"In the family Pt 7 (True Story)"

I have Bad news and good to start this story off .....

First my father in Law past away two weeks ago and I do not know when the next part in this story will be .

The Good News is that My Wife June and I have spoken to Her Mother my Lover about if we both sold our houses we could buy a bigger place so she could come and live with us as I work from home it would give me more time to help look after her ( Little dose June know how I will look after her mother).

So more true stories are sure to come if this happens as they say watch this space. But as for now here is the 7th part of my true story of the last time I took my Mother in law out for some very fresh air.

I had picked my mother-in-law up to take her out to get a gift for Sid as his birthday was next week once we had done that I said what about a spot of lunch out lets make a day of it which Pat agreed.

We drove out into the country and I placed me hand on Pat s leg and started to rub her leg and worked higher and higher until I reached her inner thigh she now opened her legs so I could run my fingers over her pussy though her knickers which were getting damp from her now flowing juices.

Driving slowly I pulled her knicker leg to one side and pushed a finger into her slit and found her Harding clit, I started to work on this rubbing it until it was hard and very tender to the touch which made Pat gasp and moan every time I moved my finger a crossed it, her juices were now flowing in rivers as I moved my hand down Pat slid forward on the car seat so I could entera couple of fingers into her.

I told Pat to pull on the leaver be side her and the back of the seat went back I could now push two fingers into her now soaking wet pussy and I started to fuck her with them, Forcing them into her as far as I could while I was doing this Pat was rubbing the inside of my leg making my cock get hard but the trouble was that my cock was inside my tight jeans and as it grew it was getting painful so I had to remove my now very sticky fingers and take out my cock from it s confined space . It sprang into the air and Pat s hand was on it like a shot slowly rubbing up and down it s lengthI replaced my hand inside Pat s knickers and started to fuck her once more we were both getting to the point of no return and I was finding very hard to drive.

Lucky for me I came a crossed a gateway so I pulled off the road so I could concentrate on this hairy pussy I had my two fingers in
I lent over and eased her legs apart as far as I could get them in the car and licked down her pussy drinking in as much of her juices as I could get from this position which was not easy I can tell you , I was still forcing my fingers into her very wet pussy when Pat arched her back so her clit was right in my mouth as she had a monster of a orgasm rip though her and I new it was a good one by the way she was screaming and the way her cunt mussels gripped my fingers.

Once this orgasm faded I removed my fingers and put them into her mouth and Pat sucked my clean , all this while she was still holding my cock and rubbing it harder and faster and I knew that very soon I would be unloading my cum so I laid back in my seat and told her to watch out as I would soon be cumming .

Pat leaned forward as much as she could and lifted my bum off the seat so it just reached her mouth as I shoot my cum into her mouth , Pat drank the lot then licked as much as she could get from me.

Pat sat back up and said that as she was now so wet her knickers felt un conferrable when she pulled them back into place I said then take them off , Pat looked shock at this and said see could not go around without knickers on , why Not I askedyou have a long skirt on no one but us will know,I helped lift her up and slide down her knickers and hooked them off her feet.

I then stated to drive once again and we got to the pub for dinner, I sat opposite my dear mother-in-law at thetable and who would have thought anything of it a 50 year old sitting for dinner with a 71 year old woman but it s a good job they had long table clothes as I had removed my shoe and started to rub my foot up and down her leg, I wentfurther and further up her leguntil I was up under her skirt running my foot along her inner thighuntil my toe s were now stroking her pussy.

Pat opened her legs a little allowing me to run my big toe up and down her pussy I could feel that she was still wet from what we had done in the car,I pushed with my foot and my big toe found her clit making her gasp out loud , some other people on another table looked round we just smiled at them and I rubbed her fanny harder making her squirm on her chair.

I kept my foot in between her legs all though dinner touching her clit from time to time , When we had finished I asked the waiter where the loos were he said that due to then ones inside being refurbished we would have to use the out side ones, I paid the bill and we both left, We both went to the loo when I came out Pat was still in there so I looked round and as No one was around I went into the ladies to find Pat.

There was only one door shut so I knocked on it and said Pat open up quick it s me Paul.I slipped inside Pat was just about to come out but as I knew she had on knickers on I had other ideas, I gently pushed her back againstthe door and eased her skirt up so it was now up around her waist and her pussy was there for me to see I knelt down and place a leg over each shoulder and pushed my face into her cunt , The smell so great I could taste her cum from the orgasm she hadhad in the car and the juices that she had made while I had been playing with her and the dinning table.

I licked her slit forcing my tongue into her and sucking her clit into my mouth Pat started to moan softly as I got to work on her I could get three fingers into her soaking wet pussyand started to fuck her with them pushing them into her as far as I could, Pats moans were getting louder and louder then we heard someone come in , How Pat stifled her moans I do not know as I did not stop, I could not stop I was so carried away by the smell ,the taste and the fact that I had three fingers imbedded right up to my knuckles ,

This woman seam to take forever to finish and go but just a couple of seconds after she left Pat had another monster orgasm like she had in the car and let out a loud scream as it ripped though her , How this woman never came back to see what was going on I just don t know.

I put Pats leg back down of my shoulders and stood up and took out my cock and lifted Pat onto it and started to fuck her like I had never Fucked her before, I was forcing my whole nine inches into her as hard as I could lifting her of the floor with each thrust into her,Pat was taking it and loving it saying fuck me ,fuck me hard I want it as hard as you can , come on harder Paul , I want to feel you as far as you can get it in me. (who was I to let this lady down) I was now forcing it into her the toilet door was rattling as I pushed her against it we just did not care we were lost in the heat of our feeling as we fucked.

Pat came again and her juices once again ran down my cock and over my balls soaking me and the feeling of this tipped me over the edge and I filled her cunt with my cum, shooting it deep with in her as I cave one last push so my cock was imbedded deep in herpussy as it emptied out.

My Pants were now soaked so I took mine off wiped myself dry and just replaced my jeans, Pat and I walked out and lucky enough no one was around so we got into the car had a kiss and cuddle for a while then drove home.

As I said at the beginning this was the last time I have been able to fuck Pat but I am sure that once we have our houses sold and got a bigger home to live in I will have more very true stories of Pat and I .

Watch out for the ones of me and Kirsty .