"Loving Silk"

I have always loved the feel of ladies satin underwear. From the age of nine or ten I used to steal my step mothers sexy lingerie to put on. As I got older this desire grew stronger. Every opportunity I would dress up in basque, stockings, panties etc. When I moved in with my (then) girlfriend at 21 I tried to leave all that behind me. It was impossible. At first I would wear her lingerie when she was out, then I started buying my own and kept them hidden. Of course, before long Ruth caught me and was I in trouble! After promising to stop Ruth agreed to forget it... but I just couldnt and carried on building my collection and dressing up at every chance. By now I had boots, make up and tiny dresses as well and would 'borrow' a couple of dildo's from Ruth and fuck myself. I started to feel like a dirty slut and loved it. It had to happen though, not only did Ruth catch me dressed to the nines and fucking myself, but two of her friends did as well. So, that was that. Not only was it the end of the relationship but they told absolutely everyone. I moved to a new town, got a house and instead of making new friends used this as the perfect opportunity to dress up all the time. Each night when I get in from work the first thing I do is turn into 'Sally', a cheap, cock hungry slut. From early fantasies I now crave to be fucked by men. I advertised in magazines as 'TV wants to please men indoors or out, age/looks unimportant. The response was quite good and I started to arrange to meet guys as Sally. I sucked my first cock one summer evening in a park on my hands and knees. It was the biggest thrill I had ever had. Perverted, sordid, dirty, cheap were all emotions going through me as I sucked off a complete stranger. As he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum I knew true, ultimate excitement and ecstasy for the first time. But the funny thing is, I find men repulsive the same as any normal heterosexual guy. I fancy women but lust after being a dirty, cum hungry slag. It all started off with the feel of my step mothers silky panties...