"First night of group sex - Part 1!"

My wife and I got into group sex about two months ago when we went to a party of a friend we had not seen due to them moving away about a year ago.
My wife was a virgin when we meet and never seen another man naked apart from on films that is, I had been with a few women before my wife but non since, we have been together 25 years and married 19.

We have often spoke about my wife having another man but never got round to it.

We arrived at the party and as we were making it a long weekend and were staying over I did not have to worry about having to much to drink, At about 2 in the morning most people had left there was only myself and my wife, our friends Karen and Johnand a couple that we did not know called Graham and Lyn, We all got another drink and Lyn said that she did not want any more and was off to bed Graham said he was stopping down for a while and off Lyn went.

John said how about a Porn Move we all agreed pored another drink turned down the lights and sat back to enjoy the movie, My wife was sitting between Graham and myself while John and Karen were on a two seater sofaI looked over at them after about half an hour into the film and I saw Karen on her knees between John s legs giving him a blow job.

I did not say anything I knew Graham had seen them as he was looking at them and rubbing his cock though his jeans. I lent forward and kissed my wife on the lips pushing my tongue into her mouth and without telling her what I was up to I reached over and took hold of Graham s hand and placed it on my wife s leg , I think Pat my Wife thought it was my hand as she did not stop it when I moved his hand up and down her leghigher and higher until it found the top of her stocking under her skirt.Pat was now giving out soft moans of pleasure as I kissed her and Graham was now moving his hand up and down my wife s leg without me having to guide it.

I now placed my hand On Pats breast and started to rub her nipple making it hard , I think it was only then Pat worked out that it was Graham that was rubbing her leg as I had one hand behind her head, one on her boob so the third hand had to be Grahams, Pat did not try to stop us as she was enjoying what was happing , She opened her legs further so Graham could get his hand further up her leg and he did not need telling that is what she wanted as he was soon pushing his hand up her skirt rubbing his fingers over her now wet knickers .

I pulled the cord s on the sides of her knickers and told her to lift up as I pulled them out from under her she lowered her self back down and moved her bum so she was now sitting on the edge of the sofa and legs wide making much easier for Graham to slid his hand up her leg which he did and ran his hand over her slit , Pat closed her eyes and the pleasure ran though her Grahams finger pushed further into her and found the spot he was looking for her clit , He started to rub it and Pat was making louder and louder moans and pushing herself against Grahams prodding finger Pat pushed up again and this time Graham entered a finger into her I took over rubbing her clit while This man that we had only meet a few hours ago slid a second finger into my now bucking wife she was saying , fucking hell that feels good fuck me hard rub my clit hard which we both did my wife screamed outOfuck that s good as a orgasm went though her, her cunt gripped Graham s fingers and I could see her juices ran from her soaking pussy but Graham did not stop he kept on ramming his fingers into her .

With all this going on I had forgotten about Karen and John being there until I felt a hand undo my jeans and Zip I though that it was Karen until I heard a load Fucking hell what a monster you ve got there Grahamlooking down I found John pulling off my jeans and Karen had Grahams cock in her hands it was 10long and 5round the head Graham told us later but what a size that was, Karen just put her lips round it and started to give Graham a blow job sliding at least 8into her mouth .

Once John had gotten of my jeans he moved in between Pats legs and pulled Grahams fingers out of Pats now soaking wet fanny hole and placed his tongue on her willing slit running it up and down it s length pushing it in so it caught her clit and fanny hole as he ran it back and forth.

John then entered his tongue into her taking her over the edge once more as Pat shouted out once again. I said to Pat god you have never been undressed in from of any other man before in your life now here you are naked and have had a mans fingers fucking you and now a different mans mouth on you cunt sucking you to your second orgasm and the night is young, Graham said what Pats never been with another man before , No I said only me until now so think yourself luck.

And I am sure that by the end of tonight you to will have fucked her to ,Pat looked up and smiled and said you fucking bet they will have.

Graham was still getting sucked off by Karen and John was still eating out my wife so I got up and moved round behind Karen knelt between her legs and ran a finger from the top of her neck down her back down over her bum hole round until I shoved it into her very wet pussy that I take it had been filled by Johns cum.

I then entered two then three fingers fucking like mad Karen had now got about 9of johns cock going in and out of her mouth so I removed my fingers and put the head of my cock just touching her pussy hole and with one hard long push entered her , Karen gave a moan from deep in her throat as her mouth was so full with cock.

