She lay on top of Simon and 
the couple began to stimulate each other. Thanks to the fact that they 
could close their eyes and block out the situation it was a matter of 
only a few minutes before Simon was rock-hard.

Whilst they were performing for his pleasure, Grey had taken another 
syringe out of the bag. This one contained a clearly different liquid 
than the antidote. Upon seeing Simon's erection he handed the syringe to 

"Simon, be still. Karen, inject that liquid just below the sack of 
Simon's balls."

The sharp pain of the injection made Simon cry out and all arousal was 
instantly lost. His cock, however, became far harder and more sensitive 
than he could ever remember.

"That will keep you hard for a while Simon. We will need that soon 
enough. Karen, you've played your part so please come here and allow me to 
cuff you again. Simon, remain there please." Grey motioned to Karen as 
he spoke and she complied. He sent her to sit down again.

Susan willed Grey to choose her but she was again disappointed.

"Mary, it's your turn now please. Come here. Simon, stand up where you 
are." Grey said.

Mary moved over to Grey and was released.

"Mary, I promised you last night that you would get a chance to fondle 
your father when he was erect. Move over to him and take your clothes 
off. Then I want you to stroke, fondle and kiss him. Simon, I warn you 
that I expect to see your arousal rating increase by at least the 
minimum 5%. I know you have reticence with her being your daughter but she is 
also a new pussy that is playing with your oh-so-bored married body. 
Let nature take its course and save a life." Grey warned.

Mary moved to her father and felt a thrill, despite her best nature and 
efforts to defeat it. Grey and the others saw the spike in her heart 
rate but part of her was grateful to Grey for making this fantasy real. 
Then she remembered what Grey was and she felt confused again. She 
undressed herself fully as Simon watched her, desperate to try to become 
aroused but wondering if his natural parental guilt would allow it. Simon 
tried to forget that this was his daughter but instead thought of her 
as his new secretary, which seemed to help a little.

Mary began to stroke Simon's cock. The injection had made it so 
incredibly sensitive to touch that even the slightest movement thrilled him. 
Soon, with Mary's naked body twisting around him, he felt aroused. He 
managed to pretend that he was pleased solely for the saving of a life 
but, in truth, part of him was pleased at the event itself.

Grey watched the screen with pleasure whilst Susan and Karen watched in 
growing disbelief. Both Simon and Mary were becoming aroused far more 
than Grey had requested and it was soon obvious that this had been a 
latent, filthy desire in them both from before Grey ever appeared.

"Simon, lay down. When he has, Mary, lie down with him and give daddy 
head," Grey said.

Simon lay down in anticipation while Mary watched her father prepare to 
satisfy one of her deepest cravings. She slowly knelt and began to 
perform felatio on her father, thrilling at the warmth of his pulsations 
whilst stroking his balls lightly.

Grey allowed the screen to tell the tale. Within a minute it was clear 
that Simon was more aroused than he had been with Karen when they were 
engaging in 69. Mary had seemingly abandoned the gravitas of the 
situation on favour of her own dark lust, for her arousal was immense.

Grey saw the horror on Karen's face but it was not enough for him. He 
took her and laid her down next to her husband, with her hands still 
bound. Her face was now an inch from her daughter's bobbing head, as it 
swallowed and then released her husband's cock with abandon.

"Karen, I want you to read out loud what I write on some paper." Grey 
said as he produced some from his jacket. As Susan sat transfixed by her 
moral horror, Grey began to show Karen some words he had just written.

"That's it baby," Karen read, "Suck daddy like mommy never would."

Even though they knew it was forced, the screen showed that the sound 
of Karen's apparent approval added to the enjoyment of Simon and Mary.

"That's my girl, suck his cum inside and swallow him. Let daddy feel 
his first complete sucking for twenty years," Karen began to cry again as 
she read the words aloud.

Grey showed her one other message, which made Karen shake as she read 
it aloud.

"Taste the seed that planted you. Replace mommy with Daddy's little 

Simon came with a roar that shocked Karen. Mary felt his sperm explode 
into her mouth and she savoured it, before swallowing her father and 
moving one step further into her own private abyss. 

Grey gave everyone a minute to absorb what had happened.

"Another part of your sexuality that has been denied by your wife, 
Simon, is spanking. I know it felt good to spank Karen in my office but 
now, given that Mary has just committed such a serious sin, I think it's 
appropriate for you to discipline her," Grey said. 

Grey indicated that Simon should take Mary over his knee back in his 
chair. Simon complied as a very scared-looking Mary wondered how this was 
going to feel. 

Simon began to spank his daughter and the screen again showed his 
arousal, although this time it was more muted as he began to re-focus on 
what he was doing. The spanking was gentle, not hurting at all, and Mary 
simply thought it felt loving. She neither liked not disliked it.

Grey did not care. He simply wanted to wait a few minutes for Simon to 
gain new seed. He placed Karen in the standing position, so that Mary's 
head was next to her pussy.

"You see Mary, mommy's old and her pussy is slack now. I'll take care 
of her later, you just focus on daddy," Grey said.

Susan was still tied and unable to do anything. An attempt to rush Grey 
whilst still bound would not only be suicide but it may also spell 
death for the entire family. She had to wait and choose her moment wisely.

After a few minutes, Grey became bored and placed Karen in the centre 
of the room. He released one hand only and secured the other with wire.

