"In the family Pt 5 (True Story)"

Once again I was entering the Kitchen of my lover my Mother-in-law she was waiting for me and was dressed in her dressing gownI put down the bag I had brought with a couple of Vibrators and a anal wand in and kissed her fully on the mouth pulling her to me I could feel her rock hard nipples push into my chest, I slipped a hand between the opening of her dressing gown and found her naked body underneath it.

Lowering my hand I found her hot hairy pussy which was wet and most ready for me to do with as I pleased, When we finished our kiss Pat said I have been playing with my self something I have never done before hoping I could get myself ready for you, I replied by what I have in my hand you feel very wet and ready to take me here and now but sorry to say you are going to have to wait as I have other plan s before you feel my cock in you.

A look of sadness came over her face but when I took out the Vibrator and anal wand from the bag she soon smiled I undid the dressing gown and pushed it of her shoulders so it fell to the floor and Pat stood there in front of me Naked and no longer shy trying to cover herself up I saw that the kitchen table was clear so I picked her up and laid her on it and placed two chairs so she could rest her feet on them so she did not have to let her legs dangle of the edge like a younger woman could have done.

Knowing that Pat had been playing with her self I picked up the 9 inch vibrate and turned it on and started rubbing it over her fanny slit up and down parting the thick bush of hair that covered it, Pat opened her legs as far as she could and I could see the most cunt that was beneath getting wetter and wetter as I let the vibrating tool do it s job , Then I pushed it in the slit a bit more until it found her clit and as this vibrating tool hit her clit she screamed out and her whole body shook with pleasure ,While holding it there I got out a second vibrator and pushed this one firmly but gently into her until the full 9 inches had entered her and this one was one of those that had a pumping motion so when I flicked the switch and this one started to pump into her and the other one rubbing on her clit she was moaning and screaming for all she was worth.

I removed the one from her clit and rubbed it over her very hard nipples and they even got harder somethingI thought was not possible as I have said I have never seen such big had nipple let alone one a woman of 71 Pat was all over the Table as she had wave after wave of pleasure go though her.

I took away the vibrators and turned her over so she was now bending over the table on her stomach and I pushed the pumping vibrator back into her eager awaiting fanny which she seam to suck it into her, her fanny lips gripping it tight I pulled the anal wand from the bag and ran it up and down her soaking wet cunt then pushed it into her and she took the whole thing just like that pushing her bum back onto it trying to get more in, Taking one of her hands I got her to hold the Pumping Vibrator so it did not slid out , I stood back and moved round in front of her and undressed where Pat could see me.

I moved up to her and lifted her head slightly and entered my cock into her mouth and Pat took it greedily swallowing it all the way so the big purple head of my cock was pushing against the back of her throatI started to move back and forth fucking her face as she held in the Vibrator and the anal wand just stayed where it was I rubbed my hands over her back gently moving them further down with each stroke until I could reach the wand and I pulled out a few beads and then pushed them back in I started to do this faster and faster ,Pat was now moaning as much as she could with her mouth so full and Her body shook as a massive orgasm when though her.

I push the wand fully in and stood back up and remover my cock from her mouth and she said god that was the best orgasm I have had Paul I said well I hope that it will not be your last , I took out the Vibrator but left the wand in place as I stood her up , I then sat on the chair and told Pat to sit on my lap so she was facing me She did this and My cock was hard and upright between us, I lifted her up and slowly lower her on to my waiting cock I lent back as far as the chair would let me so Pat could slid down as far as she could and I took her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked and bit it while playing with the other one , Pat was thrashing up and down on my cock making sure it went it as far as it would go I put my free hand roundher and started to play with the anal wand that was still inside Pat bum.

Her fanny tightened round my cock and I knew that she was nearing another orgasm so I got her to stop and get off knowing that her orgasm would fade while I told her to turn roundand come back and sit on my cock facing away from me this time which she readily did if Pat could have jumped in it from where she was I think she would have done.

As she was now sitting with her back against me the wand was being pushed as far into her as it could possibly go as her bum squashed against my stomach making Pat squirm and scream out as I placed a hand round her and found her hard clit and started to rub it with one free hand while placing the other on her tit and nipple playing with them one after the other.

I knew it would not be long before pat was ready to explode with yet another orgasm so I rubbed it clit hard but knew it was not hurting her as she was so wet her juices were running out of her hole and down my cock and dripping of my balls. Without warming Pat tightened her cunt round my cock and had the biggest orgasm and she forced herself down on me as hard and far as she could which in turn pushed the anal wand into to her up to it s limit this brought me to my climax as I filled her waiting hole with my cum , She was so full up with her own juices that my cum just ran out beside my cock and mixed with her cum running down my balls.

