"Cops Panties!"

On a late Friday night, Eric was out for a cruise in his now Porsche.

When he he looked in his rear-view mirror seeing a cop car with it's lights flashing.

He pulled over side of the deserted road. Just seconds later the cop car pulls up behind and shuts the lights off on the car.

Jennifer the cop comes up to Eric's window and asks him to step out of the car and bring his license and registration. She takes his license and goes back and sits in her car to run it through the computer.

She came back and said do u know why I pulled you over? He said I assume I was speeding I just got a new car.

She asked Eric to bend over with his hands on the front of her car. As she felt him up she started grabbing his cock and rubbing is pockets and inner thighs, she undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants down to his ankles.

She said turn around, sit on the hood and pull ur cock out for me baby!! Eric did as told.

Soon Eric started to take off Jennifer's uniform leaving her in her Silk hot-pink thong, He lifted her up and laid her flat on the hood of the cop car.

Eric starting licking Jennifer's moist pussy on the outside of her silk thong making her really hot and wet. Eric removed Jennifer's thong and set it on the hood, He then licked her erect nipples and massaged her clit taking her to a missive climax squirting all over the hood of the car.

Eric got on top of the hood and entered his massive erect cock slowly into Jennifer's wet swollen pussy. He pounds her harder and harder until at the same time they had huge orgasm and cummed all over the car with juices running down Jennifer's ass from her wet pussy.

After this wonderful romance Eric Took Jennifer's lovely silk thong and they both went on with their business.