"Simon and Mary, lay down in front of Karen," Grey said.

They did as Grey stood back again. Once Simon and Mary had settled, 
Grey began again.

"Simon move on top of Mary. Karen, I want you to guide Simon's cock 
inside Mary's pussy. As you do, read this aloud," Grey said as he held up 
more paper. 

As Mary felt her father on top of her, with her mother guiding his 
rock-hard cock inside her tight pussy, it was all she could do not to 

"Spread your legs for daddy, Mary, let your freshness thrill him as he 
gives you everything he gives to mummy," Karen read through her tears.

The father in Simon fought with the man inside his daughter. She was 
tight, fresh and oh-so beautiful and this was the first new pussy he had 
been inside for years. Both he and Mary told themselves that they were 
only doing this under duress but their moaning, sighing and sheer 
duration indicated what a shallow mental-façade that was. Eventually Simon 
claimed his little girl and Mary claimed her second lover, just as Grey 
had promised.

Grey allowed them to rest, fully intending to call a break, when he 
heard Susan speak.

"Seems my father is more of a man than you, Grey. At least he can last 
more than 90 seconds inside a pussy." Susan knew that Grey's super-ego 
would be incensed not only by her insult but also by her challenge to 
him as the man in charge. Forgetting that both Simon and Mary were free, 
and wearing a face of thunder, Grey moved menacingly towards Susan.

"We'll see how long I can last, you bitch. Come here!" Grey screamed.

Grey grabbed Susan and violently uncuffed her. Susan knew that he would 
for this was now about power, raw power and she knew he would want to 
use his superior strength and not "tricks" like cuffs. As she felt her 
wrists loosen she wheeled round and struck Grey on the face, sending him 
reeling with surprise.

Susan let out a cry of rage as she flew towards Grey. Simon, seeing 
this, was beginning to get up to help. Grey recovered and saw the two of 
them approaching, deciding in an instant that he had only enough time to 
fire once. More out of malice than logic he fired the gun at Susan, 
missing her head but hitting her collarbone. As Susan fell, screaming, she 
felt her chest explode with agony.

Simon reached Grey as he tried to turn on him, grabbing the gun but 
failing to disarm him cleanly. Simon landed a blow to Grey's stomach but 
it failed to wind him, either that or Grey's' adrenaline was too great 
to register the damage. Instead Grey took the feet out from under Simon 
and sent him crashing to the floor, instantly covering him again with 
the gun.

"Bad move." Grey panted as he fired the gun once into Simon's left arm 
and once into his right leg.

"You see, I don't want you to die. We have a lifetime of memories to 
make, after all," Grey said with malice. 

Grey forced Mary up and back into cuffs before sitting both her and 
Karen back down.

Regaining his breath for a moment he surveyed the scene. Two bleeding 
family members... although, with a little first aid, he could let them 
live. Two left and only one to survive the poison. Interesting twist to 
the experiment, he thought.

"Karen and Mary, I have the power of life and death over you all now. I 
will patch up those two and then take a break. When I return, I shall 
award the antidote to the one of you who pleases me most. I shall start 
by riding your pussy again, Karen, in front of your husband this time. 
Make it special for me, I warn you," Grey said.

He found material to give to Simon and Susan. It was not enough to give 
them more than an hour or so before the blood loss killed them, but it 
was a start. He then tied Mary and Susan tightly, hand to hand, to 
ensure they did not try to follow the example of the others. Then he went 
into the kitchen.

Karen whispered to Mary.

"I need your help. Do what I say"

Grey returned 10 minutes later in a much more composed manner.

"Ok Karen, let's show your old man what real fucking sounds like," Grey 
said as he rolled Karen over. 

Karen spread her legs.

"I want life, Doctor Grey. Take me, make me yours and let me live," she 

Grey thrilled at her submission. She was going to sell her own daughter 
to hell unless, of course, Mary gave him something even sweeter. He 
undressed and plunged his penis deep inside her pussy.

As he entered her, Grey felt his cock shred under the glass shards that 
Mary had helped Karen insert. He screamed with pain and tried to 
withdraw but Karen locked him in a scissors motion and flipped them all away 
from his gun. Karen screamed herself as the glass now shredded the 
lining of her vagina, causing deep, deep internal wounds.

Grey's eyes filled with pain and fear as Karen spoke, softly.

"If you knew the Viet Cong, you would never have left that glass 
syringe shattered around here. Their women used this on the GI's, risking 
death in order to incapacitate fighting men. I'm dead anyway and now I am 
going to take you with me."

Grey could feel the blood pouring from his groin. He was getting weak 
through shock and soon he would not be able to fight anymore.

"When we die, Mary can take her antidote and call 911 for the others. 
You have only one choice left," Karen gasped.

Grey was finding it hard to focus.


"For you to win this game you started you have to ruin this family. My 
death is the only thing that can destroy them now and thus, to win the 
game, you have to die with me. You could, however, lose the game and 
save us all. You have a cell in that jacket over there," Karen said as 
she flipped them towards it. The glass cut deeper and she knew she and 
Grey had minutes at most to summon help or, by the time Mary could, they 
would be dead.

"How much do you hate women, Doctor Grey? How much does your ego want 
you to live?" Karen asked through clenched teeth. "It's your call to 

Grey was a conflicting storm of anger, pain, fear and hatred. His 
strength was failing and he needed to decide quickly.

Grey decided.


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