"In the family Pt 6 (True Story)"

Today was going to be great Sid was out all day my wife was out at work so Pat and I had the whole day to ourselves we did not have to rush or worry about anyone coming home and catching us, My wife had left early so I was sitting round the corner in my car waiting for Sid to leave so I could go and fuck my mother-in-law without having to worry about doing work in the garden , I saw Sid leave about 9.30 and gave it a few minutes before driving up and Giving Kirsty a wave who is as you know waiting for me to fuck her to (but that s another Story) .

I walked in and when I could not see Pat I went into her bedroom and there she was lying in bed smiling at me she patted the bed beside her and I said are you sure that you want to do it in your bed and not the spare bed , No she said this ones bigger then that one .

I asked her to get out of the bed and come and undress me Pat stood up Naked and walked over to me and first kissed me hard on the lips and rubbed my cock though my jeans, Pulling my top over my head and she started to kiss down my body stopping at my nipples sucking them and biting then until they were hard and erect and tender to the touch , Pat then kissed down my stomach she was now sitting on the edge on the bed with me standing in front of her , Pat undid my jeans pulling down the zip and pushed my jeans to the floor,

I stepped out of then and Pat reached in my boxers and took hold of my now Harding cock rubbing it slowly with her free hand she slid my boxers down and I stepped out of themmy socks followed. Pat then lent forward and took my cock and pulled back the foreskin so my big purple head was just off her lips, Flicking her tongue out she licked the head of my cock lightly just touching it making it jump in her hand she did this again and again while slowly rubbing my cock as she did so.

Pat slowly put her mouth round the head and took it into her mouth reaching round and placing a hand on each bum cheek pulling me towards her so she could get more of my now rock hard cock into her until my stomach was pressing against her nose and the full 9 inches was deep within her touching the back of her throat making the head of my cock even more tender and making it twitch even more Pat was sure learning fast at all the aspects of sex and god she was good at sucking cock I slowly started to move so I was fucking her face slowly pulling out so the head was just in her mouth then full pushing it in so it was down the back of her throat once more.

Pat could not get enough of sucking my cock and let go of my bum and cupped my balls in her hand and was gently squeezing them I knew that if she kept this up it would not be long before I emptied my cum down her throat and as we had all day together did not want to cum just yet, I pulled out of her mouth and knelt down in front of her and placed a leg on each shoulder and pushed her back on the bed so I could get to her hairy cunt I flicked her hair with my tongue and Pat gave a low moan and I kept doing this and pushed further and further until my tongue was running along here slit sending shivers though her. The smell and taste was overwhelming and was making it hard to control myself I just wanted to get up and fuck her but help back this urge and pushed my tongue into her slit and found her clit which was hard and ready to be sucked which I did sending a wave of pleasure though Pat making her moan louder .

I entered two fingers into her now sopping wet cunt and started to fuck her hard with them while still licking and sucking that hard clit. Pat was starting to buck her back up forcing herself harder onto my mouth and fingers I entered one more finger and this sent her over the top giving her a massive orgasm and her cum juice just ran out of her I was drinking it as fast as I could.

Once Pat had rested for a while after that massive orgasm we got into the 69 position and once again my cock entered her eager mouth and Pat was soon sucking and licking for all she was worth, I had started licking her fanny once more I had both hands warped round her legs so I could enter two fingers into her cunt and as her juices were flowing so fast they were running down over her bum hole so I took a finger and used this cum juice and pushed a finger into her arse and Pat bit down on my cock not hurting me but I knew she was enjoying it and would have been screaming at the top of her voice if her mouth and throat were not full with my cock.

Pat carried on sucking me and playing with my balls and I could feel my self getting ready to shoot my load so I started to pump my cock faster and faster into Pats mouth and fuck her arse and fanny with my fingers bringing her nearer and nearer to her second climax , I speed up until I could hold back no longer and forced my cock into her mouth as far as it would go and splashed my cum down the back of her throat emptying my balls until there was none left, I was still fucking her fanny and arse until Pat shook and took her head away from my cock so she could let out a loud scream as her second climax ripped though her sending rivers of her cum juice running out of her fanny all over my hand, When Pats screams and moans died down she returned to licking my cock dry and I removed my fingers from her fanny and arse and got her to lick her fanny juice from my soaked hand which she did readily.

We were now both worn out and ready for a drink so I got us both whisky s and took them into the bath room where I ran a nice warm bath. Pat joined me in the bathroom and I got in then Pat .We both were facing the same way and Pat lent back and lent against me we stayed there relaxingdrinking our whisky s After a while I started to wash Pats back and rubbed the soap in with my hands and then cupped her beasts and worked on them making her nipples hard Pat was pushing herself back onto me rubbing her bum against my cock this made me go hard once more I let go of one beast and eased my hand down to between her legs and played with her clit rubbing soap all over it Pat was moaning and rubbing harder and harder against me I put my arms under her and lifted her up and my cock that was wedged between us sprang out and seamed to know where to go as I lowered Pat it slid straight into her waiting pussy.

