"2nd Best"

My wife and I had been together for ten years and were childhood sweethearts. We were both virgins when we met and had still only experienced each other. Our sex life was what you might call routine. It was fairly regular but mundane and lacked any real excitement. It was I who first proposed adding a third person to spice things up. Ruth was immediately against the idea but I persevered and finally she agreed that if we meet the right person we'd give it a go.

Nothing happened for a couple of months and then one Friday night we both went out clubbing together. I had gone to the toilet and upon my return saw a guy chatting to Ruth. He was tall, well built and confident - everything that I'm not in fact. He introduced himself to me as Clive and said I had a very sexy wife and hoped that I was 'looking after' her properly. This was when Ruth sprung her first surprise of the evening. She whispered to me that Clive would be ideal to join us for a threesome. I was amazed because although she had consented to it I was sure she would still have to be coerced into it. Of course, I jumped at the idea straight away and then she popped surprise number two. Instead of getting me to ask Clive she just came straight out with it. 'Clive, we have been looking for someone to join us in bed to spice up our sex life and would love it to be you'. A big grin came over his face and he accepted with alacrity.

We got our coats and went to get a taxi. When in the taxi I sat in front with Ruth and Clive in the back. When I turned round to say something I saw them kissing passionately and his hand was right up Ruth's skirt and her hand rubbing his considerable bulge in his jeans.

Conflicting emotions washed over me, one was jealousy that someone was doing that to my wife but the other was that I was instantly turned on more than I could ever remember. When we got home I went to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. On arrival back in the front room I greeted with the sight of Ruth already down to her underwear and laying back panting and moaning with pleasure. She was clearly more aroused than I had ever seen her. Clive stood up and began to undress so I started to follow suit. He took off his boxers to reveal a big, thick cock that was much much bigger than mine. Ruth's eye's lit up and she purred 'come here and give me your massive cock you sexy bastard'. She saw me advance as well and said, 'not you, I want Clive to fuck me like I've never been fucked'. Clive then turned to me and said nastily 'watch me take your wife like a man and make her scream for more while you wank your puny cock'.

What followed was the most exhilarating and humiliating experience of my life. I watched my precious wife get fucked by a guy with a better physique, far bigger cock, more experience, more confidence and more ability to drive Ruth to ecstasy than I would ever have. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my straight laced wife was responding to taunts of 'your just a dirty slag that needs a good fuck, aren't you bitch?' Ruth would have gone mental at me if I had ever said anything like that to her, but was responding with, 'I'm a randy slut getting a better seeing to than he (me) could ever do. Clive then said, 'don't you want him to join in the fun?' Ruth then dropped a thunderbolt, 'I don't want his tiny cock anywhere near me again' and then carried on exhorting Clive to fuck her harder. Clive turned to me and said, 'watch me make her beg for more you pathetic cuckold'.

For the next hour or so I watched Clive take Ruth again and again while they both subjugated me to insulting and humiliating comments which although degraded me, also made me cum again and again. When Clive finally left, before I could say anything, Ruth (still lying on the floor covered in sweat and spunk) said 'now I know what a real man is how and useless and pathetic you are, things are going to change around here'. And they did.

Ruth made me move into the spare room and said 'our physical relationship is over and from now on we are a couple in name only, I will do exactly what I want and you will do as I tell you. Got it?'  From then on Ruth has had a succession of big 'rough and ready' lovers while I sit in my room frenziedly beating off to the sound of my precious wife's uninhibited, noisy screams of passion with one, two or once, even three guys.

Life got even more humiliating one night when I was in a pub, a group of people looked over at me and started laughing and pointing as I went bright red and tried to pretend I hadn't noticed. After a while one of the group, a very large woman came over to me and said 'so your Ruth's long suffering husband then?' When I agreed she then asked 'you look like a nice bloke, is it true you've got a tiny cock?' I replied that no, it wasn't very big and she said 'size isn't everything you know and it must be awful being married to the town bike'. Then she put her hand on my knee and said, 'my names Yvonne, lets go for a drive'. So we drove somewhere quiet while Yvonne tried to put me at ease until we came to a lay by and she said to stop.

As soon as we had, she started undoing my trousers and saying 'lets have a look at your little cock then'. She started sucking it and said 'we'll soon have this big and hard' but the more she tried the smaller it seemed to get. In the end she sat up and yelled 'no wonder your wife wont touch you, your cocks tiny and flaccid, your pathetic'. At this verbal abuse I felt degraded but suddenly my cock sprang up, rock hard and Yvonne took it in her hand and whispered 'ah, so that's what you need, belittling, treating like shit and your turned on.' 'No problem' she continued 'we can do that'. And she did, to this day.

So Yvonne is 23 years older than me, 5 stone heavier and no oil painting to say the least but she dominates me and I have never been so sexually gratified. One last funny thing, We were in some local woods with me dressed as a slut while Yvonne was fucking me with a strap on when Yvonne heard a sound from close by and investigated. It was Ruth being fucked by two guys at the same time!

We watched my ex wife get banged and then the guys came on her, zipped up and left. As soon as they had gone Yvonne (who had always hated Ruth) went up to her while she was still lying on the ground and said 'You and your ex husband have one thing in common, your both kinky bastards so lets have some fun'. Before Ruth could move Yvonne had pinned her to the ground and called me over and said 'pay back time', Ruths eyes opened in astonishment when she saw me dressed as a slut with make up and long hair and Yvonne said 'your the biggest slag in the county and he's my submissive TV slut who's gonna have fun with you.' 'Fuck the bitch in the arse' Yvonne told me while she rammed the strap on in Ruths fanny.

Yvonne easily held Ruth down and was abusing her and telling me to fuck my ex wife's arse harder. At first Ruth struggled and was outraged but gradually she ceased struggling and started to pant as we both fucked her and verbally degraded her. Soon she was writhing in ecstasy and cumming over and over again as she yelled how fantastic it was. I felt myself start to cum so Yvonne told me to spurt on her face and my spunk poured into her open mouth.

How the tables had turned! Yvonne then pulled the strap on out and stood over her saying 'open wide, bitch' as a torrent of piss came out of her and all over my ex wife's face and into her mouth. As the shower slowed there was silence for a few seconds and Yvonne said to her 'so who gets you highest, me or your boyfriends then bitch?' Ruth looked up at Yvonne for a second and whispered 'you'.

Yvonne then smiled at me and said 'go on then, dressed like a whore, piss all over her as well so she knows she's a dirty, sordid, cheap whore as well'. So I stood over her and emptied my bladder all over her and smiled. We gave her a lift home and when we dropped her off, drenched in piss and spunk, Yvonne said to her 'tomorrow night, your house, 6pm. Be ready'. Ruth just hung her head and said 'yes Mistress'. What happened the next night is another story...