"Pleasure or Pain?"

Chapter 1

I first met Cindy quite by chance one evening and we just hit it off straight away. You know that feeling you may have experienced, as if you have known someone all your life? Well that was what it was like, we were both browsing around an old shop selling Pagan* items and both admiring the items on display, partly we were both sheltering in the warmth from the snow covered streets outside, but I believe the Gods destined us to meet.

We both were admiring a lovely Ankh
*. I was looking to replace one I had lost, one I had had since I was about 14 or so when I first had an inkling that I was Pagan, and not cut out for the Ďnormalí path. Cindy saw me looking at one Ankh in particular, and said Ďmmmm, that just suits you!í and smiled her gorgeous sexy smile; I smiled back and said thanks, my heart was going like mad as I looked into her eyes and a feeling of energy went through me. WOW! had we known one another before?  How could I have forgotten someone so poised and sexy!

One thing led to another and we opened up to one another about our beliefs and life as we browsed around, enjoying the rare freedom of being able to talk to another person who just understood what was in each otherís souls. We eventually ended up having a cup of Cappuccino and some cinnamon pastries just talking and laughing, enjoying one anotherís company. There was definitely a spark between us, and as I walked her home, I was furiously thinking of something to say to ask her out on a date. As we stopped outside her front door we both started talking at once, "Iíd love to see you again, are you free to..." I blurted out; "I donít normally ask this on first meeting someone, but would you like to come in for a coffee..." Cindy said at the same time. We both stopped, looked at one another and burst out laughing. Once we had stopped we found we were holding one another. Looking into Cindyís gorgeous hazel eyes, I said "Iíd love a coffee", although the electricity between us suggested that we both had something more on our minds.

Over a coffee, we talked more and found ourselves sitting close together in front of a small fire. It seemed natural to hold Cindy in my arms and just stop our talking with a slow gentle kiss. The kiss may have been gentle but her lips ignited a burning desire in me that was breath taking. I know Cindy felt the same, as she looked into my eyes and smiled "Iíve never felt like this from just one kiss, but I feel as if Iíve known you all my life" she said; I looked deep into her eyes, smiled back and said "yes, I feel the same way, I think we have known one another many times"... I had a feeling that Cindy had a naughty streak, well havenít we all? And that night, I was to find out just how naughty, and sexy, and gorgeous she could be.

Cindy asked if I had ever been dominated by a woman. I hadnít, as one of the main lessons of my Path, and Cindyís too, was to take control of your mind and body and never let another being control you in any way. Of course, she saw and felt what I was thinking, laughed, and said "no, I know you arenít truly submissive. But have you ever wondered what it would be like? Could you let yourself go for the sake of anotherís pleasure and trust that person not to humiliate or try to truly control you?". Wild thoughts went through my mind, whips, chains, being humiliated? But looking into Cindyís eyes, I knew that these were just stupid fears. I was in control of myself, and yes it would be exciting to let myself be dominated for a while and just trust one special person. Smiling into her eyes, I knew without a shadow of doubt that I had met that person.

Seeing my smile, and reading my mind, Cindy smiled wickedly, and said "I just knew you were a HornDog!". I laughed, as I hadnít been called that since my school days. You may have experienced the same in your early teens if you were the quiet type and girls would tease you in fun ... Well one time after being teased I simply looked into a girl's eyes, smiled wickedly and suggested she try me rather than tease - she was so amazed that I called her bluff that she said "Oh my God, you are a Horn Dog", the nickname stuck LOL. And here was Cindy bringing the HornDog label back to life. We both had a laugh when I told her, laughing, Cindy led me to her small bedroom where we both undressed one another slowly, lingering to kiss one anotherís bodies as we uncovered each delicious part. The smell of her light perfume filled my nostrils and my cock was so hard in my boxers that I thought that I would burst the seams! And from the taught stiffness of Cindyís nipples as I kissed and sucked them gently I knew she was feeling as horny as I was.

