"First Fuck"

When I was 19 I was working in CAIRNS .AT that age i was very shy to the extent that I had not even taken a girl out on a date this was due to the fact I had suffered badly from acne and was self consious of this.I lacked the courage to ask a girl out for fear of rejection.

Next office to my work was a solicitor who would each day talk to me while i worked in the storeroom. Each day he asked more questions about my private life eg whether I had a girlfriend where I lived etc. After a couple of weeks of this he asked me to meet him at his office on Sunday afternoon for a couple of drinks. As I had a fair idea where this was leading to we agreed to meet on the next Sunday afternoon. When I arrived at the office he was soon pouring drinks for both of us. Of course the conversation quickly turned to sex where he asked to fuck me.

When the answer was no he then suggested we masturbate each other. I could see no problem with this and both of us started to undress. Murray was about mid 40 s .When I had removed my clothes his eyes opened wide at the sight of my fully erect cock standing proudly about 7 inches. Poor fellow his cock was no more than 4 inches fully erect and not real hard. Eagerly he set to work on me and when you are 19 does not take long come which shot all over him . I then started to work him and had trouble as his cock was so small. After a while managed to make him come a little bit into my hand. When this happened I just kept working his cock until he was begging for me to stop but he was sure happy.

After that event I began to wonder about my sexuality and decided to find out about women .Without a girl in my life this was a real problem . On the next Saturday afternoon while enjoying a few drinks with a workmate the usual subject of sex was under discussion. At that point it was decided we were going to visit the local prostitute that night. At about 9 pm after a few more drinks we headed down to BUNDA Street which was the local brothel. We were in need of a piss by now so emptied against her front fence. Knocked on the door & when she answered told her what we wanted.

The price was agreed then the problem was who was first. The mate was lucky and went in leaving me in the waiting room. By this time my balls were aching badly and my cock about to burst. After 10 minutes he emerged and I went into the room with her. She was about 35 and with a gown loosely around her showing breasts. I had to strip my clothes and then she washed my cock in dettol solution and dried it off. Then took hold of my throbbing cock and opened the eye to examine it .At this point could not hold the pressure any more and shot my load over her face. She was far from happy at that until I explained that it was my first time. As I had already paid the money she agreed to give me a second chance after the next customer had finished.

This time had no trouble when she examined the eye. She then went to the corner of the room and squatted down and emptied the cum out of her pussy into a small dish then washed it down the sink. She then laid down on a small bed opened her legs to reveal quite a hairy pussy. As I climbed on top she guided my cock into the gaping hole. After about 3 minutes she took over and worked my cock expertly until i exploded inside her cunt. She continued to work me until the last drop was out of me. By this time I was exhausted and climbed off. Meanwhile she got the dish and again squatted over to empty the cum out of her pussy and told me that was the most cum she had seen come out in quite awhile.

So that was my first fuck.