"In the family Pt 3 (True Story)"

I have just arrived at my mother in laws and as I was walking up the garden path her next door neighbour Kirsty (50ish )said you here to do more for the in-laws then , yes you have to see to the mother-in-law and keep her happy I said with a smile.
Little did she know what I meant anyway I entered and Sid had already gone out so I walked over to Pat took her in my arms and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth and she returned hers into mine we stood there kissing and feeling each others body and her hand came round and stroked my cock thought my jeans making my Cock hard and throbbing, to get it loose Pat undone my zip and pulled out my cock and sat on a chair and took my cock into her eager mouth sucking it in until she had it alldeep within her throat and Pat was once again sucking the whole of my 9 inches into her and loving it.

After a while I stopped her saying that it was my turn to pleasure her as last time she had given me so much pleasure when she sucked me off so I stood in front of her and striped off and just stood there naked I pulled her up from the chair where she was still sitting and lead her though to the bed room and pulled her to me and started to kiss her once more and as I was doing this I slowly started to undress her first her top came off and dropped to the floor followed by her bra, trousers, and pants Pat was now as Naked as me and I picked her up and laid her on the bed and went to the bag I had brought with me.

I took out a 9 inch Vibrator and a anal wand and some KY gel taking these back to the bed and getting on beside Pat I lent over and kissed her again I slowly started to run my hands all over her body that seamed to cry out for attention as I have told you Sid has never done this sort of thing ,to Sid sex was just that get on top fuck roll off never mind if the woman had enjoyed it so Pat loved all this as it was so new to her evenat the age of 71 .

Pat s Nipples were getting harder and standing out like organ stops I have never seen nipples like it and lent forward and sucked one into my mouth and licked thetop of it this made Pat cry out and her body shookwith the pleasure I carried on letting my hand wander gently over her body while going from one nipple to the other my hand reached her forest of hair that coveredher fanny and I slid one finger thought it pushing the hair out of the way as I found her now hard clit as I rubbed my finger over it Pat screamed out and I rubbed it even harder sending even more waves of pleasure though her I could feel the heat coming out of her cunt and that she was getting wetter and wetter .

I started to kiss down her body across her stomach and my lips reached the top of her thick bush of hair I parted it with my tongue until I found what I was looking for and sucked her clit into my mouth and Pat had a Orgasm rip though her and as she did I pushed a finger into her eager cunt I could feel her cunt walls throb as her orgasm went though her and the screams she was making was turning me on even more andI have never heard anyone make so much noise having a orgasm .

Pat was so wetI could now enter three fingers into her and she was forcing her self down onto them so they were going into her as far as she could get them, With my spare hand I reached over and picked up the vibrator and as Pat was so wet I knew she would not need the KY gel so I placed it near the entrance to her fanny and removed my fingers and replaced it with this 9 inch Vibrator I had planed to enter it into her slowly so Pat could get used to it but No she put her hand down and just forced it in as far as it would go , I knew Pat had never used one before so when I switched it on I though she was going to explode with pleasure Pat was screaming, shaking, and forcing her self down on this vibrator as hard as she couldas yet another orgasm ripped thoughher body I was still working on her clit with my mouth while I had one hand needing her tit and twisting her nipple between my thumb and forefinger .

I took Pats hand and told her to keep thrusting this Vibrator into her while I reached and picked up the Anal wand I could see Pat was wondering where the hell this was going to go as she had the Vibrator in her cunt I had her clit in my mouth I moved round so we where now in the 69 and I feed my cock into her mouth and Pat just took it andlet it slide down her throatshe started to suck on it and was giving out soft long moans of pleasure as she did so.

I raised Pats legs up and pushed them wide so I could see her working the Vibrator in and out of her cunt I took her hand away and took over removing it and placed the anal wand in it s place to make it wet and slimy so it would enter into her when I was ready to use it on her.I was now drinking her juices and they were flowing freely and tasted so good Pat had brought her hands up and cupped my balls with them and was squeezing them as she tried to get more and more of my cock and per cum into her mouth.

Slowly I removed the anal wand and replaced it with the Vibrator once more to Pats delight as she seams to suck it into her fanny I placed the tip of the wand onto her arse and I felt her tighten her bum hole so I just left it there and carried on licking as I knew in a few minutes she would forget about it being there which she did . She relaxed and as she did so I pushed the wet slimy wand into her the first two beads on the wand slid in without any troublethen two more until all eight were in as I started to slid them in and out of her she was shaking so much I was wondering if Pat was going to be able to take all this at her age and asked if she wanted me to stop or just use one item on her and for the first time since I have known her I heard her swear she said you had better not remove any of these fucking wonder full toys I have never felt so fucking wonderful or any feelings like it.

With that I started to fuck her hard with both forcing the vibratorand the wand in and out of her Pat replaced my cock into her mouth and was sucking on it like it was the last cock she would ever suck on even with her mouth so full she was still making a lot of noise and wave after wave of plesure were ripping though her , herfanny was gushingcum which I was drinking it as fast as I could.

I then Shotmy cum load after load and Pat did not have to sallow hard as my cock was so far down her throat it was being shot straight down Pat was still having orgasms and the bed sheets were soaked Just then we heard the door open and in walked Kirsty from next door.

So picture what Kirsty saw as she walked in ,Me kneeling over pat with my cock as far down her throat as it could go throbbing cum down Pats Throat, her knees up round my head while I was licking her hairy cunt and thrusting a Vibrator into and out while still pushing a anal wand in and out her at the same time ,She just stood there mouth open not saying a word I thought she was going to have a heart attack by the look of her face she finally said god what the hell are you to doing which when you think about it was pretty obvious but I just rolled off pat and said just keeping my mother-in-law happy like I said this morning .

Yes I can see that she said, Poor Pat did not know what to say or do so as I got up I noticed that Kirsty could not keep her eyes off my now soft but still wet cock, I asked her to sit downPat re-moved the Vibrator and anal wand she sat up. Pat and Itold her all about us and what we got up to when Sid was not around and whywe done it .Pat asked Kirsty why she had come in and her reply was that she had heard her moans and screams though the open window and had come into to see if she could help as she thought Pat had been hurt or fallen, but never expected to find this .

Pat asked Kirsty if after what we had told her about why we were doing this ifshe was going to keep our little secret and not tell Sid as she wanted to carry on having sex with me as she had never felt feelings like I had given her in the three times we had made love together so far .

If you want the answer to this and what happened nextyou will have to wait and find out in my next instalment of this very true and on going story