"Kirsty our first meeting"

I arrived at Kirsty s door at 9.30 as arranged and Kirsty opened the door and let me in,If you have read my other stories about me and my Mother-in-law you will know that Kirsty caught me on the bed with my cock firmly down my mother-in-laws throat while sucking on her pussy and shoving a vibrator into her wet pussy and a anal wand up her arse.

Kirsty agreed not to tell my Father-in-law about us if I made love to her so here I am , For the first time entering her home to give this woman I do not really no apart from saying good morning to her from time to time.

What I do know is that Kirsty is 49 and has not had a man since her husband was killed in a works accident 29 years ago while she was pregnant with her first and only child.

Kirsty is about 5 11tall and from what I have seen of her has a great body and very long legs, She has long black hair and pale green eye s and pale skin, her breasts look to be a good size and I can not wait to find out how big and get those long legs wrapped round me .

I followed Kirsty though the hall looking at her figure swaying as she walk ahead of me, Her bum looked wonderful in her very tight jeans that looked as if they had been sprayed on. We entered her living room and Kirsty told me to take a seat while she made a cup of tea , I placed down the bag I had brought with me that had a few things I might need a bit later.

Kirsty came back with a tray and we sat just relaxing and chatted for a while as I knew she was nervousat not being this close to a man for a long time, I moved closer to her as we sat on the sofa and put my arm around her and pulled her to me and we kissed for the firsttime, Instantly she put her tongue into my mouth and I placed my into hers, We kissed for a long while and I moved one hand up and placed on her breast and felt her take a deep breath and I knew she liked what I was doing.

I could feel her nipple harden under my hand as I squeezed this lovely sized breast the more I squeezed the more Kirsty breath deepened, I was now kissing her ears and nibbling at them and running kisses up and dome her long neck, Kirsty was moving her body under me and pushing her tits up harder onto my hand,
I slowly undone her blouse to revile a wonderful pair of breasts that were cupped into a great frilly bra which had nipple holes and her nipples were poking though after the squeezing and needed I had done on them,

I lent forward and took her nipple into my mouth and licked it and sucked it though the bra and Kirsty was loving it I then moved over to the other nipple and done the same to take while I placed my hand on the other one and took hold of her nipple and tweaked it between my forefinger and thumb making Kirsty moan and thrust herself forward pushing her breasts into my mouth.

While I was doing this I had slid down onto my knees and was now kneeling between Kirsty s very long legs that I could not wait to remove her jeans so I could kiss and run my hands over them as I do not think I have ever had a woman with such long legs and they were really turning me on.

I slowly undone the button and pulled down the zip and I started to pull down her jeans, Kirsty lifted herself up so I could slid them off her bum and I pulled them down slowly reviling her long slender legs as I went, Kirsty was wearing a smallpair of black lacy knickers which only just covered her pussy , But for now I was looking at her legs and once I had her jeans removed I picked up one leg and started to kiis her toes and licked and kissed my way very slowly up her leg .

Once I reached the top I kissed a crossed the top of her knickers and start to kiss and lick down her other leg, Kirsty had her eyes closed and was giving out soft moans of pleasure as I carried on doing this,Each time I reached the top I ran my tongue down over herknickers a crossed her pussy pushing harder so my tongue pushed her knickers into her pussy slit touching her clit as I did so,

Each time I did this Kirsty would moan and say God that feels so good I want you to fuck me , I took no notice as I was not ready to fuck her yet I was going to make this first time last before I placed my cock inside this beautiful woman, I then started to remove her knickers with my teeth and once again Kirsty lifted herself up so I could pull off her knickers over her well formed bum.

Pat had very little hair on her pussy and I could see the damp wet slit of her pussy beneath and her clit was now poking though so I could see the head of it, I place these long legs over my shoulders and pulled Kirsty forward so her bum was now on the edge of the sofa and I could get to her pussy and have my fill of it.

I lent my head forward and ran my tongue lightly over the hair and slit of this damp cunt and the smell was fantastic Kirsty thrust herself forward as my tongue touched her clit head and sent a wave of pleasure though her that she had not felt for 29 years.

With each lick of her wetting pussy I pushed my tonguein further and further until I was licking deep within her now soaked pussy, I placed a cushion under her bum to lift her pussy into her view and I pushed my probing tongue into her pussy hole as far as I could Kirsty could hold back no more and her legs wrapped around my head very tightly forcing my mouth and tongue hard into her dripping cunt as her first orgasm of the days ripped though her.

Kirsty s legsslowly released my head as her orgasm faded and I but my hands under her knees and pushed her legs up and open so her full pussy and bum was now in clear view once again I started to lick her drinking down all her cum juice which had a lovely taste, I ran me tongue down over her bum hole and right the way up to her clit, Kirsty was squirming and moaning under me and she was still shouting for me to fuck her, and fuck her hard I still took no notice as I was in charge of today and I would fuck this woman only when I was ready to do so.

I lowered her legs and helped her sit back up and I told her to stand and I pulled her to me and we kissed once more ,When we parted Kirsty said that she liked the taste of her cum in my mouth so I kissed her hard once more.