Pat just sat there getting her breath back before lifting herself of my now slowly softening cock and for the first time since I had started to fuck my Mother-in-law she told me what to do ,She said Stand up please Paul as she sat on the chair still with the wand up her and told me to stand in front of her which I did. Pat reached forward and cupped my cock and balls in her hand and lent forward and sucked my cock into her mouth licking it and sucking it dry, when that was done she licked every drop from my balls and the inside of my legs where her cum and mine had run.

We where both worn out from all that had gone on but did not want to stop but both agreed we needed a short break so I walked into the front room and poured Pat and myself a whisky leaving Pat to remove the wand from her butt and I heard her give a soft moan of pleasure as she did so, She then came into the room sat down with me on the sofa I placed my arm around her and we drank our whisky sitting there naked, we both must have nodded off for a short while but found we were ready for more after our rest.

I told Pat to stay there while I went and got the Vibrators I told pat that I wanted her just to lie on the sofa so I could just play with her body and she did as I asked, I gently ran my hands up and down her body over her breasts making sure my hands and fingers caught her nipples as I did so and stopped just before getting to her hairy but still wet fanny hole.

I lent forward and started by kissing her on her forehead and working my way downher body licking her ears and neck going further down to her rock hard nipples , Pat was giving out faint moans so I knew she was enjoying this treatment , carrying on down over her flat stomach I stop and her belly button and took the whisky I had left in my glass and poured into her belly button so it was full and it then ran down And mixed with her pussy juice and my cum that was still there from out fuck, I started to kiss her again and lick up the whisky as I didPat raised herself as my tongue reachedthe start of her hairy cunt I kept on drinking and kissing until I sucked her Clit into my mouth and the taste of the whisky and all the juices for her and myself was so intoxicating my head was spinning I pulled open Pats legs and entered my tongue into her cunt hole pushed as far as I could get it burying my whole face into her hungry wet cunt .

Pulling up for air and diving back down for more of those juices , Pat clamped her legs round my head as she came for the third time today , When she let my head go I finally stood up and lifted Pat up of the sofa and asked her to go round the back of the sofa and lean over it so her bun was sticking up and she did this with out question, I followed her round and got down on my knees behind her and pulled her bum cheeks apart so I could see where the wand had been I picked up the Smaller Vibrator that I had brought with me just for what I was going to do next , I placed it into her still dripping fanny making the vibrator wet and slimy while I played with this in her pussy I lent forward and kissed her bum hole licking like and making it as wet as I could ,Pat had know idea what I had planed as she was happy moaning and screaming at the sexual pleasure that she was having go though her.

I pulled out the small Vibrator and replaced it with the big pumping one she had hadinside her earlier she took it all in one go again, once she was happy having this one pumping within her I rubbed the smaller one over her bum hole letting it vibrate over her hole and without warning pushed it into herhalf went in before Pat knew what was happing she scream outthat fucking hurt but after a few pumps she started to moan again but with pleasure this time and before long was asking me to fuck her harder with it so this is what I done and I brought my other hand up between her legs and played with her clit.

I finally pulled the small one out of her leavening her with the 9 inch vibrate still pumping away inside hernow came the real test I took out the big one and replaced it with my now hard cock to get it nice and wet and slimy when I had thrust it into Pat a few times I changed it over again and placed my cock from where I had taken the small vibrator, I think Pat had worked out what I had planed as she said I know you got the Vibrator in my arse but I don t thinkI cut her words short and I pushed forward sliding the head of my hard cock inside her .

Pat took a sharp in take of breath and then screamed just as she did with the small vibrator and I just held it there not moving Pat calmed down and the next thing I knew she was pushing herself back onto my cock very slowly but surly , working her way down pulling forward then back down again taking a bit more each time I placed a hand on each hip holding her tight, with in a minute or so Pat had taken the lot up arse and she stood there with my cock up her arse as far as it would go with out moving.

I slowly started to fuck her and Pat started to moan and scream fuck me fuck me hard I want your cock hard up me and I stared to fuck her harder and harder, I could feel the Big vibrator rubbing up against my cock though the thin lining of her fannyas it just kept on pumping. I was clawing her back with my nails making Pat shudder as I did so, I knew I would not last long withtight bum hole round my dick and the feel of the vibrator pumping in and out of her thought the soft skin of her fanny, Pat screamed that she was going to cum too so I quickened my pace and I thundered into Pat until I felt my cock start to shoot my cum and with one last push so my cock was buried inside Pat as far as it would go I emptied my cum into her and as I did this Pat let out a Loud scream as her orgasm brought her body to a shaken ,quivering wreck. and we both fell to the floor with me still inside her.

We lay there for a while before I pulled my cock out of her and the vibrator I turned her over and gave her a long and loving kiss before getting up and lifting my dear Pat up and taking her to the showerwashing her down, drying her off and laying her on her bed to recover , before I left the room she said if I had told her what I had planed she would not have let me fuck her arse but she was now glad I had and after the first bit of pain it was fantastic , she pulled me to her kissed me and fell asleep, I showeredmade the place like it had been before I got there ,had one last whisky and left know I would be back for more in the next week or two.