"Avon Calling"

I arrived home to find an Avon catalog hanging on my front door handle. Normally it wouldn't be something that interested me but by placing a shapely woman in a black lace chemise on the cover, Avon lured me into leafing through their book. I went directly to the lingerie section and surprisingly found quite a nice assortment of sexy, alluring negligee's, panties, and other intimate apparel. Handwritten on the back of the catalog was the Avon representative's name and number...Shelley....her name had a nice sound and I intended to call her up and order something sexy to have in my "toy box".

Saturday morning my phone conversation with Shelley went something like this: Hello Shelley ? Are you the Avon lady who left a catalog on my doorstep earlier this week ? She asked "Do you live in the corner house with the silver Chrysler in the driveway ?" Yes thats me I replied. Shelley then explained that she lived just across the street and down a couple of houses. It was then that I realized she was the neighbor woman whom I had been eyeing so intently. "Well I've got good news Shelley...I'd like to place an order. If you have your catalog nearby I'll have you turn to page 32 and you'll see the black baby doll there in the middle of the page. Put me down for one in black and another in the sexy red." She complimented me on my choices and said "I hope you don't think I'm being nosy but I haven't ever seen a woman around your house....these must be for your girlfriend huh?"I replied "Actually Shelley its just wishful thinking on my part" She thanked me for the order and told me the items should arrive in about a week.

I had a message on my machine when I got home Friday. It was Shelley telling me that my merchandise was in and to let her know when would be a good time to deliver it. I returned her call and Shelley assured me she would deliver the goods within a half an hour. She knocked on my door shortly thereafter and greeted me with a beautiful smile and the obligatory "Avon calling". I invited her into my house and offered her a drink and said to make herself comfortable while we inspect the product to be sure it's satisfactory. We made some small talk about the neighborhood and eventually I confessed that I had noticed her quite a few months ago and found her to be quite an attractive woman. Shelley was very open and frank with me...perhaps the effect of a strongly mixed cocktail...and she too admitted that she had watched me out mowing my lawn with little on but my shorts. "What about your husband Shelley ?....isn't he keeping you happy?" She confided that "oh I swear that guy does nothing but watch TV". Shelley and I obviously felt something happening between us so I suggested she show me her wares. She removed the lingerie from her bag and held it up for me to see. "As a special service provided by Avon, I could model these for you Doug to be sure you are completely happy with them" she said to me. "You know Shelley...thats a very good idea....why don't you change here in my room" as I showed her the way down the hall.

I refreshed our drinks and waited rather impatiently to see what I had purchased. Shelley had a fantastic, full, voluptuous figure which turned me on immensely so I was sure she was going to fill out the baby doll very nicley. Finally I heard her coming down the hall and turned to see just one leg peeking out he doorway seductively. Then slowly Shelley revealed herself to me and struck a sexy pose that make my cock begin to stiffen. "Well....what do you think about the black Doug....is it going to be the right size and everything?." "Cum a little bit closer Avon Lady...I'd like to fully inspect that fabric" Shelley approached where I sat and turned all around to show me her round ass cheeks completely uncovered by the thong undies. The small triangle patch in front could not completely cover Shelleys bushy snatch and her big tits were displayed oh so nicely by the flimsy satin teddy. I kind of stammered..."I'm pretty sure thats a keeper babe".

I reached out and drew Shelley closer to me....kissing her belly button....caressing an ass cheek in each hand. What a great ass she had...full and round. Shelley held my head in her hands as I moved lower with my kisses....getting a whiff of her womanly charms. I found the thin string between her cheeks and slowly removed her thong....revealing her pussy right before my eyes. The big pink lips were swollen and exposed amongst her muff. I threw a blanket from the couch onto the floor and invited her to "lay back and let me show you how much I appreciate the delivery honey". She wasted no time getting on her back and spreading her legs wide for me. Shelley's fingers spread her pussy open for me to lick and I nestled down between her ample thighs and began to feast upon this woman's vagina. I moved my tongue all along her slit...from down near her ass up to her quivering clitoris....repeating the motion over and over....slurping up her jucies. I placed my tongue directly on her clit and licked it vigorously, causing Shelley to say to me "Oh yeah honey...work my clit over with your tongue...I'm gonna cum baby...keep doing it just like that Doug". I loved feeling and hearing her cum...again and again as I never let up my tongue's pressure against her love button....making her squirm and hold my head. I caressed her creamy inner thighs as I worked my fingers toward her warm, wet pussy. "Finger bang me Doug....get me ready for some hard-core sex sweetie" said Shelley. What a juicy muff my two digits plunged into...Shelley was really creaming. "Oh yeah...you're making me cum and cum again Doug" she said sexily to me.

I was still mostly clothed so when I stopped eating out Shelley's soaking wet gash and stood up, she sensed it was about time for me to get naked also. She helped me undress and was astounded when she got her first look at my engorged male member. "I need your cock inside me Doug...as soon as possible" was all she had to say to get me ready to fuck her. Shelley moved into rear-entry position wiggling that fantastic butt of hers. I moved in right behind her, rubbing my cockhead up and down her slit....then feeling her hole and sliding into her slick sheath. I stayed fully inserted into her cunt...feeling her squeeze and flex her vaginal muscles against my rigid dick. We felt so good together...I pulled her hips against me and stayed buried deep inside her. "Fuck me Doug....fuck me long and hard honey" Shelley said to me as she turned around to look at me....me with my cock buried to the hilt inside her...filling her as she had never been filled before. I pulled back till just my head was in her....then gave her all of it. She could really take my cock like she loved it. I pulled my glistening cock out of Shelley and slapped her cushiony butt with it....then she reached back and grabbed me saying to me..."mmmm fuck me some more baby....I want you inside me Doug". Shelley rolled over on her back and spread wide for me....I teased her by fingering her dripping wet snatch again. My hard-on was aching so I got between her legs and she guided me into her. I began to pump in and out of Shelley's pussy and again she talked so naughty to me saying "oh gawd yes...thats it....now your fucking me good...thats what I need baby....fuck me harder....ram that big dick into me Doug....fuck me till it hurts so good".

Missionary was a favorite for me since I love tits and it puts them where I can suck 'em. Shelley's boobs had large areola and long suckable nipples. It was making her moan in ecstasy as I sucked and kissed her tits. Shelley bucked her hips and met my thrusts as I held her tits firmly....squeezing the left one....with just her nipple exposed....sucking it into my mouth....licking the stiff nip roughly. "You're gonna make me cum Doug....fuck me and suck me", Shelley whispered into my ear. "Do you want to suck the cum out of me Avon Lady...or should I pump your pussy full of my jizzm?", I said lustfully into her ear and then sucked at her earlobe. "Mmmm...let me get a taste of your cock and then shoot your cum in my mouth baby...whenever you're ready." I pulled out of her and she began to lick me....then suck on just the head of my dick. I would not last too much longer now...her mouth on me felt so goddam good. "Get ready for a mouthful Avon Lady" I warned her and I emptied my balls into Shelley's eager mouth. She tugged on my nuts, getting my complete load.

"Be sure and bring me a new catalog every month Shelley...I'm sure I'll find something to order"...I said to her as we rested there on the floor in each other's arms. "You've got some of the finest products I've ever had the pleasure of sampling" I said to her and winked. She assured me she would be expecting me to give her a real big order next month.