Cindy was left in just her panties, suspender belt and stockings. I was delighted to find out that she wore stocking and a suspenders - so much sexier than tights in my opinion. The feel of silk and the warmth of her skin beneath my roaming hands brought more jolts of pleasure through my already engorged cock. Cindy stopped me and slowly unbuttoned my fly and removed my trousers, planting a kiss on my cock through my boxers... "mmmm" she said "that looks like it wants to be free" and, smiling seductively, she slowly pulled off my boxers to reveal my hard cock. Her eyes smiled more and she planted a little kiss on the tip and flicked it with her tongue, tasting some of my pre cum "mmmmm, yummy, but I have something else in mind for you my HornDog" she whispered.  Opening my eyes after glorying in the brief touch of Cindyís tongue on my manhood, I saw that she had two pairs of silky stockings in a her hand. I was backed against a dressing table and thought "hmmm, I have a feeling those stockings are going to be tying somebody up". I was right of course, Cindy stood and instructed me to spread my arms and to call her Madame, and not to laugh or smile. Spreading my arms, she then used two stockings to secure my wrists to the mirror of her dresser. Then she said "now spread your legs for me", I did as I was told and she secured my ankles to the bottom of the dresser.

Standing, she looked at me in her panties and stockings and noticed I was smiling. Uh oh, she just smiled and said "I told you not to smile, now I will have to punish you". She slowly walked over to her bed and bent down, reaching under the bed, giving me a lovely horn-inspiring view of her bum, and came back with a small whip!  "Oh, shit", I thought, but instead of being scared, I felt even more aroused!! Cindy smiled and said "I see you enjoyed the view of my bottom as I bent over, and you are still smiling - that means I will have to give you three lashes instead of the one I was going to give you, do you understand?". "Yes, mistress!" I said. Uh, oh... "that should have been Madame, and that is now five lashes" Cindy smiled even more. I didnít know what to expect, but Cindy lashed me fairly gently four times - then once fairly hard that made me jump, well I would have if I hadnít been tied up!!

Strangely, the lashing made my penis harder! I was surprised, did this mean I was a submissive? Thinking it through, I reasoned that well, perhaps - but only for Madame Cindy! Cindy put the whip down and slowly moved her hand down to the damp crotch of her panties and slowly pushed her hand under the waist band, feeling her wet pussy, closing her eyes and catching her breath as she brushed the little bud of her clit. Opening her eyes, she withdrew her hand and held it up to my nose and then showed me the wetness on her fingers. The scent of her aroused pussy made my breath catch and cock twitch. She smiled and slowly licked her own fingers with a wicked look, denying me the chance to savour her sweet pussy juice. "Well, this is just a little introduction to bondage my sexy HornDog... but there is one other little pleasure, or pain, that I have in mind", said Cindy. Having said that she went to the vase of flowers on the window sill, and came back with... Uh, oh nettles? I had an uneasy suspicion that I knew exactly what she had in mind! "Donít worry my lovely, these are not fresh and wonít sting too much", Cindy said with a wicked gleam in her eyes. She knew that I knew what was coming, and she slowly flicked the nettles onto my erect cock; "Ouch" I wanted to cry out, but although there was a slight sting, the blood seemed to flow into my manhood and engorge it even more!! Cindy was delighted, and asked "now that isnít too bad, is it?", "No Madame" I replied, I had learned not to call her by anything other than Madame. "Good my lovely slave" she said, and proceeded to tease my cock with the nettles for what felt like ages.

By the end my poor cock felt as if it would burst, it was so engorged and aflame with the stinging. I ached to cum and Cindy stopped teasing me and then kissed me very gently on the lips and said "Thank you my HornDog, for trusting me to let me do that", smiling she knelt down and slowly put some calamine lotion on my cock "this will cool the pain, and it is quite a good lube too" she said as she continued to stroke me slowly and gently. She slowly wanked me and within minutes I was convulsing as a mind blowing orgasm ripped through me!! Pulse after pulse of cum shot from the tip of my engorged cock until I was drained. Slowly I opened my eyes to see Cindy standing in front of me licking my cum from her fingers and arm. She untied me, then kissed me letting me taste my cum on her lips and as we broke the kiss she smiled and said "Iím so horny now, can you help? I know you have just cum, but I need to have an orgasm now".

I knew the domination was finished, for now at least, and I smiled into her eyes and just led her by the hand and laid her down on her bed and began to slowly tease and lick her body from toe to lips... intentionally avoiding her lovely sodden panty crotch until I was level with her eyes... and then I smiled and kissed her deeply, a little look of panic had came into her eyes... But as I moved back down her body to her core, I felt her relax and heard her sigh as I slowly pulled her damp, sticky panties to the side and slowly .... (to be continued)

A polytheistic religion or any religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam

A tau cross with a loop on the top, symbolizing eternal life: often appearing in Egyptian personal names, such as Tutankhamen.
Also called: ansate cross, crux ansata.

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