I started to piston in and out of her taking my cock out until just the head was touching the entrance to the hole then pushing hard and diving deep and hard into her I was only 7about the same size as John but she seamed to be loving it. John had now got up and had pulled Pat right onto the edge of the sofa and was going to fuck her he said to me tell me when you are going to come as I want to fuck Pat for the first time as you shoot your come into my wife.

I said it won t be long mate I speed up and griped Karen round the hips and start to hang into her harder you ready John I saidthough gritted teeth. About two more strokes I said and then shouted Now with that I pushed hard into Karen s forcing her forward which made her take the last inch of Grahams Cock so her face was fully into his pubic hair how she had taken that 10all the way down her throat I don t know.

But as I thrust into her and empty my cum up his wife he rammed his cock into mine the first she had had ever apart from mine and Pat screamedFucking hell that s good fuck me hard John fuck me hard, John did not need telling twice he was fucking Pat hard and Fast he hooked his arms under her legs and lifted them so they were up the front of him he then lent forward so Pat was getting her legs pushed back up over her so John could get his cock further into my wife and she was still screaming that s it harder ,faster Fuck meeeeeee. John just kept on pumping into her for all he was worth.

Karen in the mean time was still sliding her mouth up and down Grahams Cock now she was pulling her lips right up to the tip and then taking the whole 10with every bob off her head , Graham let go of my wife s tit and nipple and put his hand on the back of Karen s head and started to force her head down on his cock I knew that it would not be long before they both emptied out there cum,

All of a sudden Graham forced Karen s head down and kept it there I knew he was filling her throat with cum (mind you I dough Karen had to swallow as his cock was so far down her throat), Then John said god yes as he forced his cock with one hard forcible shovemoving Pat back up the sofa as he did so and held his cock in as far as he could get it and filled her with his cum .He emptied so much into her it was running out beside his cock . Pat was shouting Fuck that was fantastic ,

By now my cock had fallen out of Karen s cunt and Grahams had started to go soft too, Karen sat up and licked her lips as she just finished licking Grahams cock dry (and a cock that size took a lot of licking) John pulled out of my wife s pussy and her juices and his spunk ran down her crack and over her arse. John let Karen lower her legs then he lent forward and kissed her fully on the lips pushing his tongue into her and she responded to him.

When they broke of there kiss John said is this really the first time you have had a another fuck you ,Pat said yes you are only the second man ever to suck my pussy and to fuck me, Graham was only the second manever to finger fuck me and I Hope that he will be the third man to fuck me, I really what to try and fit that fucking monster inside me, Graham said I am sure we will try love, Pat reached across and took hold of his now soft cock and rubbed it, I said laughing that s another first another s mans cock in her hand.

Karen got up and moved Pat onto the floor laying her on her back then got over her in the 69 position Karen said well I have Peters Cum inside meyou have Johns in you so I will lick his out of you and you can lick Peters out of me and with that she pushed her pussy right in to Pat s face and drove hers into Pats we could hear them licking each others cunts out ,God that sounded great Pat was trying to scream while still licking this pussy she had in her mouth as orgasm after orgasm ripped though her body, Karen was the same you could see there body s trembling as there orgasm s when thought them.

After a while John took hold of Karen and pulled her up, John was sitting so he was just on the edge of the sofa where Pat had been Karen then knelt over him and lowered herself down on him and they started to fuck Karen bouncing up and down on Johns cock, John pointed at Karen s bum and meant fill it up so I put a couple of cushions on the floor to raise me up to the right height and ran the top of my cock over Karen s arse I stopped at her bum hole then ran down until I met Johns cock going in and out then brought it back up and as I reach the hole I pushed forward and the head pushed it s way in .

I pushed harder and my cock disappeared until my balls were banging Johns cock I could feel his cock go back and forth through the thin skin between her fanny and her arse this was a first for me this time and it felt great to feel another mans cock next to mine fucking the same woman (his wife) it was Karen s time to shout Jesus Crist that feel fucking fantastic, fuck me harder you toofuck come on harder I want you to fill me up fuck me.
We did just that we got into a rhythm so we were both pulling out and pushing in at the same time which was sending Karen into orbit she was cumming like a river again and again.

