"In the family Pt 4 (True Story)"

So while we are waiting for Kirsty to say if she will tell my father-I-law that she caught me with my cock downhis wife throat while I was licking her clit and ramming her cunt with a vibrator and her arse with a anal wand I went off to get us all drinks I knew Sid would not be back all day so we had plenty of time to get this worked out, I was still nude while walking around the house I got the drinks and went back into the bed room Pat was still sitting there without a stitch on so I went over and sat beside her and handed out the drinks, Kirsty still could not take her eyes of my cock , I put my arm around Pat to comfort her .

Kirsty took a sip of her drink and said that she was 49 years of age and lost her husband 29 years ago in a works accident and she had been pregnant with Jill at that time and while looking after Jill she had never had time to get to know any other men so had not been with a man since her husbandhad died and until seeing me a few minutes ago with no clothes on she had not though about men or sex , But after walking in on you she went on to sayand the position you to were in I would love to have sex again but without the ties of having a man around all the time.

Well I turned to Pat and said it was up to her, but what about if I made love to Kirsty from time to time and she would not tell Sid about us , I know it will mean me cheating onyour daughter with a stranger and not keeping it in the family like now.

Pat thought for a while and then said to us both as long as she did not know when we had sex she would not mind I turned to Kirsty and said was that ok with her and she agreed that it would be great and that she promised she would never tell Sid about us so that was that, Kirsty got up and left leaving Pay and myself sitting on the bed naked I pulled Pat close and hugged and said that I was sorry it had turned out this way as I was happy fucking her as it kept it in the family and in some way I did not feel I was cheating on her daughter as her mother knew about it. But this was different Pat looked at me and said that it could not be helped and she did not want to stop what we now had as she had told Kirsty that she wanted my cock and the pleasure that it now gave her.

As half an hour had past since Kirsty had walked in and I had shot my cum, my cock had started to get hard again which Pat had noticed while sitting next to me she brought her hand a crossed and took hold of it and started to wank me veryslowly until it was hard and at it s full 9 inchesI stood up and pulled Pat to her feet and lead her into the bath room where they had a big shower , I turned on the water and lead Pat into the shower and stood her under the falling water as it ran down her body her nipple became hard again the water continuedto run down over her flat stomach and down onto her hairy pussy I fell to me knees and my face was only a few inches from her now wet pussy.

I broughtmy hands up and found her pouting cunt lips and pulled them apart to reveal her wet clit tilting my head forward I eased my tongue into the slit of her pussy and found the hard tender clit , Sucking it into my mouth I gently bit on it making Pat squeal and shout out again her legs were trembling and I though she was going to crumble into a heap of the floor so I pushed her so she was leaning onto the wall and I raised one leg over my shoulder and then the other leg so now Pat could not fall and I had her wet trembling cunt right in front of my mouth I was licking out this pussy like there was no tomorrow I found the soap and rubbed it on my finger and then slowly pushed a finger into her arse making pat cum into my mouth she clamped her legs tight around me so I could not pull away (not that I wanted to).

I was fucking her arse with my finger and then I entered a finger into her fanny Pat was bouncing up and down on my hands trying to get my finger further into her.

I then lowered her off my shoulders and stood up and lifted her up and entered my cock into her soaking wet pussy and it slid in right to the hilt with out stopping and I felt another shudder run though Pats body Pat wrapped her legs around me she was more supple than I thought she could be for some one of her age but I just kept on fucking her against the wall kneading her titsand flicking her nipples I was kissing her and her body went rigged and I knew that Pat was going to have yet another Orgasm and I was near to cumming so I started to fuck Pat harder forcing my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could .

By this time Pat was screaming Fuck my Fuck me Harder harder her fingers were digging into my back as her biggest orgasm went thought her and as it did so her cunt tighten it s grip round my shaftingcock her juices where just running from her and this was enough to sent me over the top as I screamed out with pleasure as I unloaded me second load of cum for the day .

After this my knees went weak and gave way and we both slid down the wall and ended in a heap of the floor with warm water splashing over us kissing our bodies as it trickled down over us, I looked at Pat and gently kissed her and we just sat there for a while , I then helped her up and I washed her body and then dried her off before she went back to the bedroom to dress leaving me to shower , I entered the bed room and dressed and Pat gave me a drink and said that was the best ever darling and gave me another small kiss.

I smiled and was going to say I was sorry that we had been caught and that I would have to fuck Kirsty but Pat seamed to know and placed a finger on my lips and kissed me as she took her finger away , Pat said that she felt worn out and was going to have a lie down for a while, I left her sleeping knowing that I would be back to fuck her again very soon.

As I left Kirsty was waiting still working out side in her garden and she smiled at me and said that she would like to see me sometime next week as her daughter was away for a few days so we arranged to meet on Tuesday and that I would come in via the back gate so Pat would not se me enter, as I left Kirsty said I head you screwing Pat again I hope you can do the same for me she licked her lips and blew me a kiss.