Pat lent back and just sat there with my cock keeping her from sliding down the bath I placed my hand on her clit once more and started to rub the soap over her pussyand up over her tits, Pat was squirming around trying to make my cock go in even further we kept this up what seamed like ages. I then lifted Pat up again as I had before but this time when I lowered her my cock entered her other waiting hole Pat once again screamed out in pain as my cockopened her bum hole but the warm water and soap helped it go away quickly and before long Pat was try to force it in further,

Pat started to ride my cock imbedded in her now stretchedarselifting herself up with her arms on the side of the bath and me helping her under her arms she was lifting herself so the head was nearly popping out then just forcing her self back down so it went in as far as it could . We kept this up until I was nearly filling her up with cum and I did not want to do that just yet so I lifted her from me and told her to kneel in the bath and take hold of the taps I then I fucked her in the doggy style holding on to her hips forcing myself into her as hard and with as much force as I could knowing that this was giving Pat the ride of her life if the noise she was making was anything to go by.

Pat screamed that she was Cumming and forced herself back onto my cock as she orgasmed I held still while she did so my cock was buried deep inside herwhen I felt her relax I started to fuck her once again and within minutes she climax once more but this time I did not stop as I was nearing to shooting my cum too.

As I did not stop this time Pat s orgasm s did not stop either as she seamed to have one after the other Pat was screaming so loud that I thought the other end of the street might hear her let alone Kirsty next door but I did not care nor did Pat by the seams of it and I gave one more very hard push forcing myself in from tip of my 9inch cock to it s base with one hard push deep within her and empting my cum as deep in Pat as I could get it, I lent over her kissed her neck and down her back while my cock still gave small twitches and throbs empting out every last drop of my cum .

After a while we washed up dried off and when to bed taking another whisky with us, Curling up in each others arms and for the first time fell into a deep sleep together, I woke about an hour later and Pat was sleeping with her back to me so I moved over and put my arm round her stroking her body gently and ran my hands over her breast s making her moan with there touch, Her nipples started to get hard and more erect I moved my hand down slowly over the rest of her body and pushed my finger though her hairy cunt and found her clit even though it had been over a hours since I fucked her and we had bath and dried her pussy was still wet with my cum that had run out while we slept.

Moving my finger in a circler motion over her now Harding clitPat started to moan very softly and pushed herself back against me ,Pat was still in a semi state of sleep I lifted her leg up slightly and entered my cock into her fanny letting her leg back down pulling her legs up so we were now in what they call the spoon position and I gently fucker like this playing with her tits and nipping her nipples as Pat got move and move worked up she slowly awoke and said that this was the best way she could think of being woke having someone you love fuck you.

I kissedthe back of her neck and ears sending shivers though her body we just lay there having a nice slow long fuck, I then wrapped my arm round Pat and rolled over onto my back taking Pat with me so she was now lying on her back on top of me, this now aloud me to use both hands on her tits and have a nipple in each hand letting go of one nipple and tit I ran my hand down over her body and found her clit which in this position was now forced up into the air I started to rub it and play with it sending once more waves of pleasure rushing though her body.

I Let go of her clit and tits and told Pat to sit up andshe done this and found that this made my cock go into her further than it ever had before Pat started to bounce as much as she could on my cock , I was running my hands up and down her back digging my nails in as I did so making Pat shiver with every pull of my hands . I then told her to lean back down again and rolled back into the spoons position and kept on fucking her slowly I took my cock from her and rolled her onto her back and got between her legs and started to lick her cunt for all I was worth Pat lifted her legs and placed her feet on my back so I could get my tongue into her cunt as far as I could, Bringing my hands up I entered two fingers into her curling them up so I was rubbing her G spot when I found it Pat screamed and moaned as waves of pleurae went thought her.

I them entered a finger into her arse so now I was fucking both her holes and by god was Pat loving it her whole body was jumping up of the bed as she was bouncing about trying to get my fingers into her as far as she could. After a while I removed my fingers and kissed my way up her body stopping at her rock hard nipple so I could spend a few minutes on them , Pat was shouting fuck me, Paul Fuck me I want your cock so how can say no to a lady I pulled myself higher and entered her .

As I have said despite her age Pat was agile and was thrashing about on the bed while I fucked her, I was fucking this woman as hard as I have fucked any and she was loving it and wanting more, her juices were running out of her like a river and the way we were going I knew I would not last much longer.

I tried to slow things down but Pat was having non of it and kept on forcing me into her by forcing her body up with every thrust, So I pushed into her harder and harder until I could not last anymore and with one last hard and forcible thrust I emptiedmy cum into her, Pat was still bouncing about under me until she to forced herself up against me and came in wave after wave pleasure . I just laid there on top of her my cock twitching deep inside her and her cunt having spasms around my cock, I lifted my head and kissed herfully on the mouth entering my tongue into her mouth, when we had finished our kiss and my cock had gone soft and slipped out of her I whispered to her that I had never had so intense sex before in my life and I just hope she knew that the pleasure she we giving meso fantastic and I just hoped she was getting the same out of it.

Pat kissed me again and then said she never knew sex could be so exiting and have so many feeling from it and that she hoped we could carry on like this for a few years yet , I said that it would be a pleasure to fuck her when ever we could get the time together. I rolled for her and we both lay there in each other arms talking , I gave Pat another shower and laid her back in bed to rest after the long hard fucking she had had today, I had one last drink and left her dozing in bed given her one last kiss ,

As I walk to my car Kirsty was out in her garden and said god what the hell have you been doing to that woman all I have heard most of the day isher moaning and screaming , Well I said your turn will becoming very soon wont it, Then you will see for yourself what we have been up to . In fact what about next Tuesday I went on to say , Kirsty nodded and said yes I can not wait if those sounds Pat s been making is anything to go by, Ok Kirsty I said half nine next Tuesday then, not a word to Pat remember she dose not want to know. I got into my car and Left.