Then I just had to stop which made John stop to see what the matter was,I said nothing was wrong I just wanted to see Pat try to take this cock of Grahams John and Karen said yes it will be great to watch, Now I forget to say that my wife has a great body slim figure and fare sized boobs but she is only 4 10tall so to see how much of this ten inch cock she could take was going to be very interesting to say the least.

I know she was very wet from the finger fucking, being licked out by Karen and John and getting fuck by john which I hoped would help her, I said to Graham take it steady he just smiled .

Pat was on all fours and Graham was getting behind her, now my cock and Johns are only about 3round so getting this thick 5monster into her was going to fill her up , Graham was running the top of his cock up and down her slit stopping at the fanny hole then running it down her slit again and over her clit making her shudder with pleasure bring it down again stopping again at the fanny hole then up over her bum Pat was trying to push back every time he stop at her pussy hole but he pulled back .

Once again he brought his cock down from her arse but this time instead of stopping at her fanny hole he just pushed forward lunging into Pat, the fucking 10disappeared into her from tip to his balls banging her inside legs,Pat screamed FuckOFuckOFuck pull it out pull it out and as he did so she screamed Now Push the fucker back in you son of a bitch Fucking hell that is good . I do not know where that cock went but my wife took it and was now getting fucked hard , Graham was pulling it out until the tip was just in then ramming it so hard home that Pat found it hard to keep on her hand in the end she lent forward and got down on her elbows which made it ever better for Graham as it went even further into to her.

John, Karen and I were still watching this then we returned to what we were doing and started to fuck this woman hard once and getting it so we both rammed into her at the same time , We could still hear Pat shouting God you ve got a fucking great cock Graham come on as hard as you want fuck me , yes make me cum , Yes ,Yes that s itOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo fucking hell that was wonderful Graham fucked her right though her orgasm bringing her to another one straight after that FuckinGGGGGGGGGG Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllll, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss she shouted , Karen was now joining in as she had two orgasms when though her , I heard Pat say NO don t take it out Please Don t but graham took out his cock and lay on the floor.

Pat did not want telling she jumped over Graham and got the tip of his cock in the right place you could see how slimy and wet it was from all her cum and just sat down on it as hard as she could forcing it into her we heard there bodies slap together and Pat started to ride that cock raising her self up and forcing back down on it .

I was now getting ready to cum due to watching the show my wife and Graham was putting on, and the fact that two cocks were fucking this Karen and rubbing together ,
Isaid I can not hold back mush longer and John said the same.
I lasted about another two minutes and with one last big ,big push emptied my cock into her bum fillingit up. With that John gave a few more pushes and emptied his cock into her fanny,When we pulled out Karen has cum dripping out of both holes and she looked well and truly fuck.

I when and stood over John facing my wife as she still rode this mans cock and she took hold of my soften cock placed it in her mouth and sucked it dry licking it and sucking it, Pat let it drop from her mouth as yet one more orgasm ripped though her , Graham was now forcing himself up to meet her downward force making sure that every last tenth of a inch was entering my woman s fanny , with one last hard push Graham shouted YeSSSSSSSSs as he took hold of my wife shoulders to force her down onto him and filled her up , I had never heard my wife squeal so mush, and shouting , Fucking hell, Fucking hell That was fucking great, god, Jesus that was good, she lent forward and kiss Graham and stayed kissing him for some time .

She then got of him, John had just finished a 69 with Karen Licking out his cum from her fanny and mine from her anus, Pat lent over and licked Graham clean not leaving a drop of cum or fanny juice in sight.

We all decided that is was enough for the night and went off to bed , On our way up I asked Graham if Lyn joined into this sort of thing or if she was not into group sex he said when she found out what she had missed she would be kicking herself.

Pat and I had a shower together and we kissed and cuddled in there for some time I got down on my knees and kissed her now swollen pussy lips licking out Grahams cum which was mixed with my wife s cum and what was left of Johns.

Pat whispered thank you for letting us do that tonight ,I do love you it was great riding that fucking big monster of a cock and I must say I would love to ride it again soon as the feeling it gave me were out of this worldbut that is all it is a ride on a cockit is you I love and want to be with don t ever forget that will you. I said that it was the same for me, Fucking Karen was really great it felt very different but it was you I want and I am going to make love to you now , Which I did for the next half hour taking nice and slow then we fell asleep with my cock still were it belongs inside my wife.

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