"Just Deserts!"

I had been single for 8 months or so when out of the blue my ex girlfriend called me for a chat and asked if we could meet. Our break up had been acrimonious to say the least. Ruth liked swinging and for my part I loved to dress as a sexy tart. This suited us both as she got the great, exciting sex that she always craves while I got more and more into transvestism. We always helped each other with our 'thing': She taught me about make up, hair and colour co-ordination. Also, she was happy for me to be 'Sally' whenever I chose. For my part I drove her to her many assignations and waited patiently while she romped with one (or more) guys outdoors or at their home. Frequently the two coincided so Ruth would be in our bed with well hung guys, noisily enjoying herself, while I sat downstairs reading stories on forced feminisation or watching DVD's with TV's and she-males in.

Eventually (predictably) it turned sour as Ruth became attached to one of her lovers. It was when we were trying to sort who got what of the household contents when Ruth said 'Look, if you donít let me have what I want I will distribute all the photos of 'Sally' that we took with you posing in a pornographic style with assorted sex toys around ALL of your friends, family and work place'. I had no choice but to cave in to all her demands and found a new house in a new town to move to. The very next morning after the last of the financial matters were resolved, Ruth gave copies of the photos to everyone. I found myself totally ostracised by everyone I knew and only just managed to keep my job. Ruth got exactly what she wanted and destroyed me as well. Nice.

So, I was in a new town and friendless. Instead of doing the 'sensible' thing of making new friends and starting again I found myself coming home every night and turning into Sally the second I got in, only reluctantly changing back for work. I turned the entire house into a girly paradise with silk and lace in pastels all over, while expanding my glamorous wardrobe. All this was making me, although lonely, the happiest I could remember. I even started going out as Sally and fantasizing about being treated as a woman sexually.

Then came the fateful call from Ruth. I shouldnít have had anything to do with her after her last stunt but she always could wrap me round her finger. Could she come over for a drink she asked? With foreboding I agreed, expecting it to be some time the following week. 20 minutes later the doorbell rang and I went to answer it, confident enough by now for Sally to do it. The mutual shock as Sally opened the door and saw Ruth on the step! After the initial shock had worn off and we were sitting drinking wine we started talking. Ruth had split up with her new man and had finally got a reputation for being a slapper after being caught out sleeping with all her friends husbands/partners. I asked what had possessed her to take such risks and she looked sheepish and admitted that she couldnít stop herself.

She complimented me on how good Sally was looking and commented that it suited me being 'dolled up'.  Because she was in trouble at home I agreed that she could stay for a while until she sorted herself out. At first everything was brilliant, the old chemistry was still there (though nothing sexual - I was informed that I was awful in bed, had a tiny cock and anyway she didnít fancy submissive TV's!) and we had fun. We went to a fetish club where for the first time I was Sally dressed glamorously and revealingly and I had the time of my life!

On the second visit there Ruth met some guys and we all got on well. I had confessed to Ruth my fantasy/desire to be used as a woman by men, so when I was dancing she encouraged (pushed!) me into heavy petting with a guy 'to see how I took to it'. Despite being repulsed by the bloke it was an enormous thrill to be kissed and fondled like a tart in the middle of the dance floor. Come the end of the night, Ruth and I got into our taxi and went home with Ruth interrogating me about how I enjoyed my clinch with a man. I told her there was no attraction at all for me but couldnít remember being so excited and sexy with a woman. At that she just gave me a knowing look and left it at that.

We had only been home 5 minutes when there was a knock on the door.  Ruth went to it and came back a minute later with a big smile and her 3 new friends from the club. This had been pre-arranged I found out. We all had more to drink and were dancing when one guy put his arms around me and started kissing and groping me, then Ruth came to my rescue (I thought) and stopped the guy. Then she said 'Sally loves men but is inexperienced. Be gentle at first and she'll give you everything'. I gave her a horrified look only for her to say, 'Sally, this is perfect for you, relax and enjoy being a woman'. Before I knew it I was on my knees with a rampant cock in my hands preparing to give head for the first time. Just as I got the courage to wrap my lips round it Sally called me and I looked up as she took a photo. And another one when the second guy was easing his cock up my lubricated arse. I was being spit roasted as Ruth watched, took photos and encouraged them to fuck me harder. Although I tried not to like it and the men repulsed me I was in ecstasy and eagerly took the third guy in my mouth when he joined in.

Half an hour later when I had well and truly been fucked by all the guys in the arse and mouth and was laying on the coffee table in gorgeous lingerie that was covered in cum as was my face and hair, Ruth took another photo of me looking dishevelled and dripping cum into my open mouth with a look of happiness and lust and said, 'Be honest, that was the best sex you have ever had, wasnít it?' I just smiled and revelled in feeling like a slapper that had just been gang banged. Later, after everyone had gone and we were in bed, Ruth said, 'you were always useless at satisfying a woman, but you took to a cock in both your holes and gave the guys a great time'.

'No more women for you, it was meant to be Sally. You are a natural cock sucker'... 'And by the way honey, those pictures will look great on the wall... and anywhere else I choose to send them'. 'What!?' I exclaimed, outraged, though I should have known better.  'I'll do you a deal' she smiled, 'I move in here tomorrow, and now that your Sally, you are responsible for all domestic duties and you'll be my personal maid at my beck and call. I am the boss  Ok?' I was speechless. 'Look,' she said, 'you have always desired to be a submissive, sissy, cock hungry slut deep down, havenít you?' And now you are Sally. Its perfect, I get a new start away from the past. I also get total control, a servant and friend in one.' 'Tell me honestly what it does for you.' 'Well', I started, then it clicked into place and I smiled. 'I am now Sally full time, your compliant full time maid, always dressed sexily and obedient to your every whim'. 'You got it Sally,' she laughed. 'We both live out our dreams in this place now. Of course, occasionally you'll get slapped, humiliated... It turns me on and I know you get horny when treated that way.'

'Go to your own room now Sally and wake me at ten with a cup of tea and a hot bath ready'. 'Yes Mistress' I muttered and went to my new quarters, got in bed and realized that my every fantasy had come true in 24 hours. Heaven.

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