"Saturday Before The Match!"

Saturdays she worked in a local shop part-time til 5pm normally whilst I usually spent the afternoon in the pub. This particular day I didn't feel like going to the pub.

I was in the bathroom feeling very horny. I looked in the clothes hamper to find two pairs of my girlfriends dirty knickers.

I took them both out out and sniffed the gussets. The white pair definitely had more scent of her on them and the light blue pair more stained - we had been out the night before I met her straight from work and this was the pair she had on!

Anyway, I decided to sniff the white pair and wank with the blue pair. I brought them up to my nose and began sniffing like a madman. I wrapped the other pair around the end of my knob being very careful to rub the head right into the gusset were her fanny had been (this very morning :)) closed my eyes and drifted off into knicker-sniffing heaven lol.

I like to make it last for as long as possible as the feeling from the sticky gusset mixed with my pre-cum is awesomely so smooth and slippery .... "COUGH" ...OMG I jumped 20 feet! My girlfriend was stood in the door of the bathroom watching me; the shop had closed 3 hours early!!!

She never said a word, walked towards me, replaced the pair on my face with the pair she had on (which were drenched - yummy) and took hold of my dick with the blue ones around me knob. She finished me off VERY slowly as I shot the biggest load into the gusset, still not having said a word she took my hand and led me to our bedroom pushed me onto the bed and mounted my face!

The next 3 hours we spent shagging like rabbits. This was the best Saturday EVER :)