"Wonderful Evening"

On one of my business trips to America, I ended up in a strip club with some colleagues of mine. We spend some money at the podium and decided to get a private lap dance. I looked for the lady of my choice and went to the private room with her.

She could move in such a way, I never knew that somebody could move that way. One second she was putting her breasts in front of my nose, one second later it was her pussy. "Too bad I can't touch" I thought. But most of all I wanted to smell her real pussy and not the perfumized one. Later that evening I took the same lady to the private room several times more. All of the times were marvellous. Anyway my cock thought so because it was swollen every time to its maximum. But still I wanted to smell and taste the real thing.

With a almost satisfied feeling we went back to the hotel. I can't speak for the others, but I had a wonderful sleep.

Two days later I was in town shopping when I suddenly saw the stripper from before walking around there. Immediately my cock began to swell again. In a few seconds it was a hard as a rock. Before I knew it I was walking in the same direction she was. I followed her for about 10 minutes, before something happened. At that moment she turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. My God, I thought I could die. I wanted to look away from her, but it was to late. She walked towards me and asked why I was following her. I didn't knew what to say and was looking for an excuse. Before I could say a thing, she said she knew me. Suddenly her face changed from anger into something I can't describe.

You are the one from the club she said. So I must have given you a really good time that you are following me.

I said her show was really really good and that I really had no idea why I was following her.

She looked down to my pants and said I walked after my cock. At that moment I was a bit uncomfortable, but then I thought "What the fuck". I looked at her and said that I was deeply impressed by her pussy and that I wanted to smell the real thing and not the perfumized one. For one second she was completely quiet. Then she said "lets drink something and talk".

We went to a bar and drink something. We talked about all kind of things. At one moment the conversation went into sexual direction. I felt a leg coming up my pants. "You like that" she asked. I felt her toes go over my cock and balls. I said I did and asked her if she did this more often ,go with a customer of the club. Before I could finish my sentence she asked me something else.

So you would like to smell my pussy. Well feel free to check it out she said. So I went with my hand to the inside of her legs and slowly moved up to her pussy. I pushed the panty aside and put a finger inside her pussy. My God it was wet, really wet.

I fingered her for a minute or so. From the looks of her face I could see she was enjoying it.

I pulled back my finger and smelled it. It smelled so good. I also tasted it, it was such a nice taste.

I made up my mind and put my hand back to legs, but this time for something else. I wanted her panty, so I slowly pulled it of her legs. In the beginning she looked strange to me, but when I told her I wanted to take her panties with me as a souvenir, she let me. When they where of I did put them in my pocket.

She asked me to come to her apartment and talk some more over there. I followed her to her place. Immediately after I closed the door behind me, she jumped me and start kissing me all over. Well from there on we had a wonderful sex party till the next morning. We exchanged addresses and then I had to go home again.

We still have contact and she sometimes sends me a nicely worn panty. So I know how good it feels to receive something like that. Whenever I have to go to America I visit her and have some fun.

Sometimes even in some pretty strange places, but that I will tell some other time maybe.