I took a step back and Kirsty stated to undress me stopping to kiss and suck my nipples as she did so working her way down undoing my trousers and dropping them and my pants to the floor I stepped out of them and Kirsty took hold of my hard cock and wrapped her hand around it .

Finding that there was still about 2still sticking out from her hand she lent forward and took that into her mouth my now very sensitive cock head twitched and throbbed at her touch and she looked up and smiled knowing the she was having this great affect on me, I just stood there eyes shut swaying back and forth my knees nearly giving way ,finding it hard to hold my body weight up but I was forcing them to.

Kirsty then placed a hand under my balls and cupped them rubbing them gently taking her hand away from my cock so she could slid more into her mouth licking the top of it as she did so. Then running her tongue up and down the length of my cock, I could feel the pressure starting to building up in my balls and new it would not be long before I emptied my cum so I placed my hands behind Kirty s head and started to fuck her mouth and Kirsty must have known what was hampering as she started to suck harder and take more of my cock into her mouth,

Faster and faster I pumped into her Kirsty was sucking and licking my cock for all she was worth and rubbing my balls until with one last thrust I pushed my cock into her mouth as far as she would let it and emptied my cum into her mouth , Kirsty mouth was so full that it was running down overher chin, When my cock had finished pumping she stood up and just put her mouth on mine filling my mouth with my own cum and we mixed it between us with our tongues, we both swallowed my cum and it tasted great after that Kirsty dropped back to her knees and sucked licked my cock dry.

What a lucky man I was thinking as I followed Kirsty s wiggling bum down the hall towards her bedroom ,She still had a body that would not look out of place in any Playboy magazine and here I was a plain old bloke just about to fuck her, I still could not work out how she had not been with a man for 29 years but I was sure of one thing I am glad it was me .

We got to the bedroom and Kirsty just pushed me back onto the bed which was a four poster by the way and turned round and sat across my chest so she was facing my cock and lent forward and took me slowly hardening cock into her mouthand started to suck it for what it was worth, I pulled her back up the bed and placed my mouth over her fanny and pushed my tongue into her hole making her shudder as it slid into her.

I move my mouth down onto her clit so her hole was free for me to enter a finger into her and her juices started to flow, getting wetter and wetter I pushed one more into her then another Kirsty was moaning as loud as she could but her mouth was now full with my hard cock and she was taken it all in , I forced my fingers into her so they were going as deep as they could her fanny juice was running faster and I was drinking it as fast as I could Kirsty came again her fanny mussels gripped my three fingers tight as her orgasm ripped though out herbody.

After she got her strength back Kirsty got of me and turned round and just sat on my cock , Now if your have read my story s you will know my cock is 9in lengthand about 4round and as Kirsty had not had a cock for 29 years she just plunged herself down on it taken it in her as far as she could get it and she just sat there for a moment or two just letting the feels of having a cock deep within her flow into her .

God I saidI though you would have taken that a bit slower, fuck that she said after those fantastic orgasms I wanted that cock inside me without fucking around that s for sure, Kirsty now sat more upright and started to move up and down on my cock pushing herself up with her hands on my chest.

In this position I could justreach the bag I brought with me and I took out some body oil poured it into one hand and started to rub it into her breasts as they rocked back and forth in front of me, Kirsty s nipples got hard once more under my hands and I played with them for a while I then told Kirsty to put her legs out straight while still sitting on my cock which she did ,(god those long legs) I then turned her round so she was facing away from me she then got back to kneeling and started to ride my cock once more,

I could now rub oil s into her back racking her back with my nails as I did so this made Kirsty shiver and sent waves of pleasure after waves of pleasure throughout her body. I pulled her bum cheeks apartand rubbed oils into her bum and hole as I ran my fingers over her hole I pushed a finger in a bit further each time until with one push my finger entered her and Kirsty took a deep breath and forced herself down on my cock hard which in turn forced my finger into her bum even further.

Kirsty was now riding my cock hard and I kept my finger right were it was ,By now my cum was starting to boil once more and I told Kirsty I was not going to last much long and she hissed back though gritted teeth that she could feel me getting bigger inside her and she would be coming again very soon to.

With that I place a few drops of oil on another finger and forced it into her bum hole along with my first finger and this sent her out the top as she slammed herself down on my cock and fingers and I could feel her whole body shaking as this massive orgasm when on and on the tighten of her fanny round my cock then sent me over the top and I emptedmy cum into her filling her up with my cum until she could take no more and I could feel it running out beside my cock.

After a while Kirsty lifted herself of me and moved back so we were back in the 69 position again and she licked me dry and sucked the last remaining drops of cum from my now softening cock and I was licking her pussy dry and clean to, Kirsty turned round as she said that she wanted to taste my cum and her pussy juice mixed together so we have a long hard kiss so she could do just that.

We Just lay there for a half hour talking then we had a shower together Having a fuck up against the shower wall before I left , I never got around to using the things I brought with me in my bag but I am sure I will next time and I know there will be a next time, Even a week later I still could not believe that I had made love to a beautiful woman like Kirsty and that she said when she phoned me the other day that shewanted me again very soon .I am still dreaming of those long sexy legs that this woman has and I will have wrapped around me again very soon.