"Tease to Please!"

Chapter 2

I knew the domination was finished, for now at least, and I smiled into her eyes and just led her by the hand and laid her down on her bed and began to slowly tease and lick her body from her toes to her lips. Intentionally avoiding her lovely sodden panty crotch until I was level with her eyes. And then I smiled and kissed her deeply, a little look of panic had came into her eyes. But as I moved back down her body to her core, I felt her relax and heard her sigh as I slowly pulled her damp, sticky panties to the side and slowly traced the swollen lips of her cleanly shaven wet pussy with the tip of my tongue, from the apex down the right side and then slowly ascending the left to the small hard bud of her clit. 

Cindy shivered and sighed deeply at the touch of my tongue, and reached down with a hand to hold the back of my head, directing me to continue licking her wet pussy. But the experience of being tied earlier had given me an idea that she might enjoy being lightly bound herself. Looking up, I smiled up into her lovely hazel eyes, and traced my tongue slowly up her body until my eyes were level with hers, smiling again I reached for a pair of the discarded stockings which had bound me earlier ad raising them, arched an eyebrow in question ‘Will you submit?’ Her eyes smiled back and I raised first her right and then her left arm back towards the old style metal headboard of her bed, binding her wrists to the frame with her stockings. Now she had to trust me, and could not direct me with her hands to continue licking her swollen, wet pussy. Her feet were unbound, but then this was a spur of the moment thing, and I knew that I would love the feel of her legs around me as I worshipped her and brought her pleasure.

I kissed her deeply on the mouth, our tongues teasing one another lightly, the taste of her own arousal seeming to excite her more. Slowly, I moved down her neck kissing lightly and tracing my tongue down her warm soft skin, moving on to kiss her chest and lightly flick my tongue over her aroused, hard nipples. This made Cindy catch her breath, and I continued to run my tongue slowly around first one then the other hardened bud making them grow stiffer with each flick and lick of my tongue. I kept this going for maybe ten minutes, all the time stroking her body and with my fingers, sometimes with the merest touch and sometimes with a little more pressure, never concentrating on one spot for more than a few seconds. My intention was to tease Cindy, arouse her whole body, and only then give her the release of orgasm.

Working my way down her body slowly, I came eventually to her, by now, sopping wet pussy. The smell of her sex filled my nostrils and I breathed in her sweet, delicious scent. But pleasure would wait a little longer; Cindy had to be aroused more, I gently brushed my lips over her glistening pussy lips and then started kissing the soft skin of inner thighs, first one then the other, gently tracing her sensitive skin with the tip of my tongue; tracing letters, numbers anything that would stimulate Cindy. She seemed to be enjoying it, with little moans escaping from her throat with each kiss and flick of my tongue. I then moved down her right leg kissing and tracing her skin with my tongue as I went towards her feet, holding her leg and lightly massaging the muscles beneath with my hands. Relaxing her and yet arousing her at the same time. Passing the sensitive area at the back of the knee, down her calf tracing the tip of my tongue onwards slowly to her feet. Once there, I paused to kiss each toe and envelope each in my warm mouth swirling my tongue around to tease even her toes.

Once finished I slowly went back up her leg, repeating the same gentle kissing and flicking of my tongue over her now sensitive skin. Reaching her now very aroused pussy, I simply kissed over her mound of venus, not touching her eager pussy at all and repeated the slow teasing kisses and flicks down from her, by now twitching, left inner thigh and down her leg and back up. Eventually arriving back at her swollen glistening pussy. I could tell she was desperate to feel my tongue and lips on her sex, the way she thrust her hips upwards towards my mouth as I savoured her fine scent told me she was ready to be slowly licked to orgasm.

Looking up to her pleading eyes, I smiled nodded my head and began to kiss her lips, her now open moan of pleasure music to my ears. I avoided contact with her swollen clit, concentrating on licking and kissing the outer lips, and gently probing her pussy with my tongue, savouring Cindy’s nectar as my tongue found and caressed every little sensitive fold. I had to hold her lovely bottom and lift her gently to let my tongue gain access to her, to give her pleasure and to stop her writhing hips from interfering with my pleasuring of Cindy.

Slowly, gently, I continued licking and kissing her alternating little flicks of the tip of my tongue with longer sweeps with my whole tongue bringing gasps of pleasure from the writhing Cindy who I now worshiped and pleasured. Her open loud moans and gasps told me that she needed release, and I now moved to her very aroused and exposed clit. Gently I licked over her clit moving my tongue down one shaft and then the other, drawing more gasps of pleasure from Cindy; then I drew her clit between my warm wet lips, almost simulating a miniature pussy for her clit, gently moving them up and down the shaft of her clit and flicking the head and shaft with very gentle touches of my tongue.

What with my saliva and Cindy’s pussy juices; lubrication wasn’t a problem, however, I gauged that Cindy was very sensitive there and continued to gently, teasingly lead her to the sweet relief of orgasm. By now she had wrapped her legs around my head urging me to bring her release with her bucking hips and the firm pressure of her legs holding my head captive. All the gentle action had it’s effect on Cindy and her orgasm was intense with five or six strong waves accompanied by her cries of pleasure! I kept gently kissing and licking her throughout her powerful first waves and then through the gentler orgasmic pulses as she slowly came down. After a while I felt her legs relax from around my head, and her weak, but satisfied, voice whisper ‘Enough, Oh Gods enough’. 

With that I gave one last kiss to her pussy and moved back to lie beside Cindy, releasing her bound hands and taking her in my arms to hold her and kiss her deeply, letting her taste her sweet pussy cum on my mouth and tongue. We looked into one another’s eyes smiling and knowing that this was only the start of our adventures. But those stories, as the old story tellers used to say, are for another day!

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